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Jamie Sawyers catches up with Colton Thorpe before he leaves the CONSOL Energy Center.

The camera fades in backstage, as Colton Thorpe is seen walking towards the exit. The camera scene is shaky, it's handler running in the direction of Colt to catch up.


Colt slows down, turning around to look at the unseen figure the voice is emanating from. His facial expression tells the audience he has a distaste for its owner.

Thorpe: Jamie Sawyers, ignoramus extraordinaire.

Sawyers enters the scene, slightly out of breath from his pursuit of Colt. Standing beside him, he puts his best journalist face on, looking into the camera while holding a microphone between the two.

Sawyers: Would you like to explain your actions tonight?

Thorpe: No, not really.

Turning away, Colt begins to walk away leaving Jamie somewhat shocked that the mouthpiece isn't too interested in some more airtime.

Sawyers: Colt. Colt wait. Your unprovoked attack on Sanctus, why?

Thorpe: That goof looking down his nose at me was enough provocation for me...

Sawyers: What do you mean? It looked like all you were doing tonight was being a bully.

That is enough for Colt to stop, turning back to face the camera.

Thorpe: Bully? You're kidding me right? That mask wearing doofus is a 240 lbs "luchadore", more than capable of taking care of himself. He just failed to do so tonight.

Sawyers: Well you...

Thorpe: You wanted a sound bite Jamie, so shut it and let me talk. I'm sick of that guy and they way he portrays himself. He is nothing more than card filler, a talentless enhancement "star" if you will. He just so happens to have gotten a couple W's thus far. But trust me when I say this and listen good: Sanctus will be nothing more than a memory six months from now.

Sawyers: What about Cayle Murray and him coming...

Thorpe: There it is Jamie! Cayle Murray, the real problem here. The new good guy of UTA. Here on a personal journey of redemption, allowing the fans to join the ride and stand side by side in his rise to hero status.

Colt lets the gym bag that is strapped over his shoulder fall to the ground, readjusting his leather jacket in the process.

Thorpe: And believe me when I say this, I'm all for his little journey. Good for you "lad", be the hero the crowd has been crying oh so long for. My issue lies with the roads to his journey intersecting mine.

Sawyers: Well in fairness, he won fair and square on Victory, and tonight acted in such a way that anyone with good morals would have.

Stepping in closer to Jamie, it's easy to see Colt's dislike for the interviewer grow by the second.

Thorpe: Last time this will be addressed. I told Sanctus, I told Murray, and I repeat to everyone including you. I. Didn't. Lose. Cayle beat Lisil. End of story. And in regards to tonight, he stuck his nose where it didn't belong, and next time I'll break it.

Colt steps back from Jamie, crouching down to grab his gym bag.

Thorpe: And there will be a next time. Intersecting his journey with mine, there is no off ramp. It is going to be a long ride together. Cayle and I are in this one for the long haul now.

Colt pushes the hand holding the microphone into Jamie's chest. He shares a wink with the three piece wearing stooge, turning away to exit the CONSOL Energy Center into the streets of Pittsburgh. The scene fades out.