WrestleUTA on Hulu S1 E9

29 Nov 2016

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)

Two Weeks Ago...

Breaking the hold now, Perfection quickly gets up, Chance is taking his time when Witherhold strikes him again. Running knee to the back that sends Chance right back to the mat. Perfection grabs him by the hair. Lifts his chin so he’s looking up, and drops down with an elbow to the forehead. Chance reaches for his head and neck. The referee admonishes Perfection for grabbing the hair, then checks on CVC. While the referee’s back is turned, Witherhold reaches into the front of his tights. He slips something into his hand. Chance Von Crank slowly gerts up and Perfection spins and plants him right between the eyes! He then tosses the pair of Brass knuckles from the ring on his way down to pin Chance, the referee never saw it. The count is automatic.

Roberts: The Winner of this match and advancing in the World Title Tournament! PERRRRFEEEECCCTTTIIIIOOOOONNNNNN

Blackfront: He clearly used a weapon there at the end!

Ace: Not clearly enough for referee Jennifer Whales. PERFECTION MOVES ONNNN!!!


Carver would explode on Mikes’ both literally and figuratively as the rookie continued bringing the strong style offense to Mikes’ front door; eventually doubling him over and delivering a shocking Exploder Suplex into the corner, that saw Mike’s clang his head hard on the turnbuckle. It was simple and effective. Mikes’ hit the mat lack a sack of potatoes. The rookie would press his shoulders to the mat. The official’s hand would drop.




Ace: Wow!

Blackfront: What an impressive showing from both men, but the WrestleUTA rookie Van Carver Moves on in the tournament!!!

Ace: Hey Jason!?

Blackfront: Yes, Tommy?

Ace: LANCE MIKES ISN"T HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jestal falls into the corner. Rojo heads to the corner across from him, he runs toward Jestal. In mid run Jestal reaches down for his rubber chicken sitting in the corner. The referee is now looking under the ring. Rojo comes within striking distance and Jestal clobbers Rojo in the head with his rubber chicken! Rojo falls down quickly and appears to be out cold. Jestal pushes his rubber chicken out of the ring. He staggers over to the unconscious Rojo and falls ontop of him in exhaustion. The referee realizing that Jestal was seeing things, suddenly notices a pinfall. He rushes in the ring for the one, two, and three!

The bell rings, as ♫Jestal’s Theme begins to play!♫

Roberts: The winner of the match “The Mad Prince” Jestal!!

Jestal rolls out of the ring now laughing, as he grabs his chicken and heads back up the ramp looking out into the fans and laughing hysterically.


Blackfront: Madman getting to his feet… WATCH OUT!

David turns around and sees him getting up. He gets ready. Finally, Madman stumbles around, turning toward David.

Blackfront: David Hightower comes forward with that chain wrapped fist... KNOCKOUT PUNCH! KNOCKOUT PUNCH!


As the chain connects, the end of the tow chain swings around behind Madman’s head, hitting him in the back of the head as well. He drops to the canvas. Blood slowly coming from behind his mask in the front. David just smiles sadistically before stepping forward and onto Madman's chest.




Roberts:  The winner of the match... DAVID... HIGHTOWER!

Blackfront: that’s it folks, MAdman Szalinski has officially been released from his contract following this match, a former UTA Heavyweight Champion.


Haynes would pull Jackson up, both men would battle. Each strike harder than the other. Punches, throat shots, an uppercut from Jackson that would rattle Haynes. A Snap DDT and then finally Jackson’s long awaited Game Called Due to Darkness. Jackson had it dead to rights. He would take two steps forward and he would lunge.

Out of nowhere Sean Jackson would lunge forward, his hands right to his knee. Haynes would turn and see Jackson falling, knowing he had to take advantage. Haynes would bring his knee up, using both hands to push Jackson’s skull into it’s cap. Jackson’s head would recoil, falling to the center of the ring.

Ace: NO!

Haynes would fall on top, picking up the far leg. The official’s hand slapping once, twice, three times a lady.

Blackfront: Will Haynes has done it! He’s defeated Sean Jackson. And Jackson might be hurt, Tommy.

Haynes rolls off Jackson quickly, as Jackson withers both hands coming to either side of his knee.

The entire arena explodes with the three count. It's the loudest the Wrestlezone may have ever gotten in it's breif existence!



Andy Murray vs Chris "The Boss" Ross

Cut across to Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace in the announce booth.

Blackfront: Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen! To another episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu! I'm Jason Blackfront, and with me as always is my partner Tommy Ace! Tommy, How are you!?

Ace: I'm doing great! Ready for round two of the WUTASOSWTT! The Wrestlezone is packed! Let's get this show cranking!

Blackfront: We have some huge matchups here this evening folks. Perfection takes on Will Haynes in tournament action! JFK takes on "Texas Born" Scott Stevens in our HUGE main event!

Ace: We also have the UNDEFEATED David Hightower vs the new superstar Van Carver!

Blackfront: BUT FIRST It’s time for our next tournament match right now, as the popular veteran Andy Murray takes on Chris “The Boss” Ross, our resident mouthy newcomer…

Ace: He’s mouthy alright, but did you see what Ross did to Lew Smith? This guy knows how to wrestle!

Blackfront: He does, but he’s going up against a man with 23 years experience -- a decorated former world champion who’s been at the top of the game for a very long time, and looked incredibly sharp against Charles Wingate.

Ace: Correct, but this’ll be a far sterner test of where he’s at. Wingate’s a solid hand, but can Murray out-power the Keystone State Killer and his impressive array of suplexes?!

Blackfront: I guess we’re about to find out!

“Badlands” by Mayday starts playing through the arena, and Chris Ross walks out to a hefty chorus of boos from the crowd. He stays at the top of the ramp for a minute, then slowly starts making his way down the ramp.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Harrisburg, PA, he weighs in at 250lbs… CHRIS “THE BOSS” ROSSSSSSSSSSS!

Something catches The Boss’ eye in the crowd. It’s Impulse and Calico Rose, still seated in the front row, clutching a set of signs. One says “HASHTAG DRUNKBROS,” whatever the hell that means, and the other? “CHRIS ROSS NEEDS A HUG!”

Chris Ross, being Chris Ross, doesn’t take too kindly to this. He immediately turns his attention towards the sign and violently tears it away from Cally’s hands, rips it in half, then stomps it down on the ground for good measure. He leaves after hurling a volley of abuse at the couple, before heading into the ring.

The crowd reactions turn positive when “Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes kicks in. Andy Murray strides out after the usual show of lights and pyro, and immediately starts slapping hands and bumping fists with the crowd.

