WrestleUTA on Hulu S1 E2

14 Aug 2016

The WrestleZone at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL (seats 1,400)

The words Two Weeks Ago appear at the bottom of the screen as we see John Sektor and Mikey Unlikely stand in the middle of the ring, the fans stomping and screaming. Both Sektor and Unlikely can be seen mouthing something toward each other. John Sektor makes the universal symbol that he will be wearing the title as he moves his hands in front of hips.

We fade into a shot of the two exchanging rights.


Blackfront: I'm unsure what he needs to do, but if Mikey Unlikely plans to turn this around, he needs to change his approach somehow.

Sektor heads over toward Mikey, grabbing him by the head and helping him to his feet. he grabs Mikey's left arm before pulling back with force.

Blackfront: Hard Irish whip by John Sektor.

Sektor takes off behind Mikey. As Mikey approaches the ropes, he leaps up to the second and uses it to springboard backward, throwing his elbow back which catches the charging Sektor.

Blackfront: Quick thinking by Mikey Unlikely may just be the opening he needs.

Ace: That elbow caught John Sektor all the way.

Both men lie on the canvas.


Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely continues his assault.

Mikey gets to his feet and heads down toward Sektor's feet. He reaches down, lifting John's left leg up before stomping his inner thigh. As Mikey releases Sektor's leg, John rolls to his side.

Blackfront: Unlikely now with a series of stomps to the legs of John Sektor.

Ace: He's already knocked him senseless. Now, he's taking away his ability to stand. This is just a smart strategy by the Hollywood star!

Unlikely grabs Sektor's leg again, rolling him over to his stomach and lifting the leg up backward.

Blackfront: Mikey now driving that knee into the canvas.


Blackfront: John Sektor into the ropes.

As John meets the ropes, he grabs the top rope with both arms to stop himself. His body slumps a bit as he lets go with his right arm and turns back first into the ropes, looking directly at Unlikely.

Blackfront: John Sektor refusing to give up and the fans are one hundred behind him!

Mikey takes off toward Sektor, throwing an arm out.

Blackfront: Clothesli..

However, as he reaches John, Sektor throws his free hand up grabbing the top rope and pulling down with the little bit of strength that he has left causing Mikey to go over, hitting the side of the ring before crashing to the floor.


Blackfront: John Sektor resetting the count before lifting Mikey to his feet.

Sektor walks Mikey toward the table, directing him with his hand on the back of Unlikely's head. As the arrive, Sektor slams Mikey face first into the table.

Ace: Come on now! That's a multi-million dollar face!

Blackfront: I don't think he cares Tommy.

Sektor twist Mikey around back first into the table before lifting him up onto it.

Blackfront: Sektor now climbing up on top of the table. What is he about to do?

Ace: I'm not sure what he is about to do, but I do know that he spilled my refreshing Mountain Dew.

Blackfront: Remember folks, the UTA is brought to you by Mountain Dew - A Pepsi Product.

Sektor reaches down and grabs Mikey, lifting him up. He places Mikey's head between his legs and looks out to the fans who are cheering before lifting Unlikely's lower body up, facing outward.

Blackfront: For the love of God.. Don't do it John! Don't do it!

He leaps up and drops down as they smash through the table, Mikey head first.


The fans begin a HOLY SHIT! chant.


Blackfront: After everything in this match, what a display of power here by John Sektor as he goes for the C-Sek...

Sektor's knee gives out causing him to go to just one as Mikey comes back down on his feet. Mikey re-adjust, grabbing Sektor and pulling him to his feet and quickly rolling into a snap suplex.

Blackfront: John Sektor's knee gave out allowing Mikey Unlikely to capitalize!

Mikey quickly covers Sektor and the referee slides into position.

Blackfront: We have a cover!

Ace: New champion! New champion!

As the referee's hand comes down a third and final time, John Sektor's shoulder goes up causing the fans to cheer.

Blackfront: NO! ONLY TWO!


Mikey slaps the canvas before getting up and into the referee's face demanding he count quicker.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely arguing with the referee.

Ace: Well, he's not doing his job!

Blackfront: I think he's doing his job just right.

Ace: If his job is screwing Mikey Unlikely then you are right.

Blackfront: Hardly.

Behind him, Sektor gets to a knee. He reaches under Mikey's legs, pulling him over and down.

Blackfront: Schoolboy into a pin by John Sektor!

The crowd cheers.

Blackfront: Kick out by Mikey at two!

Ace: Talk about cheating! Mikey wasn't ready!

Mikey and Sektor both roll over and push up.

Blackfront: Sektor charging Unlikely. Mikey ducks a clothesline attempt.

As Mikey turns, he sees John Sektor hit the ropes.

Blackfront: Sektor on the return.

As John leaps forward, Mikey jumps up, placing both legs into Sektor's chest as he grabs his shoulders and falls back.


Ace: Out of nowhere!

Sektor's body pops up and over to the canvas. Unlikely quickly turns draping his arm over Sektor. The referee slides into position and begins his count.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely going for the cover. This one could be over... two.. THREE!

The referee quickly calls for the bell which begins to sound.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely has done it! He is the new Heavyweight Champion!


Blackfront: In a very contested match, Mikey Unlikely pulls off the victory.

The referee hands Mikey the championship title. He looks at it and smiles.

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely has just won his first UTA Championship here tonight.

John Sektor, who is on his knees with his head down, pushes to a standing position.

Ace: This is great!

Sektor watches Mikey put the championship over his shoulder. He runs his hand through his hair, thinking for a moment, before extending his hand toward Mikey.

Blackfront: John Sektor looking to congratulate his opponent.

Mikey looks around before just walking past Sektor, his shoulder connecting as he passes him.

Blackfront: The new champion being disrespectful toward Sektor.

Ace: Why should he respect him? He's a loser!

Sektor just shakes his head before turning around and grabbing Mikey's arm before spinning Unlikely back around. Face to face again, Sektor steps in and uses his finger to point into the chest of Mikey before moving it up to the title while saying something inaudible.

Blackfront: I think this one is far from over between these two.

The two men stand, staring at each other with great intensity. Then it happens. A chill comes over the Wrestlezone.


The crowd goes insane as In the Air Tonight begins to play. Both Mikey Unlikely and John Sektor's eyes grow large as they turn toward the stage.

Blackfront: It's.. it's... IT'S SEAN JACKSON!

Ace: What's he doing here?!

Sean Jackson, decked out in a new Armani suit steps onto the stage and stands, staring down at the two men.

The most noticeable item...

His UTA Championship that hangs around his waist.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson... the last UTA Champion... is here and he has the belt with him! What does this mean?

Mikey yells up at Jackson, lifting the Heavyweight Championship in the air, screaming about being the champion. To that, Jackson undoes his championship and holds it high up. As the camera pans out enough to capture all three men in the iconic scene, we fade to the Wrestlezone.

The camera pans across the screaming fans before we finally rest on Jason Blackfront and Tommy Ace.

Blackfront: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the second episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu. I'm Jason Blackfront and joining me is my broadcast partner, Tommy Ace.

Ace: You mean the only reason anyone tunes in, right Jason?

Blackfront: Well, I don't know about that Tommy. As you just saw, on the last episode our one night tournament for the new UTA Heavyweight Championship lead to John Sektor and Mikey Unlikely battling it out in the main event.

Ace: Both of those guys beat the hell out of each other, but in the end, the right man won!

Blackfront: Tommy referring to Mikey Unlikely who captured his first major championship here in the UTA when he was able to put away John Sektor. But the show wouldn't end there, as the last UTA Champion made a silent return establishing his place here in the new era.

Ace: You mean trying to steal the spotlight from the King of Hollywood?!

