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The second edition of "Chillin' With Colt", featuring "Sanctus".

“I've paid my dues, time after time.”

The scene is black.

“I've done my sentence, but committed no crime.”

Slowly the black begins to fade in.

“And Bad mistakes, I've made a few.”

The centre of the scene has a white section breaking through with blurred words in the centre.

“I've had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I've come through.”

Made out in the top corner is the UTA insignia.

“And I need just go on and on, and on, and on...”

Almost broken through now, 'Chillin' With Colt' is written in the centre of the white back drop.


As “We Are The Champions” by Queen hits it's chorus, Colton Thorpe prances into the frame, arms in the air, victorious. In his left hand is his cell phone, where the tune is emitting from. He jogs triumphantly like Rocky Balboa behind his plywood and milk crate desk, dropping down onto his makeshift seat.

As the opening chorus ends, Colt turns the music off, placing his cell down beside the old, unplugged dial phone. This time there is no fancy red blazer draped across his shoulders, as all he wears is his wrestling boots and trunks. He smiles, and points towards the camera.

Thorpe: Ladies and Gentleman, your victorious champion of woman's rights is back with the next edition of 'Chillin With Colt'. Now the theme of 'We Are The Champions' was no mistake, because joining me today is another champion and advocate of woman's rights, the white knight himself, SANCTUS!

Colt gets up from behind his desk and walks out of frame. Rummaging sounds are heard off camera, before Colt starts to back into the scene. He drags with him a full body mannequin, completely unclothed except for a replica Sanctus mask covering the upper portion of it's lifeless face. Sitting back down, his smile is wider than ever as he shifts his gaze back and forth between the camera and 'Sanctus'.

Thorpe: Last Victory, I did exactly what I promised the world I would do and I fought for equality on this roster. I opened the show against MVC and I beat that woman into a World Title shot. Since that night, I have received thousands of letters from thankful fans, majority of them women, for giving MVC this life altering opportunity.

Colt holds up a burlap sack that is overflowing with envelops. Dropping it back to the ground, a large thud is heard to emphasize the weight of the bag.

Thorpe: Then, the following Wrestleshow this past Monday, fellow newcomer Sanctus followed my lead and did the same for Ms. Amy Harrison. Now unfortunately, Sanctus couldn't provide Amy with the same opportunity I did, but these issues are resolved one baby step at a time, so patience is a must.

Colt shifts on the top of his seat, facing the nude mannequin.

Thorpe: Now, Mr. Sanctus, is it fair to say that the first episode of 'Chillin With Colt' and the actions I took on Victory were a life changer for yourself?

Colt quickly shuffles through the apps on his phone, eventually finding what he needs. He slides the phone to the edge of the desk closest to 'Sanctus' and taps the screen, quickly pulling his arm back.

Phone: Mr. Thorpe. You are a hero to women everywhere. You are a hero to the UTA universe. But most importantly, you are a hero to me.

The robotic voice coming from the phone ends as Colt slides it back in front of him.

Thorpe: That is unnecessary, but flattering indeed. And I can see that the UTA management feels the same way as everyone else, because they've felt the need to put me in a triple threat against two women, KAY-LEE Murray and Lisil Jackson. Now, I've been asked this question all week, mostly by myself, and no, I am not bitter that MVC gets a World Title opportunity and I am relegated to an opening match against two women. Not bitter at all...

Colt trails off looking down at his desk, with a slight grimace on his face. Realizing he was in the middle of talking, he snaps out of his mini trance, looking back at the camera, smiling.

Thorpe: Ms Murray and Ms. Jackson will be provided the same opportunity by myself that Ms. Van Claudio was. The star power I hold will probably get them automatic byes into the Ace In The Hole match up, or the chamber. Or maybe they will get a tag title shot, who knows? And the following Victory, I can only assume that trend will continue. Maybe I'll get a crack at Ms. Harrison?

Colts tone gets moodier as he trails off again, before the ringing of his phone catches him off guard. Sliding the phone forward slightly, he squints at the screen as if he doesn't recognize the number, eventually answering it on speakerphone.

Thorpe: I am busy at the moment, what do you want?

Voice: Is this Colt?

Thorpe: Yeah, who is this?

Voice: My name is Ernie and I have a comment.

Thorpe: A comment? Wait, are you calling into 'Chillin With Colt'?

Ernie: Uh, yeah.

Colt quickly pushes his cell beside the old dial phone, pulling the receiver off, laying it on the desk. He pushes a couple buttons on the unplugged artifact and continues.

Thorpe: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an exciting moment as we have our very first call in!

Ernie: What about Mike from Myrtle Beach last time?

Thorpe: Uh, yeah, right. I mean, our very first call in for episode two, duh. What is your comment Ernie.

Ernie: That you are an idiot.

Colt's head perks up, and the smile on his face vanishes. His eyes look down at the phone as he twists his lips, before looking back at the camera.

Thorpe: Hurtful, but continue.

Ernie: Murray and Jackson aren't women you knob, they are both men.

Thorpe: You are sadly mistaken Ernie.

Ernie: Look it up dipsh...

Colt ends the call before Ernie can continue with his unnecessary name calling. He picks up his phone, and begins taping on the screen while he intensely gazes down at it. After a few moments of dead air, he pulls is head back.

Thorpe: Huh. Murray is a Scottish dude. Jackson is a Jamaican dude. Well that is just fantastic now isn't it? I beat the number one contender and I get a triple threat against two newcomers, aweeeeesome!

Colt stands up from his seat, and simultaneously swipes the dial phone off the desk. He looks over to the mannequin and begins walking towards it.

Thorpe: You know the supreme court ruled in your favour the other day, so you can take that stupid mask off now...

Colt grabs onto the stiff and throws it out of the scene. He walks towards the camera and crouches down, staring into the lens.

Thorpe: Thank you for joining me this week. Ernie, go screw yourself. Thanks to Sanctus for showing the universe how much personality he really has. Special thanks to Marie for opening my eyes, and showing me to get ahead, you got to give a little head. Goodnight, and until next time...

Colts hand reaches forward and causes the scene to go black. A few muffled sounds are heard before the feed is cut.