Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 8/3/16
Location: My Freaking Computer, Doofus!

It’s been a long time since the fans of UTA have seen me… but not much has changed. Sure, I’m a little older, a little wiser, but all in all… I’m still the best!

The last time all of you seen me I was making the biggest impact of my career. After that HORSESHIT match with Will Haynes, and the fallout from that, I decided that I had accomplished my goals within Dynasty. I had used them for what I needed, a springboard to the top.

You see when Dynasty recruited young Mikey Unlikely, I wasn’t mesmerized by the chance to fight with the best, I wasn't enamoured by the star power within the group, No… In fact, I always knew I was just a little more… entertaining!

But being a member of Dynasty came with many benefits. No need for reservations at the top resteraunts, no need for lines everywhere I went, we were treated with class and respect. The boys in the back HATED us, but each and every one of em, knew we were for real...but thats not what I was after… I was after the one thing Dynasty had that NO ONE else did… The UTA World Heavyweight Championship!

From Perfection, To La Flama Blanca, To Sean Jackson, Each member had joined Dynasty, then the die was cast for them to become the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion… I decided… I was next!

Now don’t get me wrong, those guys were my BOYS! Some still are! Jesse and I still team up to this day as the Hollywood Bruvs (unfortunately JFK and the UTA were unable to come to terms on a contract at this time), Perfection and I stay in contact and often give each other advice. We fought together, we helped one another get ahead, and we always made sure the W’s lined up. I always had my eye on the prize however. I always had my eye on the strap!

So JFK and I devised a plan, a plan that we executed to perfection just a few short months ago...when we effectively KILLED DYNASTY! We took out La Flama Blanca, we took out Claude Baptiste Ranier… and we LET Sean Jackson walk away…

Now here we are, half a year later… and guess who’s finally on top?

Guess who is finally YOUR UTA Heavyweight Champion!?

Guess who runs the show now?

No Dynasty, No Will Haynes, No Mary Jane….

Just #MikeyMoney!


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