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Victory XXVIII Bonus Footage

The following was recorded but due to time constraints, it was pulled from the show.

Victory Bonus Footage

The following was recorded but due to time constraints, it was pulled from the show.

Gaze looks at Fantastic.

Gaze:  Do you think they even talked?

Fantastic shakes his head.  Gaze looks away disappointed.

Gaze:  I don’t know what else I can do to get them to at least talk.

Fantastic stands up. He looks at her, she looks up to him.

Fantastic:  I’ll go see if I can find them. 

Gaze smiles at Fantastic.  Fantastic leaves the room.

Gaze:  So doc what am I suppose to do now?

The doctor responds.

Doctor:  For now Mrs. Bloodwell, I want you to take it easy.  No physical activity for the rest of the night. I want you to just rel….

The door flies open. As the doctor and Gaze look at who is standing in the doorway.

Gaze:  Love!

Crimson walks into the room and stares coldly at the doctor.

Doctor:  I am just going to be over here.

Crimson grows impatient with how slow the doctor is moving.  Crimson with force shoves him away and off his chair.  Gaze looks at him disappointed.

Gaze:  Was that necessary love?

Crimson kisses her forehead. Crimson sits in the chair.

Crimson:  What happened?  The last thing I remember I was outside the ring?  No one was in sight when I came too.  They told Hall you had an anxiety attack.

Gaze tries to reassure him.

Gaze:  So you two did talk?

Crimson stares at her coldly.

Crimson:  Do not change the subject are you alright?

Gaze slowly puts her hand on Crimson’s cheek.

Gaze:  I am fine. The doctor wants me to take it easy for the rest of the night.  I am guessing Ron and Fantastic caused the attack.

Crimson quickly looks at the door enraged.

Crimson:  With that said I think I’ll go kill a Rebel and a Fantastic One.

Crimson gets up and Gaze grabs his arm and stops him.  He looks down at her.

Gaze:  They were not the only ones to stress me out.

Crimson stares coldly at her.

Crimson:  Who else? They just made my list!

Gaze:  Sit love, unless you plan on beating yourself up.

Crimson sits back down in the chair confused.

Crimson:  Wait…a minute are you saying I was also a part of putting you here too?

Gaze nods at him.

Gaze:  I have tried for months to get you three to behave.  Well this seems to be the end result an anxiety attack.

Crimson looks away disgusted with himself.

Crimson: I…I….am sorry Gaze.  I never meant for you to endue something like this.

Gaze swings her legs over the bed in a sitting position.  She grabs the bed with her hands.

Gaze: Please end this love. 

Crimson quickly looks at her.

Gaze:  It is time to let go of the past, embrace our future.

Board up the House is now playing on the monitor above them.  Crimson looks up and notices two local wrestlers in the ring.  He looks back at Gaze.

Crimson:  I will be back, this will not take long.

Crimson begins to leave and Gaze stops him one last time.

Gaze: End this Crimson!

Crimson looks over his shoulder toward her. He does not respond and leaves the room. Gaze looks toward the doctor.

Gaze:  I am sorry doc. Crimson can be kind of impatient and very overprotective.

The doctor tries to compose himself.

Doctor:  Yes, I can see that….

Back in the arena

Williams:  Crimson, looks like his old mean self again.

Fury:  Dick can’t believe the audacity of Ron to do that to our commissioner!

Crimson Lord begins to walk down the ramp with each step smoke rises from under his feet.