Roberts: … aaaand his opponent! Making his way to the ring from Aberdeen, Scotland, he weighs in at 280lbs… “THE KING”... ANDY MURRRRRAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!

Andy’s reaction to Cally and Impulse is quite the opposite, and he deliberately walks over to share fistbumps with his two acquaintances from… another wrestling establishment. This irritates Ross even more, particularly when Murray turns around and shrugs to him. The big Scot hops onto the apron and clambers through the ropes, but The Boss jumps him immediately!

Murray struggles to get into the ring as Ross hammers down with clubbing blows, but he eventually gets inside. The bell rings, and Ross tears Murray’s entrance jacket away from him before raining elbows down on his skull. Andy falls to a knee, The Boss cracks him in the back of the head again, then wraps his arms around his waist and drives him into the mat with a German suplex!

The fans boo. Ross rises, stomps down on the Scot a couple of times, then sets him up for a second German. Murray’s able to regain his senses and break free of Ross’ grip this time, but the HBG native doesn’t relent. He slams Murray with a couple of forearms, knocks him back into the corner with a clothesline, then pulls him out (and down) with a belly-to-belly suplex!




Ross keeps it grounded for a while. He spends some time working the head and neck, then gets to his feet and stomps Murray down. The crowd jeer as he pulls the Scot to his feet, but Murray batters him with a couple of elbows, then sends him to the ropes. Ross rakes the eyes when Murray tries to pop him into the air, then, in an astounding display of strength hangs him in the air for at least 10 seconds before suplexing him down.

Chris Ross is in complete control, and Murray’s labouring. Ross keeps him grounded with some stomps, then a standing elbow drop, before turning to the baying crowd. He focuses his intent on Impulse and Calico Rose, shouting something loud and obnoxious at ‘em, before turning back around.

To his surprise, Murray’s back on his feet! Andy hits the European Uppercut, when whips him into the corner. Murray follows-up with a dashing European, whips him across to the opposite corner, then hits around. The Boss comes stumbling out of the corner, and The King downs him with a scoop powerslam!




It takes Andy a while to get back up, having taken so many suplexes already, but he eventually gets there. When he’s up, he flashes Impulse and Cally a quick thumbs up.

Murray goes to work with the holds. He traps an arm and the neck and pulls Ross into a seated position. The Boss rises, so Murray puts him in a standing headlock then pulls him over his shoulder with a judo toss. Keeping the hold applied, Murray ties to transition into his Anaconda Cross but Ross gets a foot on the bottom rope.

Forced to break, Murray gets up. He pulls Ross with him and goes to work with a few strikes, but The Boss fires back. Ross hits a right cross, then a left hook, before kneeing Murray in the gut. A knee lift follows, before Ross bodyslams him onto the mat. Running to ropes, he nails a running splash on The King.




The crowd swell, and really start getting behind Murray. It’s proving tough going for him, however, and Ross takes him to his feet, puts him in the corner, and unloads with some stinging chops. He takes him out, sets him up, and drops him with a Northern Lights Suplex!




Frustrated, Ross pounds a fist into the mat. Murray elbows him in the gut as Ross pulls him up, but it’s not enough. Chris cracks him hard in the back of the skull, then knees him in the face for good measure.

With the end seemingly nigh, Ross pulls a thumb across his throat in a cutthroat gesture. He pulls the 280lbs Murray up and effortlessly drapes him on a shoulder. Just when he’s about to drive him down, however, Murray reverses! He throws all his weight downwards, pulls Ross onto his own shoulder, and drives him into the mat with a sitout side powerslam - the Highland Hangover!




“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes belts through the PA system again, and a tired, groggy Murray rises to his feet.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via pinfall… ANDY MURRRAAAAAAAYYYYYY!

Ace: My God, that was a tough fight!

Blackfront: Sure was, Tommy! Chris Ross gave a strong, strong showing. He dominated large portions of this match, but Murray came through with some veteran cunning to reverse that last hold, and down him with the Highland Hangover. He advances, and Ross must think again.

Ace: Ross will be fine. Guy’s a goddamn machine, he just ran into a guy who many consider among this sport’s all-time greats. I’m yet to be convinced of that, but he pulled it off tonight.

Murray slides out of the ring as Ross sits up in complete disbelief.

Blackfront: The look on Ross’ face just says it all…

Ross slides out of the ring and retrieves a microphone.

Ross: Are you fucking kidding me?!

Ross screams into the microphone as Murray celebrates by Impulse and Cally. Ross at this point is boiling red in the face as he slides out of the ring kicking the ring steps over.

Blackfront: Chris Ross is absolutely livid right now.

Ace: Can you blame him?! The guy just lost in embarrassing fashion!

Ross storms over ripping a section of the guard rail out slamming it down onto the ground.

Ace: Jesus Christ! Chris Ross has just turned full fledged King Kong out here!

Blackfront: I’m getting out of here!!!!!

The announcers scramble as Ross has now retrieved a sledge hammer from under the ring and is now storming to the announce table. Letting out an angry yell he slams the hammer down onto the table over and over and over until the entire announce area is amounted to debris. The Boss breathes heavily before he grabs the microphone he had.

Ross: I am the real winner…. And everyone here knows it!

And with those last words said Ross carries the sledge hammer dropping the microphone as the fans literally boo him out of the arena. The announcers scramble back into their seats.

Blackfront: Can we cut to a break so we can get a new table?!

Ace: I don’t think this is over with Chris Ross by a long shot….


Brand of Justice

Backstage we see Mr. Unlikely staring up at the monitor at Andy Murray with his hand raised in victory. The owner of WrestleUTA has a sneer across his face, clearly not pleased with the outcome of this match.

Unlikely: Did he just break an announce table!? It's the first match!

A cell phone starts to ring in the room. Mikey pulls it from his pocket and brings it to his ear.

Unlikely: Yea?

Someone talks to him on the other end.

Unlikely: What do you mean he's not here?... He's dissapeared? Fuuuu..... Where's Ron Hall? He ready to wrestle? You don't know where he is either!? hmmmmm...

Mikey hangs up on the guy. Needless to say the fans start to cheer as they see on the tron Crimson Lord, alongside The Judge standing behind an unsuspecting Mikey.

As Mikey turns around he comes eye level with Crimson Lord’s chest, a look of guilt appears on his face as he slowly looks up toward Crimson staring down at him in a very cold gaze toward him.

Crimson: Michael...enjoying the tournament you neglected to put me in?

Before he could say anything Judge interrupts Mikey

Judge: Hi Mr. Likely.

Judge says while waving at the owner of WrestleUTA

Unlikely: Crimson! Baby! What’s happening!? Listen bruv, the tournament, it’s a fickle thing, I didn’t wanna lose my number one commodity in the first round…

Crimson gives him a look. Mikey immediately flinches.