Blackfront: Sean Jackson would come out on stage and hold the UTA Championship high toward both Unlikely and Sektor to close the show.

Ace: The unrecognized UTA Championship Jason!

Blackfront: Well, I have to think that this isn't over at all. But tonight we have some more exciting action for you as Charles Wingate will make his official UTA in ring debut here at The Wrestlezone.

Ace: I'm more excited to see the return of David Hightower!

Blackfront: The toughest dog in the yard is here in action. Then in tonight's main event, we have eight women in an over-the-top-rope battle royal for the new UTA Women's Championship! All this and more.. here tonight on WrestleUTA on Hulu!

Ace: I can't wait!

Jeremy Roberts stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring... the NEW... UTA Heavyweight Champion....

The fans boo.


Jeremy Roberts heads toward the ropes to exit the ring as Blunt Blowin' by Lil' Wayne rings out. The lights in the arena turn dark green and the crowd begins to boo louder.

♫ I live it up like these are my last days.

If time is money, I'm an hour past paid. ♫

As the beat picks up Mikey Unlikely steps from behind the curtain. He turns the corner and stands on the stage clothed in a custom tailored suit, his signature sunglasses, and the Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He poses for a moment to allow all of the fans lucky enough to be in his presence to take a photo.

Ace: It's the champion Jason!

Blackfront: Mikey Unlikely defeating John Sektor on the last episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu after making his way through the championship tournament to become the Heavyweight Champion.

Mikey smirks before starting down the ramp.

Blackfront: But you have to wonder, what does Sean Jackson think about this? As Jackson was the final UTA Champion, never losing the championship, he made his appearance at the end of the show to stare down both Mikey Unlikely and John Sektor in what will be forever known as one of the most chilling ends to episodic television in history.

Ace: Who cares what Jackson has to say Jason? He is not the recognized Heavyweight Champion!

Blackfront: That may be true, but never being pinned for his championship, he has to feel like he should have a shot at Mikey first.

Ace: Why? Did he go through a tournament Jason?

Blackfront: Well, no.

Ace: Exactly! Is he even under contract? Jackson just wants to feed his ego. Look, Mikey Unlikely is the biggest superstar in all of entertainment. Jackson is just trying to ride his coat tails.

Unlikely walks across the apron before entering the ring. As he does, he grabs the title and holds it high up in the center of the ring. A series of explosions fire from each turnbuckle followed by a chain reaction of smaller explosions moving around the lighting rig above the ring.

Suddenly small green bills begin to fall down on the Wrestlezone.

Blackfront: What is this!?

Ace: That’s Mikey Money Jason! Everyone is using it! I’m going to try to get mine autographed!

Indeed the green replica bills feature the face of Mikey Unlikely smiling. They rain down over the ring and the fans.

Blackfront: The champion opening the show tonight with celebration. It was a long road for Unlikely, but he has finally captured a title in the UTA.

Ace: Finally, much like his box office draw he is on top and this is where he will stay!

Mikey heads toward the ropes and is handed a microphone before he moves back to the center of the ring. He tosses the championship back over his shoulder prior to sliding his sunglasses off and placing them into his jacket pocket. He smiles with a devilish grin as the camera zooms in on him and his championship.

Blackfront: Tonight a new era starts Tommy. The era of Mikey Unlikely.

Mikey lifts the microphone up as the fans boo. He takes it in for a moment, allowing the UTA Universe to voice their opinions before he begins to speak.

Unlikely: YO ADRIAN... I DID IT!

He takes his free hand, grabs the belt and holds it in the air again as the fans boo. After a few seconds, he places it back over his shoulder and begins to speak again.

Unlikely: Go ahead, get it out of your system. The fact remains that I am now YOUR CHAMPION!

Mikey points around the arena as the fans boo louder.

Unlikely: You hate the fact that once again, I’ve proven that I am the undeniable WORLD’S GREATEST ENTERTAINER!

He paces briefly as he continues to speak.

Unlikely: I'm the best on the microphone....

More boos.

Unlikely: I'm the best on the silver screen.

Even louder boos.

Unlikely: And now.. the trifecta as I prove once and for all, I am the best professional wrestler on the planet.

The fans continue to boo.

Unlikely: This is a defining moment in history! There is literally nothing I cannot do! No matter what it is, I excel. I breath greatness and that my friends... upsets you.

Blackfront: I think they are upset at your ego Mikey, not your talent.

Ace: Shut up and let the champion speak Jason!

He looks out to the jeering fans.

Unlikely: Don’t get me wrong, I understand. I would be upset too. Each and every one of you bought a ticket to tonight's show for one reason and one reason only… and that is to catch a glimpse into the life of a Hollywood superstar! Go ahead and boo, tell me how you really feel, because tonight after the show, every fan in here will pile into their 1989 Toyota Corolla and begin the long, boring trek home. Mikey on the hand will be riding in style, the way a champion should.

The fans ring out from every corner in boos.

Unlikely: My stretch limo is filled with all the finest spirits and snacks, My PERSONAL jet, the Citation V is gassed up and ready to take me anywhere I need to go, and my wait staff is eagerly waiting my every command. So yea, I would be a little jelly myself If I were you…

Boos continue.

Unlikely: Because that is what happens when you live the life of Mikey Unlikely.

He flashes a smile and paces a bit more before continuing.

Unlikely: What? Did you think that someone like John Sektor…

The fans explode just at the mention of the name.

Unlikely: Could beat someone like me!? Someone sooooooooooooooo Hollywood!? Someone sooooooooooo talented? Someone sooooooooooooooo much better?

Blackfront: Yes, yes they did.

Ace: Come on Jason, we all knew it was very... unlikely.. that John Sektor would win.

Unlikely: John Sektor is a hell of a superstar. He is one of the greatest that have ever stepped foot in a High Octane Wrestling ring.

The fans cheer at the mention of High Octane Wrestling.

Unlikely: But this.. this right here is the true big leagues. This is the United Toughness Alliance, and John Sektor is just another mediocre has been who got a chance because of his name. I said it last time I saw him, and I’ll say it again, John Sektor just doesn’t measure up to Mikey.

Blackfront: Oh come on! John Sektor is a three time UTA Legacy Champion!

Unlikely: I hope if nothing else that John got what he wanted out of our match. I hope he got all the notoriety and all the accolades that come with being a supporting actor. Because thanks to Mikey, John Sektor is now a made man! AMIRITE!?

The fans boo at his question.

Blackfront: No sir, you are not.

Unlikely: This brings me to another subject. This one is quite close to me.

Mikey's fun loving grin turns more serious.

Unlikely: My former Dynasty brother... Sean Jackson.

The fans go crazy at the mention of Jackson.

Unlikely: The cornerstone of a failed era, the last man to hold a championship that is now meaningless.

Blackfront: A multi-time champion, Sean Jackson has a proven track record.

Unlikely: Where do you get off coming out and trying to take the shine off of MY moment? Who do you think you are Sean? This took me YEARS to achieve!

He pauses for a moment.

Unlikely: Do you think because you haven't resorted to pawning the old UTA Championship to feed your vices that it means something? That you think coming out here puts me on notice? DO YOU?!

Mikey lifts his championship with his free hand.

Unlikely: THIS is the only championship that matters Sean, and I am the man that holds it. Not you... Not John Sektor... no one but me.

He lays the title back over his shoulder, rubbing the center plate.

Unlikely: And no one... will ever take it aw-


The fans go crazy as In the Air Tonight begins to play.

Blackfront: Sean Jackson is here!

Ace: Why? Doesn't he get that this is the Mikey Money Era?!

Jackson walks out on the stage, the former UTA Championship over his shoulder and a microphone in hand. He looks out to the screaming crowd before focusing down to the ring and on the UTA Heavyweight Champion.

