WrestleUTA on Hulu S1 E5

6 Oct 2016

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)

The words Two Weeks Ago appear at the bottom of the screen as we see John Sektor squaring up with Kendrix with Mikey Unlikely and Sean Jackson rest on the ring apron. The beginning of last weeks main event.


Jackson smirks as he walks over to Kendrix, who has pushed up to a knee. Jackson looks back at the ropes and takes off.

Blackfront: Wait! Jackson off of the ropes.. on the return.. could it be...

Jackson he throws his leg up but connects with Kendrix's back and not his head.

Blackfront: Kick to the back. For a moment I thought Sean Jackson was going to go for the Game Called Due to Darkness, but instead opted to keep this one going.

Ace: Even if he would have hit it, this would be far from over. Look at the champion! He's biting to get into this!

Kendrix rolls on the canvas to his back as Sean Jackson places his boot onto Kendrix's forehead before pulling it down across.

Blackfront: Kendrix needs to make a tag to bring in the fresh Mikey Unlikely.


Blackfront: Jackson returning his focus to Kendrix now.

As he approaches, Kendrix uses the ropes to pull himself up on the outside apron. Jackson reaches forward. As he does, Kendrix ducks down and grabs the middle rope. Pulling the ropes back, Kendrix sends his body through, his shoulder slamming into Sean's stomach. Quickly, Kendrix stands up and throws a right catching Sean in the head.

Blackfront: Kendrix now fighting back.

As Sean stumbles back, Kendrix steps back into the ring. Jackson shakes off the shot to his head and turns back to Kendrix who takes off past Jackson. As Jackson twist to follow, he does so just in time to see Kendrix make his way to Mikey, tagging him in.

Blackfront: The tag has been made.

Ace: It's Mikey Money time!

Kendrix drops to the apron and rolls to the outside edge to rest as Mikey quickly enters the ring.

Blackfront: Jackson and Mikey charging each other now.

Mikey leaps up and forward, catching Jackson with a forearm to the face. As Sean falls to the canvas, Mikey lands on his feet. he then quickly rushes Sektor in the corner, slamming a forearm into his head which sends John Sektor flying down to the floor below.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely coming in full force here.



Sektor begins to reach far again, yelling for Jackson which catches Mikey's attention. He looks at him, then turns to see Jackson. His eyes grow wide as Jackson pushes to a knee and leaps forward, his hand touching Sektor's.

Blackfront: The tag has been made!

Ace: No!

Mikey turns to see Sektor hope over the top rope and charge him.

Blackfront: Sektor is in now attacking Mikey.

Jackson rolls to the edge of the apron as Vanessa checks on him.

Blackfront: Big fist from John Sektor.

He unloads right hand after right hand to the chin of Unlikely. He brings one more big haymaker that connects, sending Mikey to his back.

Blackfront: The champion is down.

Ace: Get up Mikey! Get up!

John Sektor bends down and grabs one of Mikey’s legs, flipping him over to his back. Sektor grabs Unlikely’s remaining free leg and pushes them outward.

Blackfront: Unlikely is begging for mercy!

He yanks Mikey's legs apart as he releases them.


Mikey heads toward John with the chair. The referee slides out of the ring, trying to stop him, but Unlikely just pushes him away.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely with no respect.

Ace: People should respect him! He's the champion!

Blackfront: Here comes Sean Jackson around the ring!

Kendrix can be seen heading from the other way.

Blackfront: Mikey with the chair across the back of John Sektor. This one is being thrown out.

The referee calls for the bell which begins to sound.

Blackfront: Sektor at the receiving end of several chair shots now.

As Jackson and Kendrix make it to where Mikey and Sektor are, Jackson runs through Kendrix with a clothesline.

Blackfront: Kendrix taken out by Jackson.

Mikey and Jackson both turn toward each other.

Blackfront: Unlikely swings that chair... JACKSON CATCHES IT!

He pulls the chair away from Mikey.

Ace: Get that chair from him ref! DO YOUR JOB!

Blackfront: Really now?

Jackson swings the chair, but Mikey quickly leaps out of the way, rolling into the ring. Kendrix, who has made his way to his feet, is not so lucky as Sean Jackson cracks him in the back with the chair before sliding into the ring himself.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson with that chair. Mikey has nowhere to go.

Mikey drops to his knees, his hands out, begging Sean to drop the chair. Jackson just smiles, looking down at Mikey. He lifts the chair before bringing it down. Unlikely throws his hands out to block the chair. As it connects, he drops fully to the canvas, holding his arm in pain.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson now slamming that chair down into the arm of Mikey!

Ace: Someone stop him!

Jackson pushes Mikey's other arm away from the targeted one, placing the chair around it.

Blackfront: What is he going to do now?!

John Sektor rolls into the ring. As he does, there is nothing he can do but watch as Jackson brings a foot down into the chair wrapped around Mikey's arm. The champion screams in pain. Sektor quickly heads over, grabbing Sean and pulling him back.

Blackfront: Folks, Mikey may be hurt.


Back in the arena, the camera pans across the screaming fans before we finally rest on Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace at the commentary booth.

Blackfront: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another exciting editon of WrestleUTA on HULU!

Ace: That’s right Jason, we’re back here in Orlando at the Wrestlezone!

Blackfront: Tonight we have some anticipated matchups, Women’s action, and of course the in ring return of Luke and Duke the Dibbins!

Tommy turns to look at his broadcast partner.

Ace: Ugh! Those idiots again! Are they even getting in this week?

Blackfront: We shall see! And of course the fallout from last week's intense tag team main event!

Ace: I just hope our UTA Heavyweight Champion is ok! I sent him a few get well cards, and didn’t get anything back! I’m sure his thank you card was lost in the mail!

Blackfront: I’m sure too partner. I’m also sure The Hollywood Bruvs will be here tonight and will be mighty angry after the close of the last episode of WrestleUTA, Where Sean Jackson and John Sektor stood tall above the Bruvs.


Blackfront: A chair that Mikey brought into the match.

Ace: Debatable.

Blackfront: Well nonetheless To…

He’s cut off by a theme song.



The Champ is a Cheat

The lights begin to move around the stage in unison with the opening sound of Gold Medal by Tha Tradmarc. As the lyrics begin, out struts the Hall of Famer himself, hat and all. The crowd in the Wrestleplex cheers loudly.

Blackfront: Well then! It looks like were going to be joined by the General Manager of WrestleUTA.

Ace: What’s this guy want!?

Blackfront: This guy is your boss!

Ace: Right! He’s the man! Screw the man! Always trying to hold me down!

Blackfront: Ugh…

Ron Hall slaps the fans hands on the way to the ring, He points at the guys at the commentary booth with a thumbs up before rolling into the ring. Justin Roberts outside hands him the microphone as the music dies down.

Ron moves to the middle of the ring. He finally gets a serious look on his face. His smile turns to grimace. He brings the Microphone to his mouth.

Hall: Two weeks ago, right here on HULU, we all witnessed the face of this company, the supposed champion of this company, the man who is supposed to be the very best in our business, do what he’s done for weeks on end, since winning the WrestleUTA Heavyweight Championship. He cheated, manipulated, and disqualified himself!


Ace: What!? What’s this senile old man talking about!? Mikey has outsmarted, outmaneuvered, and outperformed everyone he’s faced!

Blackfront: I won’t even dignify that with a response.

Ron walks around the ring, looking out at the crowd as they finish.

Hall: So I wanted to come out here, and personally apologize to the fans, because that is not what WrestleUTA is supposed to be about. We want to bring you the most action packed programming we possibly can.


Hall: So… That being said...Right here tonight we will see a rematch of that Main Event…

Ace: So what… The Bruvs will outsmart em again!

Hall: Except this time… there is no disqualification!


Ace: WHAT!? WHAT!?


Ace: He can’t do that!

Blackfront: He’s our General Manager, he can do anything he wants!

Uh, I live it up in these like my last days
If time is money, I'm an hour past paid

Ace: Here he comes!!


