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Gaze trying to bring in a new tag team to the UTA

A limo pulls up to a familiar doll store named the “The Frail Flower.” The driver gets out and walks over to the door and opens the door and out steps Lady Gaze.  The puppet known as Dandelion can be seen sitting in the limo.

Gaze:  I’ll be a few minutes Gorkc.

Gorkc:  Yes milady.

Gaze motions for him to close the door, he does leaving the puppet in the limo.  Gaze walks up to the store door and takes a deep breathe and enters the store.

???: How can I...

The store clerk turns around and stops mid sentence.

???:  Oh it's you.  Come to torment me some more.

He looks behind her for a moment.

???:  So where is that husband of yours?

Gaze:  I have a proposal for you Jestal.

Jestal:  Why would I even consider your offer?

Gaze:  Because I do not think you will be able to turn this offer down.

Gaze walks up to the counter and pulls out a photo from her pocket and turns it upside down and slides it to him on the counter.

Jestal:  It is going to take a lot for me to even consider your offer.

Gaze lifts her finger from the photo. The jester picks up the photo and his eyes widened, but quickly turns to a cold stare toward her.

Jestal:  So now you want to torment me with a picture of my sister?  I have come to accept it, I will never see her again you both have made your point loud and clear.

Gaze: You misunderstand me clown.

Gaze reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out her cell and pushes a few buttons and puts the phone to her ear.

Gaze:  Bring the package in Gorkc.

Gaze flips her cell phone up and puts it back in her pocket. A few moments later the door opens and the puppet is being carried into the store by Gorkc.  She is completely lifeless in his arms.

Jestal:  Dandy!

Jestal hops over the counter and runs to her.  He examines her she does not respond.  Gaze turns around and leans against the glass display.  She stares at her nails for a moment.

Gaze:  So are you ready to talk?

Jestal quickly looks at Gaze with an enraged look on his face.

Jestal:  What have you done to her!

Gaze:  Apparently she has been like this for months now.  She appears to be in some sort of coma.

Jestal:  You fleshy set her down on the chair.

Gorkc looks at Gaze and she slowly nods toward him.  Gorkc slowly puts the doll in the chair.  The doll slumps over lifeless in her motions. Jestal quickly examines her he picks up her arm and checks for a pulse when he lets go of the arm it quickly falls to her side.

Gaze:  I am willing to allow you to reunite with her under one condition.

Jestal quickly looks back at Gaze waiting for this condition she has for him.

Jestal:  What is it?

Gaze slowly walks over to the clown and grabs his tie and twirls it around her finger and brings him eye to eye with her.

Gaze:  I am bringing The Toybox to the UTA.

Jestal snatches his tie from her grasp and shakes his head at her.

Jestal:  Why, our time in the ring was over you can thank your loving husband for that!

Gaze slowly walks around Jestal while he watches her.

Gaze:  Apparently, my beloved has concerns of my safety in the UTA.  More specifically a team known in the UTA as Team Danger. 

Jestal crosses his arms toward her as she meets him face to face.

Jestal:  So what do you expect me and Dandelion to be your bodyguards against this Team Danger?  Why doesn’t his Lordship do it himself?

Gaze walks over to a doll display and picks one up and admires it.

Gaze:  Let’s just say Crimson has his own problems to deal with.  He allowed me to take possession of Dandelion.  He also approved me getting The Toybox together again.

Jestal looks over at Dandelion’s lifeless body sitting in the chair.

Jestal:  Even if I did say yes, I don’t know how much torment Dandy has been put through. She may never walk again……

Jestal looks toward Gaze, who puts the doll back on the shelf and looks toward him.

Jestal:  You can thank your husband for that.

Gaze:  Her heart was sent to your mother to be repaired. 

Jestal looks one more time at his sister.

Jestal:  I have to think about this….

Gaze slowly walks by the clown.

Gaze:  Think about my offer clown.

Gorkc opens the door for Gaze she stops midway through the door and stares at Jestal still staring at his sister.

Gaze:  One last thing, her heart belongs to me.  So I will be the one leading you two into the UTA and conquest of the Tag Team Division. I will wait for your answer in a week clown, don’t keep me waiting.  As a peace offering I leave her with you.

They both leave the store as Jestal slowly bends down into a catcher stance moving his finger under her chin to raise her head eye level with his.

To be continued