Unlikely: Look, I don't know wh-

Sean places a finger up before beginning to talk.

Jackson: Shut your trap Mikey.

The fans go crazy. Unlikely stomps around the ring angrily.

Jackson: I wish I could be standing here, and telling you how proud I am that you finally won the title Mikey. That you deserve it.

Mikey's eyes open wide, as he awaits what Jackson has to say.

Jackson: Except....

With his free hand, Jackson raises the UTA Championship.

Jackson: There is only one true champion.

The fans cheer as Mikey reacts, unable to believe what was just said. He steps up to the ropes, almost yelling as he replies, his spit flying.

Unlikely: You're right! There is only one true champion. That's me!

Mikey grabs his title, holding it up.

Blackfront: Both Sean Jackson and Mikey Unlikely claiming to be the one true champion.

Ace: Except we all know it's Mikey!

Blackfront: Mikey may have won the Heavyweight Championship, but Sean Jackson never did lose the UTA Championship.

Ace: It's no longer recognized Jason!

Jackson: Yea, you keep holding your composure there... champ.

Unlikely: I am the champ damn it! I am!

Sean Jackson just smirks as In the Air Tonight begins to play again. Jackson holds his title up in the air again as Mikey quickly makes his way through the ropes, hoping down to the floor. As he starts up the ramp, Sean turns and makes his exit through the curtains.

Blackfront: Not the celebration Mikey had planned on having. I think this is just the beginning as these two look to establish who is in fact the champion.

Ace: Why is there any debate Jason? Mikey is champion!

The camera pulls out revealing the same ringside picture, but emulating from a television monitor. In front of the monitor stands John Sektor with his arms crossed.

He moves his right hand up and strokes his mustache before turning around.

Sektor: So just like that, Sean Jackson is back and going for the title huh? I guess things don't change around here.

A look of aggravation can be seen on his face. The camera pans out more, revealing the general manager, Ron Hall.

Hall: Look John, I think that those two are forgetting that I was put in charge to make sure the problems from before didn't happen again.

John Sektor lets out a dry laugh.

Sektor: Well, I may be wrong, but this looks exactly like something that would have happened under Wingate's or even Farthington's watch.

Ron holds his hands up.

Hall: John.. it's not like that.

Sektor: Then what is it like Ron?

Hall: Well, it's like this... in two weeks on the next episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu, you will go one on one with Sean Jackson for the number one contender spot for Mikey Unlikely's Heavyweight Championship.

Sektor looks to be thinking. Finally, he shakes his head.

Sektor: That... does seem fair. Thanks Ron.

Hall: No problem John. But...

Sektor: But?

Hall: Yeah, if you lose… and Sean Jackson becomes the number one contender, I don't want to hear any more about ‘things not changing’

Sektor: No worries Ron. I won’t lose.

The two stare at each other as we fade away.

Don’t Waste My Time by Krept & Konan begins to play over the speakers, the lights dim light with pulses of red and white hitting each note beat. As the crowd begins  their hollering, Wingate emerges from behind the curtain. His arms arms out to the side and head tilted back.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred forty pounds and hailing from Houston, Texas! Charles…..Winnnnngaaaaaaate!

Charles continues down the ramp way, stopping once in awhile to wink at a female who visibly on camera reject him, he finally reaches the ring which he enters by walking up the steel steps.

Blackfront: The cousin to Dick Fury, Charles Wingate is making his UTA debut here tonight.

As he steps onto the ring apron Charles reaches and pulls the middle rope down and enters in the ring.

♫They see me rollin

They hatin

Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty♫

The bell sounds one time.

♫Tryin to catch me ridin dirty

Tryin to catch me ridin dirty

Tryin to catch me ridin dirty

Tryin to catch me ridin dirty♫

Roberts: Making his way to the ring next. Hailing from Compton.... THEO... BAYYYLLORRR!!

As Chamillionaire's Ridin' Dirty continues, Theo Baylor steps out from the back and starts down the ramp.

Blackfront: On the last episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu, Theo Baylor came close to putting away Lew Smith and advancing in the UTA Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Ace: Close means nothing in this sport Jason. It's either you win, or you lose, and Theo Baylor lost. To Lew Smith of all people.

Baylor makes his way up the steps and enters into the ring as his music begins to fade.

Blackfront: Well, he is looking for redemption tonight as he takes on Charles Wingate in singles action.

Wingate stretches in the corner, pulling the ropes.

Blackfront: Former member of the independent stable, High Society, Wingate has made a name for himself on the independent circuit. Now trying to go the path of many before him in his family.

Ace: The jury is still out here on Charles. I mean, come on, he doesn't even use the Fury name.

Blackfront: Tommy referring to others in his family going under the Fury moniker such as Dick, Matt, and Bryan before him.

Theo Baylor folds his bandanna before handing it to a stage hand outside of the ring. Once he turns his attention back to Charles, Theo walks along the edge of the ropes, waiting for the match to begin.

Ace: I want to like Theo, I really do. But if you can't beat Lew Smith....

Blackfront: Let's not even start with that tonight Tommy. Lew Smith is a world class athlete and has proven time after time that he has what it takes.

Ace: In what universe are you living Jason?

Blackfront: The one where you don't need to talk down to anyone you do not like, especially for no reason. Maybe you should visit some time.

Ace: I think I'll just stay here in reality.

As the bell sounds, the two men begin to circle. The move in and lock up.

Blackfront: Tie up by Baylor and and Wingate now as the two men compete for early dominance here in this match.

Theo is able to use his strength to push back, sending Wingate down and to the canvas. As his back hits, Charles rolls his body back and to a knee before standing up.

Blackfront: Theo Baylor able to overpower Charles Wingate, but Wingate showing agility, popping right back up.

Wingate adjust his trunks as the two circle again.

Blackfront: Here we go. Another lock up.

Baylor pushes Charles backward and into the ropes. He holds him against them momentarily until the referee warns him.

Ace: Where was this power when Theo faced Lew?

Blackfront: To be fair, the Lew Smith match was mostly Theo Baylor who, as I previously said, was impressive in his debut.

Theo let's go of Charles and takes a step back. As the referee moves around to the other side, Baylor brings a right in, catching the side of Charles' face.

Blackfront: Hard right by Baylor, catching Charles Wingate in the side of the head.

The referee warns Theo again, this time for not giving Wingate enough time. As he does, Charles walks alongside of the ropes while using his free hand to rub the side of his face. Baylor pushes past the referee and brings a forearm down across the upper back of Wingate, sending him to one knee.

Blackfront: That thundering forearm like a tree log falling across the upper back of Charles Wingate.

Ace: So far, still not impressed.

Blackfront: Nothing impresses you Tommy.

Theo grabs the head of Charles Wingate, turning him back first into the corner as he lifts him to his feet.

Blackfront: Baylor with Wingate in the corner now, delivering several heavy shots to his midsection.

With each blow, Wingate can be seen exhaling heavily. Baylor grabs the left arm of Charles, and pulls back, sending him out of the corner.

Blackfront: Wingate sent across the ring and into the opposite corner. Baylor following quickly behind him.

As Charles hits the corner, chest first, his body is jolted backward. As he stumbles, he turns right into a massive clothesline by Theo Baylor. Wingate's body flies up and over before he crashes to the canvas.

Blackfront: Theo Baylor with an almost decapitating clothesline to Wingate.

Ace: See, a true Fury would not be on his back this much.

Blackfront: The youngster unable to find the right pace so far in this match, but we can't count him out yet.

Ace: The right pace? There is no pace other than how quick he goes down when he gets up.

Theo cups his hands around his mouth and lets out a trio of loud barks before taking off toward the ropes.