Unlikely: Not that you would lose of course! I have other plans for you my friend..

Crimson: No matter, I will take that title from whoever wins your little tournament. Tonight, I demand you give me Micheal Byrd and Theodore Baylor in that ring two on one!

Unlikely: Who!? Wha..Oh! Yea… no problem whatsoever! Both guys are here, I’m sure they have their gear… Crimson Lord vs Byrd & Baylor! B&B! I like it! Mark it down! It’s happening TONIGHT!

The fans cheer loudly at the match announcement. Crimson responds while pointing his finger against Mikey’s chest.

Crimson: After I take out those two for trying to unmask her and assaulting me, you and me are going to have a little chat!

Crimson walks off and as Judge passes Mikey she waves good bye to him and follows Crimson.

Unlikely: What a couple of creeps!

Mikey gets a cold chill, and makes sure his office door is locked behind the odd pair as the scene fades.

Will "The Thrill" Haynes vs Perfection

We come back from commercial break and Perfection is already in the ring. He stands stoic and unmoved as the crowd throws boos his direction. Suddenly the opening riffs to the Beastie Boys “Sabotage” comes across the loudspeaker and the crowd comes alive with cheers. Smoke begins to fill the entrance ramp, the song reaches the beginning of the first verse just as Will Haynes steps through the curtain.

Blackfront: There he is Tommy, the man who made his first appearance back four weeks ago, and got in the ring last week to defeat The Mental Rapist, Sean Jackson in the first round, relieving him of his contract in the process.

Ace: I definately don’t think Mikey expected things to go that way when he made the match! He hand picked Sean Jackson to peel apart Will Haynes, unfortunately Jackson failed but now another one of Mikey’s “Old Friends” takes on The Thrill tonight, Former Dynasty member, Perfection! If anyone can finish the job Jackson started, its James Witherhold!

Will begins to walk down the aisle, nod his head to the music. He slaps the hands of some fans along the ramp as he continues to the ring.

Roberts: Hailing from Athens, Georgia, Weighing in at two hundred forty pounds….

Haynes jumps onto the ring cover, pulls down the middle rope and climbs in. He bounces off the far side, then the near side, and then back off the far side testing the ropes.


Haynes in his corner now, bouncing up and down facing the crowd, trying to get amped up! And Perfection comes running up from behind. And somehow Haynes senses him and moves!

Blackfront: Big miss right off the bat by Perfection! And hey! We have a table again!

Perfection’s neck bounces off the top rope, and he stumbles back into a hard dropkick from Haynes!  The bell rings as Perfection takes a tumble and rolls up to one knee, but Haynes is moving like lightning, leaping up the turnbuckle behind him to the middle rope, then jumping off over his head and catching him with an arm whip that throws Perfection into the middle of the ring!

Perfection intercepts Haynes with a quick boot, but Haynes cartwheels out of the wristlock and arm mares Perfection again!  Haynes runs the ropes, rebounds, leapfrogs Perfection and lands another arm mare! Perfection lands hard, slams the mat with both hands and backs into the corner.

Haynes follows up, and Perfection tries to slow things down by clinching. Haynes isn’t having it, and manages to force Perfection back into the turnbuckles.  Haynes doesn’t want to break, the referee tries to force him back, and Perfection finds an opening.

Grabbing the wrist he pulls forward on Haynes and combines this with a drop toe hold, dropping Haynes on the bottom rope. instead of following up on the neck, Perfection jumps off the bottom rope and hip stomps Haynes on the back of the knee!

The Thrill howls in pain and grabs his leg, but now that Perfection’s got the match moving the way he wants it to, he’s relentless.  So. Many. Stomps. The referee finally pushes Perfection back, insisting that he actually do wrestling moves or something.  Haynes can do nothing but cover up, and Perfection opts to leave the ring and swagger on over to the announce desk where he swipes a bottle of water and takes a swig.

Back in the ring, Haynes crabwalks trying to keep space, but Perfection knows how to grab an ankle without getting kicked.  He twists Haynes’ leg around his own, drops a knee on Haynes’ knee, then pulls up on the leg. He paintbrushes Haynes’ face.

And doesn’t get his own face out of the way in time, as Haynes responds with a big elbow!

Perfection drops the hold and falls back clutching his nose, and Haynes uses Perfection’s neck to pull himself up.  He jumps, plants both feet in Perfection’s breadbasket, and jumps and flips him over backwards! Perfection goes a bit lopsided in the air and lands heavily on his right side and shoulder. On his feet again, Haynes claps.  Once he has the fans going, he takes another running start that isn’t as fast as it was at the beginning of the match.

Perfection grabs him out of the run and drops him with a shinbreaker. Without letting go of the leg, he combos it into a dragonscrew leg whip!

Perfection drags Haynes to the middle of the ring by that battered leg, then sinks in a heel hook.  Gritting his teeth Haynes tries to boot scrape his way out of it, but Perfection leans back on it.  Turning over, Haynes slowly claws his way across the mat.  Perfection cracks the hold even harder, but with a dive Haynes drapes his hand over the bottom rope.

Perfection shifts Haynes’ weight and drapes his neck over the rope, then shifts himself and starts choking Haynes. The referee begins the count but Perfection let's go long enough to break it and hops right back into the choke. Finally he thinks he’s ready. Perfection grabs the leg of Will Haynes, and pulls him to the center of the ring. He lifts the captured leg, and spins around it, grabbing the other leg as well.

Ace: PICTURE PERFECT! A devastating figure four leg lock!

Blackfront: This move has made many a man submit, even winning Witherhold a UTA World Title in the past!  Can he do it again here tonight and move on in the tournament?

Ace: Not just any tournament Jason this is the WUTASOSWTT!

The hold is locked in, the look of pain and anguish on the face of Will Haynes is surreal. He reaches for the ropes in every direction, but Perfection has him laid out in the center of the ring. Haynes tries using his elbows to sit up and back towards the ropes but this only increases the pressure on his legs which causes him to scream out. The referee asking Will Haynes if he would like to submit. The “no’s” come fast and furious at first, then seem to slow down before Haynes is almost deliberating tapping. Finally with one last surge, Haynes rolls the hold over, not necessarily reversing the pressure but applying a significant amount to Perfection as well, who is eager to break the hold. Once broken both man slowly try to stand up, both men walk with a slight limp.

A kick to the gut from Perfection doubles him over. Witherhold grabs both arms of Haynes and begins to spin and underhook them, looking for the Photo Finish! Haynes quickly regroups and pushes Perfection into the ropes and breaks the move. Perfection bounces back with a huge diving clothesline that lays out The Thrill. Both men down and breathing deep, the referee begins his count.

