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Rift in Crimson Lord and Gaze's relationship

Crimson Manor; Lobby Wednesday 7:21pm

Gaze paces the lobby of the manor. She is dressed in blue jeans with boots, with a black shirt.  Gaze’s hair is tied behind her head. She has no makeup on with a cell phone firmly placed across her right cheek.

Gaze:  Come on you stubborn bastard pick up!

Gaze continues to pace and stops and pulls the phone from her ear to stare at it with disgust.

Phone: Leave a message at the beep…..BEEP. Gaze aggressively ends the call.

Gaze: You are going to be the death of me Crimson!  I swear!

WynLyn walks into the lobby taking Gaze’s attention from the phone.

WynLyn:  Mom, have you seen daddy?

Gaze:  No your pig headed father seems to want to brood alone now!

She turns from her daughter and stares at the phone disgusted.

WynLyn:  You guys had another fight huh?

Gaze quickly looks over her shoulder.

Gaze: Lyn, its complicated.

WynLyn:  I saw what he did to you on television.

Gaze’s eyes widen.  She turns to Wynlyn who is in a somber mood.  Gaze puts the phone in her pocket.  She embraces Wynlyn resting her chin on her head.

Gaze: What you saw baby, was your father doing his job nothing more.

She bends down to get eye level with her daughter. She puts her hands on her shoulders and extends her arms staring at her.

Gaze:  It is part of the wrestling business. We have to do things that sometimes our love ones at home would not understand.  Rest assured your father did not hurt me.

WynLyn moves her hand over the red mark on her throat.  Gaze quickly takes her hand from her neck.

WynLyn: Did he have to choke you so hard?

Gaze:  Listen to me Lyn. Your father and I have our fights it is what married couples do.  It sometimes helps strength relationships. 

WynLyn looks up at her mother.

WynLyn:  Sometimes?

Gaze stands upright.

Gaze: I admit sometimes a argument can lead to bad things.  You have my word child me and your father still love each other and were still going to be here for you.  Now go watch some television and forget about what you saw.

WynLyn nods her head and walks off into the living room.  Gaze realizing she dodge a bullet this time.  But if this keeps up how many more bullets is she going to be able to dodge before one finally hits her.  She returns to her phone again and dials the numbers and turns from WynLyn.

Gaze:  Come on baby please pick up.