Blackfront: Theo Baylor off of the ropes and on the return now.

Charles rolls to the side and slides out of the ring, prompting Theo to slow down and come to a stop as he approaches the ropes.

Blackfront: Wingate able to get out of the ring now, looking to catch a breather and hopefully re-evaluate the situation at hand.

Ace: If he's smart, he'll just stay outside the ring and let Theo take this one by count out.

Baylor steps through the ropes to the edge of the apron, before hopping to the floor. He heads over and grabs Charles by the back of the head, lifting him to his feet.

Blackfront: Baylor directing Wingate now as he grabs his arm and sends him.. no.. Charles Wingate able to reverse the move. Theo Baylor sent toward and into the ring post!

As Theo's face hits the post, his body turns and falls to the floor. Charles drops back to one knee, continuing to try and gather his senses.

Blackfront: This may be the opportunity Wingate needs.

Ace: Well, by the looks of it, Theo Baylor is already getting to his feet and he does not look happy Jason. I'm not sure how much of an opportunity Charles has given himself.

Wingate pushes up to both feet, making his way over to Theo. Grabbing him by the head, Charles  lifts Theo up and rolls him back into the ring under the ropes prior to grabbing the ropes and pulling himself to the apron.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate back in the ring now, lifting Theo Baylor to his feet.

He grabs the arm of Theo and yanks back.

Blackfront: Baylor sent into the ropes and on the return now.

Charles grabs Theo's arm as he returns, bringing him over.

Blackfront: Baylor caught by an arm drag into an armbar.

As Theo sits on the canvas, Charles holds his arm up and back while using his free hand to push down on Theo's shoulder.

Blackfront: A little bit of the Fury technical prowess starting to show through here.

Ace: Too little too late if you ask me.

Blackfront: Wingate applying more pressure to that arm as he continues to slow down the pace of this match and shift the balance in his favor.

Charles steps to the side and with one hard yank, pulls Theo's arm out as he let's go. Baylor grabs his shoulder as he rolls to his side on the canvas. Wingate adjust his tights as he begins to circle Theo.

Blackfront: Charles now with a couple of hard stomps to the shoulder of Theo Baylor.

Wingate motions for the crowd to give a reaction to little effect before waving them off and going back, to stomp a now sitting Theo in the back of the shoulder.

Blackfront: Charles Wingate not getting any love from the fans here tonight as he continues to work on Theo Baylor.

Wingate grabs Theo by the arm, lifting him to his feet.

Blackfront: Grabbing the arm, Charles now whipping Baylor into the corner.

He runs behind him as Theo is sent into the turnbuckle. However, Baylor is able to stomp himself before he hit, bringing an elbow back that connects with Wingate's face. As Charles grabs his chin and stumbles around, Theo begins to climb the corner.

Blackfront: Baylor looking to regain control here.

Ace: I told you, too little too late Jason.

As Theo reaches the top rope and turns around, Wingate stumbles over and to the ropes. Grabbing the top one, he shakes it vigorously causing Baylor to lose his balance and fall.

Blackfront: An act of desperation by Wingate now, trying to not lose the momentum he has built.

Ace: He has the momentum of a water buffalo in a foot race Jason.

Blackfront: Water buffalo can be quite fast Tommy.

As Baylor hits the canvas, he grabs the back of his knee and rolls more toward the middle of the ring.

Charles heads over, grabbing the extended left leg of Theo Baylor before bending his other leg in and placing his arm between them. He begins to lift Theo up a bit and turns him over, before straddling him from behind and sitting down into a Texas Cloverleaf.

Blackfront: Wingate locks in The Lone Star! Theo Baylor, who may have hurt that knee when he landed, has nothing to do but tap out! This one is over!

The referee quickly calls for the bell which begins to sound.

Roberts: The winner of this match via submission.... CHARLES... WINNNGGAATTTEE!!!

As Wingate release Baylor and stands to his feet, the fans give a mixed reaction.

Blackfront: A check in the W column for Charles Wingate here tonight in his debut match.

Ace: Yea, yea. I'm nowhere near impressed.

Blackfront: This young man has a long ways to go, but he is heading there is the right direction.

The referee lifts Charles's arm up in victory before it is snapped away from him by an unappreciative Wingate. Ignoring the rudeness, the referee moves on to check on Theo Baylor who continues to hold his knee as we get a replay of Wingate knocking him from the top rope and moving into the Cloverleaf before we fade from ringside.

We head backstage where Ron Hall is sitting at a desk. Suddenly the door to the office he is in, swings open. In walks the UTA Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Unlikely.

Hall: Mik-

Mikey stomps over and slams his hands and the Heavyweight Championship on Ron's desk.

Unlikely: You have some explaining to do!

Ron is taken back a bit as he slides his chair a few inches in reverse.

Hall: Is that so?

Mikey mimics him with his own Is that so?.

Unlikely: You Goddamn right you do!. Do you see this? DO YOU?!

Mikey picks the title belt up and holds it for Ron to see.

Unlikely: THIS...

He grips the championship tighter.

Unlikely: ... means I am THE champion Ron.

Ron nods.

Hall: Sure does.

Mikey looks aggravated at his response.

Hall: So what is the problem?

Mikey can't believe it. Throwing the belt over his shoulder, Unlikely begins to pace before turning back to Hall.

Unlikely: The problem is that idiot coming out and interrupting me, claiming to be the champion! When we both know the World's Greatest Entertainer holds that distinction.

Hall: I see.

Ron stands up before rubbing his chin.

Hall: You see this as a problem though?

Mikey's eyes grow.


Ron smiles, putting his hands up.

Hall: Calm down, I hear you. I hear you.

Unlikely: So what are you going to do?

Ron lets out a small chuckle.

Unlikely: Are you... laughing?

Ron smiles, shaking his head.

Hall: No, not at all. Look...

Ron looks Mikey in the eyes and gathers himself.

Hall: You are the UTA Heavyweight Champion Mikey. There is no denying that at all. You are the man.

Mikey adjust the title on his shoulder smirking a little.

Unlikely: Damn right I am.

Hall: And you did. You defeated multiple superstars including John Sektor, which is no easy task mind you, to become the champion.

Mikey looks to begin to calm down.

Hall: Also, I've already taken care of the issue.

Mikey perks up more.

Unlikely: You did?

Hall: Yea, I did. Your concern is noted and taken into consideration. That's why on the next episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu John Sektor and Sean Jackson will meet in one on one action to determine the true...

Mikey looks agitated again.

Hall: ... number one contender.

Unlikely sighs in relief.

Hall: Yes, Sean never lost his championship. But this is a new era, a new UTA and you Mikey.. you are the champion.

Mikey smiles before patting the title on his shoulder.

Hall: So, no need to get all worked up champ. I have things under control here. Why don't you... take the rest of the night off? Go celebrate.

Mikey thinks for a moment.

Unlikely: No tricks?

Hall: Not a one. I want you to have a shot on me even. I mean, you are the champion.

Unlikely: I am.

Mikey smiles as Ron puts his hand out to shake the champion's. However, he is denied the return as Mikey turns and heads out of the office. Hall brings his hand back down, placing it on his hip where his other now lays and shakes his head as the fans can be heard screaming in the background off camera.

We return ringside.

Blackfront: On the last episode of WrestleUTA on Hulu, Chance Von Crank attacked Michael Byrd when Byrd was trying to calm him down after his disqualification loss to Mikey Unlikely.

Ace: He got what he deserved for sticking his nose in other people's business.

Blackfront: It was an unwarranted attack and has led to this match here tonight.

Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

The bell sounds once.

Roberts: Making his way to the ring first and hailing from Dallas, Texas. He is the main event…. Michael… BYYYRRRDDD!!!!

