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With a Wrestle UTA banner as a backdrop, three chairs are evenly spaced in front of it as Jamie Sawyers enters the picture. As he sits down in the chair on the far left side, he turns to face the camera.

Sawyers: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest today is none other than former UTA world champion Sean Jackson. During the Black Horizon pay per view, he and his stablemate La Flama Blanca did battle for the world championship....

Jamie remains professional, even though he mentioned the name of the very man who super kicked him in the face.

Sawyers: With Blanca walking away with the gold. However, since that match, Sean Jackson hasn't said a word to anyone. He's gone completely silent and hopefully today, I can get him to talk about that match.

He then looks off camera.

Sawyers: So without further delay, I believe it's time to bring out Sean Jackson.

Jamie motions with his hand.

Sawyers: If you will Sean...

As the camera shifts to the right, Jamie stands as Sean Jackson and Marshall Owens step into view. As the camera follows the duo to the chairs, a surprised look forms on Jamie's face as Marshall takes the seat next to his.

Sawyers: Umm...

As Sean takes a seat in the chair to the far right, Marshall Owens cuts Jamie off.

Marshall: Thank you for inviting us Mr. Sawyers. We definitely appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Not convinced, Jamie leans his head over to get a better glimpse of the former world champion.

Sawyers: Sean, with Black Horizon in the....

Marshall: Mr. Sawyers, if I may. You are directing questions towards my client and even though I appreciate your tenacity, you aren't one for smarts.

Marshall leans forward ever so slightly, his eyes fixed on Jamie's.

Marshall: There's a reason my client hasn't said a word since Black Horizon, and that's because he doesn't have anything to say.

Marshall taps his chin before pointing towards Jamie Sawyers.

Marshall: Journalists like you make a living at twisting and turning the words people say. Making them out to be the bad guys by taking their words out of context. Well I'm not going to let you twist Sean's words because he isn't going to talk to you.

This draws a smile from Sean Jackson.

Marshall: All his talking will be done in the ring.

That draws a double take from Sean, who ends up tapping Marshall on the shoulder. As the two look at each other, Marshall nods and then turns back towards Jamie Sawyers.

Marshall: It seems I've been corrected.

Jamie's face lights up.

Sawyers: So he will talk to me then?

Marshall: Uh, no.

That was short lived.

Marshall: He wants nothing to do with any of you leeches until after Ring King. But, if you pay close attention to his match with Haynes in the Garden...

A devious smile begins to form on Marshall's face.

Marshall: Then it will answer all your questions.

He shoots a quick glance towards the camera.

Marshall: I guarantee it.

Abruptly and without warning, both Marshall and Sean stand and begin walking off set, leaving Jamie Sawyers stunned and still seated in his chair.  Realizing they aren't coming back, he turns and faces the camera.

Sawyers: Well, that was weird. I guess this interview is over folks. Until next time, I'm Jamie Sawyers.