Posted by Rumor Man Stan

Madman Szalinski, whom recently was cleared to return to in ring action and scheduled to return in the Ring King tournament, as been released from his contract.

The former UTA Champion is reported to have been a problem backstage in recent weeks, failing to adjust to the changes since he was last seen at All or Nothing. There has been growing concern over his attitude with both talent and staff.

Rumors were circulating that the last straw for James Wingate was Madman approaching a rival company in hopes to get mic time to put down the UTA. We reached out to Mr. Wingate and he had this to say:

"There is no taking away what Madman Szalinski did for the promotion in 2014. However, after his coma he was not the same person. One thing I always tell my talent, is that if you are unhappy performing in the UTA, then let me know and we'll release your contract so you can go elsewhere.

Madman did not do this. Instead, he breached his contract as well as the trust of both the UTA staff and talent by his actions of approaching another company in hopes he could air his grievances. This is not the adult thing to do. Madman has failed to see that he is the issue, and not the changes."

We here at the United Toughness Alliance would like to wish Madman Szalinski well in his future endevors.