Plateau, as performed by Nirvana, begins to play. Michael Byrd comes out from the back to a welcoming reception.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd hoping to put Chance Von Crank in his place here tonight.

Ace: If he would have just minded his own business, maybe he wouldn't need to.

Michael begins up the steps. As he enters the ring, his music begins to fade.

Michael Byrd stretches against the ropes as Jeremy Roberts continues.

Roberts: And his opponent...

A huge cocking noise is heard followed by a shotgun blast booms over the arena....

Shock N Rolla...
Here 2 Show Ya...
Cocked Back... And.. Loaded!

Chance Von Crank

His music can be heard as The Trailer Park Prodigy and his half self emerge from behind the curtain. Everyone in the arena immediately begins to boo, and a CVC Sucks! chant breaks out throughout the crowd.

Crank turns ever so often to each side of the crowd, simulating masturbation out in front of his body and his famous Aw Ski Ski after a few simulated strokes, signaling he`s finished.

Roberts: From Harlan County, Kentucky. Standing at six foot four and weighing in at two hundred and sixty two pounds...

Chance continues down the ramp, staring down at Michael in the ring.

Roberts: He is.... CHANCE... VON... CRAAAANNNKKK!!!!!

He slides through the ropes as he reaches the top of the steps, throwing his Trailer Park Prodigy shirt into the crowd just to have it tossed back at Chance who is now heading for the turnbuckle, climbs up holding his arms high amongst all the boo's.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank unable to capture the Heavyweight Championship on the last episode, but made a mark when he laid Michael Byrd out in the locker room.

The bell rings but both combatants remain still. The referee signals the start of the match and cVc, content with his trash talking, reaches up and pushes Michael Byrd. The shove sends him back a step or two, but he quickly recovers and gets in Crank’s face. The crowd buzzes in excitement.

Blackfront: What is this, a schoolyard? Crank pushing Byrd around like a little kid.

Ace: Just trying to get into the head of Byrd, Jason. That’s all.

cVc pushes Byrd again, but this time Byrd retaliates with a push of his own, the force of which sends cVc immediately to the canvas.

Blackfront: There yah go Chance! How do you like being pushed down?!

Ace: Byrd may have more power, but Crank has him beat in every other area.

Crank looks up shocked, as Michael Byrd flexes his muscles in a display of strength.

As Crank gets to his feet, Byrd then motions for him to bring it, and he complies, the two men locking up in the center of the ring.

Blackfront: Here we go as both men tie up.

The two struggle for the upper hand with Byrd quickly gaining it, using his strength to bend Chance Von Crank backward toward the canvas.

Blackfront: I think it has been well established that Michael Byrd is the stronger man here.

Chance Von Crank then uses his strength to straighten back up and quickly rises with a knee to the gut of Michael Byrd, the blow causing Byrd to expel a breath of air and bend at the waist. cVc raises his right arm and comes down with a forearm smash against the back of Michael’s head.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank in control now.

He raises up for another, and yet another, each blow ringing out through the arena.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank working the back Michael Byrd.

Ace: I hope Michael Byrd prepared to be humiliated by Chance again here tonight.

Crank whips Michael Byrd into the ropes.

Blackfront: Hard Irish Whip sends Michael Byrd into the ropes.

As he returns, cVc drops to the canvas, Byrd jumping over him to the other side of the ring. Byrd then comes off the ropes on the other side of the ring. As he returns this time, he lifts a foot and kicks Crank square in the head.

Blackfront: Big boot from Michael Byrd, and Chance Von Crank is down!

Ace: Chance had something in his eye.

Michael raises his arms as cVc gets to his feet with his hand holding his chin. Crank curses as he and Byrd lock up in the center of the ring again. Michael Byrd quickly rolls behind Crank with a rear lock.

Blackfront: Byrd with that bear like grip on Chance Von Crank.

Ace: He’ll get out of it Jason, don’t you worry about that.

Blackfront:  Who’s worried?

Crank makes a face, trying to struggle out of the hold. He raises his leg backwards between Byrd’s legs, striking the ole family jewels.  The fans boo as Byrd falls to the canvas holding his manhood. the referee quickly gets in Crank’s face, giving him a warning.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank with the low blow.

Ace: From what I hear about Michael Byrd, no damage was done.

Blackfront: You are just disgustingly rude Tommy.

Crank throws his hands up as the crowd continues to boo. He runs his hands through his hair as he makes his way to Byrd, slapping him hard as he brings him to his feet.

Blackfront:  Chance Von Crank going to work now...

Crank whips Byrd into the ropes.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd sent into the ropes again.

As he returns, cVc hooks Byrd’s arm and lifts him up into the air before bringing him to the canvas, all in one motion.

Blackfront: Hip Toss by The Trailer Park Prodigy! He used the momentum off the ropes to drive Michael Byrd right to the canvas.

The Shock 'N Rolla taunts the crowd and is rewarded with a chorus of boos.  Crank drags Byrd, face down, toward the ropes.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank setting Michael Byrd up for something here.

Crank takes Byrd’s head and drapes it across the bottom rope. He looks around at the crowd with a smile on his face before stepping up on Byrd, standing across the shoulder blades. Crank grabs the top rope and pulls it upward so that he may apply all his weight on Michael.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank using the ropes to choke Michael Byrd! His neck is draped right across the bottom rope and cVc is mercilessly choking him!

Ace: That’s right baby, cocked back and freaking loaded. Chance Von Crank is going to choke out Byrd here tonight.

The referee quickly makes the count. Chance Von Crank breaks the hold at four. The referee warns Crank yet again with a finger in his face.

As Michael Byrd is let go, he flops back to the canvas. As he lays there, he holds his throat. Byrd swallows once, with it appearing quite difficult.

Blackfront: Byrd is struggling to swallow after being choked by Chance Von Crank. There’s no place for that kind of stuff in the UTA.

Chance Von Crank climbs up the corner post and raises his arms. Michael Byrd slowly gets to his feet as Crank gets down and turns to face down toward him.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank more interested in inflating his own ego than wrestling in this match.

Crank jumps down to the canvas.

Ace: Listen here Jason, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Chance Von Crank is just taking his time. We all know the longer he’s on the screen the better it is for the UTA.

After a few moments, the two men lock up in the center of the ring yet again.

Blackfront: Starting back from square one, Michael Byrd needs to get some sort of momentum going if he expects to win.

Ace: He needs to just give up.

Chance Von Crank takes control, switching to a side headlock.

Ace: There's no stopping him.

Michael Byrd takes several steps backwards. He hits the ropes, using the momentum to toss Crank off of him into the ropes on the other side of the ring. Chance returns, meeting the arm of Michael Byrd.

Blackfront: Byrd with the clothesline.

Crank quickly gets to his feet, running off the ropes for momentum. As he returns, Crank goes for the shoulder block but Byrd out powers him, the blow causing Chance Von Crank to fall to the canvas instead.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd with the shoulder block. Errr... well Chance Von Crank with the failed attempt of the shoulder block. That was like running into a brick wall.

Chance Von Crank gets back to his feet, stumbling into the ropes. He regains his composure and charges Michael Byrd. Byrd catches Crank, lifting him straight up into the air with a military press before tossing him back to the mat.

Blackfront: Huge military press there by Michael Byrd. Byrd is back on the offensive now, stomping away at Chance Von Crank.

Byrd stomps Crank a few more times before dropping to his knees and going for the pin. The referee hits the canvas to make the count.

Blackfront: We’ve got a pin ladies and gentlemen... NO! Kick out. Chance Von Crank kicks out and that one was hardly close.

Ace: Well don’t sound so disappointed Jason.

Michael Byrd checks with the referee who signals the two count, as the crowd still buzzes after the count.  