Both men begin to stir. Perfection finds his feet first, Haynes using the ropes finally makes his way up as well. Both men eye the other one down before they finally explode in a fury of fists. Perfection, Haynes, Perfection, Haynes, Perfection, Haynes, Perfection, Perfection, Perfection! Haynes is on spaghetti legs now, as Perfection lights him up with chops and rights. Haynes finally blocks one strike and quick as a whip….



Haynes scrambles for the cover, and its not until the hand hits for the third time, that fans believe it. It takes a second but the crowd erupts at the ending.

Roberts: ANNNND your winner of this matchup... WILL THE THRILLLLL HAYNESSSSSSSS

Blackfront: Haynes has done it! He’s moving on again! He’s going to the semi finals!

Ace: Oh No! Mikey is NOT going to be happy!

Haynes makes his way to his feet, and his hand is raised by the WrestleUTA official. He clutches at his legs and limps a bit but tries his best to celebrate with the fans. He falls through the ropes to the outside of the ring where he is embraced by every fan within reach at the barrier. Haynes steps over and exits through the crowd who try to mob him with congrats. Security joins up with him and escorts him through the crowd.


Beauty And A Geek

The scene turns to Backstage where the voluptuous Ivy is walking with a man dressed in glasses, a pair of grey sweatpants, and a shirt with The Avengers logo on it. He takes a deep breath as Ivy holds his hand.

Ivy: Seriously Dexter you need to stop worrying…

Dexter: Worried? I’m not worried… I’m just saying you said nothing about the guy who chokeslammed you being a giant black guy who looks as if he can use me as a dart!

Ivy shakes her head.

Ivy: Hun you’ll be fine! Just remember everything you learned….

Dexter takes a long deep breath.

Dexter: I may need my inhaler….

Ivy: Oh will you stop?! Come on…

Ivy takes Dexter dragging him down the hall into the catering area. The duo stops as interviewer Paul Stewart appears into the picture.

Ivy: Hey Paul!

Ivy puts an arm around his shoulders.

Stewart: Oh hey Ivy… I wasn’t expecting to still see you here since the women’s division got disposed of.

Ivy: Yeah well I brought my boyfriend into the company… He kind of needs to be loosened up….

Just a few feet from them, behind a table full of food and appetizers for the wrestlers backstage. Jestal with his trusty rubber chicken are seen peeking from behind the table. It appears they are observing Dexter’s and Ivy.


Jestal is not dressed like he was two weeks ago, he has what looks to be a cheap rip off of a safari outfit. Even his rubber chicken Clucky has a small version of Jestal’s outfit. The jester slowly lowers his head and looks back at the camera, and begins to speak in an australian accent.

Jestal: Oi, G’Day my duckies, tonight on Wrasslers of the Outback. We take a look at a couple of ridgey-didgey wrasslers up close and personal.

Ivy: Come here Dexter! Stewart is going to interview you!

Dexter walks over clearly nervous.

Dexter: Do I have to?! What am I supposed to say for these things?!

Ivy rolls her eyes dragging him over.

Ivy: Stop being a weenie will you?!

Stewart raises his microphone.

Stewart: I am here live backstage with the UTA’s newest signee…. Ummmmm what is your name?

Dexter shakes looking at the camera..

Dexter: De…. Dexter…. Dexter Pointdexter is my name….

He says clearly nervous shaking.

Ivy: Go on Dexter! Tell them how you’re going to go Mortal Kombat on Theo Baylor’s ass!

Jestal: Crikey! Did you see that the female of the species appears to be very hostile! You can tell the male’s stuffed, I’ll be!

Jestal reaches into his bag and pulls out a Vegemite sandwich and takes a bite of it….he chews it for a moment then offers some to Clucky as he continues to watch the two.

Dexter: Mortal Kombat?!

Ivy: Yes Dexter....

Ivy takes the microphone from Stewart

Ivy: Don’t make the mistake of underestimating Dexter…. He may be socially awkward and he may be a bit of a dork!

Dexter: Hey!!!

Ivy: Hey I still love you for it you goober!

The Keyboard Warrior blushes a little.

Ivy: As I was saying… Despite what you see…. The UTA will learn that Dexter Pointdexter is the most intelligent man in that ring…. And he will systematically break anyone he’s in the ring with! Starting with you Theo Baylor! You choke slam me? Now you can answer to Dexter!

Dexter stands there like a deer caught in the head lights.

Dexter: Ummm…. Ummm…. Ummm…. May this be a spirited contest?

Ivy: God damnit Dexter….

Meanwhile back behind the table Jestal and Clucky stare at the arena.

Jestal: Oi, did you see that right there that female is mad as a cut snake! Clearly the male of the species is the passive one. Well, my duckies that's all the time we have for tonight join us in two weeks when we explore this couple evan further…

Jestal grabs the camera before the camera shuts off you hear one more thing from Jestal.

Jestal: What a whinger and a wanker...


Backstage. Mikey Unlikely sits at his desk in his office, with framed photos of himself and his Hollywood Bruv behind and all around. He leans back, and looks into the face of someone currently off camera.

Mikey Unlikely: So, now you see the predicament I’m in. Will you help me out?

On the other side of the desk, having declined a seat, two faces familiar to tonight’s viewers stand, unconvinced. They were seen in the crowd during the Chris Ross/Andy Murray match, interacted with both of them, and were subsequently identified as Randall Knox and his lady, Rosalyn Callasantos, professionally known as former two-time World Champion Impulse, and his valet Calico ‘Cally’ Rose.

Impulse: I see the predicament… but why would I help you out?

Mikey leans back and looks at the ceiling.

Mikey Unlikely: Because you’d be doing me a favor and I’d owe you one? Because you’d suddenly have a shot at a title? Because you don’t want to see the fans get disappointed?

Impulse smirks.

Impulse: Because you’re gonna keep throwing different angles out there until I bite on one?

He looks at Calico Rose.

Calico Rose: Obvs?

They both look at Mikey.

Mikey Unlikely: Totally obvs.

Impulse exhales sharply.

Impulse: Okay, Mike… can’t disappoint the fans. One condition, you take the money you were gonna pay the deadbeat and donate it to charity.

Mikey Unlikely: Deal.

They tentatively shake on it.

Impulse: So… tell me about my opponent.

A smile forms on Mikey Unlikely’s face. It’s not altogether pleasant.


Crimson Lord vs Theo Baylor & Michael Byrd

Haynes with a impressive win over Perfection here tonight Tommy. He will advance to the next round and face the winner of our Main Event. Kendrix vs Scott Stevens!

Ace: Perfection was cheated, I swear we need new referees in this company. Mr. Unlikely make it happen boss.