The arena goes dark. A single spotlight shines on the entrance way. Red carpet unfurles from the curtain. Quickly thereafter comes The Hollywood Bruvs, in their newest Drake gear. Kendrix wearing his bug eye goggles and Mikey with the avaitors. Mikey Unlikely sports a very large cast on one arm.

The Bruvs look confident. Unlikely pulls a microphone from his pants as the music fades, and the lights come back up, his championship glistens in the light. He brings the mic to his lips, and points at Ron.

Unlikely: Hey, you don’t say that!

Kendrix laughs, as the fans boo once more.

Unlikely: Listen up Bruv, You don’t know who you’re speaking to. (turns to JFK) He doesnt know, does he!?

Kendrix shakes his head wildly.

Ace: Who does Ron Hall think he is Jason!? He don’t know Mikey like I know Mikey!

Mikey holds up fingers as he counts.

Unlikely: Terminator...Back to the Future... Jurassic World...Rap Albums… Heavyweight Championships...DirectTV ads...Frappe Spokesman…

Kendrix whispers into his ear.

Unlikely: Oh right! Co-head trainer at the Hollywood Bruvs: How To Not Suck At Sports Entertainment Seminar! ALL KINDS OF STUFF! I’m a big deal…

Kendrix nods and the pair do a fist bump.

Unlikely: PLUS! Plus! This!

Mikey holds up his injured arm and cast then winces in pain.

Unlikely: Two weeks ago, I was assaulted, barbarically right there in that ring, and where were you general manager Ron Hall!? Or did your alzheimer's kick in and did you forget I was almost murdered with a steel weapon! I’m sorry, but I’m physically unable to compete tonight. I even brough a note from my doctor if you wanna see it?

Ron in the ring has had enough.

Hall: OK, Ok, I see where this is going, let’s just cut to the chase. You can’t go tonight? Fine. No problem.

Mikey and Kendrix do another fist bump, this time they feign having issue pulling their fists apart. Finally they break free and yell out “GLUEFIST”.

Hall: But that doesn’t mean your partner can’t compete!

The fans erupt into a frenzy.

Hall: So tonight...Kendrix will take on John Sektor one on one. Sean Jackson will be ringside as a special enforcer. Just to keep things on an even keel.

Kendrix and Mikey on the stage get very angry very fast.

Unlikely: You don’t know what you’ve done to yourself. Things are going to change around here real fast Ron, you wait.  

Gold Medal by Tha Tradmarc hits and Ron Hall smiles and waves at Mikey and JFK. They head for the back as Ron rolls from the ring to the cheering crowd.

Ace: That’s not fair Jason!

Blackfront: How!?

Ace: It’s just not, ok!

Blackfront: That’s what I thought.


Kelly vs Brandy Sutton

You Can Look (But You Can't Touch)
By Kim Sozzi begins to play as UTA newcomer, Kelly, steps out onto the stage.

We turn our attention to UTA ring announcer Jeremy Roberts, who stands in the ring poised and ready.

Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, the first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall!

Blackfront: Word is, tonight we’re starting off with ladies action!

Ace: I’ve never been sad to hear those words, and tonight is no different Jason!

Roberts: Coming to the ring next from San Diego, California....

She unzips her half hoodie before heading down the ramp.


Blackfront: Kelly back out here tonight to prove that the result of the Womens Battle Royal a few weeks ago was nothing but a fluke, when we crowned our new Women’s champion… Marie Van Claudio.

Ace: Well only one thing get’s you title shots Jason… Wins!

Her music begins to fade as Kelly heads up the steps to enter the ring. Suddenly the lights go out in the arena and turn a shade of blood red as Out of My Way by Seether begins to play over the loudspeakers.

Roberts: And her opponent….

Brandy Sutton appears at the top of the ramp, big smile on her face.

Blackfront: can you tell Brandy Sutton is excited to be back with UTA, Tommy!?

Ace: Oh yea she is, but I’m not sure too many other people are excited about her being here.

Blackfront: Hey now!

Roberts: Making her way from Wilmington, North Carolina…. THIS IS BRANDDDDYYYYYYY SUTTTTTTOOOONNNNNNNNN

Soaking in the environment Brandy looks up and throws a punch in the air before starting to walk to the ring. She high fives some fans on the way down, and rolls into the ring with energy.
Stretching now, she moves her head left and right as she still has her theme song playing. Kelly checks her nails before looking up to see her opponent. Both women meet in the center of the ring as the bell sounds. They move into defensive stances as they prepare for the match.

Blackfront: Opening up WrestleUTA with some red hot ladies action! Let’s go!

Ace: I love that the UTA are spotlighting the ladies. Gives me more reason to come to work every week, well that and MIKEY IS CHAMPION!

Blackfront: Ugh… Here we go.

Brandy Sutton comes forward with a palm strike to the chest of Kelly. She grabs her chest and stumbles back as Sutton leaps forward, coming up with her left leg, bringing it down and shooting her right up for a direct kick to the sternum of Kelly, who continues to stumble back, this time into the ropes which catch her.

Blackfront: The martial arts training of Brandy Sutton coming in handy here as she faces Kelly.

Ace: You don't see many women as versatile as Brandy.

Kelly, still leaning on the ropes and holding her chest looks up at Brandy who comes toward her. Sutton takes a swing at Kelly's head, but misses as Kelly ducks down and slides behind Brandy.

Blackfront: Kelly using her speed to quickly getting out of harms way.

Brandy turns quickly toward Kelly. As she moves in for the attack again, Kelly side steps and jets toward the ropes. Brandy, once again finding herself needing to turn toward her opponent, does so just in time to see Kelly leap to the second rope and use it to launch herself with a quarter turn moonsault.

Blackfront: Kelly caught by Brandy Sutton.

Ace: I don’t think she knows a real wrestling move or how to use this situation correctly.

Blackfront: Sutton drops Kelly across her knee for a vicious back breaker.

Kelly holds her back in pain on the mat as Brandy Sutton springs back into action, coming down with a devastating stomp.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton in complete control. I'm unsure if Kelly will be able to withstand much more from her opponent.

Sutton reaches down, lifting Kelly up by her head and left arm.

Blackfront: Kelly now back on her feet. Brandy Sutton follows up with a series of knife edge chops.

Ace: Don't abuse the tatas!

Sutton strikes again, this time Kelly moves slightly to the side, catching her arm and using her own momentum, to drag Brandy Sutton over. The fans cheer wildly.

Blackfront: Kelly with an arm drag, getting her first real bit of offense in for this match.

Ace: It will take a lot more than a lucky break to stop the damage already done by Sutton.

Brandy rolls over and pops up as quickly as she was taken down. she burst forward and into yet another arm drag by the waiting Kelly.

Blackfront: Another arm drag. Kelly now starting to build an offense. Can she turn this around?

Both women get up. Kelly quickly shoots forward with a kick of her own.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton catches the foot of Kelly. It was a good tr... Kelly turns it into an Enziguri!

As her foot connects with the side of Brandy Sutton's head, Sutton lets go and falls to the side, hitting the canvas.

Blackfront: Spot on kick by Kelly who may have changed the tides here in her debut match.

Kelly runs, hitting the ropes. As she returns she drops down.

Blackfront: Baseball slide connecting with the head of Brandy Sutton.

Ace: Once she gets going, Kelly is quick as a lightning strike. I’ve watched her in other promotions, and he's always been impressed.

Blackfront: Watching from a locker in the shower room doesn't count.

Ace: Oh. Then never mind.

Blackfront: Kelly pulling Sutton up by her hair.

Brandy screams as Kelly pulls her hair. She drags Brandy toward the corner, tossing her into it.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton in trouble as Kelly head to the middle of the ring.

Kelly runs toward Brandy who moves out of the way, letting Kelly slam chest first into the corner post.

Blackfront: Sutton moves.

As she bounces off of the corner, Kelly turns toward Brandy.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton meeting Kelly with a series of swift and quit kicks to the legs.

She moves in grabbing Kelly's head and pulling her into a semi bent over position before she begins to bring her knees up.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton with a series of Maui Thai knee strikes to the mid section of Kelly.