Blackfront: Michael Byrd can't believe it wasn't three.

Ace: I can.

He gets slowly to his feet. Michael reaches down, grabbing a hand full of mullet, lifting Chance Von Crank to his feet with it. Byrd then grabs Crank’s left arm, raises it over his own head and pins it there before reaching back and punching him right over the heart.

Blackfront: Heart punch from Michael Byrd.

Ace: He's trying to kill him! Why isn't he being disqualified?

Crank brings his shoulders forward and bends slightly as he makes his way into the corner. Michael Byrd follows, hitting Crank in the face with a left, then another left, followed by a right, each blow rocking Chance Von Crank in the corner.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank just can't recover.

Michael Byrd grabs Crank's arm and pulls him hard into a short-arm clothesline.

Blackfront: What a clothesline from Michael Byrd!

Ace: Come on Chance take this guy out!

Michael Byrd looks out on the crowd for a brief moment before bending down to pick Crank up.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd Von Crank directing toward the corner now.

He places Chance on the top rope, in the seated position. Michael Byrd then goes to climb up after, but Crank punches him in the face, forcing him to step back down.

Blackfront: Well we’ve got a high risk maneuver here. . . Or at least I think that’s what Byrd has planned.

Ace:  But Chance Von Crank ain't out of it yet, he’s fighting back from that precarious position.

Byrd goes for another hold, but again Crank punches him. This one sufficient enough to knock Byrd back a few steps.

It’s a big enough of an opening for Crank to get to stand up on the ropes and jump off.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank trying to comeback.

He jumps over Byrd, but hooks his head as he flips over him, bringing him down to the canvas with him. The crowd pops with such ferocity at the big move that the referee actually jumps.

Blackfront:  Neck breaker from the top rope by Chance Von Crank!  I think both guys are hurt after that one.

The referee begins to count.

Ace: Get up Chance! Get up!

Blackfront: One of these men need to get to their feet before the count of ten.

Ace: Come on Chance!

At four, Byrd and Crank both start to slowly get to their feet.  

Blackfront: We have movement.

Chance Von Crank now following suit. The referee continues to count. Finally, they both reach their feet at about nine.

Blackfront:  Both men are up after that near double count out.

Ace: Get him Chance! Get him!

Each man stares at the other from across the ring as they both hold themselves up with the ropes. The crowd's noise level is getting intense as they know this match is about to explode. After a few moments, Chance Von Crank slowly raises both hands, middle fingers in the air.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank letting Michael Byrd know how he feels.

Byrd whips his head to the right, looking out to the crowd, and then the left. They both take off toward each other.

Blackfront: Michael Byrd leapfrogs Crank!

As Chance Von Crank hits the ropes, on the opposite side, Michael Byrd throws his arm out.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank ducks the clothesline attempt by Michael Byrd.

Both men quickly turn. As they do, Crank steps in wrapping one arm around Michael Byrd's neck and holding his other arm out.

Ace: Here it comes!

Chance Von Crank leans forward before leaping back. Michael Byrd's face crashes into the canvas courtesy of a Swinging Reverse STO.

Blackfront: GodBooked out of nowhere! GodBooked out of nowhere!

Crank rolls Michael Byrd over, covering him as the referee drops into position.

Ace: He's got him! He's got him!

Right as the referee's hand hits the mat for the third time, Michael Byrd kicks out of the pin.


Ace: NOOOOO!!!!

Knox quickly gets up and begins signaling to the outside of the ring. The bell begins to sound.

Blackfront: Huh? No! The referee is saying it was three!

Ace: Chance Von Crank wins! Chance Von Crank wins!

Michael Byrd sits up, just looking at the referee. Chance Von Crank is on his feet now, runs to the corner turnbuckle. He climbs to the top and begins to make a motion with his hands around his waist as if there is a title belt there.

Roberts: Your winner via pinfall.... CHHHANNNCEEEE VON CRRRANNNNNKKKK!!!!

Blackfront: I surely through that Michael Byrd had kicked out there.

Ace: Well he didn't Jason.

Michael slowly pushes up to his feet, unable to believe that he has lost. cVc leaps back down to the canvas behind Michael.

Blackfront: Chance Von Crank taking home the win here tonight over Michael Byrd.

Chance Von Crank grabs Michael and twist him around. He steps in wrapping one arm around Michael Byrd's neck and holding his other arm out. Chance Von Crank leans forward before leaping back. Michael Byrd's face crashes into the canvas courtesy of another Swinging Reverse STO.

Blackfront: Another GodBooked by Chance Von Crank and Michael Byrd is out.

The fans begin to boo as Chance's music begins. He rolls over to a knee and throws his arms out, motioning with his hands for the fans to continue to boo as we get a replay of the GodBooked prior to fading away from ringside.

We head backstage where Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison are in their locker room. Amy is lacing up her boots as Marie looks down at her.

Claudio: Tonight, history is going to be made Amy.

Harrison looks up at here.

Claudio: For the first time since two thousand and one, the United Toughness Alliance will crown a Women's Champion!

Amy finishing lacing her boots and stands up. She turns to Marie who continues.

Claudio: We have six other women in the ring with us Amy. Six unknowns that will be doing whatever they can to beat us.

Amy silently nods.

Claudio: But if we work together, we can take them out. Then, when it's just you and me left... well...

Amy interrupts her.

Harrison: I get it Marie.We can work together, then may the best woman win.

Both smile at each other.

Claudio: I'm so glad we've put all of the past behind us!

Harrison: Me too Marie.

They begin to hug. As they do, we hear the locker room door open and someone approach.

Voice: Isn't that cute.

Marie and Amy release each other and turn. Their faces  turn to shock.

Claudio: You?! What are you doing here?!

The person steps into the scene. As the camera rotates to the side, we see who it is.

Jade Justice.

Jade smirks at the two.

Justice: Honey, I'm here to throw you, and you..

She points at each woman as she says the word You.

Justice: ...over the top rope with the other unlucky broads who are in my way to retribution.

Amy steps forward angrily. Marie has to throw her arm out to stop her.

Harrison: Look here missy...

She uses her pointer finger as she speaks, her head moving slightly as well.

Harrison: I don't know who you think you are, but you're looking at the last two women who will be standing in that ring right here.

She points between herself and Marie.

Harrison: When we're done with you, you can disappear to whatever rock it is they pulled you out from under!

Jade places her hands on her hips and laughs.

Justice: Is that so?

Claudio: Yea, it is!

Marie flips her hair at Jade.

Justice: You two are a joke.

Harrison: I'll show you joke!

Marie has to hold Amy back even tighter.

Justice: The only thing you are going to show me is how not to win a battle royal! When I stand tall at the end of the match and I hold the Women's Championship high up, everything I have been through will finally be...

She smirks again.

Justice: Justified.

Jade flips her hair as she turns and leaves the locker room. Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison look at each other, a slight view of worry on their faces as we fade from the scene.

As we head back to the ring, Quality Control by Jurassic 5 is playing as Dylan Daniels stretches in the ring.

Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall.

Dylan flexes beside Jeremy.

Roberts: Introducing first, from Seattle.... DYLAN... DANNIIEEELLLSS!

The fans boo as Dylan shakes his fist in the air and smirks.

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels unable to defeat John Sektor on the last episode, looking to pick up a win here tonight.

Ace: Yea, good luck with that.

Dylan Daniels rest in the corner awaiting his opponent.

The first strums of Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. begins to play.

Roberts: His opponent, hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas.

♫ The preacher man says it's the end of time
And the Mississippi River she's a goin' dry

The interest is up and the Stock Markets down
And you only get mugged if you go down town ♫

Roberts: Standing six feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds...

