New Power Rankings Released

Posted on 19 May 2015

There's been a lot of movement in the last week on the list with the exit of some superstars and the debut of others. Check the list today to see where your favorite superstar stands.


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Superstar of the Week: Zhalia Fears

Posted on 19 May 2015

After two weeks of heated exchanges with the champion, Zhalia Fears showed that she in fact had no fears as she went one-on-one with Sean Jackson in a non title match. Although Jackson lost by DQ, Zhalia had stood up to him and brought it to the champion in a way no one ever expected.

Congratulations Zhalia on becoming Superstar of the Week.

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  • Power Rankings

    #01 La Flama Blanca
    #02 Chris Hopper
    #03 Crimson Lord
    #04 Sean Jackson
    #05 Second Coming
    #06 John Sektor
    #07 Lew Smith
    #08 Pin Smith
    #09 Lamond Robertson
    #10 Will Haynes
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    Superstar Quote

    "And oh, the mysterious indie trollop hiding behind her own skirts, the second coming of what, dear? Even the best in Chicago is still in a class below me, lass. That’s a confirmable fact."

    - Bronson Box

  • Current Champions

    Sean Jackson
    La Flama Blanca
    Ron Hall
    2nd Coming/La Flama Blanca

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