Lasting Legacy is LIVE!

Posted on 6 Sep 2017

WrestleUTA's latest PPV is LIVE only at!

Match 1

The Iron Terror vs Scott Stevens

Match 2

Chris Ross vs Jack Harmen:WrestleUTA Legacy Championship

Match 3

Kendrix vs Impulse

Match 4

Crimson Lord vs Lisil Jackson

Main Event

Andy Murray vs THE Jay Harvey: WrestleUTA Heavyweight Championship

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Sitdown with the Challenger.

Posted on 2 Sep 2017

Watch Paul Stewart's sit down one on one interview with the man who takes on Andy Murray for the WrestleUTA World Title, THE Jay Harvey. Harvey holds no punches and says he is ready for the challenge at Lasting Legacy. This is a WrestleUTA.Com Exclusive!

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Update on Ron Hall Post WrestleUTA on Hulu

Posted on 26 Aug 2017

On Tuesday night, the world recoiled in horror as Crimson Lord did not seem content to beat fellow WrestleUTA Hall of Famer The Southern Rebel Ron Hall, but wanted to maim him, break him and retire the legend.

*Replays of Crimson Lord's savage beating are shown*

Yesterday morning we were able to speak with Doctor Hinkley at Mercy Medical Center in Canton who saw Ron after his admission and gave us this: Dr. Hinkley: Mr. Hall was in pretty bad shape when he was brought in. We took X Rays, did a few scans and test and while there was no internal bleeding or anything ruptured, Mr. Hall has sustained some serious injuries that will require time to heal.

*We see XRays as the doctor continues*

The first is he has a severely bruised sternum. He's very lucky given the blunt force and trauma he sustained to this region that it wasn't broken.

*The doctor points at some xrays with a pen*

The more immediate concern is his ribs. He has several that are fractured nut were not clean breaks, these four however

*drawing a circle around a specific area*

are broken and we will be monitoring these very closely to ensure proper healing.

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WrestleUTA on Hulu episode 25 is available!

Posted on 23 Aug 2017

We're two weeks from the biggest PPV yet! WrestleUTA Lasting Legacy! Before that though, there's one more episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu!

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WrestleUTA on Hulu Ep. 24 Available To Stream!

Posted on 8 Aug 2017

Click below to see the action as we build toward our next Pay Per View! WrestleUTA Lasting Legacy!

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WrestleUTA on Hulu!

Posted on 10 Jul 2017

Catch all the WrestleUTA Absolution fallout unfold on the latest episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu

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