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Crimson Lord(c) Vs. Michael Owens - November 7, 2004

UTA Extreme

November 7, 2004


Tear Away by Drowning Pool hits. The crowd jump to their feet as Michael Owens steps from behind the curtain! He hypes the crowd up before starting his trip to the ring. Slapping the hands of as many fans as he can.

Goodson: Here comes the lamb to the slaughter!

Sawyers: Maybe so but, Michael Owens just needs that one break and this kid is going to turn a lot of heads!


The crowd chants


Goodson: Only break this kid is going to get Jamie; is Crimson Lord folding him in half!

Sawyers: You, maybe right. But, Sam it only takes 3 seconds for it to end!


The crowd boos loudly

Sawyers: This man, has got to be one of the most vile and cruel men ever to step foot in this company. He has left a trail of bodies, for the last four hundred and fifty four days. A match of David vs Goliath!

Goodson: This is insane look at the size of this man! I swear he gets taller every time I see him. I almost feel sorry for Owens. Fortunately those moments pass quickly.

Sweet Solitude by Crematory hits as red smoke rises from the entrance way. Red lights shine down the ramp way and above the ring. Gaze appears first followed by Crimson Lord. A huge chorus of boos as Crimson and Gaze slowly make their way down the ramp way. Crimson has the championship dangling from his right hand as he comes to the ring.

Sawyers: I have a very bad feeling about this.

Goodson: If Owens is smart he'll run now.

Crimson and Gaze reach the ring apron. The lights come back on. Crimson hands the title to Gaze, but before he can do anything more Owens comes flying through the ropes and collides with Crimson. Gaze quickly gets out of the way. Owens gets on top of Crimson and starts unloading with left and rights.

Sawyers: Owens trying to get the jump on the champion. If he can keep him off his feet Owens might be able to survive tonight.

Goodson: Just like a bug trying to outrun a windshield, it's only a matter of time.

Owens quickly gets off Crimson who is starting to get to his feet. Owens looks in the crowd and tells a fan to get up. He takes their chair folds it up and quickly uses it across Crimson’s back. Crimson grunts in pain and starts to get back up again. Owens consecutively lays in chair shots across the champions back.

Sawyers: Michael trying to keep the champion down. The chair is becoming a mangled mess with those shots!

Goodson: What the hell!?! Disqualify him ref!!

Owens after consecutive chair shots, realizes the chair is too damaged now. He quickly tosses it on the ground. Owens picks up Crimson and throws him toward the apron. He slams back first on the edge. Owens quickly moves in and starts to unload again with lefts and rights. He turns Crimson around and slams his head into the apron. Crimson quickly rolls into the ring. Owens quickly behind him as the ref calls for the bell.

Sawyers: It’s officially started. Stay on him Owens; do not let that bastard breathe!

Goodson: If he gets up, your history Michael!

Owens continues to stomp on Crimson. Gaze slams her hands on the mat for Crimson to get up. Owens picks up Crimson and executes an impressive standing dropkick, which staggers the big man back to the ropes.

Sawyers: I think this has taken Crimson by surprise; he is completely off his game.

Goodson: No, it's fueling his rage, imagine what he's going to do to that nat when he gets a hold of him.

Owens off the ropes and charges Crimson. Owens hits a clothesline knocking the champion over the top rope! But, Crimson lands on his feet but still stunned. Owens grabs the top rope and pulls himself on top of the ropes and launches himself toward Crimson!

Sawyers: Oh no Crimson caught Owens in mid air! What is he doing he is telling Gaze something?

Goodson: She is his manager, he has every right to ask for her advice.

Gaze quickly starts to dismantle the stairs and moves the bottom portion into position. Crimson quickly spins Owens into a sidewalk slam and moves to the stairs and drops down on the steel steps. Owens screams in pain.

Sawyers: Good GOD! Owens is in trouble here!

Goodson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the wrestling portion of tonight's show has concluded but stay tuned for a major league ass kicking!!

Crimson gets up and looks down at Owens still trying to shake the cobwebs off. All the while Owens is screaming in pain holding his lower back. The champion is now looking at the mat he begins to tear the covering away.

Sawyers: Oh no we all have seen that look in his eyes before!

Owens is trying to get to his feet. Owens gets help from Crimson. Crimson Lord drags him over to the exposed concrete floor. He tosses his head between his legs and lifts him up into a powerbomb on the concrete! The sound of flesh smacking against concrete can be heard as the fans look on in horror.

