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The screen literally flips on, as if a webcam was activated suddenly. That is because it was! In the view, we see "Too Cool" Chris Hopper sitting in a chair at a desk. Chris is in a green polo shirt and looks contemplative.

Hopper:  It has been awhile since the last edition of "Ice Cold Truth," but I figured it was time to begin discussing things yet again.

He pulls up a piece of paper.

Hopper:  Before I begin allow me to read something all of us received from UTA legal...

He looks down at the paper and reads.

Hopper:  "It is the policy of UTA to allow talent to share their thoughts and view on several subjects, but offensive, intolerant messages will no longer be allowed. All messages released by talent should be released with the knowledge that the content and views expressed belong to the talent speaking and not necessarily for the UTA as a corporate entity. Anything violating this policy could result in suspension or outright termination."

He sets the paper down and takes a deep breath.

Hopper:  Alright, so that is done.

He chuckles before continuing.

Hopper:  What could I discuss? Well I could discuss the fall out from All or Nothing, but that is a dead horse that has been beaten to death multiple times in the last week. I could talk about my feelings on specific members of the roster, but that is not usually the stuff I would spend time on this kind of forum. So what am I here to speak about this evening?

He smiles widely.

Hopper:  Well this is going to be the fan question edition. I recently told fans at different events that they could send me a direct message over twitter and ask me some questions and I would answer them on an edition of Ice Cold Truth. So here it goes.

He looks over at the screen.

Hopper:  The first question is are you single and do you have kids?

He shakes his head and then begins answering.

Hopper:  Well first off, you must be very new to my career to be asking this question. But I will tell you that I am currently single, though I was married once for a few years. The divorce became final in 2001 and I haven't settled down again since. I have two children, technically. My youngest is a daughter named Stephanie, who is now fifteen years old. She lives with her Mom, my ex-wife Jennifer, back in Indiana. My oldest was the product of a short relationship early in my career in Windsor Canada with a woman named Linette Goyette. His name is Dylan and he is nineteen years old and is currently a wrestler beginning his second year in the business wrestling for the CWF based out of Los Angeles.

He looks back at the screen for the next question.

Hopper:  "Why are you still single?"

He looks up and raises an eyebrow.

Hopper:  Seriously?

He smiles and continues.

Hopper:  Honestly my career has taken me all around the world numerous times and in order to be great at what you do, sacrifices get made. Right or wrong, I made the decision to be the best I could be in this business and that cost me a marriage. After my marriage broke down, I decided it was best for me to stay single until my career was over and then if I find someone that I want to spend my life with, perhaps that is the best time. I know many of you think it is because I'm a typical horny male who wants to have my fun with as many as possible, but the truth is there is a lot less pain in staying single when you travel like we do in the wrestling business.

He takes a breath.

Hopper:  Hope that answers your question.

He looks back to the screen.

Hopper:  "Why are you still wrestling at forty years old?"

He laughs out loud.

Hopper:  Well you didn't mix words at all, huh?

Another chuckle

Hopper:  Well to answer that is that age is nothing but a number. Wrestling is in my blood. It is who I am. Even before it became my chosen profession, I was a wrestler. From the moment I was two years old, I was watching wrestling on television and wanting to be like the guys I saw on the screen. I always wanted to be a professional wrestler, but wanted to have a pro football career first, but stuff happens and injuries dictated that my career path would not be the NFL. I was fine with it because I got to focus on my true first love.

He chuckles again.

Hopper:  That doesn't fully answer the question, but I told you that to explain how deeply rooted I am in this business and probably always will be. WHy am I still wrestling?

He raises an eyebrow again.

Hopper:  Because I can. I can still go. I'm still one of the best in the business both on the mic and in the ring. My body is still in great shape and my experience is an asset when facing younger guys. There will come a time when my body can't take the beatings anymore, but it isn't now. I love performing for the fans and being in the ring....and that isn't going to change any time soon.

He looks over at the screen and then back up.

Hopper:  I have a lot more questions, but this is a long show already. I'm going to wrap this one up and do more questions next time out. This has been Ice Cold Radio and I'm outta here for now.

Chris reaches up and the screen suddenly goes black as if the came was turned off....because it was.