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Once again checking in with all the news that's fit to print and even some that might not be. Here's UTA the Magazine for all the recent happenings up to the UTA's signature Black Horizon PPV.

The lead story is the major roster shake ups.  The constant upheaval of talent coming, going, quitting, being fired or suspended made this recent arch one of the most chaotic in terms of storyline and feuds in UTA history

The roster turn over may not yet be done as a few more names are rumored to be gone after the First round of Ring King. Hopefully this brings much needed stability to the roster.

Perfection has left the ring, just as quickly as the Dynasty reunion began, it has ended. Perfection remains involved with the company behind the scenes but how will this affect the dominant stable going forward?

Is everything as smooth and unified in Dynasty as they claim or has the World title switches between members LFB and Sean Jackson left more of a strain on the group than they're willing to admit?

Will there ever be a group that stays together long enough to feud with and pose a threat to Dynasty? So far we've seen groups like Spawn, Shoot Kings and WTFC all try but fizzle out or not gain any traction at all.  

La Flama Blanca, UTA World Champion. Has a nice ring to it. If the early showings are any indication, we may be looking at the start of a long and dominant title run. He figures to have a busy summer as Sean Jackson is going to want a rematch and Chris Hopper is likely going to be in line for a crack at the championship this summer.

The Ring King Tournament has been wild simply in all of the reshuffling and redrawn brackets that came out before the tournament even started. Then there are the actual matches that have happened as well.

Opinion sure not to be popular: Why not make Ring King a one or two night tournament? It's a great career and star making opportunity. 

The Machine is off to a promising start. Alex Beckman's victory for the Prodigy Championship at Black Horizon has put the UTA on notice that maybe just maybe this group will be one to watch.

Michael Best may well be the "best" manager in the UTA today. His sharp mind and experience have already brought championship gold to "The Machine". I know Marshall Owens would beg to differ and you have to look at his track record of managing the last 3 UTA World Champions and having the most dominant stable in the UTA today. Can Owens maintain his lofty perch or is this "new kid" ready to take the throne?

The UTA World Tag team titles are slowly becoming relevant again. It looks like Team Danger might be in line for a few stabs at the gold over the summer.

The UTA is still in need of a signature hero.  The fans are solidly behind Chris Hopper who seems to be management's pick but appears to lack the killer instinct. The fans are also talking up the recently arrived LAR but is he too much of a throw back to a forgotten time for the fans to seriously rally around? Pin Smith is a possibility, but it's better to wait this out than to try too much too soon.

Is Pin Smith going to be able to live up to managements hopes for him? He's off to a promising start with his Wildfire title win over Perfection at Black Horizon.

Forgotten in all of this is the "Southern Rebel" Ron Hall.  The former World Champion and Hall of Famer is in serious need of some kind of career CPR as all of the losses on TV have the fans treating him like another body on the roster. Hall has been the hero before but without some wins or any momentum, he can't be in the discussion.

Speaking of Hall of Famers, is Crimson Lord's success about to pay off with some championship gold? He should be in line for a shot at either the Legacy title, or an opportunity at Pin Smith and the Wildfire title may be his over the summer.

Black Horizon was a critical and box office success. There is talk that the UTA might be holding its signature PPV at Texas Stadium every year for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully the Abdul Bin Hussain vs John Sektor feud isn't over yet. This is one of the most entertaining feuds to pop up in the UTA in a long time.

Opinion sure not to be popular: The UTA downgraded the Shock Therapy match by featuring it twice at a PPV. Done properly, this is the ultimate blow off match for any feud in the UTA but seemed to be an unnecessary waste when it was used for Hopper vs CBR. The only feud that would have been deserving was Sektor vs ABH and that could/should have waited for Ring King.  This match due to its extreme risk and nature should only be used as a blow off, not as a meaningless angle or attempt at a cash grab.

The next story involves the recent mass influx of talent from HOW. This promises a lot of fresh match ups and feuds for the fans upcoming in the next few months.

The ideal feud and easy money here would be the UTA vs HOW, but as both Dynasty and the Machine are both heel groups it would take a bit of a stretch for this to work.

Wrestler of the month: LFB. The winner of the main event of the biggest PPV of the year.

Opinion sure not to be popular: The Internet/Legacy Championship is vacant and would be a nice prize for the Chamber match at Ring King on August 23rd

UTA Top 10

1. LFB (UTA World Champion)

2. Pin Smith (UTA Wildfire Champion)

3. Alex Beckman (UTA Prodigy Champion)

4. Sean Jackson (#1 contender/former UTA World Champion)

5.  Chris Hopper (# 2 contender)

6. Crimson Lord (#3 contender)

7. John Secktor (#4 contender)

8. Second Coming (#5 contender)

9. Lew Smith (#6 contender)

10. Will Haynes (#7 contender)


Words of wrestling wisdom: "Every match is a great match until the bell rings." Terry Funk