Ace: I don't like women who uses kicks and knee strikes. Or any that fight back really.

Brandy steps back, releasing Kelly. Kelly comes forward, taking a swing at Brandy. Sutton knocks her hand away and quickly strikes  Kelly in the throat before coming forward, wrapping right her arm around Kelly's neck. She pushes forward hard and leaning in. Kelly is flipped over Brandy's back and hitting the canvas facing down.

Blackfront: Jujitsu style takedown by Brandy Sutton.

She rolls Kelly over and covers her as the referee slides into place.

Blackfront: Referee counting and this one is over.

As his hand hits the canvas for a third time, the bell begins to sound.

Announcer: The winner of this match via pin fall.... BRANNNDYYYYY SUTTTTOOONNNNNNN

Blackfront: Big win by Sutton here in her first singles match.

Kelly rolls out of the ring as Brandy celebrates momentarily before exiting herself.


Friends? or Coexisting?

Moving to the back again, we find Paul Stewart standing with John Sektor.

Stewart: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing here with John Sektor who will face one of the Hollywood Bruvs tonight!

He turns from the camera to John Sektor.

Stewart: John, the first question I have for you, is how do you feel about what happened last time on WrestleUTA on Hulu?

Sektor rubs his chin and nods along with the question.

Sektor: Paul, I was very happy to pick up the win last week against the Bruvs, but not necessarily the way it happened. I don’t want to win by disqualification, I want a just a fair decision. Mikey thought it was appropriate to bring a chair into the match and it cost him… in more ways than one.

He says with a smirk on his face.

Sektor: I’m glad to see he’s here tonight, even if he’s… “Unable to compete”.

The microphone swings back in the direction of Paul Stewart.

Stewart: And your thoughts on teaming with Sean Jackson? He is the guest Enforcer tonight, as made by our General Manager.

Sektor: Listen, we all know Sean Jackson is one of the best in the world, we all know he’s also one of the most relentless, and manipulative people to ever get in this business, I never doubt his ability, only his focus. That said, When we went out there last week, we coexisted better than I expected.

Paul begins to take the mic back, but Sektor grabs it and redirects it back under his mouth.

Sektor: There is a message I have for Sean Jackson though. I am gunning for the WrestleUTA Heavyweight Championship. He did not compete in that tournament, he did not earn the right like I did. He wants to come in here, carrying around some old hardware and pretend it's still relevant. So Sean, As long as we're going for the same prize, than you will always be my competitor, and if you get in the way, well then, I’ll have to take you out of the race.

John Sektor turns to walk away, as he does, the camera moves with him, and he almost runs face first into the man himself.

Sean Jackson.

Sean is in business attire as usual when he’s not wrestling. Sean claps his hands slowly. Letting the mood set in. He signals Paul to bring the microphone over to him.

Jackson: Message received, loud and clear. You’re absolutely right, I didn’t compete in that tournament just a few short weeks ago, but I did win All or Nothing, I did beat La Flama Blanca, and I am back to take what is mine… So let’s take care of the clowns, then you and I can do this, the right way…

Sektor snarls a lip back but grits his teeth and nods through it. Both men seem anxious and uneasy, but neither man jumps. Finally we fade away.

Lance Mikes vs Theo Baylor

(Cut to ringside)

Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

Ace: AAAAAAND we’re back!

The lights dim, as the steady beat of a guitar is heard playing and a soft voice is heard singing. as the words always, always, always are heard and the heavy beat of the guitar is heard.

Roberts: Coming to the ring first, weighing in a 247 lbs….

Lance Mikes walks out, emerging from behind the curtains. He stands on top of the aisle way and poses and fireworks go off behind him, above the entrance way, the sparks falling down on him as he poses with his arms up. As the fireworks stop he pumps up the crowd and then walks down the aisle way.

Roberts: From Manchester, England….LAAANNNCCEE.... MIIIKKKKEEESSS!!!!!


He jumps onto the ring apron and gets into the ring between the top and middle rope. The song gets back to a slow beat as the begins to spin around the ring as he stops and poses, flexing his muscles fireworks go off on all four turnbuckles, and the lights begin to flicker at the same time.

♫They see me rollin, They hatin
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty♫

Roberts: And his opponent!

As Chamillionaire's Ridin' Dirty continues, Theo Baylor steps out from the back and starts down the ramp.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring. Hailing from Compton.... THEO... BAYYYLLORRR!!

Blackfront: Remember just a few short weeks ago, Theo Baylor came out to square up against Lance Mikes after his match with Dylan Daniels! It didn’t go exactly as planned for Baylor.

The screen splits into two and they show the replay of Baylor tapping out to Lance Mikes finishing hold before coming back to the live shot in the ring.

Both men storm each other in the center of the ring as soon as Baylor rolls in. Lance Mikes opting to go for a low hold, around the waist of Theo Baylor. And Baylor opting to go higher, putting his leverage eggs in the neck basket. Neither man refuses to give an inch to the other.

Blackfront: Battle of strength to start this one off as bad blood has boiled over and into this one here tonight, Tommy.

Ace: Jason, you’ve got that right. Theo Baylor comes out to challenge The Lion, and what does Lance Mikes do? He bullies poor Theo with that Crossface Chickenwing.

Blackfront: And you gotta think that the Chickenwing will make an apperance tonight.

Ace: Last I saw there were some back in catering, actually.

Realizing that Theo won’t give up any room to him, Lance Mikes decides to create some himself. He uses his low leverage and squeezes putting stress on the lower back of Baylor.

Blackfront: Textbook work here from Mikes using that Bear Hug hold. That’s the kind of game Lance Mikes likes to play. He’s methodical, textbook at first and then takes advantage with high risk move after high risk move. You gotta think that he could become a big time player in this, the NEW UTA.

Ace: There’s no doubt in my mind that Lance Mikes is talented, but the guy treats himself like he’s God’s gift to professional wrestling. I mean take a look at where he fell in the pecking order just what, eight months ago? What makes you think that he can climb the ladder this time around?

Theo leverages his arm up to clear space away from Mikes. Lance moves quickly and floats over the backside of Baylor.

Blackfront: And there it is, Ace! There it is! Crossface Chicken Wing!

As Lance goes to lock in the final portion of the somewhat complicated hold, Theo Baylor surges and is able to find the ropes. Baylor falls to his knees, using the bottom rope to block the hold from Mikes. The official is quick to step in and send Mikes back a few steps.

Ace: Whew, Theo Baylor finds the ropes there. That could’ve been curtains, Jason.

Blackfront: Yeah. That could’ve been quicker than David Hightower’s All or Nothing performance.

Ace: An impressive feat in its own right!

Mikes delivers a boot to the back of Baylor as he remains slumped over the bottom rope. Mikes picks up Baylor and again locks him in the Bear Hug, squeezing the life out of Theo.

Blackfront: And Lance Mikes trying to ground Theo Baylor here. Baylor has some size on Mikes, Mikes doesn’t wanna unleash that.

Ace: Yeah if Theo gets a chance to unleash that size, Lance could be in trouble.

Baylor surges, twists, turns. He does whatever he can to slip the hold of Mikes. Finally Theo rams his head forward, hitting Mikes with a rudimentary headbutt. Lance manages to hang tough.

Ace: Baylor using his head here, Jason.

Baylor throws his fist forward with a quick jab, catching Lance in the head. The hold breaks as Lance drops to one knee in pain.

Blackfront: Lots of force behind that punch, Tommy.

Baylor finally able to breathe is a bit slow on the uptick but fires another punch to Lance’s head. Mikes hits the mat flush.

Ace: Baylor coming alive here.

Mikes throws a desperation punch but Baylor is able to step back and let it pass him. Baylor reaches down and pulls Lance up from his knees. A boot to the gut bends Lance Mikes over and then up comes Baylor’s knee rushing Lance’s face and sending the Lion stumbling.

Ace: Theo Baylor lighting it up all of the sudden. He just had to break that Bear Hug hold, Jason.

Blackfront: Let’s see how things shake out.

