Title: Denizens of the Grave
Featuring: Raging Dead
Date: SCSA Day
Location: Gust Compound
Show: WrestleUTA on FITE: Rebirth

Our adventure begins moments after the chaotic ending of UTA Unsanctioned, which saw the debut of three mysterious followers of The Raging Dead. We follow the fearsome foursome as they escape through the crowd and find their way backstage. As they pass gorilla position, Melissa Diaz spots them and chases after them, hoping to get an exclusive interview. 

[Melissa Diaz] Raging Dead, a quick word?

He stops dead in his tracks and turns his head slowly toward her. His followers also stop and surround her. The two masked men are motionless while the whitefaced woman sniffs Melissa's neck. 

[Melissa Diaz] Wh--who are these… people?

[Raging Dead] These people… are my Denizens of the Grave. I'd like you to meet Skull and Bones. Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable lust for the dead?

[Skull + Bones] Raging Dead Girrrrrrrrrlll!

Raging Dead Girrl snarls at Melissa and spooks her out of her heels. Raging Dead grabs her microphone as Skull and Bones intimidate her into running off scene. He hands the UTA Championship to Raging Dead Girrl, and she fastens it around his waist. 

[Raging Dead] That's much better. Listen up, UTA… and listen carefully. You are looking at the one and only UTA Champion. Lunchbox Larry is no longer the face of this company. As long as I am above ground… all this belt are belong to me. 

He drops the microphone and storms on down the hallway, with his crew in tow. They reach the community locker room and burst through the door. There are few members of the UTA roster left, as the majority cleared out to help Lunchbox Larry after he was lynched. Raging Dead points to his bags, as the two masked followers do his bidding. Dead feels a slap on his ass. He turns around and looks down to see Chimpo the Chimp.

[Chimpo] Gust, old buddy! I haven't seen you since Connor's funeral. You look… different. How ya been?

[Raging Dead] Uuuuggghh. Who dragged you back from obscurity?

[Chimpo] I got a call about this Tarzan kid. They asked me to come give him the old rub-ski. You know this kid?

[Raging Dead] Very well. I trained him. He's also family. 

[Chimpo] Well shit. In this business… who isn't family? Pretty sure we're even related somehow. 

[Raging Dead] I hope not. 

[Chimpo] So uhh what's the deal with your minions?

[Raging Dead] Don't worry about them. 

[Chimpo] That creepy girl looks a lot like you, buddy. Is she---

[Raging Dead] Don't worry about her. Boys, you ready?

The two masked men nod their heads and the Denizens leave the locker room, leaving more questions unanswered. On their way to the parking lot, Sara Pettis catches up with them. 

[Sara] What… the fuck… is going on?!

[Raging Dead] I told you I had a plan. 

[Sara] It would've been nice to be filled in on your plan. Now you've got these… these…

She gets spooked by Girrl... and then looks at the two masked men. 

[Sara] No no no… nooooo way. You're not dragging them into this!

[Raging Dead] They're not doing anything in Action Wrestling right now… so I offered them a job here. They deserve so much more and now they're going to get it. 

[Sara] And what about… her? 

Sara looks more closely. 

[Sara] Is that…

[Raging Dead] I call her Raging Dead Girrl. 

[Sara] How clever. 

[Raging Dead Girrl]  ……….

[Sara] I get it, hun. You're mute. Now you have some face paint and you think you're scary. You just---

Girrl snaps and shoves Sara up against a wall, holding her there by the throat. 

[Raging Dead] Down, Girrl! Sara is off limits. 

Girrl backs off and Sara rubs her throat. Skull and Bones seemingly break character by consoling her. 

[Sara] This is stupid… but… whatever. Don't let my brothers get into any trouble, Nathan.

Sara storms off down the hall… as the scene fades…


"It's taken months to get to where I truly belong here in FWF… SHIT… I mean… UTA. Sorry. That habit will take some time to correct. When I made my return to pro wrestling in September… I never planned on sticking around long. Then I signed with this company and set my sites on the FWF Championship. On Christmas Day… I came close… SO close to being champion. For one night… Lunchbox Larry was the better man. I spent several weeks proving that I was the only man worthy of being number one contender… and then FWF suddenly… ended."

"Sure… the return of UTA was on the horizon… but all of my steam suddenly came to a halt. UTA Unscripted popped up and I demanded my rightful shot at Lunchbox Larry. I fought tooth and nail to become UTA Champion… but then things took a turn for the worse and I had to go with Plan B: Denizens of the Grave. Skull… Bones… Girrl. They're here to do my bidding and to ensure that this UTA Championship stays where it belongs. No, I technically didn't WIN this belt… but it are belong to me. In one week… I will make this reign official by finally putting an end to Lunchbox Larry."