Blackfront: Kendrix has his plate full tonight. Scott Stevens by far is no pushover! That is the man your beloved Kendrix is going have to try and beat here tonight.

Ace: It’s already in the bag!

Blackfront: Didn’t you say a couple weeks back by any means necessary?

Ace: No…

Blackfront: Pretty sure you did. Also earlier tonight Andy Murray finally shut up that loudmouth Chris Ross. On behalf of the staff thank you Andy!

Ace: Are you serious? You are such a kiss ass! Murray will get his in the form of David Hightower! Since apparently he's getting a bye. Van Carver isn't HERE!

Blackfront: Well earlier tonight fans Crimson Lord with The Judge cornered Mikey, and demanded this match between Byrd and Baylor who two weeks ago took it upon themselves to jump the legend during an interview with Paul.

Ace: That little interview was going nowhere! Michael and Theo saved all of us of sheer boredom and ended it mercifully!

Blackfront: By jumping someone from behind using a weapon! Do you think that was noble?

Ace: It got the job done didn’t it? They also gave us a added bonus of unmasking that chick calling herself The Judge who clearly belongs in a mental ward!

Blackfront: Well, their actions are being judged tonight we will see if they can continue their dominance over “The Perfect Weapon” Crimson Lord!

The bell sounds once.

Roberts: The following contest is a handicap match. Introducing first making their way to the ring the team of “The Main Event”  Michael Byrd and his partner Theo Baylor!!!

Plateau, as performed by Nirvana, begins to play. Byrd and Baylor head to the ring jawing with a few fans on their way to the ring.

Blackfront: Michael and Theo brutally beatdown Crimson Lord two weeks ago, and even came close to revealing the true identity of the now known valet of Crimson Lord called The Judge!

Ace: Crimson was a fool to raise his voice to Mr. Unlikely and demand this match, he doesn’t deserve it.

The two warm up in the ring awaiting the arrival of The Perfect Weapon.

Suddenly the lights turn off Cry Little Sister by Blutengel

♫A last fire will rise behind those eyes

Black house will rock, blind boys don't lie

Immortal fear, that voice so clear

Through broken walls, that scream I hear♫

A blinding light appears from the entrance way and two figures can be seen one tall and one small. The fans give off a mix reaction. The Judge has a microphone and quickly speaks into it

The Judge: Turn on the music!

The music continues to play, and now Crimson quickly moves his hand across his neck signalling them to turn his music off. They do it and turn the lights on as well. Crimson takes the microphone from The Judge. He looks toward her and removes her hat revealing her true identity. Judge has dreadlocks with half of them green and half purple, the fans finally get a look at the true identity of The Judge and cheer meanwhile she looks up at Crimson.

Crimson: Now Zolynadra I have one thing to say …...Release me!

Zoey nods her head, and Crimson repeats himself this time with a bit more tone in his voice.

Crimson: Release me!!

Zoey nods her head once more, and Crimson repeats himself this time with even more tone in his voice.

Crimson: Release me!!!

Zoey finally shakes her head and motions for him to bend down. She whispers something in his ear, and immediately CL’s eyes widen.

Crimson has a stone cold stare as he heads to the ring not taking his eyes off both Theo and Michael. He reaches the front of the ring and pulls himself up to the apron.

Roberts: and their opponent..from Chicago,Illinois weighing in at three hundred and forty- eight pounds….”The Perfect Weapon”..CRIM….

As CL steps over the top rope Theo and Byrd attack him before he can get his other leg over the rope. CL fully gets in the ring as the bell rings during mid assault. Byrd and Baylor grab each one of his arms and throw him off the ropes they wait for his return and look to try and hip toss him but CL blocks it, and in that split second he clotheslines Byrd and locks his hand around Baylor’s throat and chokeslams him to the mat.

He picks up Byrd and throw him halfway across the ring with the only thing stopping him is the corner turnbuckle! CL moves to Theo who has gotten to his feet. Grabs him and tosses him in the corner and unloads with a flurry of punches and forearms. Theo is hanging on by the top rope Crimson notices Byrd resting in the corner behind him he charges and body splashes Byrd in the corner! He turns around without hesitation and spears Theo in the corner!

The fans are on their feet as the monster that has resided within CL has emerged once more. Crimson pulls Theo out of the corner and lifts him up in a gorilla press and throws him over the top rope to the floor! Byrd tries to throw a few punches and CL just absorbs them! He drags Byrd to the ropes and with utter ease tosses him so high in the air he flies over the top rope and crashes into Baylor who was getting up.

CL looks out in the fans as they are still on their feet with half saying “Guilty” while the other half are saying “Innocent”. Crimson steps over the top rope and hops on the floor and grabs Michael by the hair and throws him with a vicious toss right into the steel steps! CL picks up Baylor and lifts him up on his shoulder and snake eyes him on the barricade!

CL not done with Theo picks him up and throws him back in the ring. He walks over to Byrd puts him back first against the post and does a knee lift into the gut of Byrd. He slouches over and CL without hesitation grabs the front of Byrd's head and whips the back of his head into the post! Byrd crumbles and it appears that blow has cut the back of his head! Byrd's hair starts to become drenched in blood.

CL picks him up and tosses him in the ring. As CL gets in the ring Theo drops a few elbows to try and keep Crimson down. CL quickly forces himself up to a vertical base as Theo tries with everything he has and now Crimson is absorbing the punches. He grabs the back of Theo’s head and slams his face into his knee!

Crimson looks at the carnage in the ring. The fans have not sat down and continue with dual chant verdicts. Zoey looks on with a smile on her face, she turns around facing the fans and starts waving her hands in the air as though she is directing a orchestra. Crimson continuing his assault stomps a few times on Baylor's head, before moving to Byrd whose hair has the same color style as Zoey’s now half red and half blonde.

CL throws Byrd off the ropes and gorilla presses him up into the air and catches him on his shoulders and falls backward into a samoan drop! He gets to a knee with his both his left hand and knee on the ma, he looks over at Baylor. Theo is on his feet now taunting CL to bring it. Crimson gets to his feet and the two have a stare off as Theo looks up at the incested Crimson.

Theo starts to throws a flurry of punches knocking the big man back and to the ropes. Theo tries to whip toss him across, CL reverse it but doesn’t let go of Theo’s arm and short arm clotheslines Baylor viciously to the mat! CL looks out into the fans as now Zoey is pointing to each side now making the sides shout louder for what result they want. Zoey points at the guilty crowd which roars in enjoyment. Crimson picks up Byrd and tosses him on his shoulders..