Baylor is up behind Mikes now and guides him by his neck and launches him into the corner where Mikes collides with the steel post. His shoulder getting nailed by the cold, unforgiving steel.

Ace: Oh that had to hurt.

Blackfront: No doubt about that one.

Baylor up behind the still staggered Mikes. Baylor again guides Lance by his neck and sends him into the opposite corner now. This time making sure Lance’s head collides with one of the turnbuckles. Further sending Lance into a world of hurt.

Blackfront: And the punishment just keeps coming from Theo Baylor.

Ace: Man on a mission, Jason.

Baylor storms over and sends Lance across for the ride. Mikes is off the far side and Baylor opts to go low, instead of going high for a clothesline. He delivers a thunderous punch that bends Lance over.

Blackfront: And Theo Baylor continuing his assault on Lance Mikes here. How much more of this can Lance possibly take?

With Mikes bent over in two, Baylor leans back into the ropes, shooting across using their momentum and delivers a HUGE knee to Lance’s face, sending him falling back to the ropes. Baylor wastes no time pulling Lance to his feet and again sending him across for the ride.

Blackfront: Lance Mikes off the ropes and look at this!

Ace: POWERSLAM from Baylor, who explodes to his feet with a roar. Theo Baylor is really feeling this one, Jason.

Baylor screams loudly, drawing ire from some of the fans at the front row. He shifts his attention to them for a moment and that’s all it takes. Before he can turn around it’s Lance Mikes who’s locked it in.

Blackfront: Chicken Wing! Chicken Wing! Lance Mikes has it.

Ace: No, Theo! No!

Baylor fights. And he fights.

Ace: Get to the ropes! Find the ropes!

Baylor falls to one knee, and Lance rolls him over onto his back with the hold still applied. The crowd goes wild. Finally Baylor submits, tapping the mat in pain.

Blackfront: He’s done it! Lance Mikes has submitted Theo Baylor!

The bell rings and Jeremy Roberts finds his microphone.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match… LAAAANNNNCEEEEE MIIIIIKKKKEEEESSSSSS!!!!
Mikes celebrates in the ring while Theo finds his way out.


Blackfront: OK Tommy, relax!


Marie Van Champion

We open to the backstage locker room area. We see Brandy Sutton now in half street gear and half wrestling gear, walking back from catering with a coffee in her hands. She sips at it slowly. As she rounds a corner to head back towards her changing area, she stops just short of her locker room door. That’s because someone is standing there waiting on her.

Marie Van Claudio: Brandy!

Brandy’s body visably tightens up. Marie notices this too.

MVC: Woah, Calm down, I’m not here for anything like that. I’m the champion now, I don’t think its very diplomatic of me to attack people, I think I will handle all my issues in the ring.

A very wide smile from MVC. A still cautious Brandy replys.

Sutton: So what do you need? Why are you looking for me?

MVC: I just wanted to give my side of the story! just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your match earlier tonight! You did a great job out there, congrats on the win! Kelly is not some “nobody” than anyone can beat. I was impressed with you in the battle royal and Im impressed again.

Brandy seems to relax a bit.

Sutton: Well then… Thank you.

MVC: No problem, Actually I think you are just the kind of person I am looking for!

A look of confusion crosses Brandy for a moment.

Sutton: Looking for what?


Brandy eyes up the Womens Championship on MVCs shoulder, and then looks back at Marie.

MVC: I am the UTA Womens Champion Brandy, I want to defend this title with honor and be a fighting champion. I want the fans of the UTA, and the fans around the world to be proud to have me as their champion, that said… I’m ready to defend this title! And I want to defend it against you!

Brandys confusion soon turns to a coy smile.

Sutton: Anytime, Anywhere champ!

The Canadian champion shifts her weight and moves the title to the other shoulder.

MVC: GREAT! Howabout two weeks from today on WrestleUTA on Hulu?

Sutton: Sounds good to me Champ! … I think that strap is going to look really good around my waist.

Marie smiles and shakes her head.

MVC: Best of luck out there. You’ll need it!


The Signing

The scene opens, as the camera moves down a hallway. Finally it turns and we come to a large conference room. The conference room surrounded on one side by glass gives us a great view on the inside, without sound.

Ace: What the…

Blackfront: What’s this?

A long wooden table rests in the middle of the room, a large contingent of men surround the table in power suits. Clearly two sides of the table have divided interest in the proceedings.

Someone near the glass moves and we get a glimpse of someone signing a document at the table, but the view of who the person is is blocked.

Blackfront: Could this be regarding all the rumors swirling about WrestleUTA!?


Blackfront: Calm down Tommy.

The pages flip, and another signature. This repeats for a few seconds , finally the man brings his other hand over to stack the documents and that’s when we see the cast.

The man in front of the glass moves completely as everyone stands up. That’s when it becomes clear (If it wasn’t obvious already) that the signature belonged to that of Mikey Unlikely.

He shakes the hand of all the men across the table from his side, and smiles widely. That’s when JFK catches the camera out of his peripheral vision, and opens the conference door.

Kendrix: Oi! Listen, Yeah! Get the hell out of here before JFK makes you!

The camera backs away slowly as Mikey grins looking right at the camera.

Blackfront: What was that about Tommy!?

Ace: Mikey and Kendrix are in big business Jason, you wouldn’t understand.


The Dibbins vs Dick Fury & Chance Von Crank

Cut to ringside.

Blackfront: Well Tommy, are you ready for the next match!?

Ace: Always ready Jason, who is it!?

Blackfront: This match was made as a result of the repeated...attempts to enter The Wrestlezone the last few weeks.

Ace: Oh no...no… I’m not ready…

Blackfront: The Dibbins Brothers have shown up the last two weeks, claiming to be the Hardcore Tag Team champions…

Ace: Titles that do not exist…

Blackfront: And Ron Hall decided that he would give them a match to determine if they deserve a WrestleUTA contract.

Ace: This is crazy, why would he put let them back in, we finally had them gone!

Roberts: Ladies and gentleman, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match!

“My Dick” by Mickey Avalon begins to play over the loudspeakers, and the crowd reacts with a mixture boos and cheers.  Dick Fury and Chance Von Crank walk out onto the stage.

Roberts: Coming to the ring first, this is the team of Dick Fury, and Chanceeee Vonnnn Crannnkkkkkkk!

The walk to the ring, bickering back and forth.

Blackfront: Looks like these two aren’t necessarily a cohesive unit.

Ace: What did you say about Dick’s unit?

Blackfront: You are ridiculous.

Chance Von Crank rolls into the ring, Dick starts trolling the front row, looking for good looking ladies. Finally he spots one he likes, and begins to flirt.

“Half crazy” by the Barr Brothers rings out, and the fans cheer excitedly.

Blackfront: Two men who seem to bed the rules at every turn, and the fans seem to like them anyway.

Ace: I don’t think these two idiots know the rules Tommy.

Sure enough, here come Luke and Duke onto the stage. Both men are very happy and waving.

Roberts: Annnnnndddddd their opponents, hailing from Beaver, West Virginia. Luke, and Duke… The DIBBBBINNNNNNNSSSSSS BROTTTTTHHHHHEEERRRRRSSSS.

Ace: If youre sitting at home folks this is a great time to take a restroom br….

Blackfront: Would you STOP!?

The pair quickly move down the ramp. Duke holding a beer, and Luke holding a confederate flag. The pair wear cut off jean shorts, and army boots. At the end they slide in, and go right for the turnbuckle to a lot of cheers.

Finally they step down, and Luke and Dick Fury head for the ring apron.

Ding, DIng, DIng.

Blackfront: Looks like this one will start with Duke and Chance Von Crank!

Ace: The battle of the mullet! This should be epic Jason! Which one is trashier? Which one smells more? Which one sleeps with uglier women? I’m just not sure!

Blackfront: Both men are capable competitors Tommy

Ace: Capable of making me vomit

The men circle each other in the ring before finally coming at one another

Blackfront: Both men come in to lock up...No! Duke passes the arms of Chance and goes for the...the...nipples?

Ace: Ah, The ol West Virginia Nip lock. Didn’t think I’d see that again!

Blackfront: You know this move?

