WrestleUTA on Hulu S1 E6

19 Oct 2016

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)



The words “Two weeks ago” appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
Ron in the ring has had enough.

Hall: OK, Ok, I see where this is going, let’s just cut to the chase. You can’t go tonight? Fine. No problem.

Mikey and Kendrix do another fist bump, this time they feign having issue pulling their fists apart. Finally they break free and yell out “GLUEFIST”.

Hall: But that doesn’t mean your partner can’t compete!

The fans erupt into a frenzy.

Hall: So tonight...Kendrix will take on John Sektor one on one. Sean Jackson will be ringside as a special enforcer. Just to keep things on an even keel.

Kendrix and Mikey on the stage get very angry very fast.

Unlikely: You don’t know what you’ve done to yourself. Things are going to change around here real fast Ron, you wait.


Someone near the glass moves and we get a glimpse of someone signing a document at the table, but the view of who the person is is blocked.

Blackfront: Could this be regarding all the rumors swirling about WrestleUTA!?


Blackfront: Calm down Tommy.

The pages flip, and another signature. This repeats for a few seconds , finally the man brings his other hand over to stack the documents and that’s when we see the cast.

The man in front of the glass moves completely as everyone stands up. That’s when it becomes clear (If it wasn’t obvious already) that the signature belonged to that of Mikey Unlikely.

He shakes the hand of all the men across the table from his side, and smiles widely.


Voice: What the hell guys, I’m a wrestler! I am supposed to be here! Where the fuck is MARSHALL!?

It’s the former three time UTA Heavyweight Champion: Sean Jackson.

Police Officer: Sir, we have a report that you are not authorized to be here, in fact we were told you were trespassing. So unless you have a ticket, you will have to leave the premises immediately.

Jackson: reported by whom? Ron Hall? He will tell you I’m supposed to be here.

They duck his head into the backseat of the SUV.

Police Officer: No sir, Someone higher up, the owner of the company.

Sean gets a very confused look on his face.

Jackson: There must be some mistake!?


Police Officer: They all think its some “Big Mistake”


Mikey Unlikely, the UTA Champion pulling Sektor’s foot off of Kendrix and breaking the pin up. Sektor is absolutely furious as Kendrix is just catching his surroundings while latching his hand onto the ref’s pant leg, gaining his attention.

Blackfront: No...don’t fall for it, damn it! It’s a trap, John!

Sektor rolls out of the ring as the referee tends to Kendrix who keeps turning so the action is all to the referee’s back. As Sektor closes in on Mikey, the UTA Champion ducks behind the steel steps and waits to pounce on his prey. The Gold Standard whips the corner and in a fraction of a second...BAM!

Blackfront: OH MY GOD!...The cast, Tommy….the cast just EXPLODED OVER THE HEAD OF JOHN SEKTOR!!!

The Wrestlezone explodes in boo’s as the commentary tries to talk over it.

Ace: I told you it wasn’t fake!

Blackfront: That’s...uh...well...no...his arm isn’t..

Mikey Money quickly grabs Sektor and rolls him into the ring while the ref still has his back turned. Kendrix dives in, still dazed and hooks the leg yelling for the pin. The head referee just looks at Mikey questioning what happened. The UTA Champ replies “He passed out, count the damn pin!”

Ace: Yes!

Blackfront: What a load of...ugh...one...two..three.

The bell rings as Mikey grabs his hurt arm raising it up high the same time Kendrix throws both his arms up staggering up to his feet.


Ace: That’s YOUR UTA Heavyweight Champion Jason! That’s the man everyone in the industry is gunning for! That is the man who represents UTA with dignity and respeck everywhere he goes.

Blackfront: Do you actually believe the words you say, or do you just spit out whatever comes across your head?

Ace: Yes! Of course!

Kendrix joins Mikey, as they stand,  Unlikely bends over and lays the UTA Title down on the mat, smiles, smacks it, and exits the ring with his Bruv. The UTA Heavyweight Championship remains.

Ace: WHAT THE HELL!?  Mikey, what are you doing!? You forgot your belt!

Blackfront: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m not sure why, but Mikey Unlikely just left the UTA Heavyweight Championship lying in the center of the ring and walked out…


A Shift In Momentum


The camera continues to scan the audience before moving down and landing on our faithful commentators.

Blackfront: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another exciting edition of WrestleUTA on Hulu! I'm Jason Blackfront and with me as always is the one and only Tommy Ace.

Ace: That's right. We're here again for another huge show Jason and I am excited!

Blackfront: There's a lot to be excited about Tommy. Even more so, so many questions to be answered! There has been a lot of odd goings on around here recently.

Ace: On top of that, we have yet another week of brand new superstars debuting right here tonight, and mystery opponents!

Blackfront: It's the promotion all superstars want to work for and all of the dirt sheets call number one.. this is the United Toughness Alliance and tonight may be bigger than any prior.

Ace: I can't wait!

Blackfront: Then lets get the party sta…

“Blunt Blowin” by Lil Wayne hits the Loudspeakers and the fans begin to boo.

Blackfront: Another show starting off with this guy?

Ace: YES! We’re so lucky Jason! Why wait!? Mikey is an important guy!

A long red carpet unrolls from the entrance way and extends down the ramp.  A single spotlight hits the stage.

Ace: Oh my god he’s here!

Blackfront: Lance Mikes!?

Ace: No, you idiot! Mikey!!!

The self proclaimed “World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer” comes through the curtain and the volume on the audience picks up. Right beside Mikey is his best friend and fellow “Hollywood Bruv” Jesse Frederick Kendrix. Both men wear suits and sunglasses. Mikey in his signature aviators, and JFK in his also signature Armani Bug Eye shades.  At the top of the ramp they stop and smile, and allow the fans to take pictures.

The lights slowly come back up as they come down the ramp. A black box appears on the screen, and we see the names of the two. “Mikey Unlikely and Kendrix”.

Ace: The Hollywood Bruvs are livvvvveeeee!

The pair get to the ring and slowly make a scene about climbing the stairs and stepping inside.

The lights come up, the spotlight disappears, and the music slows as Kendrix grabs the mic from ring announcer Jeremy Roberts!

Kendrix: Listen, Yeah!?


He smiles and waits.

Kendrix: I SAID…. LISTEN, YEAH!? You people here in Orlando are pretty shitty listeners, aye!?


Kendrix: If you people would shut up for a moment, I would like to introduce you to the MAIN MAN, in WrestleUTA! The World’s Greatest Sports Entertainer! The FORMER WrestleUTA Heavyweight CHampion!


Blackfront: What!?

JFK lets that sink in before…

Kendrix: My best Bruv and yours! Mikeyyyyyyy UNNNNNLIKKKKEEEELLLLYYYYYYY!!!!

He smiles and claps while the Wrestleplex rains the dreaded Boo on Mikey now. Unlikely takes the mic from his tag team partner. He takes off his sunglasses and begins to speak, but before he can the crowd greets him loudly.


Finally he gets the chance to speak.

Unlikely: Thank you Orlando for that warm, warm welcome! I am here for a very very special occasion, and I am sooooo happy that each and every one of you, got up this morning, left your upside down trailer from Hurricane Matthew, and paid for these fine, expensive seats, to see the WORLDS best wrestling and entertainment here on WrestleUTA on Hulu!