Sawyers: Disqualify this man ref come on!

Goodson: Owens started this by attacking the champion before the bell. All's fair if you ask me!

Crimson notices the ref has gotten to an eight count. He quickly slides into the ring then back out to break the count. He stares down at Owens riving in pain with a sick smile on his face. He quickly picks him up by the hair. Crimson drags him across the ring to the table where the UTA championship sits. He grabs the title and puts it in Owens face saying.

Crimson Lord: See this? It is the closest you’re going to be to it!

Sawyers: And the sad part is he's probably right... For 454 days this man... No this monster has destroyed anyone and everyone that has tried to take that title from him.

He sets the title back down, not before slamming Owens face into it. He falls to the ground quickly. Again Crimson slides into the ring and breaks the nine count and comes back outside the ring the ref is yelling at him but he ignores the ref.

Sawyers: Now what is this maniac thinking…oh no come on Crimson just end this!

Crimson begins to dismantle the announce table. He starts throwing the monitors to the ground. Goodson gladly helps the champion. As he removes the water bottles and wires then moves out of the way. Sawyers quickly tries to get away but not before Crimson slaps the headset off him. He walks over to Owens and picks him up by the hair. Crimson quickly grabs his throat turns him around and choke slams Owens through the announce table! Again staring down at the devastation and just smiling.

This time he enters the ring at nine. The ref gives him a verbal assault! Crimson just stares down at Owens with that same sick smile on his face. Sawyers and Goodson has a headset again and is looking down at Owens.

Sawyers: We need some help out here! You hear me in the truck!

Goodson: Yeah everyone hears you but no one is that crazy!

Staff members rush from the backstage area! Gaze hops on the apron and gets the ref’s attention. The staff members are quickly cut off by Crimson. Who yet again exits the ring, forcing the ref to restart the count.

Sawyers: For the love of God! Crimson is now laying out the medics this psycho needs to be arrested!

Goodson: How do you know they weren't here to interfere in the match?

Sawyers: annoyed at the thought Are you being serious because you're not being funny.

The last of the staff and medics are laid out. Owens has begun to stir a bit. Crimson slowly walks over to Owens and pulls him from the dunnage. He throws him back in the ring and follows him. Owens rolls to the center of the ring. Crimson looks down at him Gaze has hopped off the apron. Crimson is now taunting and kicking Owens on the ground.

Sawyers: Pin him Crimson please! You got the damn thing won!

Goodson: I think he's out to send a message to the whole UTA roster tonight.


Sawyers: These fans are trying to help Owens; he is struggling to get to his hands and knees. Crimson is not really giving him the chance.

Crimson finally gets tired of taunting Owens. Crimson grabs him by the hair and pulls him up. Crimson throws him to the ropes, as he comes back he tries for a clothesline.

Sawyers: Owens ducked! He is still got some left in the tank!

As Owens bounces back he launches himself at an off guard Crimson Lord!

Sawyers: Crimson caught him again! The power of this man. He is just too powerful for  Owens to amount any sort of offense!

Goodson: This is why he's been champion for 454 days since he won that battle royal after putting G - Man on the shelf!

The champion again with a sick smile on his face. With brute power throws Owens on his shoulders in a death valley driver position. He carries Owens to the corner post, and turns him so his feet hook on the top turnbuckle. He twists to where Owens’s neck is under his shoulders.

Sawyers: Crimson setting Owens up for the Blood Stain!

He drops down and Owens head jerks back as he falls to the mat. Fans look on in horror! A few shots of mothers covering children’s eyes. As Crimson gabs Michael’s arm and drags him to the center of the ring. He rubs his forearm in the face of Owens and goes for the cover.

Sawyers: Finally Crimson is ending this…

Ref: 1….2…..2 ¾

Crimson quickly pulls Owens head up! The ref yells at Crimson! CL just laughs at him.

Sawyers: Come on Crimson do you really need to continue this?

Goodson: That was great! How did he kick out?  Give him another one just to be sure champ!

Crimson stands up. Crimson again tosses Owens on his shoulder and sets him up for a 2nd Blood Stain!

Sawyers: Another Blood Stain!!!  Stop this match!

Goodson: Owens brought this on himself by trying to think he had a chance of beating Crimson Lord.

Crimson yet again grabs Owens arm and drags him to the center of the ring and goes for the cover once more.

Ref: 1….2…..2 ¾

Sawyers: Come on, Crimson! Enough already!

