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Professional wrestler and Detroit native "King of Pain" Stephen Greer stopped by the Channel 95.5 studios this morning with his tag team partner Tyrone Walker and we have the exclusive footage from inside the studio! Huge wrestling fans Mojo, Spike and Shannon were super psyched to talk with a pair of true wrestling superstars. They even made Mojo an honorary member of Team Danger! Click on the video player to watch!

[The Channel 95.5 studios in Farmington, Michigan plays host to the "Mojo in the Morning" show. Hosts Mojo, Spike and Shannon surround a typical radio studio table. Greer and Walker are ushered in by an intern, Greer wearing blue jeans and a black Team Danger tee shirt, Walker sporting khaki cargo shorts and a Mitchell & Ness Barry Sanders Lions jersey. They shake the hands of the hosts and dons their headphones.]

Mojo: We are super excited to have a professional wrestling superstars in the studio this morning with us, "King of Pain" Stephen Greer and "Black Jesus" Tyrone Walker, Team Danger, thanks for joining us this morning.

Greer: Glad to be back home here in Detroit.

Walker: I may not be from here, but the D always been good to me so it's great being back.

[Mojo nods and sips from his coffee.]

Mojo: Well we're happy to have you. Now, you guys are going to be at the big wrestling show over at the Joe, what's going on there?

Greer: United Toughness Alliance is taking over the Joe Louis Arena, right at the riverfront, for Wrestleshow where we, the mighty and meaty Team Danger will murder six fools and be crowned the UTA World Tag Team Champions!

[Ty winks in Shannon's direction.]

Walker: I saw that look when my man said "meaty" Shannon, means you heard dem stories, girl.

[Shannon blushes as Ty leans with one elbow on the desk, wooing the young woman.]

Mojo: Ooooh, do we have love in the air?

[Walker shoots back into a standing position as the mere mention of "love."]

Walker: Hey now, ain't nobody talkin' 'bout love in here!

Shannon: Yeah Mojo, I'm a married woman!

Greer: Oh, Ty doesn't care about that, that ring is just one more thing to take off.

[All laugh in a very morning talk show, super sugar coated kind of way.]

Mojo: Back to it, you guys are going to fight for the titles, right? Against, let me see if I got this right, The Spawn, the WTFC and the Tag Team of the Damned?

Walker: Man, that sounds so much cornier when you say it out loud.

[More laughter.]

Greer: That's right, we fight six scrubs, crush some hopes and dreams and bring the gold to our waists.

Mojo: And you get to do it all right here in Detroit.

Greer: Damn right, we're going to give them a Detroit welcome that, if you aren't from here, you aren't ready for. Old school, Woodward Avenue, under the People Mover type of beating that keep the out-of-towners exactly where they belong, out of town.

Walker: Yeah, we been doin' this since these kids were getting they first text messages on an old Nintendo.

Spike: I don't think that's how it works, Ty.

Walker: Man, whatchu know about it? The struggle was real, mayne. You try to get those nudes on a Gameboy and then tell me 'bout real life!

[More gooey laughter fills the air.]

Mojo: So you guys are in the Main Event in front of the hometown crowd, is there any added pressure to win?

Greer: The pressure never changes. We always push ourselves to be the best every single night. But believe me, knowing that we've got the city of Detroit at our backs, it adds a different energy to the match. This city is a fighting city and it lets you know that. Hell, we've got a giant fist downtown!

Mojo: The Monument to Joe Louis.

Greer: Exactly. That right there tells you exactly what you're going to get. Detroit fights. It's people fight. And we never stop fighting. It's built into us and it's not just about where you live. It's not just a bunch of streets and buildings, it's our spirit. That spirit just does not die.

Mojo: Very well said.

[Walker gives Greer a fist bump over the table.]

Walker: See, I didn't grow up here but I am it's adopted son. When Stevie and I stayed here full time, I knew right away that this place was where I belonged.

Spike: And we are glad to have you here in the Motor City.

Mojo: We're going to wrap this up and let you guys get back out there to the city, I know you have a busy week ahead, any last words for your opponents or the fans?

Greer: For the fans here, get ready for a wild night. The UTA is in town and Team Danger is leading the charge. Come out to the Joe on Monday night and join us in the biggest victory party since we rolled those news vans in 90 after the Bad Boys went back to back!

Walker: That's right, we gonna tear this bitch down and those ni[whooooooa]as don't know what's comin' for them!

[Mojo and Spike both take a step back.]

Spike: You can't say that, man.

Walker: What?

Mojo: The "N" word.

Walker: What, Nintendo? Man, my momma was half-Nintendo, how you gonna come in here and be racist against Nintendos?! Detroit, these cats don't know nothing 'bout them bits South of sixteen!

[Mojo reaches across the table with his hand extended as he tries to regain control.]

Mojo: Team Danger everyone! Head down to Joe Louis Arena this Monday night for the UTA and a great night of wrestling!

Walker: And Nintendos everywhere! My Nintendos better show up in force, show these Ataris how we do!

[Fade to the Mojo in the Morning logo and Greer and Mojo shake hands.]