Blackfront: Well that was convoluted…

Ace: Shhhhhh.

Unlikely: These last 5 years, have been the greatest of my career!... In fact, that emcompasses my entire Career!

He and JFK laugh loudly away from the microphone.

Unlikely: I went from rap superstar, to professional wrestler, to Sports Entertainer, to Movie star, and now TV star! My God, am I talented or what!?


Ace: He sure is Jason!

Unlikely: All of that has been an amazing ride! And even when I was doing all of that, Even when I was recording a major Hollywood blockbuster, Even when I was rapping in the studio with famous muscians, Even when I was hurt! Only one thing was in my heart!

Blackfront: Wrestling!

Unlikely: MONEY!!!!!!!

The fans once again let him have it.

Blackfront: You’ve got to be kidding me…

Kendrix: WOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh Lord!

Mikey smiles and looks around at all the fans.

Unlikely: Finally I have reached a level to where no one can touch me, I saved and saved and saved, ALLLLLLL that Mikey Money, and then when I finally had enough I saved some more!!!!

Ace: What a financially responsibile guy!

Unlikely: and that is why, I am making this announcement! Ladies and gentlemen, I , Mister MIkey Unlikely, do hereby RETIRE from WrestleUTA action!


The place explodes at this announcement.

Ace & Blackfront: WHAT!?

Unlikely circles the ring, and pretends to wipe a tear from his eye. Kendrix begins clapping loudly over his head, trying to start a slow clap unsuccesfully.

Ace: What are we going to do Jason!?

Blackfront: Wel..


Unlikely: Yes, it’s true. I’ve decided to give up my WrestleUTA Heavyweight Title… Well, in reality it’s above my fireplace in a display.. And hang up the preverbial boots, at the ripe old age of 28 years old! These knees won’t last forever you know…

YOU’RE A PUSSY! Clap, Clap, Clapclapclap
YOU’RE A PUSSY! Clap, Clap, Clapclapclap
YOU’RE A PUSSY! Clap, Clap, Clapclapclap

Unlikely: Now, now! I do not want you to worry your little hearts! Mikey is going nowhere! I will still be out here, each and every week, enjoying the same great WrestleUTA action we are all used to!

Ace: Please don’t go Mikey!

Unlikely: But that leads me to my second announcement!

Ace: Ohhhh, I don’t know if my heart can handle another one.

Kendrix tries to calm everyone down from inside the ring with his hand motions.

Unlikely: Hold onto your pants folks, cause this one is a doozy. Once again, I, Mister Mikey Unlikely, have PURCHASED WRESTLEUTA!!!!!!


Ace: YUS!!!

Blackfront: NO!!! Folks we heard the rumors for MONTHS! Who owns UTA!? Well now it seems that man is Mikey Unlikely the former Wrestle UTA Heavyweight Champion, Dynasty member,  and WTFC member, who owns this company!

Unlikely: Exactly ONE WEEK AGO, here on HULU, you all saw me sign a document, that document was the purchase of this fine company! Let the Mikey era begin!

The fans boo, as they have been booing, since its been cool to boo MIkey.

Unlikely: NOW! To settle a little business!!!!! IF I CAN!!!!


Unlikely: We will once again hold a tournament for the vacant WrestleUTA championship! As a matter of fact it’s this championship…

Mikey unbuttons his suit jacket and reveals he is wearing the former WrestleUTA championship, the one recently worn around by Sean Jackson.

Unlikely: Unfortunately Sean Jackson was… busy last week… and he left this in the locker room, so I went ahead and repossesed it on behalf of WrestleUTA enterprises! This title will be on the line in the very first WRESTLEUTA Sink or Swim World Title Tournament, also known as, the WUTASOSWTT to save time!

Blackfront: I’m not sure that saved a second…

Unlikely: TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY, the tournament will kick off right here on WRESTLUEUTA on Hulu, and will proceed on Hulu until its conclusion LIVE on PAYPERVIEW!!!! Sixteen of your favorite UTA Superstars! Round one is going to be a big folks, you won't want to miss this, because every "superstar" who loses in round one, will be released from their respective UTA contracts, while the winners move on to the next round!

Blackfront: WOAH!

Ace: YUS! What a turn of events Jason! Mikey went from retired to owner in no time!

Blackfront: He was the owner last week Tommy….


The scene fades as Mikey and Kendrix head back to the locker room as “Blunt Blowin” by Lil Wayne hits the loudspeakers.

Chris Ross vs El Dragon Rojo


(Cut to ringside)

We come back from commercial break and find ElDragon Rojo already standing in the ring, awaiting his opponent.

Ace: Last time we saw this guy, he was getting slaughtered by David Hightower. I’m surprised to see him back in WrestleUTA.

Blackfront: Well tonight, he takes on another newcomer! Hopefully his luck will change against this next wrestler.

Badlands by Mayday begins to play over the loudspeakers as Chris Ross walks out to a chorus of boos with a microphone in his hand. He looks around with a disgusted look on his face.

Ross: Cut the music!!!!!

Chris makes a cut motion across his neck quickly as the sound fades.

Ross: Really?! No pyros?! No red carpet?! THIS IS HOW YOU DEBUT THE BEST THING TO COME OUT OF HARRISBURG?! Who do all of you think I am?!

The Boss motions over to one of the camera men to come over. Ross looks into the camera.

Ross: Look at me! Do I look like a typical scrub like the rest of these superstars! Look at me man!

The Keystone State Killa rolls up his sleeve.

Ross: Look at main gun number 1! BOOM!

Followed up by flexing his other arm.

Ross: Main gun number 2! BOOM! And that’s not all I got to offer! Point that camera down here!

The camera starts to drift down.

Ross: No no no no no! NOT THAT FAR!!!! Sorry ladies I know you’d love to see the bazooka I’m packing but I don’t think Hulu would accept that!

Ross casually starts to walk to the ring looking at the fans.

Ross: If anyone wants an autograph that’ll be 100 dollars! No, I don’t accept Mikey Money! No I don’t come cheap! Hey I’m high in demand! It’s not my fault I am this talented!

The Boss walks down the ramp and slides into the ring sliding off his shades.

Ross: And Jeremy Roberts, let me save you the trouble brother, cause can’t nobody but The Boss, introduce Chris Ross!

He clears his throat.

Ross: Ladies and gentlemen for those of you who don’t know who I am you are in for a treat! Tonight the honor bestowed upon each and every one of you is viewing the best thing to come out of Harrisburg. Everyone wants to go ZOMG LANCE MIKES IS HERE?!?! No no no no…. The real talent is yours truly! I am that guy who can ride an elevator with a claustrophobic serial killer! I am that guy who can go fly fishing with a toothpick for killer whales! I am that guy who crossed the Sahara Desert on a unicycle with a flat tire!

Blackfront: Is this guy serious?!

Ace: Those are some pretty impressive accomplishments.

The Boss clears his throat again as the fans at this point are booing so loud it’s almost deafening.

Ross: Your cheers are highly appreciated! It means a lot to me! But yes. Where was I? Oh yes as I was saying I am that guy who who won a medievil sword fight with a swiss army knife! And most of all I am that guy who is reppin the 717! Reppin HBG! And I am The Keystone State Killa who walks loud and doesn’t need a stick to kick your ass! I am CHRIS “THE BOSS” ROSS!!!! DON’T YOU FORGET IT!!!!


