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HOW's Hall Of Fame veteran, Max Kael, conducts a secret interview with recent UTA signing, The Gold Standard John Sektor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you a very special High Octane Interview Project. Today we are not interviewing one of the talents of HOW but rather a former talent. A treacherous, lying, thieving, vapid, self absorbed, garlic sucking, no good, callous, nefarious, languorous, virulent High Octane Hall of Famer, John “Not a part of HOW anymore” Sektor. I know, I know, you are probably thinking “But why Max?! He isn’t a part of HOW?!”

Well to answer that question, he is a member of the High Octane Hall of Fame which effectively makes him still a member of HOW whether we like it or not. Secondly, I want to interview this man because in his heyday he was a God here in HOW.  He was the Gold Standard and that kind of mind doesn’t just switch off so there is definitely something worth mining there. Plus, I like to see how far people fall when they leave High Octane Wrestling for some.. OTHER.. federation. 

So here you go, peeps, High Octane Interview Project Special Edition: Sleeping with the Enemy John Sektor. 


The camera pans into Max Kael standing in a parking lot holding one of his custom Maxipotamian Microphones in one hand wearing a black, three piece suit with a #970000 red tie on. His right eye is covered with a black eyepatch with a golden MK emblazoned upon it. Smiling, Max waves toward the camera.

Max Kael: Roving Reporter Max Kael here at an undisclosed location in order to meet HOW Hall of Famer and former Best Buddy, John Sektor. I chose this neutral location as to not frighten John Sektor and cox him out of hiding since we know that he might be afraid to step foot back on HOW property or into my own private Interview Stage since it is being remodeled thanks to Judd “The Studd, Double D” Crenshaw freaked out. 

Clearing his throat Max waves to someone as the camera pans slightly to the side revealing the “undisclosed location” is actually the HOW Arena parking lot. As the camera pans back to Max we see the arrival of John Sektor.

Sektor is unusually dressed in casual clothing, a hooded top and jeans with the hood worn over his head. He checks over his shoulder as he approaches Max, acting cautious in his approach, stroking his fingers down the glorious handlebars of his infamous moustache. Once looking more comfortable he greets Max with a beaming smile.

John Sektor: Max, old buddy old pal! How the devil are you? 

Max Kael: Oh, you know, retired. AAAaaaaaanyway let’s get right into this. Question One, John Scumbag.. I mean Scrotum.. I mean Sektor. Since leaving HOW, have you noticed a drop in the general interest in you? Losing money? Hair loss? Death Threats? Has your life in general become shittier?

Sektor chuckles and nods as though he expects no less. 

John Sektor: No, no. Unfortunately for you, life has been GLORIOUS for me over the past few weeks. I'm making good money, working less and have more time to enjoy those little things in life. 

Narrowing his one good eye Max frowns, a little let down that Sektor’s life hasn’t gone to complete shit however he lifts his chin, certain that something horrible will likely have happened to Sektor that he can elaborate on later.

Max Kael: Question Two, if you could be one of the following, which would you be? A piece of shit, dog vomit or shmegma and why?

John Sektor: Shmegma...I'm just one of those little annoyances that all men have to deal with at some point or another..

Max takes a moment to give Sektor a good, long stare, unsure if he is being serious or funny. After all, this was a serious interview about how badly Sektor’s life was and right now, it seemed like the Handle Barred Hero was enjoying himself. Max’s huffed a little and proceeded to the next question.

Max Kael: Question Three, why didn’t you consult with me before you decided to leave HOW, your very best friend in the whole wide world? Well.. former..

Sektor's smile fades slightly as he senses something more real in Max's tone. He straightens his back and jiggles his jaw slightly as he ponders the question.

John Sektor: Well, Max, you know joining the UTA was not a decision i took lightly. I was made an offer and I made my decision after weighing up lots of different aspects of my life and career. It wasn't a decision I felt I needed to consult ANYBODY over, because at the end of the day this is my life and career and the decision was mine to make. What would you have said, had I come to you? And answer that as a former friend and not a HOW soldier whose sole purpose now is to discredit my loyalty and commitment to HOW..

Max’s face becomes the look of a petulant child who had just been yelled at for stealing cookies. Pouting, Max looked down at his feet as he muttered the next question.

