Posted by Rumor Man Stan

After losing the UTA World Championship to La Flama Blanca at Black Horizon, Sean Jackson has gone completely silent, refusing to speak with anyone outside of Dynasty.  According to Marshall Owens, the former world champion blames the loss on an inept referee and rotten furniture.


When asked if Sean Jackson would be at Wrestleshow 39 in Sioux City, Iowa.  Marshall responded in this manner.


"I asked Sean about Sioux City and the look on his face told me everything I needed to know about his current state of mind.  To be honest, it would be a great idea for him to skip the show completely, in order to get his mind right."


"Because stepping inside of a UTA arena at this stage, would be just like shooting fish in a barrel.  It would give him every opportunity to hurt as many people as he possible could."


When pushed to elaborate, Marshall would only respond in this manner.


"I warned James Wingate of the consequences.  I told him that pushing a first blood stipulation, would cause Sean to go off the deep end.  Well now I wash my hands of any, and all responsibility.  You chose to ignore me and now you have to pay for that sin.  In other words if Sean appears in Sioux City, then your roster had better grow eyes in the back of their heads.  Because as it stands today, no one and I do mean NO ONE is safe from his wrath."


"No One"


Tune in to Wrestleshow 39 on the 15th of June in Sioux City Iowa.  Live on Pure Sports Entertainment.