Ace: Any respectable wrestling fan knows this, where’s your professional pride!? Havent you ever studied our sport?

Blackfront: Nonetheless, Duke has him by the chesticles here, and Chance is on his tip toes. Feeling the pain.

Duke backs Chance into the ropes before releasing one nipple, bringing a big overhand chop to the bare chest of CVC, the slap reverberates in the Wrestlezone.

Ace: OOoooooohhh I felt that one!

Duke drops about two more for good measure and then whips Chance off the ropes (from his arm, not his nipple). On the return he tries to deliver and ax handle smash, but CVC ducks underneath and hits the ropes again for more momentum. When he comes back Duke is ready, The elder Dibbins brother bends at the waist and back body drops Chance. Duke pumps his fists.

Blackfront: Ha! Looks like the Dibbins are glad to be back in the WrestleUTA ring!

Ace: They are just happy to have a job anywhere. How they got in here I don’t know.

Blackfront: I will remind you, that Duke AND Luke are both former UTA Hardcore Champions!

Ace: And now Mikey is WrestleUTA Heavyweight Champion, so betta days have come! Get better soon Mikey!

Blackfront: I don’t think he can hear you Tommy.

Ace: Just in case! Oh! That had to hurt!

Back in the ring the head of Chance Von Crank is being pounded into the turnbuckle repeatedly. The ref finally gets Duke to break the hold as he gets dangerously close to the five count. Chance stumbles out of the corner, slowly Duke follows. CVC turns quickly and rakes the eyes of “Drunk Knuckles”. He follows up with a couple kicks to the gut. Chance applies the front face lock and tries to shake the cobwebs loose.

Blackfront: Now Chance Von Crank is taking control of the match. Clearly the better technician of the two in the ring. He wrenches hard on that hold as Duke reaches for his brother who is across the ring on the apron.

Ace: Way too far away.

Chance takes a knee and snapmares Duke over and back into the ropes before flipping over Duke, pulling his head on the way down with a neck whip. Chance takes his time to get to his feet, meanwhile Duke is using the ropes to try to get to his. Duke starts walking toward Luke, but CVC cuts it off with a chop block to the back of the legs of the former Hardcore Champion.

Ace: Well that’s just good strategy, don’t let your opponent tag their partner.

Back in the middle of the ring CVC hits a couple forearms. He looks over to Dick Fury, who is flexing for a girl in the front row, competely unaware of whats going on inside in the ring. CVC continues on, now attacking with some wild strikes, that only seem to anger the West Virginia, redneck.

Blackfront: Duke Dibbins firing back, returning every shot that Chance is giving. They go back and forth. Duke breaks free and drills a huge roaring elbow that grounds Chance. Duke with the cover!




Chance holds his face. Duke grabs him by the mullet and drags him to his corner where he tags in his younger, larger brother Luke.

Blackfront: And here comes the hoss of the team! Luke coming in excited.

Luke hits a few rights and lefts to the head of CVC, before whipping him into the turnbuckle. Luke follows up and hits him HARD from behind with a body avalanche. CVC falls to the mat. Luke tries to cover but the referee informs him Chance has a foot under the ropes.

Blackfront: Von Crank desperately needs to tag in his partner here! He’s not going to last much longer all alone.

Ace: You want a little Dick in your life? Is that it Jason?

Luke picks up his opponent, and traps him in a reverse headlock. Instantly CVC’s arms and legs start flailing.

Ace: He’s got him in that disgusting armpit!

Blackfront: I think this is a dragon sleeper…

Ace: I wouldn’t go that fa...oooohhhh!

Luke drops back and reverse DDTs Chance Von Crank to the mat. He gets right back up and lumbers over to tag in his brother. Dick Fury looks on from the outside, unconcerned with what was happening. Chance Von Crank begins to crawl over to his corner. Reach for the tag, Dick is looking at the girl in the front row. Finally he hops off the apron, just as Crank is reaching his corner. Dick walks over to the girl seductively and begins to ask for her number.

Blackfront: Chance finally makes it to his corner and Dick Fury is off flirting with some girl. I can’t believe this!

Ace: Which part?

Blackfront: Well...now that you mention it…

Back in the ring, both Dibbins are in, Luke pulls up CVC, and tosses him at Duke. Duke locks in the Crossface Chickenwing submission.

Blackfront: Chick’n Wang!!!

CVC flails and begins to slow down. Luke takes him from Duke, and lifts Chance up on his shoulders. Quickly Duke clibs to the top turnbuckle. He leaps.

Ace: Ohhh Shhiiiittttt

Blackfront: Top rope bulldog off the shoulders of Luke! What a move!

Ace: This one is over! And Dick is in the crowd now with that girl on his lap watching the match.

The count is a formality…




The bell rings.

Ace: Dammit, does this mean the Dibbins will be around!?

Blackfront: Indeed it does partner!


Roberts: And the winners of this match by pinfall…

“Half Crazy” by The Barr Brothers begins.


The pair of West Virginians celebrate in the ring. CVC rolls outside and confronts his tag team partner. For the first time Dick stands back up. CVC pushes him with both arms back into the fans. Dick dives back and him and two erupt into a brawl. Security from the crowd rushes in to separate the two men.

As we fade to commercial break, the two are seen jawing back and forth.

Sean Who?

We cut backstage where we are welcomed by a shot of a black and blue SUV. The SUV has red and blue lights atop, that sit flashing, but no siren emits from the vehicle.

Blackfront: What are Orlando’s finest doing here!?

Ace: Shit...I uh… I’m not sure Jason, just make sure they don’t see me!

It doesn’t take long before an officer walks into view and opens the backdoor of the vehicle. Right behind him walks another two officers, who have someone handcuffed, and headed for the backseat.

Voice: What the hell guys, I’m a wrestler! I am supposed to be here! Where the fuck is MARSHALL!?

It’s the former three time UTA Heavyweight Champion: Sean Jackson.

Police Officer: Sir, we have a report that you are not authorized to be here, in fact we were told you were trespassing. So unless you have a ticket, you will have to leave the premises immediately.

Jackson: reported by whom? Ron Hall? He will tell you I’m supposed to be here.

They duck his head into the backseat of the SUV.

Police Officer: No sir, Someone higher up, the owner of the company.

Sean gets a very confused look on his face.

Jackson: There must be some mistake!?


Police Officer: They all think its some “Big Mistake”

He laughs as he rounds the cruiser to his drivers door, he opens it and starts the vehicle. The siren wails, and slowly but surely the large Sports Utility Vehicle takes off through an open garage door. As soon as the SUV moves, we can see two people standing behind it, who were blocked from the camera before.

The Hollywood Bruvs.

They walk off, Mikey starts to whistle innocently.

Blackfront: I am so confused Tommy, What’s this mean for our Main Event?


Scott Stevens vs David Hightower

The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area. The video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. The opening guitar riffs and Hellraiser by Motorhead begins to play throughout the PA system.

Roberts:Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Coming to the ring first…

The cheers intensify as the chorus hits the speakers, drawing out the man from Texas.

Roberts: The former UTA Wildfire Champion…

Walking down the aisle, Stevens smiles and plays to the crowd, who have a mixed reaction for the man.

Roberts: Standing at 6’6”, and weighing in at 256lbs…

As he finally gets to the ring, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and waits for his opponent


An icy glare and the throat slash gesture his only actions.

Blackfront: Stevens looks comfortable in the UTA ring, What do you think Tommy!?

Ace: I think he better be careful if he wants to beat this nasty man tonight, and I mean that in more ways than one.

The first strums of Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring now, hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas.

♫ The preacher man says it's the end of time
And the Mississippi River she's a goin' dry

The interest is up and the Stock Markets down
And you only get mugged if you go down town ♫

Roberts: Standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds…

♫ I live back in the woods, you see
A woman and the kids, and the dogs, and me ♫

Roberts: Being accompanied by Madman Szalinski... he is... DAVID... HIIIIGGGHHTOOOWWWERR!

