Title: [CD] Wandering Dragon Pt. 2: Protection
Featuring: Wondrous Mental Dragon
Date: 8th Feb 2020
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Some things are starting to come back to me, what was just the shape of a memory has now become something more broader, more like a purpose than an idea but it's still beyond my grasp.  I guess I should probably get some supplies, walking around with no protection isn't the best of ideas right now.

The boiler suited man known as Wondrous Mental Dragon or WMD is seen walking down a car lined street in Brooklyn with assorted stores of different kinds making up the majority of  buildings here.  WMD walks past a large building with the words "PAPERIFIC" emblazoned on it's front and towards a much smaller store named "Purim Megastore", it's windows filled with costumes and related wares.

WMD: Maybe, they'll have one here.

He walks forward, gently pushing on the store's door, causing the door's hanging bell to ring which startles him. Looking around he sees exotic clothing and mysterious items, each trinket and object increases his confidence that he'll be able to find exactly what he's looking for.

WMD: Yeah, this looks to be the right place.  I guess that guy at 'Party City' did not steer me wrong, I need to find a shop keep.

Even though it is named a "Mega Store", it is in fact much smaller than it's name implies and although it still takes longer than it should, it does not take long for WMD to find the counter and a member of staff.

Shop Staff: Hi, my name's Jacob. How can I help you today?

WMD: Hi Jacob, nice name by the way.  I don't know for how long or how far I have traveled, but I am on a mission to find a special item.  An item of a protection.

Jacob: Oh, that does sound mysterious sir, how old is the child that you are buying for?

WMD: Child? No you misunderstand, it will be for me.  Is that going to be a problem?

Jacob: Ah, it might be an issue as we mainly cater towards children rather than adults you see.

WMD: Oh no, things may be worse than I initially thought if children are requiring this sort of item.

Jacob the store assistant looks confused for a moment but then tries to bring things back to reality.

Jacob: Well, we might be able to figure something out.  What item are you looking for today?

WMD: Thank you shop keep. I am looking for protection from evil magics, mystic beings and of course it'd be nice if it stopped my head getting bashed in.  As you've probably guessed by now I'm looking to purchase a Dragon Helm, it'd be beneficial if it protected my face as well so it might need a masked visor as well.

The store assistant stands perplexed at the man's words, wishing he hadn't covered his colleague's shift due their sudden sickness.  Jacob shakes his head gently almost like he's thinking "I'm not even suppose to be here today", he regains his composure and smiles hoping to get this situation over an done with.

Jacob: Luckily I think we might just have what you're looking for, if you give me a few moments I'll see if we have one in the back.

Jacob quickly leaves the counter and heads towards the back, a few moments pass and he returns carrying a flat plastic bag with a black object with predominately green trim inside, he places it on the counter and nods at WMD.  He quickly removes a label with the words "Dragon Lucha Mask" on it

Jacob: I believe this is exactly what you're looking for, it's called a dragon mask and it should protect you against all those things and it's only 20 bucks.

WMD reaches into a pocket and pulled out a handful of money and places it on the sales desk, trying to count it slowly.

WMD: Erm, I don't have any 'bucks' but I seem to have fifty..... fifty five dollars, is that enough?

Jacob: Yeah that'll do, let's get this transaction done.

Jacob picks up the money, slides the bagged mask over to WMD and smiles at him.

Jacob: Ok that's everything, is there anything else I can do today for you sir?

WMD: Isn't there some sort of ceremony or ritual required for the mask to gain it's magical properties?

Jacob looks somewhat nervous at this question, but quickly motions towards the closed door.

Jacob: As the transaction of dollars has completed, you just need to leave via that doo... no I mean you need to leave via that portal and the mask will protect you from all you require.

WMD smiles as he opens the plastic wrapping and removes the mask, he places it over his head and then begins to tie the laces behind his head.

WMD: Thank you Jacob the shop keeper, you've been very helpful.  I wish you well in your endeavors!  Good day sir!

WMD finishes tying his mask's laces, opens the door and leaves the building thus completing the ritual as described by Jacob.  As the door closes and the bell rings once again, Jacob sighs.

Jacob: Hopefully there's not many more customers like that, I'm not even supposed to be here today!

The shop assistant turns and continues his day in the store as scene fades.

I am one step closer, I now have protection.

Hopefully this will help with the memories and my mission will become clear.

Until then I will continue my journey of discovery, wherever that may take me.

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