Ross laughs as the fans boos are so loud it sounds like thunder dome in the arena.


He tosses the microphone at Robert’s feet casually.

Blackfront: Well like em or hate em, Chris Ross is here folks. Is this what the Mikey era is bringing us!?

Ace: Ha! I love it!

In the ring, the announcer has regained his composure.

Roberts: And his opponent, from Mexico City, Mexicooo… He weighs in at two hundred and two pounds.

Jeremy Roberts motions with his free hand to the corner.

Roberts: Ellll Dragggoooooooooonnnnnnn Rojooooooo

Ross lets out a long drawn out yawn as his opponent’s name is announced. Dragon lifts his arms in the corner to the cheers that come smattered throughout the Wrestlezone.

The referee checks to see if the two men are ready, and motions for the bell.

Blackfront: And here we go!

Ace: I am highly interested to see what Ross can do. He may have a big mouth but can he back it up?

The two men meet in the center of the ring and Ross wastes no time talking trash to Rojo’s face.

Ding, ding, ding.

The two wrestlers circle one another in the ring. Rojo locks up with Ross and he immediately shoves Rojo across the ring like a rag doll. Dragon rolls off his back to his knees, rubbing the back of his neck while watching Ross smile across the ring. Cautiously he gets back to his feet, and one again walks toward “The Boss”.

Blackfront: Again the Mexican luchadore goes at the larger competitor.

Ace: This already is feeling like deja vu of when he faced Hightower!

Blackfront: He goes in for a locku...no! He switches to a single leg takedown and surpises Ross, who falls to the mat face first, Dragon hops overtop and locks in a side headlock. Ross stands up without issue, under the weight of El Dragon Rojo. He lifts the luchadore off his feet, walks towads the corner, sets his feet and back suplexes Dragon HARD!

Ace: Oh shit!

Blackfront: Quite a suplex by the debuting Chris Ross.

Ace: He still has him!!!

Ross still keeping his hands clasped stands up again and tucks his arms under his opponent’s armpits and leans back slamming the luchadore hard with a dragon suplex.

Ace: Good god!!!

Blackfront: Ross is just taking full control of El Dragon Rojo! Ross still keeping his hands clasped stands up again and wraps his arms around Rojo’s waist and letting out a roar he throws his opponent behind him with a release german suplex.

Ace: Ross with the pin!



Blackfront: And a kickout by El Dragon Rojo!

Ross picks Dragon up by his mask and tucks him under his legs.

Ace: He looking for a piledriver here?

Chris picks him up all the way to his shoulders with a powerbomb attempt. Dragon clasps his legs and swings through with a hurricanrana, as the fans in the Wrestlezone get loud for their guy. They are shut up right away, as Chris Ross rolls through the hurricanrana to his feet, turned and delivers a hellacious lariat that drops Dragon to the mat quickly. There is an audible “oooohhhh” from the audience.

Blackfront: Good god! El Dragon Rojo may be out cold from that shot!

Ace: Ross isn’t even done!

Clearly full of rage The suplex machine grabs El Dragon Rojo by the mask and pulls him to his feet. He wraps his arms around the luchadore’s body and slams him down with a bone crunching belly to belly suplex.

Ace: And another suplex! This man is a walking encyclopedia of suplexes!

Blackfront: Ross may have a big mouth but he has shown to be quite the athlete thus far!

The Boss still with his arms clasped around El Dragon Rojo hoists his opponent up and casually throws his opponent over his shoulders with an over head belly to belly suplex. Rojo’s body crashed right into the corner folded up like an accordian.

Blackfront: Oh for the love of god!!!!

Ace: Someone call coroner’s office. This one surely is done….

Ross stands there laughing before he slides out of the ring and walks over grabbing a microphone and sliding into the ring.

Blackfront: What in the world is Ross doing?! He’s not even trying to pin the guy.

Chris raises the microphone to his lips.

Ross: Come on Rojo! Is that really the best you can do?! I didn’t come here to beat up some clown named after a salsa I can get at the local Target shopping center!

The Boss walks over helping Rojo to his feet.

Ross: Come on! I didn’t dump you on your head that hard!!! You’re fine!!! Walk it off…… PSYCH!!!!!!

The Keystone State Killa suddenly drops the microphone and runs bouncing off the ropes and nails El Dragon Rojo right in the back of the head with a punch that lets out an audible crack as it lands.

Blackfront: Is that even legal?! What kind of dirty tactic is that?!

Ace: I don’t know but I like it!

The Boss laughs as he hoists Rojo to his knees. He holds out the luchadore’s arms and presses his foot against the back of his head. Ross points to the camera and takes in the moment like he just wants everyone to take a picture before the fans let out a loud scream of horror as the Harrisburg native slams El Dragon Rojo face first into the mat with a curbstomp.


Ace: I believe he calls that Welcome To Harrisburg…. If that’s what Harrisburg is like I’m scratching it off of my places to visit!

Ross rolls El Dragon Rojo over and casually places a foot on his chest not even bothering to go for an actual cover.




The ref calls for the bell as the Keystone State Killa grabs the microphone.

Ross: Sit down Roberts! Do I even need to announce who won this match? Yeah you know who won this match! That’s right! Welcome to Harrisburg UTA! 717! HBG REPRESENT! The Boss has spoken! Now someone get me a slice of pizza and a diet cola! I just curbstomped this piece of trash into next week!

The Boss drops the mic and rolls out of the ring as “Badlands” by MAYDAY plays over the loudspeakers. El Dragon Rojo is attended to by the referees.

Ace: I like this guy, we share the same love of talking.

Blackfront: I’d say! Well ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Ross is here in WrestleUTA.




We cut to backstage where we see a long pair of slender legs. As the camera moves up we see a very tight young business woman, speaking with someone. Suddenly she reaches back, smacks someone loudly and walks off in a huff. The scene now pans out and its revealed that the slapped in question was none other than Beautiful Bobby Dean!

The fans in the arena cheer!

He rubs his face gingerly. 


At the sound of his pet name, Bobby Dean turns and smiles wide. He then see's where the name came from and grimaces a bit.

Dean: Hey Mikey.

The new owner of WrestleUTA is still in his suit, he strides over and give an awkward hug to the big man.

Dean: Congrats on the big news! Owner! That's huge!

The World's Greatest Sports Entertainer leans back and laughs, JFK next to him does the same.

Unlikely: Thanks buddy! Did you hear about the big tournament? 

With a nod Dean acknowledges Mikey while looking at the ground.

Unlikely: Don't worry, you won't be in it! 

Dean perks up again! Obviously glad he doesnt have to fight for his job on the next episode.

Unlikely: In fact, I felt so bad for excluding you, I went ahead and booked you in a match right here tonight!

The fans in the arena cheer loudly, Bobby looks quizzically at his ex best friend. 

Unlikely: IN THE MAIN EVENT! You've always been a main eventer in my heart Bobby!

Mikey puts both his hands on his heart, and waits for the thank you from Bobby, while he get's excited he's waiting for the catch.

