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Gaze reintroduces a old friend

Crimson Manor; Lobby 9:12pm

The door opens.  In walks Crimson Lord dressed in a leather coat with blue jeans and a black v-neck shirt.  He is quickly greeted by his daughter WynLyn.

WynLyn:  Welcome home daddy!

She rushes to him and hugs him. He wraps one of his arms around her.

Crimson Lord:  How are you child?

WynLyn, looks up toward him kind of distraught.

WynLyn:  I am worried about mom.

Crimson with his free hand brushes some of her brown hair from her face and calmly replies.

Crimson Lord:  What about her?

WynLyn looks up to her parents bedroom.

WynLyn:  She has been staring at your closet for a good hour.

Crimson looks up toward his bedroom and raises a eyebrow.  WynLyn looks back at him.

WynLyn:  Come on I’ll show you.

She takes her fathers hand. And walks up a flight of stairs toward their his bedroom.  She slowly opens the door and peaks inside.  Soon followed by her father.

WynLyn:  See she has not moved.  What is wrong with her daddy?

Crimson slowly stands straight up.  His view no longer inside the bedroom.  He looks down at her.

Crimson Lord:  Child your mother has been through a lot over the last few months.  I can’t say I was not to blame because I feel it was pretty much me who caused her to need medical attention.

WynLyn looks up at him upset.

WynLyn:  Why? Why would you do that to her?

Crimson sighs for a moment and slowly stares up at the ceiling.

Crimson Lord:  I’ll take care of this child.  You have nothing to worry about. 

He looks down at her putting his hand over her cheek.

Crimson Lord:  I’ll fix my mistake. 

WynLyn, seems a bit relieved at that.

Crimson Lord:  Now go on, while I go take care of this.

She smiles at him.  She hugs him and walks off.  Crimson looks toward the door for a moment giving off a sigh.  He reaches for the doorknob and opens the door and enters the room.

Crimson Lord:  Love…is something the matter?

Gaze does not respond.  Crimson walks over to her and gently kisses her on the side of the neck.  Yet her stare does not break.  Crimson slowly stands up and stares at the door with her.

Crimson Lord:  What is it Gaze?

Finally she breaks her stare at the closet and walks to it. Gaze reaches for the doorknob and opens the door up.  Inside is both their ring attire. Sitting on the floor with its handle leaning against the wall is a mallet. 

The mallet has about a twelve foot handle. The top and bottom of the cylinder has a red and white spinning circle. On the barrel a design of some thorns and etched in the barrel the name “Harley”

Gaze:  ….

Crimson watches her reach into the closet and pulls out the mallet.  She spins it upward with the hammer portion in mid air.  She stares at the hammer entranced by it.

Crimson Lord:  I knew that doctor was full of shit!  Something deeper happened to you two weeks ago.

Gaze finally breaks her trance like state and looks over her shoulder with a demented smile.

Gaze:  Love you have met Harley before.

Crimson’s eyes widen a bit.

Crimson Lord:  Harley….

Gaze turns around and rest the handle over her shoulder, while the hammer portion sticks a good six feet from her.

Gaze:  Now the fun begins UTA!

She walks past Crimson as he moves out of her way as she skips out of the room.  Leaving her husband stunned…