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Good Luck Friend


In the back, Amy Harrison is seen getting ready for her match against ABH as we see feet come up to her. Amy stops what she’s doing and leans up with the person looking at her. Amy leans up as she looks at the person.

Harrison: Coming in here to give me your good wishes?

The person in question that’s there with her is none other than Marie Van Claudio.

Van Claudio: Are you ready for your match against ABH?

Marie folds her arms as she looks at Amy.

Harrison: I'm more than ready. I know a thing or two about how to make a man tick, and I also know how to make a real good first impression, and I'm going to show both of those tonight at his expense.

Marie gulps for a second.

Van Claudio: Well, considering that you could do it. I would feel kind of jealous.

Amy looks at her and raises her hand.

Van Claudio: But honestly, I think a Harrison would make her family proud.

Harrison: And let’s face it, I’m the only Harrison around that can actually do something good around a place like this. My brother couldn’t really cut it, my sister wish she could cut it, but I can, and I’m going to prove it against ABH.

Marie bites her tongue, but looks at her friend

Van Claudio: I hope that does happen. You deserve it, but don’t fall in the trap I did when I first came here.

Amy looks at her with a “what the heck look?”

Harrison: What trap?

Marie puts her finger on her lip before patting Amy on the back.

Van Claudio: Let’s just say this, I was rude to a lot of people and was being bossy to get my way. Let’s just put it that way.

Marie looks at her.

Van Claudio: Anyways, good luck for your Ring King Match, I really hope you get far unlike me.

Marie pats her on the back as Amy looks at her as she walks out to her match against ABH.