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Live from the WTFC locker room post Wrestleshow.

Will Haynes: “This close, this fuckin’ close.”

Wrestleshow is over and the #WTFC locker room is a mess. Things are thrown everywhere. Haynes picks up a wrestling boot and chucks it into the wall. It thuds and falls to the ground.

Coleslaw Jenkins: “B, you need t’ take a chill pill. Fo’ real I can see one a’ dem veins in your neck about to burst.”

Slaw checks his phone. The tweets have been pretty calm since the show ended. He thought for sure there would be a barrage of sarcastic Tweets coming in from all corners of the Internet. That’s normally what happens when Will Haynes loses a title match.

Will Haynes: “Don’t tell me t’ calm down. We were this close.”

Thrill speaks through gritted teeth and he slams his hand into a table in the middle of the locker room. A few bottles of water topple over as a result. Haynes kicks one across the room sending it exploding all over one wall.

He was used to trashing rooms. That’s what he did in his youth. Locker rooms, hotel rooms, he’s left them in ruin wherever they go. 

Coleslaw Jenkins: “Fo’ real, chill da fuq out.”

Right then Mikey Unlikely steps out of the shared shower. He’s shirtless, water beading on his chest, a towel wrapped around his waist. He shakes his head as he moves past Haynes. Haynes glares him down. Mikey sits by his locker and pulls out a stick of deodorant.

Will Haynes: “You got anythin’ t’ say hoss?”

Haynes is a little on edge. His head is still hurting too. 

Mikey shrugs. 

Mike Unlikely: “I’m sorry.”

Haynes shakes his head. 

Will Haynes: “It just sucks - “

Before he can continue Bobby Dean walks in the door. One of the EMT’s is with him. Bobby is carrying what remains of Bobby Clean, his namesake, WTFC’s pet draped in a white colth. Bobby is sniffling.

EMT: “Mr. Dean, are you going to be okay?”

Haynes is by his side almost instantly. Shooing the EMT away.

Will Haynes: “We got ‘em from here.”

He shuts the door on the EMT. He wants to be alone, well WTFC only.

Mikey puts on his deodorant, and why we’ve been preoccupied he’s put on a pair of shorts but still stands shirtless.

Mikey Unlikely: “Bobby, you okay bud?”

Bobby shakes his head. 

Bobby Dean: “They did it.”

Haynes, Mikey, and Slaw all look at one another.

Coleslaw Jenkins: “Did what?”

Bobby Dean: “Team Danger killed Bobby Clean.”End.