Unlikely: We did so well in WTFC, I think it's finally time for you to get the spotlight Bruv, now that I'm out of the way. So tonight you are being CATAPAULTED to the MAIN EVENT!!!

Kendrix echoes the "MAIN EVENT!" and adds "Bay bay!" and slaps Bobby on the back with a smile.

Bobby Dean seems to relax... Mikey and JFK start to head off.

Unlikely: Oh and Bobby, I believe in you buddy! I know you are just going to wipe the floor with the Undefeated, brutal, bloody David Hightower! If anyone can stop him, it's you buddy!

Dean's eyes go wide, and his jaw drops. He goes running after Mikey as the scene fades away with his rolls moving and shaking with every step. 



WrestleUTA Women's Title Match
Brandy Sutton vs Marie Van Claudio (C)


Suddenly the lights go out in the arena and turn a shade of blood red as Out of My Way by Seether begins to play over the loudspeakers.

Roberts: The following match is scheduler for one fall and is for the WRESTLEUTA WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Brandy Sutton appears at the top of the ramp, big smile on her face.

Blackfront: This match was made on the last WrestleUTA on Hulu, when MVC challenged Sutton!

Ace: What kinda champions just GIVE away title shots?

Blackfront: Hey now!

Roberts: Making her way from Wilmington, North Carolina…. THIS IS BRANDDDDYYYYYYY SUTTTTTTOOOONNNNNNNNN

Soaking in the environment Brandy looks up and throws a punch in the air before starting to walk to the ring. She high fives some fans on the way down, and rolls into the ring with energy.

Love Made Me by Vixen plays as the fans are cheering

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she sees the fans looking at her and clapping. She begins to walk down the ramp with everyone clapping.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio getting a great reaction here in the Wrestlezone. The WrestleUTA Women's champion, defending her title tonight!

Roberts: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone looking at her as Marie walks right in the ring before looking at the referee

Roberts: Standing at 5’7 and weighing in at 127 pounds...

Marie looks at the referee and before getting on the bottom rope and bounces on it before getting off.


Moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing.

Blackfront: What do you think of this one Tommy?

Ace: I hope we get a new champion here tonight! I'm tired of seeing that smiling face every week, now the rest of her... I don't mind watching that. 

Blackfront: These two women look ready tonight.

Brandy Sutton yells out to the crowd as Marie Van Claudio runs, throwing her forearm into the back of Sutton, sending her to a knee as the bell rings.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio not waiting for the bell to start this one.

Ace: Just like all women. You can't be friends for more than two seconds before something happens and you're clawing each other's eyes out, let alone when a title is on the line.

Marie grabs the head of Brandy Sutton pulling her up a bit, before slamming her face first into the canvas.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio has said she will be putting Brandy Sutton in her place tonight and will make her take it to the limit.

Marie drops to her knees, grabbing the side of the head of Brandy Sutton as she begins to slam the back of it repeatedly into the canvas.

Ace: Well she’s gonna need to push it to the limit if she wants to retain her shitty little belt.

As Marie stands up, Brandy rolls over toward the ropes. MVC grabs the top rope and places her foot into the back of the neck of Brandy Sutton, pressing it as the referee starts to count her.

Blackfront: Relax, bud. Marie Van Claudio without remorse here, breaking away before she can be counted out.

Ace: She was here before Brandy, but since, she feels like some of her shine has been taken away. Tonight she wants to change that perspective by retaining her belt.

Brandy rolls over, the back of her neck now hanging over the ropes as she sits. Marie Van Claudio comes back in, this time sitting to the side so her outer thigh goes into the throat of Brandy Sutton on the ropes. The referee counts her again.

Blackfront: Marie breaking before the five again. I'm unsure if after this, these two can ever be friends again. So much hatred and bitterness coming out tonight.

Brandy tries to crawl away as Marie Van Claudio follows her. MVC brings a foot down that catches Brandy in the side of the ribs. She rolls over and scoots back into the corner. Reaching up to grab the ropes, Brandy tries to pull herself up as Marie Van Claudio comes in with a big open handed slap.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio adding insult to injury here tonight as she continues to dominate.

Marie turns Brandy around, slamming her head first into the turnbuckle before immediately grabbing her arm and yanking back.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton sent across the ring. Marie Van Claudio following close behind.

Brandy turns and hits the corner back first as Marie leaps up.

Blackfront: And a huge splash follows up by Marie Van Claudio.

Ace: This is probably the most focused Dick has ever seen Marie Van Claudio.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio once again whipping Brandy Sutton across the ring and hard into the opposite corner!

MVC heads to the opposite corner. She raises her hands up before getting a running start. Claudio moves into a cartwheel. As she comes over, she straightens her body out. Her feet hit the canvas and she leaps forward with a forearm, however, Brandy Sutton is able to get her feet up catching MVC in the jaw. The fans cheer.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton able to slow Marie Van Claudio down a bit there.

Ace: Kicking her right in the money maker.

Brandy heads sideways toward the middle of the ring. She takes off forward, arm out.

Blackfront: Quick clothesline by Brandy Sutton who is trying to build up some momentum. Marie Van Claudio getting right back up.

As she does, Brandy yells for her to bring it. When Marie gets to her feet, Sutton comes forward taking her down with another clothesline. The fans clap at her coming back.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton now in control as she grabs Marie Van Claudio, pulling her to her feet.

As she comes up, MVC grabs Brandy's arm, swinging it to the side, twisting it once into an arm ringer, moving behind and turning the wrist up into a hammerlock. Brandy is quick to duck low and turn to the side, breaking loose and slipping Marie into a side headlock after spinning free.

Blackfront: Brandy and Marie showing the world that the female superstars in the UTA are some of the most skilled athletes in the world.

Ace: And some of the sexiest.

Marie has broken out of the side headlock by putting the wristlock/hammerlock combination back on, switching back and forth between the two as Brandy does not allow her to keep either hold in place for very long.

Blackfront: This match starting to slow down after an explosive beginning. Marie is working the arm, and it's like she's allowing Brandy to move around, she's comfortable in this jockey for position...

With a side headlock being firmly applied onto her cranium, Claudio pulls Brandy back to the ropes with her and pushes off, sending her opponent running to the ropes across the ring. Marie steps into Brandy with her hip, grabbing her around the shoulders and flipping her over by hooking a leg with her foot and sweeping it out from underneath.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio with the judo takedown!

Marie goes to wrench on the head and arm together, but a head scissors with the legs brings her back down. Brandy holds on, but Marie is about to move about and eventually headstand her way out of the move, landing back on her feet. MVC steps back, backpedaling all the way into the corner.

Blackfront: Marie backing away. I'm not sure she expected Brandy to give this much of a fight.

Ace: There's a line between cockiness and confidence that Marie Van Claudio needs to learn.

Blackfront: Some could say the same thing about you Dick.

Brandy wastes no time coming to her feet. Marie comes in to lock up, but her hands are slapped away roughly. Paying no mind, Claudio keeps coming in. Brandy even jabs a slap towards her face, but Marie keeps moving in closer with the hands coming in. When Marie reaches in, Brandy swims through her hands to break them, clinches in, and drives a European uppercut into Marie's upper chest.

Ace: Here we go!

Blackfront: Brandy's coming with the offense again.