♫ I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a 4-wheel drive
And a country boy can survive

Country folks can survive ♫

David Hightower comes through the curtain, chain in hand with Madman out next to him. He stops at the top of the stage and looks out at the crowd who is going crazy at his appearance.

Ace: I don’t know which one of those two is crazier…

Blackfront: Great assessment partner.

Hightower slowly moves toward the ring. He eyes up Stevens who looks ready for the big man from Arkansas. Madman stays outside as David walks up the steps and enters the ring. He has no theatrics about him, he moves to his corner and rubs his fists in his hands, prepared.

Ding, ding, ding.

Hightower starts out strong. Power moves, wearing Stevens down, throwing him out of the ring. While out of the ring, Hightower gets into it with some fans leading to a desperation move by Stevens that turns the tide. Stevens moves the action back into the ring. Stevens wears Hightower down. Few close call two counts. Madman on the outside. Hightower fights back, Stevens fights back. Madman gets involved. Hightower rolls Stevens up for a two count, or hits his huge punch out of nowhere.

Blackfront: And here we go folks as the Toughest Dog in the Yard, David Hightower takes on The Scorpion himself, Scott Stevens.

Ace: Ah what did Stevens get tired of the Windy City?

Blackfront: Doesn’t matter the reason Ace. Stevens is back here in the UTA, sights set on making an impact. David Hightower has some wins under his belt now, this stands to be a good test for him.

Ace: Hightower probably doesn’t too well with tests.

Blackfront: I’d imagine you’re right about that.

Hightower and Stevens come to the center of the ring, both men surging forward quickly propelling off their back legs. Neither man with much of a weight advantage on the other so they come out of the initial surge neutral. Stevens seeks to his his height advantage trying to bring down a quick elbow to the back of Hightower’s head. Hightower half sensing it’s coming and half being informed by a loud Madman on the outside, uses this moment to float quickly to the back side of Stevens.

Ace: Hightower showing an actual mind for wrestling there, Jason.

Blackfront: Highly impressive considering what we’re used to seeing, Jason. This is a guy that’s normally all about brute strength but it seems as maybe he’s progressing.

Ace: Madman is NO fool, Jason. He’s definitely imparted some of his world class wisdom onto Hightower.

Hightower with the waistlock now is able to push himself forward, leaving Stevens off balance. Stevens tries to recenter but is driven into the far side ropes. Hightower pulls the Scorpion in and sends him across for the ride. Stevens is off the far side and Hightower leans into his viciously Stiff Lariat, the Dog’s Bite. The crowd roars - but Stevens is able to duck it.

Blackfront: Stevens underneath of that one, off the backside ropes. Into the air -

Stevens leaps into the air.

Ace: Looking to connect Hightower’s face with that titanium laced brace.

Right before Stevens can bring Hightower’s head down onto his brace, David throws a massive uppercut that catches the Scorpion flush underneath the chin. He’s staggered.

Ace: Hightower connects with a hell of a punch.

Blackfront: Stevens is seeing stars.

Hightower lunges forward and cuts Stevens in half with a spear, pressing his shoulders down to the mat quickly. The count comes.



Blackfront: Stevens turns the shoulder.

The crowd can’t believe it.

Ace: I thought he had it, I honestly thought he did. That uppercut knocked Stevens into his last vacation. He’s in La La Land, big time.

Blackfront: Let’s see.

Hightower is up first as Stevens uses the ring ropes to stand to a wobbly vertical. Hightower smirks, looks over at Madman. Madman nods and instantly the dukes come up, it’s Fight Night.

Ace: Ought oh, looks like Hightower is gonna get some of that Hillybilly Aggression out on Scott Stevens.

Rights, lefts, some jabs, some straight punches, a headbutt or two, and one thunderous forearm are all involved in the combination that flips Scott Stevens straight over the top rope and tumbling to the floor below. Hightower stands in the ring looking down at Stevens letting out a massive roar.

Ace: David Hightower is feeling something in this one.

Blackfront: Make sure we check him for PEDs when he gets backstage, Ace. He’s on another level here.

Hightower slides out of the ring, and pulls Stevens up draping him across the front barrier. A few massive chops go to Stevens’ chest to loosen him up before Hightower pulls him and uses all of his might to toss him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Stevens is off in pain, favoring the shoulder - already being dazed. Hightower surges looking for his lariat once more, hoping to put a bow on this one.

Blackfront: Stevens dips underneath of it, again.

Hightower turns enraged. Stevens back peddles as Hightower, rather hot headed charges once again. This time going low for a spear.

Ace: Hightower gonna con -

The words freeze in Ace’s mouth as Stevens sidesteps Hightower and drops the toe on him to sending him head first into the security barrier, catching his chin on the top of it. Hightower responds well and turns back only to be met by a forearm from the Scoprion. With Stevens trying to shift the momentum his way, he pulls Hightower in and returns him to the ring. Sliding him after himself.

Blackfront: Stevens needs to get control here. If he doesn’t I think an enraged David Hightower can end this one very quickly.

Stevens dodges Hightower as the Toughest Dog in the Yard tries to overpower him. Stevens is able to slip around to the back side and drive a high knee into the side of Hightower. Hightower feels a bit winded and slips. Stevens moves quickly over taking the wrist and turning Hightower quickly. With the wrist lock established Stevens delivers one, two, three short quick Shoulder Blocks into Hightower’s chest.

Blackfront: Stevens trying to wear down Hightower here.

Ace: Hightower has the might of a freight train so he can take some hits.

Stevens delivers his final shoulder block and quickly swings himself around Hightower dropping him with a quick Swinging DDT. Hightower’s head hits the canvas and Stevens quickly pushes into a pin.




Blackfront: Hightower is now the one powering out.

Ace: He’s a big boy, but that DDT was pretty.

Blackfront: Sure was.

Stevens rolls off Hightower. His eyes wide.

Blackfront: Stevens wondering what more he’s gotta do here.

Ace: I guess suck less? Hightower ain’t no spring chicken, sooner or later this pacing might catch up to him. The Scorpion has just gotta ride it out.

Stevenson sits Hightower up, and revs himself back into the ropes, looking to shoot forward with the knee brace.

Ace: Madman getting involved!

Madman is up on the ring apron, he grabs at Stevens’ shoulder. Scott Stevens turn around quickly looking to cock the once UTA Champ right in the kisser. Madman dips down quickly, Stevens momentum turns him around and there’s David Hightower, who had just come to his feet.

Ace: Hightower up!

Hightower lunges forward with a crazy stiff Lariat that sends Stevens back into the ropes, rattling off of them. The crowd growing quiet at the sheer brutality of the move. Hightower wastes no time, he cocks back his hand and he swings forward, connecting with 5 AM the Next Morning, a massive right hook that sends Stevens tumbling to the mat. Outside Madman frantically smacks the mat.

Blackfront: Madman urging Hightower to make the cover. And he does.

Ace: Here’s the count.




Just as the officials hands connects for three Stevens turns the shoulder but he’s too late!

Ace: Hightower did it!


The fans go nuts, applauding both Hightower and Scott Stevens after the fantastic match.

Blackfront: Scott Stevens put it all on the line in there tonight against The Toughest Dog in the Yard. But Hightowers power was too much in the end and Stevens goes down. Hightower is a hell of a force to be reckoned with, and I feel bad for anyone standing in this man’s way.

Ace: You’re not kidding.



Welcome to Harrisburg

Suddenly the screen turns to static.... 

"Coming to a UTA ring near you...." 

The camera turns to a street showing some old condemned apartment buildings, trash littered on the side walks, random people walking by living their day to day lives. The camera turns to a muscular man wearing a neon lime green shirt, a pair of black, grey, and lime green camouflage shorts, and a pair of dark sunglasses. The man smiles taking his shades off. The man is none other than Chris Ross himself. 

Ross: Well... It's about time the UTA came to their senses and seen the talent that I am! Hey I haven't even debuted yet and I'm the top talent this joint has! 

Ross chuckles amused to himself. 

Ross: The name is Chris "The Boss" Ross.... When I get in that ring I promise that everyone will remember my name. Don't worry my debut won't last long. The poor sucker they throw at my feet will end up getting dumped on his head and curbstomped through the street! 

