Posted on 11 Apr 2017

WrestleUTA on Hulu episode 17 is available to stream!

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A legacy to uphold

Posted on 7 Apr 2017

This week on WrestleUTA on Hulu, the Legacy championship was reactivated and claimed by "The One" Jay Harvey in a thrilling ladder match.  Does Harvey know the shoes in which he walks?

There was CBR and his incredible, at least by today's standards 237 day reign.  CBR was considered by many to be one of, if not the finest athlete to never win the World title.  There was also John Sektor who had two reigns with the championship and always seemed on the verge of a break through.  

Where will Harvey stand in the lineage of this title and will he be the one that uses it to break through to the main event scene or will he be another Cecilworth Farthington who lost the belt as fast as he got it?

From my view, Harvey is one of the most talented prospects in the promotion right now and has no where to go but up after his "Open Challenge" win against hall of Famer Ron Hall at No Love Lost.  His effort in winning the ladder match was his best to date and seeing how he improves every week, that is saying a lot.  The question now is can he survive the wrath of the one he enraged in Crimson Lord or did he make a career shortening mistake?

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WrestleUTA Absolution PPV location

Posted on 7 Apr 2017

As of today, WrestleUTA has only announced that it's next PPV will be Absolution on June 18th.  There is plenty of heavy speculation on where the show will come from.  The only thing we're hearing right now is that the company's officials are thinking about the Northeast section of the United States.  

The rumored cities up for consideration include New York and Madison Square Garden.  There is Philadelphia and the Wells Fargo Center. The Barclay Arena in Brooklyn New York.  There is Boston and the TD Garden, the Meadowlands in New Jersey and the Console Energy Center in Pittsburgh just to name a few. 

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WrestleUTA on Hulu Available to Stream

Posted on 29 Mar 2017

WrestleUTA on Hulu episode 16 is available to stream! Click below to watch the latest UTA action!

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Wrestler fails wellness policy test...pulled from show!

Posted on 21 Mar 2017

It was reported today that WrestleUTA distributed random drug and performance enhancing tests to all members of the current roster. While this is a normal practice and has been in place since Mikey Unlikely purchased the company some six months ago, today marks the first time a wrestler has failed such a test. 

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AP Mobile Reports: Mikey Unlikely Press Conference, Latest Signing

Posted on 15 Mar 2017

Earlier today in Orlando, Florida, Wrestle UTA owner Mikey Unlikely held a press conference while wearing his finest three piece suit. He stood proud, an air of confidence as he spoke with a deep and vibrant vibrato. Onlookers were quoted as saying "(he) never looked more like the owner of UTA than now." Mikey started off his speech to investors and reporters by disclousing the success of UTA's pay per view, No Love Lost, where Kendrix was able to retain his championship against Crimson Lord. He praised the locker room for their efforts and optomistically looked to the future of the UTA brand...

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