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The following is an excerpt from GQ Magazine.

GQ: Hey Mikey, thank you for joining us, How are you doing today?

MU: I am doing very well, and very excited to be here as well, thank you for the interview! I’m excited to promote this wonderful film!

GQ: So what initially appealed to you about The Wolfpac?

MU: “Well of course I had seen the Hangover movies and was a huge fan! I mean, who wasn’t? I had talked to people before about possibly doing movies, but I also knew I had to wait for the right opportunity. When the talk of a spinoff came about, and the timing in my career, it was all these things coming together to where it just worked out perfectly. Plus the character I am playing is one I can easily relate too!

GQ: After your success in the ring recently with Wrestle UTA, have you seen more endorsement deals, or film offers?

MU: Hats off to James Wingate and his team. I owe them a debt that I may never be able to repay, in promoting me and my name to where it is today. Before I got to the UTA, Mikey Unlikely was a punchline. A one hit wonder in the music world, who no one thought they would ever hear of again. (Laughs) Wrestle UTA has single handedly brought me the exposure needed for this role. I am receiving offers in other roles, but nothing interesting enough just yet to take more time away from the ring.

GQ: This film was shot and filmed in Cancun, Mexico. What led to this decision?

MU: Thats a great question. Well the originals took place in Las Vegas and Bangkok respectively, so we knew going in, we needed another city that would be just as wild and crazy. Cancun was an obvious choice as one of the biggest party cities in the world.

GQ: Between wrestling full time, filming movies, and writing music, how do you find the time? How is your body holding up?

MU: (Laughs) Not a lot of sleep! I’ll tell you that right up front. Being in the entertainment business isn't just all glitz and glamour everyone thinks it is. Its hard work, and the travel is absolutely exhausting. I just eat a lot of quick meals, and as a single man without children, I am filling my schedule to its absolute limit. The body is holding up ok, just begs me for more sleep!

GQ: Did you do your own stunts in the film?

MU: You know, I actually tried. They had to teach me all about why they employ stuntmen, and how important they are to the industry. I found it incredibly interesting, its much like professional wrestling. See in wrestling, I am trained how to fall, how to protect my body, and how to make something look incredibly real, while receiving the least amount of punishment, these guys, they do the exact same things, but on a much bigger scale. These guys are trained to jump off skyscrapers, and how to crash cars, and more! Dustin Dalton was my stunt double, and a great guy all around, although when he refused to smile like me on set, we started calling him “Michael Unlikable”.

GQ: It's not like you have anything to prove physically anymore.

MU: Exactly!

GQ: Rumor has it, you have just begun producing music as well. Between Acting and now producing, which role excites you more?

MU: Yea it's new to me, but I am enjoying it very much. I only do it in my free time, which is very limited, but I grew up in music, and loved it. I wanted to do something behind the mic for once. Wanted to help other young people coming up in the business.

GQ: Does this mean your rap career is over?

MU: I am definitely taking a long break right now, and putting the focus on wrestling but never say never.  

GQ: So whats the premise behind, ‘The Wolfpac’?

MU: Well in all three of the previous installments the guys were celebrating a wedding, so we wanted to get away from that and try something new. So they got 4 new guys, who would become to known as the ‘Wolfpac’ who would get into crazy adventures in ANY situation, so why not tackle Spring Break first? Lots of fun, lots of hijinks, and tons of surprises. Might even see a few UTA Cameos in there!

GQ: Do you see yourself in a sequel or series?

MU: That would be wonderful! We are not at the stage yet where we can determine whether or not a sequel will be made, but I did hear chatter of a tv series, although I don't know if that one had any legs. It's all rumors at this point, but I would love to be involved moving forward, if everything lines up.

GQ: So you used the name “Mikey Unlikely” as your ‘real’ name in the film, can we ever expect you to switch over to your given name?

MU: I don’t understand the question?

GQ: Moving on, When does the film hit theaters and where else can we see Mikey Unlikely?

MU: The film drops August 14th everywhere, we’re very excited, so please bring your family out and check it…. oh wait, its rated R! Bring out all of your family 17 years of age or older! The rest of you, buy the bluray when you are old enough! Hmmm.... Buy Pete's book on Amazon! One Chance: The Legend of Valerians Garden! You can also see me every Monday night on WresleUTAs Victory, and Wrestleshow respectively. Catch me in two weeks when I fight John Sektor one on one for the WrestleUTA Legacy Championship only on PSE.