The camera zooms down the street showing the many old beat up cars parked and even a few pieces of furniture scattered amongst the trash. 

Ross: UTA welcome to Harrisburg! 717.... HBG.... Keystone State Killa REPRESENT! Get ready losers.... I'm taking all of you downtown... Light up the tires and the gas cans! Because it's about to go down!  Ha ha ha!

Ross laughs as the camera zooms back around before fading out. 


John Sektor vs Kendix

The opening riffs of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap begins to play over the PA system. After a few moments, the song begins.

♫ If you're havin' trouble with the high school head

He's givin' you the blues ♫

John Sektor comes out, heading down the ramp as the fans reach out, trying to touch him.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring now... From Miami, Florida..., standing at six foot, one inches tall, weighing in at 235 lbs.

Sektor heads up the steps, entering into the ring between the middle and top ropes.


Blackfront: John will have to go it alone tonight as he was previously scheduled to have Sean Jackson in his corner. 

His music begins to fade.

Ace: That's because our champion, outsmarted him! 

The lights in the arena darken and suddenly a red carpet unfurrels from the entrance way.

♫ “Let ‘Em Come” by Scroobius Pip ♫

Roberts: Annnnnnd His opponent….

The lights go out in the arena before flashing black and white fills the centre of the stage, immediately bringing Kendrix into view with his back facing the ring wearing the latest #HollywoodBruv t-shirt and trademark JFK green and gold ring tights with green boots.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring, hailing from London, England. Weighing in at 218lbs..

As the track's marching style drumming picks up pace he rotates his neck twice to stretch it out before slicking his hair back with both hands. Returning his arms down back to his sides he ever so slightly turns his body over to the left. The camera zooms in up close as he tilts his head to peer over his left shoulder, sporting his Armani sponsored Bug Eye shades as well as a smug smirk on his face.

From behind the curtain steps the UTA Heavyweight Champion Mikey Unlikely. The fans boo the tag team with relentlessness.

Roberts: and being accompanied to the ring by the UTA Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Unlikely….. This is…… KEEEEEENDRRRRIIIIIIIIIXXXXXXXX

The pair began to walk down the ramp towards the ring. Unlikely favoring his casted arm. He eyes up John Sektor nervously. JFK meanwhile hops onto the apron and into the ring without delay and immediately begins to pander to the crowd you greet him with great boos.

The referee asks both men if they are ready, to which they both nod. On the outside Unlikely moves to Kendrix’s corner.

Ding, ding, ding.

Kendrix and Sektor are both standing across from each other, Kendrix with his finger pointed at Sektor yelling at him that “he better keep it clean”. Sektor shakes his head with a crossing smirk as both men begin to circle the ring. The UTA Champion stands at ringside while making a few quips at Sektor as he passes, Sektor looks down towards Unlikely.

Blackfront: And Kendrix rushing in on John Sektor! Keep in mind, this match was supposed to have Sean Jackson, “The Mental Rapist” at ringside as a special enforcer.

Ace: Then Mikey did what he always does, he took care of his problem!

Blackfront: He somehow convinced the police that Sean was not supposed to be here.

Ace: Maybe he’s not!

Blackfront: Ron Hall himself, asked him to be here.

Ace: All I know is I support the boys in blue! Police Lives Matter folks, also BRUVS LIVES MATTER!

Sektor is alerted quickly to the sound of Kendrix charging him and turns ducking under Kendrix who swings wildly into the turnbuckles. Kendrix hits chest first into the top turnbuckle before turning back around and is met by a stiff right hand by Sektor. John reels back his arm again and slams it into the chest of Kendrix who let’s out a gasp for air and slumps down to the second turnbuckle. Sektor immediately pounces in with kicks down onto Kendrix before the ref jumps in and separates Sektor from the corner.

Ace: The referee better do his job! Kendrix was being illegally attacked!

Blackfront: Oh what a load of it, Tommy!

Kendrix begins to stand up in the corner adjusting himself while Mikey cheers him on as the crowd responds in boo’s that drown out the Champ. Kendrix, after a few seconds, walks out of the corner and begins to circle. Sektor then begins to pursue but as he passes by Mikey Unlikely the UTA Champion reaches out and grabs Sektor ankle. John turns around and swings down between the top and second rope at Mikey Money, who ducks and hustles out of the area.

Blackfront: And Mikey Unlikely now telling the referee John Sektor attempted to stomp on his broken arm as he cheered on Kendrix.

Ace: He did try! I saw it! He tried to further injure our champion, Jason!

Blackfront: I doubt that.

Ace: Which part?

Blackfront: All of it.

The referee begins to yell at Sektor to begin working the ring but before the ref has the chance to move out of the way and Sektor has the chance to turn around Kendrix jumps in between and lays a stiff forearm to the mouth of Sektor. He pushes him into the ropes and sends him across the ring. Sektor bounces off the ropes as Kendrix darts full speed at him. Pulling his arm back Kendrix shoots a devastating Clothesline at Sektor.

Blackfront: Big clothes….NO! Sektor ducks! He bounces off the ropes….Kendrix turning around….Shoulder Block Tackle from John Sektor!

Ace: He could have injured him! The last thing we need is both Hollywood Bruv’s out of action!

Blackfront: As far as I see it, both are perfectly able to wrestle.

Sektor grabs the foot of Kendrix who is on his back and twists it making him turn to his stomach. John tosses his leg over and slips in a deep single leg Boston Crab dead center in the ring. The camera cuts to a shot of Kendrix reaching for the ropes and Mikey over his shoulder in the distance with a worried look on his face.

Ace: Mikey Unlikely isn’t able to wrestle, Jason. Look at his arm.

Blackfront: Sektor really reeling back on that hamstring. Kendrix looks in a lot of pain here, folks.

Kendrix tries to roll over to relieve some of the pressure but as he does Sektor just drops his body down on the spine of the UTA superstar.

Blackfront: What I’m saying, Tommy, is that I don’t believe Mikey Unlikely is injured. I think he is stalling because he’s a no good rat! Just like everyone in the Era before him. Sean Jackson, La Flama Blanca, Perfection. All lying, cheating, no good…

Jason stops as Kendrix is able to get a bit a room to slip his arm back around Sektor’s ankle. He tightens up and drops his free hip while pulling the ankle of Sektor doing a makeshift sweep. Kendrix slides out and hops over Sektor’s leg getting to the side of John and grabbing a Side

Headlock. Sektor rushes to his feet but is only met with a fast Headlock Takeover. Kendrix wrenches on the skull before closing his fist and laying in fists to the forehead of John Sektor.

Blackfront; And our referee is stepping in here, telling Kendrix to break the hold and get back to his feet.

Ace: What?! Why!

Blackfront: For the punches, Tommy. No open hand.

Ace: Racism!

Blackfront: What?

Ace: He’s english! That’s racism!

Blackfront: Well we COULD have Sean Jackson out here to “enforce” this, but clearly...

Kendrix is on his feet and so is Sektor who puts his hands up and pulls his fingers towards himself saying “come on”. Kendrix nods smiling and both men jump into a tie-up. Sektor tries to pummel for inside control but Kendrix uses his hand to block Sektor by his hip, Kendrix pinches down on the bicep of Sektor keeping his hand planted and pummels his free hand through turning into a belly to belly suplex.

Blackfront: Beautiful display of technique there by Kendrix.

Ace: Oh, now you give him props?! Way behind the times, Jason. We don’t need bandwagoners on Team Hollywood...bruv!

Blackfront: Oh shut up.

Sektor holds his back while turning up to his knees before getting to his feet. Kendrix storms in and delivers a solid knee to the gut of Sektor, as The Gold Standard goes down Kendrix waits for him to pop back up and hits a European Uppercut which sends John stumbling back to the turnbuckles. Kendrix quickly follows with a stiff kick to the ribs of Sektor. The Hollywood Bruv grabs Sektor across his chest and by his shoulder, tossing John’s right arm behind his own neck.

Blackfront: What the hell is he doing...

