Posted by Rumor Man Stan

The word going around backstage at last Monday's Victory has the axe squarely aimed at two UTA Superstars' necks.

At time of writing, the word going around the backstages in the WrestleZone concerned the possible releases of UTA talent. I have been able to glean a little information that I can pass along.

Devil's Daughter doesn't fit the PG-13 rating regular UTA programming carries? Apparently, the UTA brass are reconsidering the offer they recently made to see Jalante return. After losing to Ron Hall, is her match against Colton Thorpe her finale?

We may be one step closer to understanding who the Man with the White Mask WAS. The word from Wingate's office is that the hopes placed upon the new masked Superstar, Sanctus, are not being met. Despite a two and oh record in the square circle, the on-screen presence has left something to be desired. Having hoped to fill a marketing directive, the UTA may soon be seeing a complete repackaging of the character, or maybe even another man under that mask. 

Expect more information as things become official.