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Once again checking in with all the news that's fit to print and even some that might not be. Here's UTA the Magazine for all the happening up to last night week's chaotic All or Nothing PPV.

The lead story is the suspension or termination depending on who you ask, of former UTA Champion Perfection. Sources say this was building for a while and his recent out of line behavior was the final straw with management. There is talk that he will be welcomed back if he shows genuine remorse and sincerely apologizes for his behavior. There is also talk that he won't be back at all.

How does this affect the pending Dynasty/WTFC feud? It evens the sides for now but as Dynasty has shown time and again, they always have a trump card up their sleeve. 

Will Simon's decision to join Dynasty pay off in championship gold? If he stays hot, it will.

The defection of Simon doesn't have to be the end of the Second Coming but it's going to be a struggle to rebuild their reputation of fear after going through that casket at All or Nothing.

Another hot story is Spectre's departure from the UTA. My sources are saying that this may not be as final as everyone thinks. There is hope that the Hall of Famer will return sometime in 2015.

Speaking of Spectre, what does he think of the happenings in his group the Spawn. Will they even be together if he comes back? Right now Spawn has gone from a potential feud with Dynasty to looking like they're ready to implode. Can the 3 Hall of Famers get on the same page or will the promising start turn into a brief memory?

Proving Grounds got canceled but it wasn't for a lack of effort out of the UTA's front office. The problem remains the overall lack of effort by the developmental talent that got brought in.

Wrestler of the month: Sean Jackson. When you win the match of the month, it's an easy choice.

Match of the month: The All or Nothing battle Royal.  The biggest match in UTA history.

Joshua Jones continues to impress and move up the ranks here in the UTA. He has shown a lot of promise over the last month.

Graham Clausen and Kendrix are both getting better with each passing week. They could move up the ladder if the right opportunity presents itself.

Padalin's recent struggles in the ring are showing that maybe more than a change of approach is needed. Might we see the "shining light" turn dark in the up coming months?

The fall out from the PPV isn't quite as drastic as expected. Dynasty still holds the majority of the singles titles in the UTA although the biggest shock was Sean Jackson joining the elite group of men who are multiple time UTA World Champions. How long he remains champion remains to be seen as Will Haynes, Hopper, Doozer, Crimson Lord, Mr.Fantastic and others will all be looking for a crack at the new champion.

Opinion sure not to be popular: The Wildfire Championship is in need of some prestige especially given the way the now ex champion treated it and was stripped of it. Perhaps a one night 8'person tournament to fill the vacancy?

The roster is enjoying its current break from the road. Everyone is resting up and preparing to be back on the road around the end of the month with a few house shows prior resuming TV on the 21st.  

Contrary to any rumors, we've heard the plan is for the rescheduled Victory (Now on Sunday nights opposite of Wrestleshow) to be treated like an equal an not a B show.

That's all for now. Look for the next issue on sale around April 5th as the UTA continues to build towards it's biggest show of the year at Dark Horizon on  May 31st.