Posted by Rumor Man Stan

- James Wingate, owner and CEO of the UTA, was not backstage at WRESTLESHOW as expected. However, after the show he has passed word he will be at WRESTLESHOW #7 to address Kevin Hawk and Seth Payne's status after their actions at WRESTLESHOW #6.

- There were constant re-writes leading up to the show, as the status of several superstars post WRESTLESHOW was unknown.

- The title picture is being completely re-worked after the fall out of the last show and with Drew Stevenson pulling himself out of the UTA Championship picture. Right now, all that is known is Dr. EMO still has a re-match clause that will be used on a later date.

It is expected that the writers will know more of the UTA Championship title picture after the next show when the Internet Championship is won. The feeling is that either Frank Washington or Scotty Addams, if not both will move up to the UTA Championship contendership along with Chance Von Crank and either Lucius Jones, Kirk Irving, or both.

- Noah Spade was sent home right after WRESTLESHOW ended. It is unknown of why, but he is not expected to return.

- Officials are considering airing a secondary show on WRESTLESHOW off weeks that have two to three matches. The talent roster is currently capped and the feeling is if a secondary show doesn't start being produced, production cost of WRESTLESHOW will be unmanageable.

- Yoshii was not the first choice to be the fourth superstar in the next show's Internet Championship match. However, it made sense after re-writes built the match around Hawk and Payne using it to put a wedge between The Jokers Wild.

Sources are saying that Wingate does not like this storyline and it is believed he will be involved on the next show only long enough to pull back Hawk and Payne's storyline involvement as he feels there is too much of an authority presence when the spotlight should be on the talent.

- Although Girl Power Wrestling's Explosion began streaming shortly after WRESTLESHOW, it is expected that the partnership with the promotion will come to an end this week due to GPW management not fulfilling obligations since the partnership began.