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The magic of the Internet. You can reach people by the millions and share insight, enrich lives or prove how stupid and close minded you really are. With the click of a mouse or the tap of a keyboard, you can show the world that you are wise or should have kept your mouth shut and left doubt.

It's at a talk studio that our story begins.

(Loud music broadcast over your speakers as a voice reminds you “The following views and opinions are those of the staff and guest on Internet Sports Broadcasting and it’s affiliates. They do not necessarily represent those of the management or corporate sponsors.”)

Voice one: Welcome everyone to this week’s edition of Straight shootin radio, (A voice screams “Where Marks come to die!”) right here on the ISB network! We are live every Saturday night from 7 – 10pm EST. I am your host Scotty H, joined as always by my tag team partner the one, the only Denny C!

Denny: Thank you Scotty, always good to be alive!

Scotty: Speaking of being alive, do we have a special treat for all our listeners coming up in hour # 3.  We won't tell you now so you have to keep listening….

9 pm EST

Scotty: Welcome back one and all to the third and final hour of Straight Shootin radio here on the Internet Broadcast Network. Now if you were with us at the top of the show, I said we had a special surprise lined up tonight.

Denny: (excitement in his voice) I know what it is, and I can't tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this all day.

Scotty: We are pleased to welcome back an old friend, some of you remember him as a regular contributor for our website over the last few years, and others remember him for being on the air with us.

He is a current UTA Superstar and is seen every week on UTA programming such as Wrestleshow and Sunday Night Victory! He is none other than the man himself, former multiple time World Champion and Hall of Famer “The Southern Rebel” Ron Hall!

Denny: Ron, welcome back to the set bro. Hasn't been the same these last few months without you.

Ron: Good to be back Denny, nice to see you're still carrying Scotty.

(The 3 share a laugh)

Scotty: Ron, first thing I wanna know and the fans who listen wanna know, how are your knees? It's no secret you retired a few years ago because of them.

Ron: Well Scotty, despite what you're hearing on UTA TV, my knees are about as good as you can expect.

Denny: Yeah, what's up with your (biting sarcasm) “brittle” knees, (normal tone) you're not that fragile are you?

Ron: No, and I wouldn't be back in the ring if I was. The truth is I'm hyper mobile, which means that I'm double jointed throughout my body and it leaves me prone to sprains, pulls and dislocations. My trouble spot is obviously my knees which I've had problems with most of my life.

Scotty: You're not too far removed from your last surgery. How did your doctor feel when you thought about getting back into the ring?

Ron: He's obviously not too happy with it or me but it is still my choice. I go see the trainer before and after matches. I have braces I have to wear obviously. I take things like glucosamine, fish oil and krill oil to help.

Denny: (jokingly) No "miracle drugs" or "special treatments"?

Ron: (laughs) No. The UTA still drug test all of us regularly and everything I take is doctor and UTA approved so you won't see my name in Sports Illistrated any time soon.To help with the pain I always keep Tiger Balm and Motrin in my bag.

James Wingate and I have an agreement where if I need to, I go see my orthopedic before I agree to a booking.  Part of the reason I came back is because James and the UTA have taken good care of me.

Denny: So what made you come back?  You were doing this with us and seemed happy with retirement.

Ron: (sighs) Wingate and I have talked on and off for the last 2 years. I've kept tabs on the product obviously. Late last year between his persistence and "the bug" biting me again, I decided that it was worth one more try.

Denny: I've got a question for you, The Spectre. What in the world is up with him?!

Ron: (takes a deep breath) Honestly, I'm not sure of that myself man.  I've known Spectre for almost a lifetime and what he's doing now is out there on the ledge, even for him. I don't know if he's coming back. Maybe he finally got tired of it all and retired. You never know with some people.

Scotty: I've got a better one. Spawn. What is going on with that? Are you in or out?

Ron: (He's not sure himself) I don't know Scotty.  Gaze called me a few weeks ago and asked me if I'd talk. I said yes. (Thinking about it for a second)  Fantastic sounds like he's all for it…

Denny: (interrupts) And Crimson Lord sounds like he's gone coo-coo for his Cocoa Puffs. (Exasperated) Seriously, what is up with him?

Ron: I wish I knew Denny. I really do. What I do know is that him and I, actually all 4 of us have a long history written in blood, sweat and broken bones. As scripted and staged as this world of ours may be, that's not something you forget that easily.

Denny: Shame too man, there's a lot of people on our message boards who'd love to see you in with Spawn.

Ron: These the same people who were in the chat room waiting for me to join Dynasty a few months ago?

(They all snicker at the thought)

Denny: What are your thoughts on Dynasty? Obviously they're the super group in the UTA right now.

Ron: It’s no secret I have a lot of respect for them. You can see the talent in Sean Jackson and LFB.  I'm looking at the chat right now and UTASUPERFAN34 is asking if I'll wrestle either of them. I don't make the matches but I'd love to. Sean is one of those guys who would have thrived in the "Outlaw" days of the company.  LFB is like me, a son of a wrestler and great at what he does.