CL pushes Michael's legs upward forcing his body to move in a one hundred and eighty degree motion above his head. Just as Byrd's body is to the right side of CL, he turns into him and drops down in a version of Crimson’s Blood Lust! The fans on the Innocent side roar in cheers! Byrd lays on the mat not moving as Baylor has gotten up and Crimson not wanting to make him felt left out tosses him on his shoulders.


CL pushes Theo’s legs upward forcing his body to move in a one hundred and eighty degree motion above his head. Just as Baylor's body is to the right side of CL, he turns into him and drops down in a version of Crimson’s Blood Lust!

Crimson looks out onto the side of innocent and their ecstatic while the guilty side seems to have died down. Until Crimson points to their side and they erupt as Crimson looks down at Byrd and Baylor lying side by side.


The guilty side roars once more as they hear him shout their chant. Crimson sits both Byrd and Baylor up and locks in a DOUBLE DRAGON SLEEPER! Both men are barely conscious as the ref quickly calls for the bell. Crimson releases the submission lock on the two and stands up looking down on the two as the bell rings and Cry Little Sister by Blutengel plays.

Zoey walks up the steps and enters the ring and steps on top of Baylor to give CL a big hug, while CL has yet to take his glare from the two on the mat.

♫Cry, little sister - Thou shall not fall

Come to your brother - Thou shall not die

Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear

Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill♫

Blackfront: This is a side of Crimson we have not seen in a long time! He just completely decimated Michael Byrd and Theo Baylor my god!

The fans continue with their dual chants, while the camera pans on Crimson’s face sweat dripping from his face down on his two victims.

Ace: Listen to these idiots still chanting these verdict chants, such simple minded folk.

Blackfront: Crimson gets a little payback on them jumping him two weeks ago. If that wasn’t enough we FINALLY got a answer to who The Judge officially is and her name is Zolynadra, Tommy.

Ace: So what she still belongs in a nut house!

Blackfront: Well fans later tonight in our main event where Mikey’s Hollywood Bruv JFK otherwise known as Kendrix will take on Scott Stevens! This should be a good one Tommy, and hopefully we don’t see Mikey get involved like he did two weeks ago.

Ace: Hey, it's Mr. Unlikely! For the record Mr. Unlikely fined Kendrix for his actions. JFK said it himself he learned his lesson so stop trying to be some sort of conspiracy theorist!

Blackfront: You bought all that crap they put on display two weeks ago huh?  You just went on record to call these fans simple minded folk.

Ace: What is that suppose to mean!

Blackfront: Your a smart guy you figure it out.

Chris Ross Angry!!! Chris Ross Smash!!!

The scene turns to backstage leading down a hall of complete destruction…. Knocked out Workers, broken tables, an entire catering table thrown without regard… The camera follows from a distance behind an irate Chris Ross.

Ross: Oh I’m a loser?! I’M A LOSER?!

Ross yells as he slams his sledge hammer against a door putting a hole in it. The Keystone State Killa rips the hammer out of the door before he kicks it in. Paul Stewart stands by with his microphone.

Stewart: I am live backstage with what clearly is a very unhappy Chris Ross….

Ross walks by Stewart clearly in his own world.

Stewart: Ross! A quick word with you!

The Boss stops in his tracks and turns to Stewart just giving him a death stare.

Ross: Do I look as if I’m in the mood to talk to you?

Paul Stewart takes a deep breath.

Stewart: I just thought I’d ask about your thoughts about how your match went tonight.

Chris Ross stands there giving Stewart a blank look.

Ross: I really got half a mind to smash your skull in with this sledge hammer for asking such a stupid fucking question!

Stewart goes to say something but The Boss grabs the microphone.

Ross: No! You know what? Ok Sgt. Ass Crack! You want my thoughts on what happened there? I’ll fucking tell you! IT WAS BULL SHIT!!!!!!! Oh so Andy Murray is the fucking winner what because he had the peanut gallery with him? BIG FUCKING WHOOP!

Ross laughs clearly any sense of rationality is gone at this point.

Ross: You know what? Murray knows damn well he was done for… Never in a thousand years would he have beaten Chris Ross if it weren’t for those 2 clowns Impulse and his fruit cake of a girl friend Calico or whatever she calls herself!

The Keystone State Killa shakes his head clutching the hammer.

Ross: You know it! I know it! And everyone in this god damn arena knows it! I GOT SCREWED!!!!! Between having a referee should have disqualified Murray due to outside interference and the fact that the UTA’s security crew is a complete joke! It’s simple…. If this injustice isn’t solved then I will fucking sue someone! Whether it’s the referee, the head of security, or this god damn company altogether! I don’t care who it is…. Christopher J. Ross is not going to lay down and accept this!

At this point Stewart is cowering backing up as Ross is literally nose to nose with him.

Ross: Don’t like what I say then you can put money into my swear jar! The Boss has spoken!

Ross drops the microphone and storms over to the soda machine slamming his sledgehammer into it. Bottles of soda spill out of it. Ross grabs one going to open it when he looks at it.

Ross: D&G Cola!? The fuck is this shit?! God damnit I can’t even get a proper drink around here! I AM A GUARANTEED HALL OF FAMER! I DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!!

The scene cuts out as Ross continues his rampage backstage out of site.

Hightower vs Van Carver


Blackfront: David Hightower on the way to the ring, and the question on everyone’s mind, of course, is who will be his opponent?

Ace: Hahah! That’s right, bitches - Van Carver Bakercash Bro is outta here!

“Revolution” by SIRSY fills the arena and the fans rise in a wave.

Ace: Well, this is a little sad - I expected more from Mikey. Now he’s pullin’ people outta the crowd!

Blackfront: As you well know, Tommy - this man on the way to the ring is a former two-time World Champion, he goes by the name Impulse, and he’s one of the most accomplished mat wrestlers in the world today!

Ace: How’s that gonna work against a man like David Hightower? He’s got what looks like a full foot, and probably at least a hundred pounds on Impulse! This won’t be a match, it’ll be a massacre!

The bell rings, and the fans give both men a decent ovation: they appreciate Hightower’s take-no-prisoners style, and enough of them are familiar with Impulse’s body of work to know he’ll give them the best he can. Of course, some of the ‘smart’ fans in the crowd are also shouting at Impulse’s valet, Calico Rose, asking her to ‘blow it up,’ whatever that means.

Blackfront: Hightower with a clubbing forearm, he just knocked Impulse to the ropes! He pulls Impulse back to the middle of the ring!

Despite his previous match with his former mentor, David moves slowly, as if he believes himself in control already. This costs him, as he sends a whistling roundhouse punch towards Impulse’s face… that gets intercepted! Impulse grabs Hightower’s fist, uses the momentum to push his elbow with his other hand, and forces the big man to his knees!