♫ I live back in the woods, you see
A woman and the kids, and the dogs, and me ♫


♫ I got a shotgun, a rifle, and a 4-wheel drive
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive ♫

David Hightower comes through the curtain, chain in hand. He stops at the top of the stage and looks out at the crowd who is going crazy at his appearance.

Blackfront: David Hightower one of the most unorthodox men in the industry.

Ace: He's dangerous Jason, it's as simple as that!

David raises the chain in the air, the padlock at the end of it swings in the air.

Ace: These fans are no better. They are out for blood!

Hightower lowers the chain and begins to stomp down the ramp while mouthing something in Dylan Daniels' general direction. Daniels hops from the left to right in the ring, loosening up.

Blackfront: A challenge like no other stands in front of Dylan Daniels here tonight folks.

As Hightower reaches the ring, he stops at the edge and looks left and right with wild eyes before reaching up and grabbing onto the ropes, pulling himself to the apron.

Ace: It's like facing an escaped lunatic. Do you smell him Jason? When is the last time this guy took a bath?

Hightower enters the ring. He begins to stomp around the edge of it, swinging the chain wildly. Both the referee and Dylan Daniels quickly move out of the way of the airborne metal links and lock.

Blackfront: An unique individual, David Hightower is one of a kind.

Ace: Well, yeah Jason. That's what unique means.

David reaches his corner again. He unwraps the end of the chain from his hand, dropping it in the corner near the turnbuckle before turning to face Dylan Daniels and awaiting the match to begin.

Ace: It's like watching a NASCAR race, knowing there is about to be a huge wreck. You want to turn away but can't.

The referee makes his way over, using his foot to scoot David's chain from the ring to the floor before calling for the bell.

Blackfront: And here we go. Dylan Daniels not backing down as he moves in toward David Hightower.

Ace: This guy is not the brightest crayon in the box is he?

He attempts to lock up with David, who instantly pushes him back and into the ropes. As the referee goes to warn Hightower, David lifts his right arm up and brings it down hard across the collarbone and chest of Dylan Daniels.

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels not a weak individual by any means, but he may just be overpowered here tonight by David Hightower.

Ace: Might be?

The referee pushes David away as Dylan stumbles to the side, trying to make his way fully back to his feet. Hightower circles near the opposite side of the ring, his eyes glossed over as they do not move from Dylan.

Blackfront: David Hightower is just pure brute strength.

Dylan backs into the ropes on the side, Hightower moves in. He grabs Dylan by the head, and grunts as he flips him over and to the canvas with a snapmare. As Dylan drops to a seated position, Hightower moves his hands down to his shoulders and drops a knee down, catching Dylan in his back. He then pulls Daniels by his shoulders backward, driving his knee deeper into Dylan's backbone.

Blackfront: David Hightower wanting to punish Dylan Daniels here tonight.

Hightower drops his knee down to the canvas, reaching around Dylan's head and neck, locking in a sleeper. The two men struggle; Daniels trying to get free, and Hightower attempting to lock in the sleeper tighter.

Blackfront: That sleeper hold locked in, David Hightower looking to choke the breath out of Dylan Daniels.

Ace: More like choke the life out of him.

Daniels continues to struggle. Planting his feet on the canvas, he begins to push up. Hightower moves up with him, continuing to keep him locked in. As they reach their feet, Hightower forces Dylan over toward the corner where he pulls Dylan's head and neck back before forcing them into the top turnbuckle as he lets go.

Blackfront: David Hightower now introducing Dylan Daniels to that turnbuckle.

As Dylan's head bounces off of the turnbuckle, Hightower grabs the back of his head and slams him face first into it again, a deranged and crazy look on his face. The referee screams at David to let Dylan off of the ropes.

Ace: Even the referee has no control over this animal.

Daniels' body drapes in the corner as David stomps back and around. As Dylan turns his body he moves toward the middle of the ropes. Hightower comes in, grabbing the back of his head with one hand. As he pulls Dylan's head forward, David uses his free hand to slam an unforgiving fist into the gut of Daniels, causing him to instantly fall to his hands and knees.

Blackfront: Those fist of David Hightower are like cinder blocks attached to arms as Dylan Daniels just found out.

Hightower grabs Daniels by the head, pulling him to his feet. As soon as Dylan is up, David reaches down and grabs him around his legs just below his thighs, lifting him up and running forward, before slamming Dylan back first into the corner. He grabs his head once again, and brings Daniels out of the corner, over, and to the canvas.

Blackfront: David Hightower sending Dylan Daniels to the mat again with another snapmare.

Daniels lays on the canvas face first.

Blackfront: Hightower now dropping a knee down into the ribs of Dylan Daniels as he continues to dish out the pain.

Ace: He hasn't given Dylan one moment to try and catch a breath here.

Blackfront: Not at all as he drops another knee across the lumbar region of his back.

David throws his leg over the back of Dylan. He places Daniels' right arm over his knee as he grabs underneath of his neck and pulls David's head and neck up and back.

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels now locked into that modified Camel Clutch.

Ace: This is Dylan's chance to just tap out.

Before he can, David releases his right hand from Daniels' chin, pulling his head over with his left before slamming the right into the side of Dylan's head and letting him go. Dylan's upper body falls to the canvas as he grabs the side of his head in pain.

Blackfront: David Hightower not looking to end this yet.

Ace: That just shows you what type of person he is. No regard for anyone.

Blackfront: He is one of the most dangerous competitors I have ever seen in the ring, and that continues to show her tonight.

Hightower stomps in a circle around Dylan Daniels.

Blackfront: Like a shark circling it's prey.

He reaches down, grabbing Dylan and violently lifting him to his feet. As Daniels rises, Hightower reaches forward and scoops him before lifting him up and over, then slamming him to the canvas back first.

Blackfront: Scoop slam to continue the relentless and vicious attack on Dylan Daniels.

Hightower places his boot on the forehead of Dylan Daniels before leaping up, and bringing his foot down hard across the spot that he previously marked. He steps back and looks down at Dylan before stomping back over and bringing another foot down, this time across the side of Dylan Daniels' face.

Blackfront: Two hundred and fifty pounds focused on your head and face is never the way you want to spent your night.

Ace: Look, I'll spend my night anywhere but in the ring with David Hightower anytime.

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels in a lot of trouble here.

David Hightower reaches down and lifts Dylan up just enough to turn him over, facing down to the canvas, before bringing a big elbow down square into the back of Dylan's head.

Blackfront: This is a full on assault by David Hightower tonight. Focusing on doing damage to every inch of Dylan Daniels, who in turn may never be the same again after tonight.

Hightower grabs Daniels by the back of his head, pulling him up to both knees, before raising his own arm up and bringing another large elbow down and into the head of Dylan Daniels, his body collapsing to the canvas yet again.

Blackfront: Those shots to Dylan Daniels's head given without mercy.

Ace: Have you seen anything that remotely resembles mercy here tonight Jason?

Hightower grabs the back of Dylan's head, lifting it up and slamming his face into the canvas. The referee quickly tells David to give Dylan room. Hightower steps up and back, circling back around Dylan, holding onto the top rope as he moves alongside of the ring.

Blackfront: Just vicious. Dylan Daniels in a lot of trouble.

Dylan begins to try and push his way up as David Hightower makes his way around to the side of the ring. He stomps from the ropes and drops yet another knee down connecting with Dylan's side, causing him to collapse again to the canvas.

Blackfront: David Hightower has Dylan Daniels under total control here.

Ace: He has since he came out from the back.

Hightower steps back and uses the ropes for momentum to come forward before leaping up and bringing another, more focused, knee down. Dylan Daniels lets out a scream of pain.

Blackfront: David Hightower again and again with that knee, jarring the spinal column of Dylan Daniels.