Kendrix pulls them a step back and then quickly turns into Sketor, whipping him towards the ground and head first into the turnbuckle.

Blackfront: Dear god! STO Into the second turnbuckle!

Ace: And OUR UTA Champ has every right to be happy at ringside!

Blackfront: And somehow Sean Jackson doesnt?

Ace: You got it!

Kendrix stands slowly while favoring the leg Sektor was working on. He turns around and grabs Sektor by the leg pulling him from the corner.

Blackfront: I’m sure, he’s happy his arm isn’t broke.

Ace: Would you stop it! His arm is...

Blackfront: Cover by Kendrix! One...two...thr….no! Kick out by John Sektor to stay alive in this one...and Mikey Unlikely is furious. What’s new?

Mikey tries to argue with the referee but he is having none of it and pays attention to the action in the ring, which only upsets Unlikely more to the point of kicking the barricade by the fans.

Blackfront: Childish.

Ace: Uh, No. Badass! You better do what the champ says ref, or else!

Kendrix amused by his counterpart lightheartedly lifts up Sektor who sends a fast right hand up to Kendrix. The Bruv starts to stumble back slightly stunned. Kendrix returns fire, he’s blocked and again another shot fires off from Sektor who gets to his feet. John continues to throw a flurry of shots before getting Kendrix against the ropes and Irish Whips him across, Kendrix rebounds and is met with a huge Back Body Drop.

Ace: He can’t go that high! He doesn’t have wings damn it!

Blackfront: Kendrix getting some massive air here, folks! Let’s get a replay on it! Brought to us ON the Pure...L.E.D...HD screen, in house at the Westlezone in Orlando by Sony U.S.A!

The screen flashes the Sony logo before turning to a live video in a “Sony Replay” frame of the Back Body Drop. The crowd responds with “Oooooo” as they see the replay on the giant screen inside the Wrestlezone.

Ace: He could have broken his back, Jason!

Blackfront: Maybe it would have made him humble.

Sektor drops to a knee a little shaken up still from the STO in the corner. Kendrix is also slowly getting to his feet, Sektor charges first which Kendrix isn’t 100% ready for. John hits with a fast kick to the leg of Kendrix which causes him to slouch, using that to his advantage Sektor quickly grabs his head and tucks it under his arm forcing a snap suplex. 

Ace: He grabbed his tights while doing that suplex! Sektor should be disqualified!

Blackfront: The entire roster does that, Tommy.

Ace: They should all be disqualified...except for the Bruvs of course!

Swiveling his legs and getting to a crouched position on his feet, Sektor goes for another suplex but this time Kendrix blocks it and pulls down while tucking. He rolls through his arm hooking Sektor’s leg getting a Small Package.

Blackfront: Small Package roll up! 1...2...NO! Kick out by John Sektor...and again Mikey Unlikely yelling at the referee. This time complaining the count was too slow.

Ace: That’s because it was!

Blackfront: Jesus, can you not be bias for five minutes?

Ace: No, no I can’t, Jason...not when the Hollywood Bruvs are in our very presence!

We catch the sigh from Jason while Kendrix is also arguing with the referee slapping his hands together to teach him his way of a pin count. As Kendrix does that Unlikely moves to the side where Sektor is and decides to get in a shouting match with him. Sektor gets close to the ropes telling The UTA Champion to “come in”. Mikey shakes his head laughing making Sektor fume and spit down at Unlikely.

Ace: I knew he was a scumbag!

Blackfront: Like the presumed champion doesn’t deserve it!

Ace: Presumed?!

Kendrix again uses the opportunity to his advantage slamming a hard forearm to the jaw of Sektor so he is leaned against the ropes. He leans into him sending him across the ring, Kendrix ducks down and pops Sektor up with a Back Body Drop of his own.

Blackfront: I think Sektor went higher….HE LANDED ON HIS FEET!

Ace: You have to be kidding me…

Blackfront: No! He landed on his feet, Sektor grabbing the waist of Kendrix...Kendrix confused...Sektor spins him around and hooks his arms…

Sektor squeezes his arms and sinks his forearms in before looking at the crowd and screaming with his all his might in unison the crowd “C-Sektion!”

Ace: Stop this now!

The Gold Standard throws his feet back and pulls down on the back of Kendrix. With his arms tied up behind his back the Hollywood Bruv has not choice but to collapse unprotected, face first, into the canvass. Sketor falls belly first on top of Kendrix who is almost out cold. John rolls Kendrix over to his back and the ref drops down and begins the count.

Blackfront: One...Two...Thre…...NO! Dear god, no!

Ace: Yes! Yes! Yes!

As our announcers are saying this, we are all seeing it live. Mikey Unlikely, the UTA Champion pulling Sektor’s foot off of Kendrix and breaking the pin up. Sektor is absolutely furious as Kendrix is just catching his surroundings while latching his hand onto the ref’s pant leg, gaining his attention.

Blackfront: No...don’t fall for it, damn it! It’s a trap, John!

Sektor rolls out of the ring as the referee tends to Kendrix who keeps turning so the action is all to the referee’s back. As Sektor closes in on Mikey, the UTA Champion ducks behind the steel steps and waits to pounce on his prey. The Gold Standard whips the corner and in a fraction of a second...BAM!

Blackfront: OH MY GOD!...The cast, Tommy….the cast just EXPLODED OVER THE HEAD OF JOHN SEKTOR!!!

The Wrestlezone explodes in boo’s as the commentary tries to talk over it.

Ace: I told you it wasn’t fake!

Blackfront: That’s...uh...well...no...his arm isn’t..

Mikey Money quickly grabs Sektor and rolls him into the ring while the ref still has his back turned. Kendrix dives in, still dazed and hooks the leg yelling for the pin. The head referee just looks at Mikey questioning what happened. The UTA Champ replies “He passed out, count the damn pin!”

Ace: Yes!

Blackfront: What a load of...ugh...one...two..three.

The bell rings as Mikey grabs his hurt arm raising it up high the same time Kendrix throws both his arms up staggering up to his feet.

Roberts: Here is your winner by pinfall…

"Let 'em come" by Scroobius Pip hits as Roberts reaches for Kendrix who just rips away from him keeping his arms raised.

Blackfront: I can’t believe it…

Ace: I can

Roberts: KENNNNDRIXXX!!!!!

JFK celebrates immediately. Mikey Unlikely slides into the ring and greets his Bruv with a big hug. His arm no longer seems to be hurting him. He uses his “injured” arm to hold up Kendrix’s own.

Blackfront: Mikey got involved and cost Sektor that match Tommy!

Ace: I know! Isn’t it great! Mikey the motivator! He cheered Kendrix onto victory! What a great night!

Blackfront: Cheered!? What match were you watching?

Unlikely walks over to the downed John Sektor and just shakes his head at him.

Blackfront: Oh Come On! Sektor doesnt know where he is… let alone Mikey is right over top of him.

Ace: I like the looks of this…

It doesn’t take long before Mikey is putting the boots to John Sektor. Kendrix joins in quickly. Together they push him from the ring and he drops to arena floor with a thud. Mikey walks over to the middle of the ring yet again and holds his title up high in the air.

Ace: That’s YOUR UTA Heavyweight Champion Jason! That’s the man everyone in the industry is gunning for! That is the man who represents UTA with dignity and respeck everywhere he goes.

Blackfront: Do you actually believe the words you say, or do you just spit out whatever comes across your head?

Ace: Yes! Of course!

Kendrix joins Mikey, as they stand,  Unlikely bends over and lays the UTA Title down on the mat, smiles, smacks it, and exits the ring with his Bruv. The UTA Heavyweight Championship remains.

Ace: WHAT THE HELL!?  Mikey, what are you doing!? You forgot your belt!

Blackfront: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m not sure why, but Mikey Unlikely just left the UTA Heavyweight Championship lying in the center of the ring and walked out…

Halfway up the ramp, Unlikely and JFK turn around, smile and wave to the crowd. Unlikely points to the championship and laughs. The last thing we see before we fade to black is the camera zooming in on the UTA Heavyweight Championship lying in the center of the ring.


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