Blackfront: Incredible counter by Impulse!

Ace: You’re this excited after one move? You need a hobby.

Impulse rolls over Hightower’s body, and locks on a reverse headlock, but the big man lifts him up, and starts to walk around the ring, looking for a place to deposit. Impulse cinches up on the headlock, but he clubs Hightower in the back between the shoulder blades once, twice, three times, and as the big man staggers, Impulse pushes off the middle rope and swings both men around with a tornado DDT! He covers! ONE… TWO… Hightower with a strong kickout!

Blackfront: Well?

Ace: ...Okay, that was decent.

Before Hightower can rise too far, Impulse is back on him with a modified full nelson - modified because he has his knee in his opponent’s back. Pain is etched on Hightower’s face, but Impulse - his balance off because he’s on one foot, and unable to fully lock on the hold because his knee is in the way - is unable to stop Hightower from grabbing him by the unclasped wrists and wrenching the hold open! He flips Impulse over his head and drops him, back - first on the mat, though Impulse’s knee clips his head as he goes! Hightower doesn’t look like he notices.

Impulse is pulled back to his feet by the neck, where he is unceremoniously shoved into the corner, and whipped across the ring so hard that he stumbles, skids on his knees, and lands with his head on the middle turnbuckle! Hightower with a running charge, and he sandwiches Impulse’s head between his knee and the turnbuckle pad!

Ace: You were saying?

Blackfront: I never denied the power of David Hightower.

Hightower lifts him again, and drops him to the mat with a hard chokeslam! Cover! ONE… TWO… Kickout by Impulse! Hightower lifts him again into a bear hug, his hands locked right on Impulse’s spine as he’s easily able to get his massive arms around the slight Impulse’s body. He walks him around the ring as Impulse twists and turns in all directions, trying to find an escape, all the while the fans are cheering!


At that moment, Hightower runs Impulse into the corner, back first! He lets go of his hold at just the right moment, and uses his own weight and momentum to add to the impact. Impulse slumps in the corner, holding himself up on the top rope, but a close up shows his face twisted in pain as he’s trying to take a breath.

Underneath, Calico Rose is animatedly talking to him to get his mind back in the match, though he looks like he just needs a second. Unfortunately, Hightower does not give him that time - he steps next to Impulse and yells at Cally to shut her mouth and back up, to a huge chorus of boos. He reaches for Impulse’s head - and Impulse drives a shoulder into Hightower’s gut!

Blackfront: That mistake could cost David Hightower the match!

Ace: It could, but probably not.

Tommy is likely correct: the shoulder staggered Hightower back a few steps, but Impulse drops to his knee afterwards, unable to follow up. David recovers his breath after just a second, and he pulls Impulse to the middle of the ring and sets him up… and a powerbomb!

Blackfront: Impulse with an elbow to the face! Another! A third!

He manages to loosen Hightower’s grip, and a fourth elbow to the face drops him back a step! On unsteady shoulders, Impulse readjusts his center of gravity and he bends backward, dropping Hightower on his head with a headscissors takedown to a huge cheer from the fans!

Ace: So we had one guy up, and now we have no guys up. This is not an improvement.

David Hightower rolls to his knees, and he puts a hand to his head in pain, while Impulse kips up to another huge pop, which only quiets the slightest bit when he falls backwards into the top rope - he holds on, but he also plants his feet to measure Hightower.

Hightower climbs back up to his feet, and he turns towards Impulse…

Ace: What’s Chris Ross doing out here!

Blackfront: What? SUPERKICK! Impulse just drove his boot into David Hightower’s chin with that superkick that I’m being told he calls ‘Sudden Impact!’

The referee watches Hightower go down, just long enough to miss Impulse regaining his footing after delivering the kick, Chris “The Boss” Ross sprinting down to ringside with what looks like a metal pipe in his hands, and with a CLANG~~~~! He levels Impulse, who falls backwards!

Ace: That’s what he gets for interrupting another match!

Blackfront: Impulse didn’t interrupt anything! Chris Ross escapes through the crowd, and the referee is counting! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!

Fans are trying to stop Ross, to try and pull him back to the ringside area so the referee can see what he did, but Ross shoves a few, hits a few, and manages to escape. Cally is on the apron, trying to tell the referee what happened, but he tells her to get down.

All the while, David Hightower recovers enough of his senses to roll to his stomach, crawl a foot and a half, and drape an arm across his opponent’s chest.

Blackfront: This is a travesty! Referee down, ONE… TWO… THREE!

As the bell rings, Cally immediately slides under the bottom rope to check on Impulse, as David Hightower, still dazed, has his hand raised.

Ace: Just goes to show, you can prepare all you want, but you’re never really ready for the power of Harrisburg.

Blackfront: Give me a break, Tommy! Chris Ross had no business out here, and he just robbed Impulse of the semi - finals!

Ace: Are you really implying that David Hightower couldn’t have done it?

Blackfront: We’ll never know, Tommy! For now, though - David Hightower moves on, and Impulse, we hope he’ll be okay, but you can bet he’ll be looking for Chris Ross!

Unlikely Survivors

Back in the office of Mikey Unlikely we see him staring at the big screen TV on the wall. He smiles and nods at the scene of David Hightower with his hand raise.

Unlikely: Finally!

He fist pumps talking to no one but himself.

Unlikely: After Murray and Will Hayyyyyyynes, Hightower get's to move on against one of these guys!

A confidence smile crosses his face. His phone rings once again.

Unlikely: JFK and Scott Stevens up next, then we have our final four. Once we get that far...we can start taking care of... other business...

He reaches for the phone and as the image zooms out a bit we see a new WrestleUTA Legacy Championship in a display case on his desk. The fans cheer at the title while Mikey's eyes go wide at the caller ID and he accepts the call.

Unlikely: HEYYYYYYY!!... What!?... You finally ready!? Couple weeks!? YUSS AWESOME! My people will get in touch with your people and we can get that paperwork rolling. All right! See you then!

Mikey sits back down obvisouly excited. He turns his attention back to the TV and turns the volume up for his Bruvs match as the scene fades away.

Kendrix v Scott Stevens

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The opening guitar riffs and Hellraiser by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens made it into the second round by seeing off the former UTA Women’s Champion, MVC. But how will he fair against, despite their protestations, Mikey Unlikely’s clear favourite in Kendrix to win the WreslteUTA World Title.

Ace: What?! Mikey Unlikely doesn’t have favourites! You saw him fine Kendrix last week!

Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring first…

The cheers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas.

Roberts: The former UTA Wildfire Champion…

Walking down the aisle, Stevens smiles and plays to the crowd, who have a mixed reaction for the man.