Brandy uses the recoil to lock Marie in a front face lock, swinging the arm up and over the head quickly. she easily gets Claudio up and down with a loud snap suplex.

Ace: THERE we go! And she's hanging on...

Brandy rolls the duo over, pulling Marie and himself to a standing base...only to slam Marie down with an even louder snap suplex, a slightly audible curse coming from Claudio when she hits the canvas.

Blackfront: Two! And she's going for the third one!

Ace: A hat trick of pain!

The crowd is cheering, split between both women and the action in the ring, as Brandy prepares to snap MVC for a third suplex. She goes to bring Marie up, but Marie curls her knees and blocks the attempt. Marie then twirls Brandy hard, dropping her quickly with a swinging neckbreaker out of nowhere.

Blackfront: Amazing reversal! These two women are not liked by many, but the fans tonight are buzzing because of the action they are witnessing. This is why the UTA is the best in the world!

Ace: Not bad, not bad..wait a second, does she still have her by the neck?

Marie pulls Brandy up with the neck by using a three-quarter nelson, then a light front face lock to set up a second swinging neckbreaker, the crowd now stomping the ground with their support nearly equally divided.

Blackfront: Marie wants one more! She wants one more!

Marie points high into the air, but Brandy escapes just as Marie starts turning her for the third swinging neckbreaker.

Blackfront: Brandy gets out!

When MVC turns all the way around to face Brandy, a standing dropkick awaits her. Marie stumbles back a bit against the ropes, but a two-step running clothesline flips her backwards, over and onto the floor where she lands onto her feet, falling back against the railing. Brandy stays in the ring, getting a little bit of a bounce to her while turning her body towards the ropes across the ring, but keeping her eyes on Claudio as she pulls herself to her feet by using the railing.

Blackfront: What's Brandy about to do here?

Brandy runs across the ring, looking to hit a suicide dive. Marie pulls back at the last second, prompting Brandy to grab the ropes and do the same.

Ace: Close!

Brandy slides through underneath the bottom with a baseball slide anyway, but Marie sidesteps. Brandy comes out onto the floor, where Marie meets her.

Blackfront: They're going at it on the floor now, not even slowing down...

Marie attempts to whip Brandy into the ringpost, but Brandy jukes around and leapfrogs onto the apron on the adjacent side of the ringpost. Marie comes around the ringpost, but Brandy turns the corner with a springboard rounding crossbody from the apron.

Blackfront: What a move by Brandy Sutton!

MVC and Brandy move around on the floor, the ref now at two in his ten-count. Marie pulls himself to all fours with the bottom of the railing as Brandy crawls up from the ring apron.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio getting to her feet...

Marie is leaning over the railing, now on her feet. Brandy sits on the ring apron, swinging her legs through to break the count.

Blackfront: Now Marie is getting back into the ring....Brandy is waiting for her to get back to her feet...

Brandy shoves Marie back into the nearest corner, quickly whipping her across the ring into the opposite corner. Marie jumps up to the middle rope, but Brandy ducks through underneath when she leaps off with an elbow.

Ace: Did she think that was gonna do any good?

Blackfront: She almost got Brandy- MARIE DUCKS THE SPINNING HEEL KICK! OUT OF NOWHERE BY Brandy Sutton!

Brandy gets up quickly after missing the kick, but Marie does not miss when she throws a stiff open hand to Brandy’s cheek. Marie uses a forearm to hit her again, and shove her back into the corner.

Blackfront: What a slap by Marie Van Claudio!

Marie attempts to whip Brandy out, but Brandy reverses and squashes Marie in the same corner, throwing a short right hand to the head after doing so. Brandy jumps onto Marie, hooking her legs into the ropes while on the middle ropes with her knees, throwing more short punches.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio’s in BIG trouble now!

Brandy widens her shots a little more, but Marie can do little to deflect them. Brandy holds Claudio’s head back to hit her again.

Blackfront: Great action tonight by these two women.

Marie traps Brandy’s arm, and pulls her in close. Brandy loses balance, and one of her feet slips from being hooked on the rope. She walks out of the corner, holding Brandy over her left shoulder.

Blackfront: How did Marie get out of that?

Marie takes a couple of steps forward, turning around and dropping back to put Brandy down with a waterwheel suplex. Sitting up, MVC holds her head and falls over to one side, while Brandy is still laid out.

Blackfront: And now we’ve got both of them down...the first one to make a mistake will lose this one.

The camera looks over at Marie, still holding her head while curled up on the canvas. Meanwhile, Brandy rolls over to push herself up onto her knees.

Blackfront: This is still anybody’s match, but I have to admit, I don’t think it favors Marie Van Claudio as time goes on.

Ace: And Brandy did seem to land some good punches in the corner…

Blackfront: How about that strength of Marie Van Claudio there?

Ace: Yeah, yeah.

Marie Van Claudio begins to get up as well.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton assisting Claudio up by the hair.

Ace: Dick loves when there's hair pulling involved in a cat fight.

Blackfront: Huge chop across the chest of Claudio. Sutton grabbing the arm of Marie... sends her into the ropes. Van Claudio on the return...

Marie stops quickly and boots Brandy Sutton in the gut. She grabs her arm and pulls her back, while lifting Sutton up and falling back with a huge Impaler DDT.

Blackfront: Jesus! What a DDT, Sutton isn’t moving!

Ace: Out of nowhere!

She quickly rolls over and covers Sutton. The referee drops down and starts the count.

Blackfront: Two.. THREE! Brandy Sutton HAS DONE IT!

The bell starts to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match and still the UTA Women’s Champion….Marie van CLLAAAUUDDDIIOOO!!!

The referee holds her arm in victory as she celebrates the win.

Give It Up!


Before Marie's music can even begin, a clapping sound is heard. Everyone's attention is drawn to the screen above the stage. 

Ace: It's Mikey!

It is the new owner of WrestleUTA once again. He stands leaning against a desk from in front of it. Clapping loudly with a smile. In the ring the referee checks on Brandy Sutton, Marie menwhile has diverted her attention to the screen as well. 

Unlikely: Great match Marie! That's what I'm talking about! That's the kind of action I love to see here in WrestleUTA! I've been impressed with you for a long time to be honest, we have had a few matches one on one, and I know you always bring your best everytime you step in the ring.

MVC smiles a bit, the referee now hands her the WrestleUTA Women's championship, she puts it over her shoulder, adjusts it, and looks back up.

Unlikely: And that's why, I want to give you a HUGE opportunity! I want to give you a spot in the WRESTLEUTA Sink or Swim World Title Tournament, or the WUTASOSWTT...It's going to catch on!

Blackfront: Wow! Marie Van Claudio competing for the World Title!

Marie smiles very wide and nods. The fans cheer in response. 

Ace: See these people love Mikey!

Blackfront: I think they are...nevermind. 

Unlikely: Oh Marie, but there is a catch...

Blackfront: Of course there is...

Ace: You gotta pay to play Jason! Everyone knows that!

Unlikely: In order to get the biggest break of your career and compete for this Championship...

Mikey holds up the WrestleUTA World Championship.

Unlikely: You need to do exactly what I did two weeks ago, and lay down that championship you have, and leave it in the ring!

Blackfront: Oh what is this!?