"The writing has been on the wall for months. It was always going to come down to Lunchbox Larry and Raging Dead. It never mattered what logo was on that championship or who was signing the checks. Our paths were meant to cross and there is only one possible outcome for the main event of UTA Rebirth…"


"Lunchbox Larry, you have done a decent job as the torch carrier. The world needed you as the guy… and there you were. Congratulations. You were UTA Champion until the world was ready for me. With the plague circling the globe… with toilet paper being the hottest commodity on the market… with both major political parties in this country fucking themselves every day… with Tom Hanks quarantined for the first time without Wilson… NOW is the time for The Raging Dead to be the face of UTA."

"I am not the top guy UTA wants… but I am the top guy it needs. You can all start lining up now to thank me. I will accepts any and all gifts… including frankincense and myrrh. By the end of Rebirth… I will be your Dead King. Along with my Denizens of the Grave… I will reshape this company in my image. That has been the plan all along and now the pieces have fallen into place. Skull… Bones… Girrl… are here to serve me, not to compete in matches. If they DO compete… it will be because I allow it."

"Don't get any ideas about using them to pad the roster, UTA. Think of them as non playable characters, if you will. They exist to serve their Dead King. If I say jump, they will not hesitate. If I give an order, they will not disagree… especially Girrl… because she's mute. They will be watching and waiting to assist me at Rebirth. Lunchbox Larry will be against all odds and will fail to remain champion."

"I will be your UTA Champion until the day I decide to not be your UTA Champion."

"Das ende."


Present day or something. Inside of the Gust Compound in Ozone Park. Sara is in the living room watching the mass hysteria over the Coronavirus. Yeah, real shit happening over here, folks. Seated on the recliner is Dan, family friend and the ice cream guy of Controversial Circle Wrestling Academy and Ice Cream Emporium. 

[Sara] This is… too… much…

[Dan] Deaths have doubled back home. I just got a text from an old mate that UK has been added to the travel ban. 

[Sara] Oh no! Why didn't you try to get home while you had the chance?

[Dan] I have two homes, Sara. Sure, Sheffield will always be home… but I've been part of this family for ages. 

[Sara] Since before I was even born. 

[Dan] Exactly. Because of XCW… I spent so much time here that it became more than just an excursion. Then after… the weird Labak stuff cooled off… Becky and Will welcomed me with open arms. Then when Nate and I started up CCWA&ICE with Rico… I became more connected to this place. 

[Sara] And when he moved you into the loft above the garage without even giving me a heads up…

[Dan] Ehhhh… 

[Sara] It's fine. You're part of this family… and you're welcome as long as you like… or until the travel ban is lifted. 

[Dan] Only a matter of time before that ban includes traveling across the US. Is Nate ready to make that 38 hour drive to Vegas?

[Sara] Hopefully it doesn't come to that. I know that UTA means a lot to him… but at what cost?

[Dan] I wouldn't worry too much. With venues limiting attendance and everything getting postponed… it's only a matter of time before UTA follows suit. 

[Sara] The show is in two days. If they're going to postpone, they better do is soon. 

Just then… Nathan enters the living room, pulling behind him rolling luggage. He heads toward the door, completely oblivious to his surroundings. 

[Sara] Uhhhhhmmm… bye?

[Nathan] Huh? Oh… hello there…

[Dan] That's my line!

[Sara] You're not leaving for Vegas already… are you?

[Nathan] Gotta get a jump on the madness. 

[Dan] It'll get postponed, mate. You'll see. 

[Nathan] I haven't gotten a call from the office yet. I have to go defend the UTA Championship. 

[Sara] You're not really the champ… yet. Stealing the belt last month doesn't mean you're the champ. 

[Nathan] Tomato, potato. I gotta get going. Girrl and the boys are outside waiting. 

Sara gets off the couch and embraces her husband, hopefully not for the last time. 

[Sara] Be careful. Be cautious. And wash… your fucking… hands. 

[Nathan] "Buy more toilet paper." Got it.

Dan laughs so hard that he falls off of the recliner. 

[Sara] Not funny. 

[Dan] In times like this… you've got to enjoy the humor where can. 

[Nathan] I'll be fine. Your brothers will be fine. We'll all be fine. In a few days… I'll be home… with the UTA Championship. 

[Sara] I don't care about that belt.

[Nathan] I know, I know. 

[Sara] I love you. 

[Nathan] I know. 

Das ende. 

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