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The camera pans around outside the arena, in between the Ring King matches tonight.  A few cars pass by as the evening takes hold of the city.

As the camera turns further, we see the figure of Lamond Alexander Robertson walking down the street, one hand in his pocket, pair of blue jeans, a blue polo shirt and dark brown jacket over his torso.  He approaches the camera with a wide smile on his face.  

Robertson: Hi guys, hope you're enjoying the show tonight! To those of you in the arena, lucky b*beeeep*ds I coudn't get a ticket anywhere! 

Robertson waves his hand as if to accentuate.

Robertson: A huge night as always here in the UTA as the next round of Ring King is decided.  

He looks to his left, then back at the camera.  

Robertson: And aye, just imagine the next round we know it will be Samuel Owens versus Eric Dane, CBR versus Chris Hopper, Sean Jackson will be there, Scott Stevens too.  And imagine where it will go...a final between Chris Hopper and John Sektor? Maybe; Alex Beckman versus Pin Smith? Aye, it could be.  

Robertson leans in and winks.  

Robertson: But my tip for the whole thing guys?...Blackbeard! That guy's unstoppable! I think his secret's the beard.

He stands back up straight and laughs.

Robertson: But one thing that you can't deny is the quality of talent in this tournament.  I count myself fortunate to have reached the next round and we know that I get to face Alex Beckman again.  

Lamond reaches in, lifting the camera close to his face, the jokes disappearing for a moment.

Robertson: And all I got to say is this.  You got the job done against Ron Hall Alex, and aye you beat me before.  But you got my title lassie and I mean to get it back.  See you next week me, I'll be bringing everything...I'll be bringing hell. 

Robertson places the camera back where it was and backs off, walking back down the street.