Marie suddenly looks conflicted. She pulls the title off her shoulder and looks at it. She looks up to the fans for guidance.

Unlikely: What do you want to be remembered for MVC!? Do you want people to say, Oh MVC she's beaten every woman in the locker room, or do you want them to say... Marie Van Cladio is the best damn wrestler in the WORLD, period!... I'll let you make your choice...

The screen cuts to black, and the fans boo Mikey as he disappears. 

Ace: There you have it Jason, easy choice. 

Blackfront: Easy choice!!!? Mikey wants Marie give up the Womens Championship to enter the 16 man...

Ace: or woman!

Blackfront: Tournament, where if she loses in round one... SHe will lose her job!

Ace: And if she wins, she could win the World Title!

Maries stares down at her championship for some time. He sighs heavily, and drops the title.


Marie falls between the ropes, and goes outside the ring. She looks back at the championship one last time, as her music hits, and she walks back up the ramp and through the curtain.

Ace: This tournament is going to be great!

Blackfront: It's going to change the landscape of WrestleUTA forever, that's for sure.




Michael Byrd vs ??????


Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

The bell sounds once.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring first and hailing from Dallas, Texas. He is The Main Event…. Michael… BYYYRRRDDD!!!!

Plateau, as performed by Nirvana, begins to play. Michael Byrd comes out from the back to a welcoming reception.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd steps in the ring with an unknown opponent tonight.

Ace: No worries Michael has this, after all he is not called the “Main Event” for namesake.

Michael begins up the steps. As he enters the ring, his music begins to fade. Michael Byrd stretches against the ropes as Jeremy Roberts continues.

The only sound that can be heard in the arena is the sounds of a battlefield. Machine gun fire, screams and explosions.

The arena slowly fades to black, the entranceway illuminates with a bright white light. Smoke slowly rises from the floor and down from the top of the stage. A very tall looking figure steps from out of the blinding light.

Blackfront: Whoever Bryd is facing this guy is huge!

The figure slowly walks down the aisle, with the smoke following him. The figure reaches the front of the ring part of the figure can be made out.

Ace: Whoever this guy is Bryd is standing his ground!

The lights slowly return to normal and the smoke dissipates. The man has a hood over his head a leather jacket on. He walks toward the steps. He steps on each step before reaching the ring apron. He walks the apron and then steps over the top rope.

Roberts: and his opponent….”The PERFECT WEAPON” CRIMSON LORD!!

Fans cheer for the returning UTA legend!

Ace: You have got to be kidding me!

Crimson lifts the hood up and stares at Bryd.

Blackfront: We haven’t seen Crimson in the UTA ring since Ring King last year when an unknown assailant did a hit and run on him!

Crimson takes off his coat showing new ring gear. He walks up to Bryd, and the two have a stare off as the bell rings. Bryd smirks and turns away and then quickly throws a right. He nails Crimson square in the jaw, the seven footer jerks his head to the side. He then looks back at Bryd.

Bryd backs away realizing what he has done. Crimson continues to stare at him,  Bryd tries something different and charges at CL and throws a clothesline. CL just absorbs it Bryd with a look of horror on his face.

Blackfront: It will take a lot more than that to get the likes of Crimson Lord off his feet Michael!

Ace: We do not agree on much Jason, but i have to agree with you on this one.

Bryd decides to try and again and starts to punch CL repeatedly, back pedaling the seven footer but CL seems to not be even attempting to fight back.

Blackfront: Michael has Crimson back in the corner and is unloading a flurry of rights and lefts!

Ace: Take it to him Michael!

CL just keeps letting Bryd assault him, not even defending himself. Bryd grabs CL’s arm and whips him out of the corner into the opposite corner and charges in with a clothesline. CL stumbles forward. Bryd runs at him and does a bulldog to the seven footer.

Blackfront: Why is Crimson not even defending himself?

Ace: He is afraid, of Michael!

Bryd bad mouths the crowd all proud of himself. Crimson slowly gets to his feet and looks back at Bryd. Bryd looks back and charges and clotheslines CL over the top rope. In traditional fashion Crimson lands on his feet. He grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron. Bryd quickly off the ropes charges back at CL and shoulder blocks CL in the gut through the second rope. Crimson flies off the apron and slams into the barricade!

Ace: Michael Bryd is dominating Crimson Lord, Crimson should've stayed at home!

CL slowly gets to his feet as Bryd clearly showing a whole bunch of confidence now. CL walks to the arpon as the ref has reached a five count. CL once again grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the apron. This time steps over the top rope not taking his eyes off Michael.

Blackfront: I have never seen Crimson literally not fight back, there is something different about him.

Bryd seems to be running out of ideas of how to keep CL down. He grabs CL’s arm and tosses him off the ropes! Crimson returns and Bryd hip tosses CL to the ground. He quickly drops a few elbows and goes for a cover.


Ace: Took you long enough to get down and count ref!

Blackfront: Tommy, Crimson just kicked out before he even could get to a one count.

Bryd gets on top of CL and starts to let loose with punches, and still Crimson refuses to defend himself! Bryd gets off and taunts the crowd once more. Crimson slowly stands to his feet his back turned to Bryd while he continues to taunt the fans.

Blackfront: Don’t take your eyes of Crimson, Michael thats a big mistake!

Ace: It's obviously Crimson doesn’t want to fight anyway what is he going to do stare at him again?

The tron shows Bryd taunting the fans. Suddenly becomes snowy, and finally sounds like a scratched record. Bryd looks up at the tron along with everyone else. A figure in black with only their mouth showing.

Blackfront: Who in the world is that?

Ace: You have got me on that.

The figure says in a  distorted voice.

Figure in Black: Teddy Bear!

Blackfront: Look at Crimson, Tommy!

A camera catches Crimson’s eyes and they quickly widen. The screen turns snowy again and the regular feed returns. Bryd looks at the ref wondering what that was, the ref seems just as confused as Michael is. Bryd shrugs it off and charges CL whose back is still turned. Just as he meets CL, Crimson turns around and with a vicious clothesline spinning Micheal up in the air before slamming into the mat!

Ace: Who was that?

Blackfront: Whoever that was it appears he woke up the sleeping giant.

Crimson picks up Byrd quickly and puts his head between his legs and lifts Bryd up into a high angle powerbomb. He tosses Bryd hard to the mat! Michael holds his head and it appears CL is not done yet. He picks up a stunned Byrd and again sets up another powerbomb! This time tosses Bryd to the other side of the ring with the powerbomb!

Blackfront: Crimson is continuing his onslaught, he has Micheal set up for ANOTHER powerbomb!

Crimson has Bryd in another high angle powerbomb and this time is spinning in circles and finally drives him back to the mat violently. Bryd seems completely out of it.

Ace: Crimson is bombing Bryd straight to hell!

Blackfront: Look at this Tommy, Crimson again has a lifeless Bryd in another powerbomb!

Bryd slams against the mat again, and CL stares down at him for a moment. He grabs him by the hair and pulls Michael who clearly appears to be unconscious. CL sets him up for yet another powerbomb.

Blackfront: I think your right Tommy, he is bombing Bryd to hell! WAIT A MINUTE!