Max Kael: Question Four, what was worth leaving HOW for? What’s so good over at your new home that you couldn’t get here in HOW?

Sektor smirks, having seen the reaction he had gotten from Max previously. 

John Sektor: You need to understand, like everybody needs to understand, that I didn't leave HOW because I feel UTA is better. It's not a case of UTA being better than HOW or vice versa. I needed a change. I've achieved all I could ever hope of achieving in HOW and I am damn proud of those achievements. But where do I go from there? With my body getting older, it's not coping too well with HOW's schedule, which I'm sure you can sympathise with. UTA allows me to compete but I have more respite between matches. More importantly, I'm starting all over again with new goals and things to achieve. HOW will always be my home, and I am a Hall of Famer. This is simply the case of an aging wrestler who wants to achieve all he can before he hangs it up for good. 

Max grunted but still did not look up from his shoes. Reaching into his pocket he retrieved a piece of crumpled paper that appeared to have legitimate questions on it. Clearing his throat, Max continued the line of questions that were probably more suited to a real interview.

Max Kael: Question Five, is there any resentment in UTA, given your storied history in HOW, as an outsider within their ranks?

Sektor shrugs. 

John Sektor: Not really. Haven't really interacted with many of them yet. I am wrestling an Angry Muslim this Sunday. But he's just angry with the World in general. There will always be, of course, some sense of rivalry between the two brands. But so far, I've had nothing but respect and everyone seems to just consider me a UTA competitor now. 

Folding the paper back up, Max shoves it into his pocket and looks back at Sektor with a more serious expression. 

Max Kael: Question Six, as an outside talent looking, who do you consider the greatest threat in HOW right now for Tara’s World Championship Title?

John Sektor: Well, there are three people who stick out in my mind. The first is Jace, who I know is just waiting to screw that bitch over. Second, there's the guy who blew Jace away at March to Glory and took the Icon title from him. Farthington is a rising talent and the natural progression from Icon is the World. Not all have managed it but he just might. And finally, there's always that one guy who you can never count out...your dick head brother..who's not ACTUALLY your brother, but whatever. 

Max Kael: Question Seven, now that you are officially no longer a talent within HOW, what do you believe was your greatest match in HOW?

Sektor puffs out his cheeks and widens his eyes, clearly blown away by such a question. 

John Sektor: Jesus, that's not an easy question to answer. There's been so many, you know. I've had some great battles with Jatt, especially in the earlier years. Taking the World title from Mike at the 2013 March to glory after winning the LBI was pretty spectacular. But, for me, retaining the World title against Shane Reynolds March to Glory 2014 had to be the biggest. That man has eluded my entire career and beating him in a two out of three falls match proved to MYSELF that I can indeed be considered one of the greatest of all time. That was the moment people began to refer to me as a dominant World champion, and for that,
It has to be my greatest. 

Max Kael: Question Eight, what the fuck happened to your wife in the end? I lost track of her somewhere about two years ago. Dead? Alive? 

Sektor laughs. 

John Sektor: Well, long story short, two Christmas' ago this guy shows up at my door claiming to be her husband and he brought this little girl with him. Turns out it was my daughter, Chloe. He told me that my ex wife had had a stroke and died due to some previous trauma to her brain. I'm pretty sure the beating I gave her when I found her in bed with a Black man was the said "previous trauma." 

Sektor shrugs. 

John Sektor: She was a bitch and I finally got my daughter back. For a short while anyway..

A look of sadness creeps into his eyes as he says this. Max reacts quickly, probably not even realizing it, giving Sektor a hug before he quickly backs off, dusting himself off as if nothing weird or strange had just occurred. He clears his throat as he looks down at his paper again. 

Max Kael: I know the feeling.. I haven’t see my son, what’s his name.. Sutler! I haven’t seen Sutler since I sent him off to military school.. Question Nine, our final question of this interview, as a HOW Hall of Famer you are one of the three victims how of Michael Lee Best on his torrent to steal the HOF Rings. Do you have any words for the son of Lee Best and my Brother?

Ever so slowly, a smile begins to spread right across the Gold Standards face. He then begins to raise his hand, showing Max and the Camera in full focus the Hall of Fame ring on his finger. He then gives Max a wink and walks off. Max slowly turns to look at the screen with a “I don’t fucking know what just happened” expression as the interview comes to an end.