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Mr. Fantastic's first public comments since All or Nothing

The scene opens to a shot of the sun beginning to set over the Pacific Ocean.  Waves crash along the beach as seagulls fly over.  As the camera pulls back, we see UTA superstar Mr. Fantastic sitting on a beach chair, looking out into the distance.

Fantastic: Is there really anything better than a California sunset?  I mean, I’ve been all over the East Coast...from Key West to Cape Cod….but the Atlantic’s got nothing on this!

Fantastic turns his chair and faces the camera

Fantastic: The news of my demise has been greatly exaggerated.  Now, granted, I did manage to go radio silent for the last couple of weeks since All or Nothing but yours truly is still here, alive and well.

Fantastic stands up, sticks his hands in his pockets and begins to stroll across the beach

Fantastic: I just needed to take a little time to get away and to clear my head.  For weeks, leading up to that night, I was consumed with the thought of being the UTA Champion.  That didn’t happen.  In fact, not a heck of a lot went real good for me that night.

Fantastic stops to pick up a seashell.  After taking a second to look at it, he tosses it out into ocean.

Fantastic: The whole world had the opportunity to see The Spawn air its dirty laundry at All or Nothing.  Is there trouble in paradise?  

chuckles to himself

Fantastic: Can’t really lie and say everything is kosher.  When 2015 started I thought I had all the answers.  I had reformed the Spawn with The Spectre and Crimson Lord.  Fast forward three months later?  Spectre is not around.  Crimson Lord?  I’m not sure if he wants to shake my hand or kick my ass.  And then you’ve got Ron Hall.

Looks up while stroking his beard, seeming to gather his thoughts

Fantastic: Once upon a time, if Mr. Fantastic and Ron Hall were anywhere near each other, it meant that fists were going to fly.  Now?  Now, I find myself being eliminated from the battle royal because I actually focused on him being beat up by a janitor?  When did I start giving a damn?  Why did I give a damn?  For the first time in….well, ever...I’m not sure what is going on with the Spawn.

Takes his sunglasses off and tucks into his shirt pocket

Fantastic: I’ll tell you what I do know, though.  I know enjoyed the feeling I had chasing that UTA Championship.  I know that I believe in the strength of the Spawn.  I know that all of this nonsense is temporary and that I will move on from it.  I know the next time I get back in that ring, I’m going to get right back to doing what I do best.

And what is that, exactly?

It’s showing the whole world that THERE’S NOTHING BETTER THAN BEING FANTASTIC!

Fantastic continues to walk along the beach, out of the camera shot as the scene fades