Crimson turns around and powerbombs Bryd right into the turnbuckle, Bryd’s head whiplashes off the turnbuckle! Michael slumps down at the turnbuckle, his eyes glazed over.

Ace: Well, that mean streak is back he seems like a totally different man then he was at the beginning of the match.

Blackfront: It looks like Crimson is going for the finish here setting up for his Blood Lust.

CL walks away from Bryd who is sitting on the turnbuckle, his chin resting on his chest. Crimson looks out into the fans who have enjoyed the bomb city. He looks back at Bryd, and walks over to him. CL takes his feet and puts them behind the second rope. He grabs Bryd’s hair and slams his head backward slamming it against the middle turnbuckle. He continues to slams Bryd’s head over and over against the middle turnbuckle.

Ace: This man is out of control, do something you worthless referee!

CL walks away from Bryd leaving him hanging upside down on the turnbuckle. The ref quickly goes over to free his legs from the ropes. As the referee does that Bryd falls on his head. Crimson looks over at Bryd with absolutely no emotion.

Blackfront: Usually we see some sort of enjoyment in a beatdown like this coming from Crimson Lord. This is a side of Crimson I think we have yet to see.

Ace: That figure on the tron, should've never been able to interrupt the show!

Just as Tommy said that, the same figure appears at the entranceway. The figure has a microphone and still with a distorted voice says.

Figure in Black: Has the Wrestlezone reached a verdict?

Blackfront: Reached a verdict?

Ace: What is this guy talking about?

The figure appears to be looking out to the fans and responds.

Figure in Black: Guilty? Or Innocent?

Blackfront: Is he asking the fans to pass judgment on Michael Bryd?

Ace: What right do these hillbillies have to decided that.


Crimson stares out at the sea of fans shouting Guilty!

Bryd is trying to pull himself up with help from the ropes.

Figure in Black: Pass the FINAL JUDGMENT my Perfect Weapon!

Crimson quickly grabs Bryd’s by the hair and lifts him up into a standing pausing suplex, soon after turning it into a corkscrew piledriver!

Blackfront: Jesus what sheer power Crimson has Bryd is out……. wait a minute Crimson now has what looks to be a Dragon Sleeper locked in on Bryd!

The referee wastes no time and quickly calls for the bell. As Crimson’s theme plays throughout the arena. The figure in black leaves the entranceway as the ref raises Crimson’s hand as he stares down at Bryd laid out on the mat.

Blackfront: Crimson proved he is back and in a vicious way!

Ace: Ya but again look at his face, it's like no emotion whatsoever. I think you're right Jason this is a new Crimson Lord.

As Blackfront finishes his sentence

Blackfront: Well, one thing is for sure he hasn’t lost his vicious streak!

Crimson exits the stage.

Hello Mates


With the dust from the previous match still settling, we cut across to the announcers.

Blackfront: Ladies and Gentlemen, what a night of action it’s been here on WrestleUTA on Hulu!

Ace: I can’t believe wha--

The lights cut.

The crowd go “wha?!”

Ace: Uhh…

The darkness lingers, and the crowd get louder. It’s broken a few seconds later.

“Hail to the King, Baby” by The Heavy Eyes.

The song’s entirely unfamiliar to the UTA audience. It kicks-in with a loose drum rhythm, a quick chord progression and a Hammond organ, punctuated by whirring spotlights and flashing strobes.

Ace: What the heck is this, Jason?!

Blackfront: I’ve never heard this song before in my life…


It hits full flow with a massive pyrotechnic burst and the lights come back up. Standing at the top of the ramp, decked-out in a black bomber jacket and grey jeans, is a man immediately recognisable to anyone with their finger on professional wrestling’s pulse.

Ace: It’s our latest signing!

Blackfront: The news broke earlier this afternoon on WrestleUTA.com -- there’s a Murray back in the Ultimate Toughness Alliance, but not the one you think!

Andy Murray can’t mask the huge grin that the crowd’s warm reaction brings to his face. He’s soon making his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he goes.

Ace: Maaan, look at the size of this guy!

Blackfront: 6’7”, 280lbs… Andy Murray is a physical specimen. With 23 years’ experience under his belt, he’s not only the most experienced wrestler in the UTA today, but one of the most seasoned performers in the world, period! A multi-time world champion, a hall-of-famer… make no mistake, Tommy, this is a tremendous acquisition for the UTA!

Murray moves around the outside of the ring, bumping a few fists as he goes. He eventually hops into the apron, stands up, and stretches both arms to his sides, milking the crowd for all they’re worth.

Ace: Heh, looks like he’s just as into pandering the fans as Cayle was…

The music eventually dies down when he enters the ring, and Murray takes the microphone.

Murray: How’s it going, mates?

The cheap pop is predictably loud. Andy smiles, waiting for it to die down, but the cheers turn to chanting, and it takes a little longer than expected.

Murray: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the outstanding reception. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do this for as long as I have: at the age of 39, it is an honour and a privilege to be here tonight, and I can’t thank you enough for your acceptance...

Another pop: just as cheap, just as loud.

Murray: Now I know you guys were probably expecting my little brother, but he’s a little tied-up at the moment. Something tells me that isn’t gonna be an issue though…

Blackfront: Not if this reaction is anything to go by!

Murray: I’m gonna keep this brief, because I know we’ve got a great main event lined-up tonight, but I’ve got a couple of things to get off my chest tonight.

He holds a finger up.

Murray: Number one: it is damn good to be here, among friends, on the biggest stage in the business!


Murray: Number two: I am not here to make up the numbers. This isn’t the retirement tour: I’m here to compete with the best of ‘em, show that I still belong in that top bracket, pick up the torch that my brother left when this place closed, and carry it forward to each and everyone one of your…

A pause. Another finger goes up.

Murray: … and number three? Well, I heard you’ve got a little title tournament going on…

The crowd buzz, and Andy winks.

Murray: See you in round one!

“Hail to the King, Baby” kicks-in over the PA system once more.

Blackfront: A big announcement from a big debutant, Tommy! Andy Murray is in the tournament!

Ace: He’s a panderer, Jason, but you don’t reach this kind of longevity without serious pedigree. Things just got very, very real here in the UTA!

Murray spends a little while enjoying himself in the ring, before eventually leaving the ring and starting up the ramp.

Blackfront: You’re not wrong! It’s a new dawn here in the UTA, and the title situation is really starting to heat up, but it’s main event time now, folks! Let’s take it away...

David Hightower vs Bobby Dean


The first strums of Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring now, hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas.

♫ The preacher man says it's the end of time
And the Mississippi River she's a goin' dry
The interest is up and the Stock Markets down
And you only get mugged if you go down town ♫

Roberts: Standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds…

♫ I live back in the woods, you see
A woman and the kids, and the dogs, and me ♫

Roberts: Being accompanied by Madman Szalinski... he is... DAVID... HIIIIGGGHHTOOOWWWERR!

♫ I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a 4-wheel drive
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive ♫

David Hightower comes through the curtain, chain in hand with Madman out next to him. He stops at the top of the stage and looks out at the crowd who is going crazy at his appearance.

Ace: Ohhhh boyyyy.

Blackfront: This is our Main Event ladies and gentleman. New owner of WrestleUTA made this match earlier tonight, as a “reward” to his old friend.

