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Appears there is minor crack with Spawn

Tuesday March 3, 2015

(We find all three members of The Spawn already heavy into a conversation. Who they are discussing has yet to be revealed.)

Gaze: So that’s why we need to let him join.

Mr. Fantastic: I hear what you’re saying, dear.  And I agree.  The other groups in the UTA are getting stronger while we are, at best, treading water.  This isn’t what we came back for.  This is not what The Spawn represents.  We are the elite.  We are the best.  We should start acting like it.  

Gaze: That is a good po...

Crimson Lord: (Gaze is interrupted by Crimson Lord.) The day I allow that has-been to stand side by side with me, is the day I truly do leave this business!

Gaze: Love don’t y...

Mr. Fantastic: Has been?  You and I know better than that.  We’ve had enough battles over the years to know he’s not a has been.  I’m a charter member of the Spawn.  Been here since day one.  I can tell you that we have always proven is that we will do what no one expects.  We make things happen that everyone assumes could never work.  Granted, this does seem a little further out in left field than most of our decisions...

Gaze: But yo...

Crimson Lord: (Gaze is interrupted by Crimson Lord.)  I do not care about your feelings about charter members! She tells me to take her home with me at All or Nothing! I will do just that with or without you Fantastic!

Gaze: Who is sh...

Mr. Fantastic: What’s your problem, man?  Why does this have to be “you versus him” or “you versus me” conversation?  We’re talking about making us a bigger, stronger, better group.  We’re talking about having enough firepower to take it to Dynasty or any other group that tries to get in our face!

Gaze: Crims...

Crimson Lord: (Gaze is interrupted by Crimson Lord.)  This is just like you Fantastic you may be willing to accept him in the fold. But I do not! I guess, you can accept another failure in this group. You need someone to relate too don’t you?

Gaze: Pleas..

Mr. Fantastic: Now, look here, you big demonic freak!  You’re getting a little out of line.  First of all, I never said I’m completely sold on the idea.  I’m just willing to talk it out.  Now, I’m going to let that remark of yours slide, because we’re teammates.  But you keep running your mouth and I might not feel so benevolent.

Gaze: Guys you're lett..

Crimson Lord: (Gaze is interrupted by Crimson Lord.)  Ah who needs this! I am doing fine on my own! I do not need you Fantastic or Mr. Ronald Hall riding my coattails any longer. Pay attention at All or Nothing and watch how a REAL legend should be in that ring!

Gaze: Ronald Ha….

Mr. Fantastic: Let me tell you something,’re looking at the ONLY legend that anyone needs to see at All or Nothing.  You want to know why?  Because I’m the man who’s going to standing in center of that ring with the UTA Championship, after thirty-nine other guys have had their ass land on the concrete!

Gaze: Gu...

(Crimson Lord waves his hand toward Fantastic and leaves. Soon after Fantastic does the same and walks away.  Gaze is left in the middle of this argument dumbfounded. She looks toward where Crimson Lord walked off in shock.)

Gaze: No, not now I do not need this right now!

Ron: (Ron Hall suddenly walks up.)  So where are they?  You said we'd talk about this tonight.

Gaze: (She turns toward him and stares at him.)  This is going to take some time. Fantastic is open for it, but as usual my stubborn husband has to make things difficult.

Ron: (laughs)  Crimson Lord? Stubborn is putting it mildly. Are you sure this is a good idea? It seems like it's causing more problems than you planned on.

Gaze: We have not been the same since The Spectre left. We need someone to fill that void.

Ron: I'll ask you again because you never did answer me when I asked you on the phone: Why me? There's plenty of guys in the UTA you could've asked.

Gaze: None of which are worthy to be a part of The Spawn. I know we have had our differences, but I think this is the right thing to do. We share a  common enemy going at this one at a time is not going to work.

Ron: And so far you haven't convinced him of anything.  He's still out for himself like he always has been.

Gaze: Look I knew Crimson would be the tough one. He despises you,  at least Fantastic is open for the idea.

Ron: (voice gives away the thought) The feeling's mutual.  

Gaze: Wait….what!?

Ron: ( Takes Gaze by the chin, slowly lifts her face up and looks at her)  Look Angelica,  I know he's your husband and all but there's too much bad blood,  too much has happened between me and Crimson to start fighting together now.  Me and Fantastic?  We had our go arounds as well but we've moved on with our lives. He hasn't and doesn't seem to want to.

Gaze: (Pulls her head away from Ron’s finger) Apparently you have not either. What is it with you men? For fifteen years you mean to tell me you two can not patch up your differences, in fifteen years!?

Ron: It's easy for you to say it. You were never in the ring. Things happen and it's not that simple or that easy to do.

Gaze: Then explain how I was able to get him to join The Spectre...THE SPECTRE of all people on this earth. They had just as much “bad blood” as you and him do.

Ron: (A little cynical and sarcastic) Spectre is one hell of a liar? You saw what his words meant when push came to shove!

Gaze: (crosses her arms for a moment and looks away) Ok bad example, I think maybe you two just need to get together and punch each other or something. Whatever you have to do to clear the air. You think Dynasty is going to stop now they’ll break you eventually much like they did to The Spectre.

Ron: (realizing that this is going round in circles) Look, I said I was willing to talk about this, if he's not... if they're not, then there's no point in me and you wasting any more time on a pipe dream.

Gaze: (Ron walks off) Wait...Ron…(she sighs and gives up, and looks up at the ceiling) Welcome to the worst day of my life...

Fade to black