Roberts: Standing at 6’6”, and weighing in at 256lbs…

As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and waits for his opponent


An icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions.

Blackfront: Stevens has been a champion everywhere he’s been, a win here puts him one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming WrestleUTA World Champion.

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫

The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view with his back facing the ring wearing the latest #JFK t-shirt and trademark JFK green and gold ring tights with green boots.

Ace: Here we go Jason, business has picked up!

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace he rotates his neck twice to stretch it out before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting his Armani sponsored Bug Eye shades as well as a smug smirk on his face.

Blackfront: There he is ladies and gents, the self proclaimed Future of this company, Mikey Unlikely’s bestest buddy in the whole word…

Ace: What are you insinuating here, Jason?

Blackfront: Those are Kendrix’s words, Tommy!

Roberts: And his opponent. Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England. Weighing in at 218lbs…

Having made his way to the ring, Kendrix tells the ref to keep Stevens in his corner before hopping onto the second turnbuckle, furthest from the ramp.


Having bumped his fist to his chest before holding his arms out wide by his side Kendrix twists around down to the mat, hopping from one foot to the other, meeting his opponent in the middle of the ring, smirking right in front him, but Stevens doesn’t move an inch. The ref breaks up the pair, who trade verbals with each other, before signaling for the bell.

Ding Ding Ding

Both men circle each other before going in for the tie up. Kendrix grabbing Stevens in a headlock before the latter shoves JFK towards the ropes. Back JFK comes, ducking the clothesline attempt from Stevens through the other side and back, hopping over the grounded Stevens to the other side. Stevens hunches his body over, looking for the up and over but Kendrix stops short and delivers a kick to the gut. Lifting Stevens torso back upright Jesse delivers knife edge chops to the chest...


...forcing the 2nd generation star back to the ropes before Irish whipping him to the other side. Kendrix swings at the return but Stevens maneuvers himself well, ducking the attempt and simultaneously hitting Kendrix with a neck breaker.

Stevens takes a moment to regain his composure before making his way over to the downed Kendrix and begins raining down right hands. Kendrix tries to avoid the punishment but the Texan continues the barrage. JFK is stunned with a sudden left hand before Scott hauls him up to his feet by the throat. A devilish smile forms across Stevens’ face before sending Kendrix overhead with a suplex. Stevens doesn’t allow JFK to catch his bearings, as soon as he sits up he’s immediately knocked back onto the mat from a running dropkick. Stevens continues his attack with a jumping knee onto the chest of Kendrix using his metal knee brace to add the exclamation point as Kendrix grasps for air. Stevens hears the roar of the crowd and yells it’s over as he places Kendrix between his legs looking for his patent Spike Piledriver.

Kendrix pushes Stevens back and rolls out of the ring in desperation, bringing a halt to the larger Stevens’ dominance so far, and signaling back at the Ref for a time out. As the count begins, Kendrix is hot on his heels as The Scorpion exits the ring and gives chase. JFK rolls back in the ring on the opposite side and clobbers Stevens’ on the back of the head upon his return. Further knee drops to the back of the head by Kendrix as Stevens covers up into a seated position in the corner, unfortunately for him he’s met by a barrage of stomps to the gut by Jesse, who delivers a disrespectful slap to the face.

Kendrix: GO AWAY STEVENS!!!!

Making his way to the opposite turnbuckle, Kendrix runs towards his seated foe looking to hit his knee to Stevens’ temple but Scott manages to drop toe hold Kendrix face first into the bottom turnbuckle.

Stevens sees his opportunity, runs the ropes and delivers Don’t Mess With Texas to the back of Kendrix’s head. Turns Jesse over Stevens stomps a mud hole into his chest, lifts Kendrix up and begins to light his chest up like a Christmas tree with a series of chops.


Stevens whips Kendrix across the ring delivering a Texas size lariat in the corner. The onslaught forces Kendrix into a seated position in the corner, trying to figure out the license of the truck that hit him. The Scorpion stalks his prey waiting to inject his venomous sting as Kendrix slowly stumbles out of the corner but the bruv is able to avoid it with a simple rake of the eyes.

Kendrix not only gets himself a stern telling off by the Ref, but more importantly, time...to deliver a back elbow to Stevens’ jaw. JFK follows his Irish whip to the opposite turnbuckle, seeing Stevens bounce back off it hard, he bounces off the ropes delivering a bulldog, planting Scott’s face straight into the matt, simultaneously locking in the Kendrix Kross! The ref joins the two on the deck, asking Stevens if he’s had enough. The Scorpion raises his hand, drops it slightly, but holds on. Kendrix arches the crossface back further but the heavier Stevens manages to drag himself closer to the ropes on one hand! He reaches out but misses the bottom rope. He raises it again, the ref asks him once more but with one final push he makes the bottom rope!

Kendrix holds on until the count of four before breaking the hold and is straight into the ref’s face, walking him over to the corner, certain that he made his opponent tap but the ref stands up for himself shoving Kendrix away and pointing to his WrestleUTA ref’s badge. Jesse looks like he’s about to take a swing but manages to keep his composure, however, by the time he turns his attention back around, his launches himself up and delivers the TOXIC STING OUTTA NOWHERE!

Kendrix is out for the count but so is an exhausted Stevens, both men side by side with their backs on the mat. The ref begins his count but first signs of life are from Stevens who manages to roll an arm across JFK’s chest.





Kendrix got the shoulder up just in time. Stevens looks up at the Ref with a look of disbelief in his eyes. The Ref points two fingers back at him before arching his thumb and index finger within touching distance, signifying how close it was. Stevens sits up and shakes his head back at the ref as Kendrix crawls to the corner. The crowd is right behind The Scorpion here as he looks out to them, clenching his fists by his side and pumping them outwards, the intent in his eyes returns. Up to his feet, he charges at Kendrix, but JFK sidesteps him and uses Scott’s own momentum to guide him shoulder first into the unforgiving ringpost. Stevens staggers out of the corner clutching his shoulder and straight into the BELLEND!

JFK hooks the leg,


Blackfront: Kendrix’s feet are on the ropes!


Ace: Ref hasn’t seen it!



♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫

Roberts: The winner of this match by pinfall...JAAAYYY EFFFF KAAYYYY….KEEEENNNDDDRRIIIXXXX!!!!

Ace: YUUUSSSSSSSS!!!! Oh Happy Day!!!

Blackfront: That’s all we’ve got time for tonight on Hulu. Kendrix advances to the Semi-Finals of the tournament but he does so, once again, in controversial circumstances.

Kendrix sits on the mat, looking up at the Ref and out at the crowd, affording himself a chuckle, before the picture fades out on him with a huge grin on his face.

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