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Team Danger steps off the airplane after a long week.

Pensacola, FL
Pensacola International Airpoirt
May 19th, 2015

The Pensacola International Airport isn’t the biggest or the best airport between New Orleans and Orlando. It is, however, the closest to the middle geographically. After a long night in a mediocre hotel room and then a long flight from Detroit, the Menagerie of Mayhem known as Team Danger are just about spent as they make their way toward the E Deck of the long term parking garage.

“You sure you don’t wanna ride with us down to The O,” Greer asked for the thirtieth time. “We can still have that party-”

Eric cuts him off mid-sentence.

“We don’t celebrate losses.” The Only Star lights a cigarette. “Besides, I need a night’s sleep in my own bed before Victory.”

The three of them are dressed down: Eric in a Nike jumpsuit, Ty in a black t-shirt and camo shorts, and Greer in black jeans and a black v-neck shirt. Walker and Greer carry their backpacks on their backs and Dane drags a piece of Louis Vuitton leather luggage on casters behind him

“Heard,” The Black Jesus responds as he arches his aching back. “Tired as a mothafucka.”

They plug along in silence for a moment, these parking structures aren't small.

“So, I hate to keep bringin’ it up guys,” Greer could feel Eric rolling his eyes. “But I’m not exactly sure where we go from here.”

Neither of his brothers answer.

“I mean seriously. Blanca and Two-See ain’t likely to throw us another Tag Title shot any time in the near future, am I right?”

“For real, bruh.” Walker piles on.

Having had enough of this conversation for one lifetime, Eric Dane stops dead in his tracks. He lets go of the luggage and takes a long, serious drag from the cigarette.

“Maybe you two ought to concentrate on something other than title belts for once in your lives,” Eric says flatly. “Quit spending every waking moment worrying about your goddamned legacies, and go out  there and win some matches and remember why we got in this business in the first place!”

“I know, mayne, it’s just…” Walker trails off, unsure of how to finish his thought.

“It’s just what? You got beat. Twice. Fuckin’ deal with it.”

Greer chimes back in.

“Come back and tell me that when you lose to Kendrix next weekend.”

Eric cocks an eyebrow but doesn’t respond. Ty’s eyes widen, his brows nearly leaping off of his forehead. To his credit, Greer stands his ground.

“You’re right,” Eric answers.

Greer and Walker are caught off-guard.

“The kid looks good. He could pull a fast one and get me.” Another drag keeps Eric centered for the moment.

He shrugs.

“Then after I spend a half an hour cursing and tearing up a locker-room, I’ll head on back home and get back to the drawing board.”

The three of them share a chuckle, remembering how things went down in the locker-room for the half hour or so after last night’s main event was over. The air between them lightens.

“I’m just sayin’, Dee, it’s new territory for us.”

“Yeah, it’s been awhile since we’ve even needed a drawing board.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Dane smirks. “But the fact of the matter is it’s been a real, real long time since we could walk into a place and dominate on sheer name value. The parameters have changed with the times.”

They nod.

“Maybe it’s time that Team Danger evolves.”

Dane reaches down for the handle of his luggage while Greer and Walker give each other an apprehensive look. Evolving from what has worked so well in the past is a tough pill to swallow, but the nod and shrug they share shows they’re at least smart enough to acknowledge the truth when it’s been laid out in front of them. 

They make a turn and come to where Eric’s black 2013 Lincoln Navigator is parked right next to the murdered out, black on black Chevy Tahoe codenamed GLVTRN. The two conveyances couldn’t be any more different than the drivers themselves. While the Navigator is sleek and shiny, GLVTRN is more rough and tumble looking. Just like the Only Star and his brothers in arms, the KoP and Ty.

“What is it with you two, you can’t just have a nice ride...” Dane chided as he looks at the glorified Urban Assault Vehicle. “You boys always have to fix it.”

Greer and Walker share smirking grins, they do love their toys. 

In spite of the fact that Dane is only a few years older than them, he’s always been the bigger, more responsible brother of the crew. Which to be honest, is kind of telling when you consider the craziness in his own past.

“Yeah, yeah.” Greer mocks.

Dane shakes his head.

“Whatever. You two good?” Dane asks

“Yeah, dude, we’re good.” Walker confirms. “This place ain’t gonna beat us.”

“Good. I’ll catch up with you on Monday morning before Victory. I’m already working on a strategy for Black Horizon and we can put that into play in Orlando.” He thumps the spent butt and pops the automatic hatch on the back of the Navigator and sets his luggage in once it’s completely open. 

“Between now and then I’m gonna sleep for three days, I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.”

He shuts the hatch and throws deuces at Walker and Greer. The two of them board GLVTRN as he climbs into the Navigator and Team Danger parts ways once again. It had been an odd first week in UTA for Team Danger, but if history has shown anything, it’s that these three men aren’t going to stay down for long.

That, and something violent is going to go down between now and Black Horizon.