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The debut webisode of Chillin' With Colt touches on Women's Rights.

The scene fades in facing a dingy bed sheet hung against the back wall. Spray painted in the top right corner is 'UTA Presents'. In the centre, 'Chillin' With Colt'. Situated in front of the vandalized bed sheet are two stacks of plastic milk crates, with a sheet of plywood on top. On top of the makeshift desk is a coffee mug, and an old dial phone that isn't plugged in.

Colton Thorpe enters the frame to a generic instrument only tune, playing from the cell phone in his left hand. He is wearing his white wrestling trunks and an unbuttoned old red blazer. Waving into the camera as he backs into the scene, he stands tall, looking beyond the camera afterwards, waving to the imaginary audience.

He walks behind his 'desk', grabbing a seat on a stack of milk crates designated as his chair. He is able to lean back against the wall, to help balance himself as he tosses his feet up onto the desk. As the tune comes to an end, he closes the application on his phone before placing it on the floor beside him.

Thorpe: Ladies and Gentlemen of the UTA universe, welcome to the very first episode of what will soon be the talk of the web, Chillin' With Colt. Now I know this handsome mug is new to most of you, but get acquainted quick, because, it will be thrust into your lives for the foreseeable future via all media outlets and devices. Televisions, computers, smart phones, tablets, you name it, I will be invading your lives.

Colt reaches into the chest pocket of his blazer and removes a flask. He pours the brown liquid into his coffee mug, tilting it upwards until the final drop enters the mug. He tosses the empty flask behind him, proceeding to drink the unknown liquor.

Thorpe: Now I know you're asking yourself right now, what is 'Chillin' With Colt'? Well, this program is designed to touch on everyday social issues and debates, and how they currently intertwine with our company.

Colt drops his legs down to floor, sitting back straight, arms folded on the desk.

Thorpe: This first episode is going to touch on an issue that yours truly will soon be at the forefront of: Women's Rights. Women's Rights activists are out there to fight for legal and social equality of women with men. Now the question I pose to the UTA universe, is that really what they want? Is it really what YOU want?

Colt points towards the camera dramatically.

Thorpe: June 22nd, I make my UTA debut. And what should be an exciting time for myself has a cloud of controversy hanging over it, ready to start pissing down when it's all said and done. I have been given the 'honour' of having my debut against a woman, Marie Van Claudio.

Colt rolls his eyes before taking another drink from his coffee mug.

Thorpe: Now, after this match has come and gone, Marie will have received the beating of a lifetime. What should be viewed as a dominating debut from newcomer Colton Thorpe, will see me portrayed as nothing more than a woman beater. Now I ask you, how is that fair to me? In fact, this whole roster is littered with women trying to fight for their place in a man's world. Hell, one of those women is your current Prodigy Champion.

Colt shakes his head in disappointment.

Thorpe: I am willing to go on record right now saying I truly believe that Mr. Lamond Robertson let Alex Beckman win, out of simple fear of the media circus he would of had to deal with had he beat her handily at Black Horizon. I wouldn't be surprised if he throws his rematch this week either. The poor guy had to hand his championship over because of society's double standards on this issue.

Colt reaches down beside him and grabs his cell phone. After fiddling through it briefly, a ring emits from its speakers.

Thorpe: It looks like we have our first call in!

Colt picks up the receiver to the unplugged dial phone and places it to his ear.

Thorpe: Mmmhmm. Yes. That is a great question Mike from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! Mike just asked if I will let myself get backed into a corner like other men on this roster have. And Mike, the answer is no!

Colt slashes his arms emphatically.

Thorpe: I will not be a victim of this social issue. I will be an advocate of it. I will stand by every woman on this roster, and I will beat them within an inch of their lives, just as I will any other man. I will do this for one reason, and one reason only: because it is exactly what they want. I will start with Marie this week, and I will break her down physically and mentally because she is an equal.

Colt goes to take a sip from his coffee mug, but looks in it, surprised that it is empty so quickly.

Thorpe: Any woman that steps in my way way of climbing the rankings, winning championships, cementing my legacy as one of the greatest fighters of our generation, I will decimate as if they were a man. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Colton Thorpe. UTA Superstar. Future of the industry. But most importantly, Women's Rights Advocate.

Colt gives a big thumbs up to the camera.

Thorpe: Tune into Victory this week, and watch me battle for every woman on this roster, and the rights they deserve!

A door behind the scene is heard opening, and Colt quickly stands from his desk looking at the unexpected arrival.

Voice: Hey! You can't be back here. And, where are your pants?

Colt quickly runs out from behind the desk and crouches in front of the camera.

Thorpe: Thank you for joining me on the first episode of Chilling With...

Voice: Hey! I said...

Thorpe: Piss off buddy! I'm finishing up. Again, Thanks and until next time.

Colt waves into the camera before snatching it off whatever is was propped up on. The scene fades out as you can hear the shuffling of Colt running away from the set.