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Colton Thorpe debuts 'The Colt Brand' at his own vendors table.

The scene fades into Jamie Sawyers walking through the depths of the Verizon Center. He walks through crowded lineups standing in front of the licensed UTA vendors, the camera scene shaking about, bumping into people left and right. Making it through the mass, Jamie's target comes into sight: Colton Thorpe.

Sawyers: Colt, mind if I get a word?

Thorpe: I do mind, yes.

Colt doesn't turn around to look at Sawyers, continuing about his business. A table is set up to the left of the vendors, with multiple boxes on top of it. Colt rummages through the boxes, mouthing words to himself that are inaudible.

Sawyers: Last week your attack on Cayle Murray was completely unprovoked, and I was just looking to get a better understanding why you did what you did?

Colt takes his attention away from the boxes in front of him, turning back to face Jamie. Upon realizing who it is bugging him, you can see the change to that of disgust on Colt's face.

Thorpe: You again. Mr. Sawyers, as you can see, I am extremely busy at the moment. So, even though I usually jump at the opportunity to speak my mind, now is not the time.

Sawyers: But you've taken an interest in Murray for unknown reasons since his debut, I'm just trying to paint a clearer picture for everyone.

Thorpe: I've been pretty clear from day one Jamie, you just have an issue with listening.

As Colt is finishing his sentence, he turns and walks off to the side of the table. Reaching down into a bag on the ground beside it, he pulls out a roll of tape, tossing it to Jamie.

Thorpe: Hold that for me.

Jamie looks back into the camera with a look of confusion, before turning back to Colt. Colt now has a red piece of Bristol board, and is holding it edge to edge against the front of the table. He holds it there for a second, before finally turning to Jamie.

Thorpe: Do you need step by step instructions? Get over here and tape it in place, idiot.

Jaime moves forward quickly, fumbling with the tape. He pulls a strip off, taping the edge to the right before doing the same with the left. Colt stands from his squat, backing up with Jamie, their backs to the camera.

Thorpe: Genius, huh.

Sawyers: You're kidding, right?

Simultaneously, both Colt and Jamie turn to the camera, shifting apart to create space between the two of them. Filling that space between them is the table in the background, with it's newly hung sign.

Official Colton Thorpe Tees - $35

Thorpe: That is right Jamie, now the UTA universe has access to the option they've truly desired since the new merch began rolling out from our marketing department. Only difference here is, this isn't UTA official merch my man, this is the Colt brand. Made by Colt, Wore by Colt, Sold by Colt.

Sawyers: Are you allowed to do this?

Thorpe: Why wouldn't I be? It's not my fault that marketing didn't tap into the gold mine that is the Colt brand.

Sawyers: But, your shirts cost more than regular UTA products.

Thorpe: And there is a good reason for that. I am the best this company has to offer talent wise, so why should my product go for the same price as, oh lets say, a Sanctus tee?

Sawyers: I really don't think you're allowed to sell these here.

Thorpe: Until I'm told otherwise.

Colt reaches into the breast pocket of his leather jacket, pulling out his pack of cigarettes. Sliding one out, he lights it up as Jamie stares in disbelief.

Sawyers: You certainly can't do THAT here.

Thorpe: Until I'm told otherwise.

O/S Voice: Hey, put that out. You can't smoke in here!

Thorpe: Screw you!

The scene fades out with Colt sucking on his dart, looking off in the direction of what we can safely assume is either a security guard or employee of the Verizon Center.