Ace: He’s so giving Jason.

Hightower and Madman walk to the ring. Hightower rolls into the ring, while Szanlinski waits outside. He yaps at a few fans in a ‘crazy’ manner. The music fades.

“You’re the best around!” by Joe Esposito hits the PA system and the fans stand to their feet in cheers.

Roberts: And his opponent…..

The honk is heard before the scooter seen. THe fans get even louder as their favorite funny guy rolls through the curtain at the top of the ramp.

Roberts: Weighing in at three hundred ninety nine and a half pounds! Hailing from Houston, Texas….

Dean waves, but nervously keeps his eyes on David Hightower. He begins to drive to the ring.


Ace: It’s going to be a long night fo “Bobo”!

Blackfront: you’re not kidding!

In the ring now, the bell has rung and David Hightower stays poised in his corner. He stares at the blubbering, near crying mess in front of his eyes. Bobby Dean cowers in his corner, he’s not used to being the smaller wrestler.

Ace: This is terrific!

Blackfront: This is going to be bad…

Ace: Oh come on Jason! Bobby Dean is a grown man, he needs to be able to fend for himself, plus he did Mikey wrong!

Blackfront: That was over a year ago!

Ace: A real man never forgets Jason, what did you do to Mikey, is he going to come after you next?

Blackfront: I’ve done nothing.

Bobby Dean slowly walks from his corner, his arms in front of him. Hightower smirks once, very quickly, and walks to the center of the ring. Bobby tries to circle for the lockup, but Hightower stands still. The ever famous fan favorite moves behind Hightower and strikes. Forearms to the back of David Hightower, he barely reacts, just taking a step forward from the momentum that Bobby Dean carries with him everywhere.

Blackfront: Dean raining down those forearms to the shoulder and back of the head of David Hightower.

Ace: and it’s not doing a damn thing!

Slowly, through the flurry of shots, Hightower spins around and blocks one. When he reaches up and grabs the arm of Bobby Dean, Bobo get’s a look of shock on his face. His eyes go wide, and he goes up to his tip toes, as Hightower squeezes on the arm of Bobby. Hightower swings one wild haymaker that sent Bobby Dean to the mat and rolling out of the ring. Dean hits the ground in the Wrestlezone with an audible thud.

In the ring Hightower hasn't moved from where he last struck Dean. He has his head turned toward the obese superstar on the outside.

Blackfront: Bobby now, collecting himself and getting to his feet. Watch Out! Hightower stalking his prey now.

BBD is outside talking to a fan, trying to get the fan to help him over the guardrail and out of here. Unfortunately for him, David has other plans. He reaches over the top rope, bending at the waist, and grabs Bobby Dean by a fistful of hair. Dean screams out like a girl, and his hands immediately go to his dome. He slowly turns as Hightower pulls him back up to the apron. Dean is quick to react however, and grabs Hightower by the back of the neck, and drops back to the floor with a guillotine. Hightower stumbles back towards the center of the ring holding his throat, struggling to breath.

Blackfront: Bobby Dean buying some much needed time here as the referee continues his count which is up to six now!

On the outside of the ring Madman Szalinski urges his client to get back to his feet.

Ace: He better take advantage now if he has ANY chance.

He certainly tries. Dean slides back into the ring, and runs (light jogging) toward David Hightower. Bobby ducks!

Blackfront: Nice chop block there by Bobby Dean, finally sending the monster to the ground. Dean follows up by stomping on the legs of Hightower, clearly trying to ground the bigger man. He grabs one of the legs and grapevines it before falling back! And Hightower howls out in pain.

Ace: Some crafty moves from Bobby Dean! He can’t let up though, and I’m not sure Bobby has the… how do I say this nicely? He doesn’t have the athleticism to stay on him.

Blackfront: You mean he doesnt have the strength?

Ace: Oh he has the strength, anyone that big has that, what I mean is… He’s fat and he’s going to lose his breath!

Blackfront: Ah, I see why you tried to be politically correct.

Dean bends over and picks up Hightower by the head. He delivers straight shots to the head, backing hightower into the corner. Bobby Dean climbs (slowly) to the second turnbuckle and begins the common ten punch combo. Meanwhile there is a commotion near the stage.

Blackfront: What the!?

Ace: That’s Johnny Legend!

The camera moves to the stage where former UTA manager Johnny Legend has appeared with a steel chair in hand. He moves to the edge of the ramp and sets up the chair. He seems to pay close attention to the match from his vantage point.

Blackfront: We saw on twitter folks, that Johnny Legend was coming back to UTA to open up his managerial services. He’s out here now though?

Ace: Hightower already has a manager Jason, and Bobby Dean isn't worth managing! Where’s Mikey when  we need em!?

Back in the ring Bobby goes for the ugliest small package pin you’ve ever seen, but Hightower uses his incredible upperbody strength, blocks the attempt, and vertical suplexes Dean up and to the man in one fluid motion.

Blackfront: WOW the strength displayed by Hightower here!

Ace: Is our ring ok!?

Hightower stands up, cracks his neck, rolls his shoulders and looks right down at Bobby with a nasty look in his eyes. Hightower picks him back up to his feet, uses both his hands to clutch around the neck of the “Beautiful” one, takes a heavy step and almost swings Bobby almost half way across the ring. He slams to the mat awkwardly and hard.

On the stage Johnny Legend nods, and leans in a little closer. He’s got a mindful eye on this one.

Ace: Holy Shhhhhhh…. What a throw, he just tossed Bobby Dean like a frisbee!

Blackfront: Hightower looks like a man possessed right now!

Dean is moving around on the mat, crawling toward the edge of the ring, trying to escape. Hightower bends at the waist, and grabs one of the thick ankles of BBD.

Ace: He’s got em!

Hightower pulls Dean to the center of the ring, a look of pure panic crosses the face of Bobby. Hightower lets go of the leg, and snags a fistful of hair. Dean is quick to his feet with his hair caught up. Hightower holds his head high, and swings for the fences with a lariat across the throat that makes the fans in the Wrestlezone let out a collective gasp.  We cut to Johnny Legend who smirks. Outside the ring Madman Szalinski starts barking up towards Johnny Legend.

Blackfront: Dean looks unconscious after that one! In fact the referee is checki… Hightower pushes the referee out of the way! He backs into the corner… he takes a running start and jumps high! He drops the knee right into the back of the head of Bobby Dean!


Hightower rolls him over and applies the lazy cover. THe three count is a formality, Bobby Dean is out cold.

Ding DIng Ding.

Roberts: Your winner of this match, DAVIIIIID HIGHTOWERRRR!!

On the stage Johnny Legend stands clapping. He smiles as Madman rounds the ring, and looks up the ramp at him. Legend waves to Szalinski, and heads back through the curtain. Inside the ring, Hightower doesn’t celebrate, he just leaves Bobby Dean lying flat on his face in the center of the ring.

Blackfront: That’s our show ladies and gentlemen, This was the first night of the “Mikey era” or WrestleUTA. Tune back in, two weeks from today when the WrestleUTA World TItle Tournament begins!

Ace: Yes! Watch all your favorite WrestleUTA stars fight for their jobs, and the World title! It’s the ultimate challenge! I can’t wait!

The scene fades out on Bobby Dean being attended to.


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