Even the ref has had enough of Crimson prolonging this match. He is getting in his face and Crimson just stares at him. He pushes the ref out of the way and again begins to taunt and kick Owens.

Sawyers: Crimson knows he has this match won.  He’s just toying with Owens now!

Goodson: A champion that truly enjoys his work! I like that in a man!

He picks up Owens yet again and quickly executes a short arm clothesline nearly taking Owens head off. Michael lays face first on the mat, unconscious.

Sawyers: He is trying to end this young man’s career!

Goodson: Not “trying”, Jamie. He IS going to end Owen’s career, right here and now in Oakland!

Suddenly the fans jump to their feet. Crimson looks toward the crowd, then toward the entranceway. Greg Manix has appeared on the stage,leaning on crutches.

Sawyers: Its G-man!  The last time we saw him Crimson tore his left knee up, and G-Man had to have surgery.

Goodson: Well does G-Man really think he's going to try and do something on one leg? He couldn't when he had both legs fully functional!

Manix slowly comes down the entrance ramp.  Crimson and Gaze laugh at him as he tries to make it down on the crutches. Just as he reaches the end of the ramp way, Crimson exits the ring and gets in his face.

Sawyers: I think this might have been a bad idea, Greg. At least he has taken Crimson attention away from Owens.

The ref is checking on Owens, and begins motioning at the back for help; but before he can raise the “X” sign, Gaze has already climbed into the ring wielding a chair.  She brings the chair back in her hands and swings, colliding with the back of the referee’s skull.

Sawyers: You have got to be kidding me! Crimson is enough! Now this Harleton has to get involved? Well, she has made damn sure the ref didn’t call for help!

Goodson: How dare you address Gaze like that! She's a lady with class, looking out for her man!

Crimson looks over his shoulder toward his wife with a smile, then looks toward Greg. Without warning, he swiftly kicks one of Greg’s crutches out from under him. Greg nearly falls but is able to get his balance from the other crutch.

Sawyers: Good lord! Not only is this guy a psychopath, but now he is a bully!

Goodson: G-Man has no one to blame but himself. He should have just stayed away from the ring.

Crimson kicks the remaining crutch out from under Greg.  Greg stumbles a bit, and hops around on his right leg staring coldly at Crimson. Without hesitation, Crimson shoves Greg, knocking him down on the entrance ramp. He waves his hand at Greg and enters the ring again.

Sawyers: Wait a minute! Greg is doing something!

G-man has both his crutches and pulls out a roll of tape from his jacket. He is taping the crutches together.


Greg looks toward the fans with a smile, hopping on his left leg. He slides in the ring as Crimson and Gaze stare at each other.

Greg Manix: HEY, CRIMSON!

Crimson turns around and without hesitation Greg swings as hard as he can breaking the two crutches apart over Crimson Lord’s head. The momentum knocks Crimson into Gaze sending her crashing to the floor as Crimson falls face first to the mat.

Sawyers: G-MAN HAS SWUNG FOR THE FENCES AND HIT A HOMERUN! Wait a minute what is he doing?  He has turned Crimson on his back and is now putting Owens arm on top of Crimson Lord!!

Goodson:  No, no, no!!  Disqualify Owens, ref!  That’s outside interference!

Greg steps over to the still unconscious ref.  He shakes the ref as he begins to stir. Greg disposes the remains of the crutch and exits the ring and watches as the ref notices the cover and slowly crawls over to make the count.

Sawyers: 1………….2……

Goodson:  Noooo!!!


The bell rings. Gaze is slowly awakening, only to hear…


Gaze’s eyes widen when she hears that word.

Announcer: UTA CHAMPION MICHAEL ….OWENS!!!!!!!!!!!!’

The roar of the crowd is deafening as they cheer in applause for what many thought was an impossible task. She shakes her head in disbelief as she looks in the ring Crimson is still knocked out. Greg has gotten back in the ring and helps Owens up as the ref hands the title to Owens who is completely clueless to what has happened both the ref and Greg raise the new champions arm in victory!

Sawyers: Michael Owens has done the impossible fans he has ended Crimson Lord 454 day streak as champion! I can not believe my eyes!

Goodson:  Owens, enjoy it now because you won't have it long. This was the biggest mistake of Manix life and maybe his last.

Sawyer: Fans we're out of time! See you next week in Aneheim. WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!

The copyright logo appears as Owens has slightly come back to reality holding the title unaware still above his head