Scotty: The fans on the forums want to see you and him in kick vs kick match.

Ron: Don't know if that will happen. It's an interesting idea though. (Realizes how far off topic they've gone.)  As far as Simon goes, he will benefit greatly from working with them. He's clearly on the rise working with that kind of talent.

Scotty: Gotta know, you've been back for 4 months now, who else do you see promise in?

Ron: (Throws his hands up) Pick. There are so many people who could be main eventers if they got the opportunity. Hightower is hilarious, MVC has such a burning passion for what we do. Will Haynes gets better on the stick all the time. Chris Hopper has such a great mind for the history of what we do. I could easily see Doozer main eventing, just his personality alone is enough to catch your attention. Mikey Unlikely is someone to keep your eyes on.  Some of the newer guys are wait and see.

Scotty: What’s better about things now?

Ron:  More talent, better depth and more of a togetherness In the locker room. The schedule is a lot lighter than the “Outlaw” days where we were on the road 5 to 7 days a week, getting the product out there. You get more time to rest now.

Scotty: The drawbacks?

Ron: (takes a deep sigh, he doesn't want to answer but)

Denny: Come on, you know we're not letting you off the hook.

Ron: (reluctantly) There's the corporate part of it all. Wrestling is one of those things that should never be mixed with corporate money.  It goes from fun athletic entertainment to “sports entertainment” which is just a nice way of saying “just more programming on tv”.

You're more worried about production values, appearances and appeasing sponsors than an actual good product. You can dress shit up in a pretty wrapper but it's still shit.

Another drawback is that some people take this way too seriously. It's wrestling and it was once said “Funny don't draw money, be serious and respect your business”. There’s got to be more of a sense of balance. This isn't saying I'm not guilty of it, we all are  from time to time, but to do it at the level I've seen some do it isn't healthy and that's what leads to burnout or more serious problems like CBR having to go to rehab.

Denny: (you knew this was coming) and Perfection?

Scotty: What about Yoshi?

Ron: (annoyed that his former colleagues didn't do their homework). No. Not them.

Denny: They both took it seriously.

Ron: (setting this straight) I've known Yoshi for a long time and like the rest of us, he has a huge ego and can't take no for an answer. He thinks he's the best at everything even when he's not and that tends to be problematic.

Me personally, I think Spectre is a better character than “The Southern Rebel”. I think Fantastic is a better interview than I could ever be.  I think Crimson Lord has a great mind for matches. You've got to know your limits and Yoshi doesn't want to so he can be a pain in the ass to deal with.

Scotty: What about James aka Perfection? Suspended for 30 days. There's talk he might not be back.

Ron: I was his last big feud in the UTA and I never really had any problems with him. I found him to be polite, respectful and open to my ideas. The matches we had on TV on the other hand, I didn't like how I came off in those...

Denny and Scotty (both interrupt): We didn't either.

Ron: (accepts the interruption and moves on) but I talked with Wingate about it and voiced my objections privately. I also understood that Perfection was the star, the focal point of the promotion and when you are, management is going to tend to look past your warts. Anyone that says management didn't do it with them is lying. The spotlight does things to people.

Denny: You never saw any of his behavior backstage? We've all heard stories of what kind of prick he was.

Ron: I did see a lot of it but it was out of my hands. He was management's’ “golden child” and it was Wingate's decision. Perfection, James or whatever you want to call him, should have known better than to do and say some of the things he did. We're all professionals and adults. We're supposed to act like it in front of and behind the camera.

It's 2015, and In this social media, instant contact world we all live in, he should have known that you can't say some of the things he did and not expect consequences for them.

Denny: You think he'll be back in 30 days?

Ron: (resigning himself) In my opinion, and this is all it is, I don't think he will be. He doesn't seem remorseful for his actions and probably doesn't think he did anything wrong. This is the classic example of how a promoter codling, protecting, and babying someone, even someone as talented as he is, can blow up in your face.  It's almost like you want to look at Wingate and scream “Nice choice on your boy James!”

(Denny and Scotty laugh)

Denny: One more question as we prepare to wrap this up. How do you feel this loss will impact Dynasty going forward?

Ron: There's no doubt there's going to be an impact. He was Dynasty's blasting cap. All the explosives in the world don't matter if you don't have something to set them off with. That's what he was.  He has all the talent in the world, but we can only hope he sobers up and decides he's ready to grow up, otherwise Dynasty will have to find someone to fill some very big shoes.

Scotty: Alright Ron thank you for coming on. We'll have to do this again soon. It's always good to see you.

Ron: Scotty, Denny, always a treat. Good to see you both again.

Scotty: Folks this has been another edition of Straight shootin radio, (A voice screams “Where Marks come to die!”) right here on the ISB network! For Denny C, and our special guest the “Southern Rebel” Ron Hall, I am Scotty H saying good night and (Tony Schiavone screams “We are out of time!”)

End of podcast