David grabs the head of Dylan, pulling him to his feet. He grabs his legs slightly under his waist and lifts, before coming forward and slamming Dylan into the turnbuckle for the second time in the match.

Blackfront: Hightower pulling Dylan Daniels from the corner by his head... another huge elbow, this time straight to the forehead of Daniels, sending him to the mat.

Ace: Just end this already. I'm all for brutal matches, but this is just a massacre.

Blackfront: Hightower wasting no time, as he pulls Dylan up again.

David sends Dylan Daniels into the ropes.

Blackfront: Dylan Daniels on the return now.

David Hightower runs forward and comes up with a not-so-graceful knee to the face of Dylan Daniels. His body flies down and hits the canvas with force, his head bouncing off of it as he lands.

Blackfront: I think Dylan Daniels may be out cold.

David Hightower looks down at Daniels who isn't moving. His eyes grow large has he looks out to the screaming crowd like a crazed mountain man before bellowing out a roar.

Blackfront: David Hightower with a look on his face that could cause nightmares.

Ace: I honestly think I may just have wet myself Jason.

Hightower grabs Daniels' head, pulling his motionless body up. As Dylan stands, David grabs his right arm and pulls him in as David extends his right arm. Dylan's head meets the arm of David Hightower with such a force his lower body flies up before the rest of it crashes down.


Ace: Is Dylan Daniels' head still attached to his body?!

The fans cheer for the unhinged violence as David Hightower turns Dylan over to his back and drops down to his knees beside him. He covers Dylan loosely, his eyes glazing over as he looks out. The referee drops down and begins to count.

Blackfront: Two.. three. And this one is over folks.

Ace: It's been over since the first bell Jason.

Roberts: The winner of this match via pinfall.... DAVID.... HIIIGGGHHHTTOOOWWWEEERR!!!

Country Boy Can Survive begins to play as David Hightower gets to his feet. He stomps in a circle around the ring, holding onto the top rope as he yells with an animalistic roar.

Blackfront: David Hightower has made his return to the UTA tonight folks, and he has sent a message to everyone watching. he is no one to mess with.

Ace: You won't find me getting in his way, that's for sure.

David stands near the ropes in the center of the ring, facing the hard camera. The look on his face one pure meanness as we fade from ringside.

We move backstage where Sean Jackson stands, the UTA Championship around his waist. He looks slightly up and to the right before moving his head to face the camera.

Jackson: Ron Hall thinks he can screw me, the United Toughness Alliance Champion, as well as the fans.

He does not move, no emotion shows.

Jackson: It doesn't matter who he calls his champion now, because there is only one... real... champion in the UTA.

Jackson unhooks the title and holds it in his hands, staring at it briefly before putting it over his shoulder.

Jackson: And now I am here... back in the United Toughness Alliance.

Jackson adjust the title.

Jackson: On the next WrestleUTA on Hulu, I arrive to show why the legacy of the UTA will never be the same without... the real, UTA...

He looks into the camera deeper.

Jackson: Champion.

Sean takes a deep breath.

Jackson: Sektor, you stand in the way of me and Mikey Unlikely. While I have no issue with you, I will have to do what I have to do.

He pauses for a brief moment.

Jackson: I'm sorry John. I'm sorry that you will have to fall to the true champion so that I can move on and destroy the illusion that Mikey has of achieving something he has not earned...

Sean looks at his title then back up.

Jackson: The right to call himself... champion.

The words The Mental Rapist is Coming For You come across the screen in blood red lettering as we fade out.

We move back ringside.

Roberts: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring…

If You Want Peace… by Children Of Bodom. The lights flicker along with the addition of the fast guitar. Both pryo and lighting hit the last five notes before exploding with one final explosion of epouc colours that fly across the runway and outward to the ring as the music progresses on the word GO!

Roberts: Standing at 6'1...weighing in at two hundred and sixteen pounds...he is the Ominous Angel...LEWWWWWWW SMIIIIITHHHHH!

The lights rise and to the ring out of the back springs the Angel himself. He’s cloaked in a hooded robe. He gets to the ring and flips the hood off revealing himself. The crowd cheers.

Blackfront: Lew Smith looks prepared as ever to face his longtime rival Dick Fury.

Ace: He looks prepared to take Dick on all night!

As the lights return to normal and his music fades the bell sounds to begin the match.

Roberts: And His opponent… coming to you from Hollywood, California…

My Dick by Mickey Avalon begins to play. The ladies begin to scream as Dick Fury emerges from behind the curtain.

Ace: The ladies love Dick here in Orlando.

Roberts: He is a member of the legendary Fury family and the self proclaimed greatest of all time… DICK…. FUUURRRYYY!!!!!

The music continues to play as Dick slides down the ramp way, oil glistening off of his chest hair.

Blackfront: There he is, the man who dethroned Lew Smith as the VCW Champion a few years ago.

Ace: I was disappointed that the new UTA Championship wasn’t hugged tightly around Dick last week, Jason.

Blackfront: I’m sure many fans who watched our first broadcast on Hulu would say the same about Lew Smith.

Ace: They probably used the fast forward button when Lew Smith came out. The benefits of Hulu, Jason!

As Dick’s theme music begins to fade out, he spins in the ring, his arms out. Finally, he comes to a stop and leans out over the ropes toward the fans, only to have the fans yell at him and point towards where he came.

Blackfront: The fans telling Dick Fury to look at the rampway…

The camera’s turn in that direction revealing Charles Wingate walking down it.

Ace: Uh-oh! Dick doesn’t look too excited about this!

Blackfront: Seems like it, Tommy. His cousin Charles Wingate seems to want a front row seat for the action in the ring.

As Charles walks around the ring he ignores shouts from his cousin to leave the area and instead makes his way to the announcing table joining Tommy Ace and Jason Blackfront.

Wingate: Where the hell did Ron Hall buy this headset? A thrift store? Is this duct tape!?

Blackfront: Well, we weren’t expecting guests ladies and gentlemen, but welcome Charles.

Wingate: Yeah, whatever.

Dick continues to face the announcing table yelling towards Wingate. Before he has the chance to even turn around Lew Smith begins an assault of forearms to the back of Dick Fury.

Wingate: That’s what you get for not paying attention.

Blackfront: And our referee signaling for the bell as this one is underway here at The Wrestlezone! Lew turning Fury around and hits a short forearm to the face of Dick Fury.

Smith then leans into Dick Irish whipping him across the ring.

Dick bounces off the ropes coming back towards Smith who hooks for a hip-toss but it’s blocked by Dick. Fury immediately turns it into a short arm drag that sends Smith bouncing off the canvas and able to roll back up to his feet.

Ace: Lew Smith can’t handle Dick.

Blackfront: Smith now moving for a collar elbow tie-up...short knee to the gut of Lew Smith.

Dick immediately transitions to a DDT to Lew Smith before rolling him quickly over for a count but only getting one out of it.

Wingate: What a waste of time.

Blackfront: Am I right in saying you are rooting against your cousin?

Wingate: I'm just cheering for the better wrestler. Which is everyone but my cousin.

Fury rolls over to his knees and grabs the head of Lew Smith pulling him up, as he does Lew strikes with a punch to the gut of Fury.

Blackfront: A solid punch to the gut...now another...third shot….clothesline by Lew Smith!

Ace: Dick went flat!

Wingate: Grow up.

Dick pops to his feet and stumbles back into the corner, the referee getting between Dick and Lew as Fury slips his upper body between the ropes. While the ref’s back is turned Fury moves in, he pulls the referee away by his shoulder and begins to hit forearms into the face of Lew Smith.

Blackfront: Big offense here by Dick Fury.

Ace: Lew Smith is being slapped around by Dick.

Grabbing Smith by the back of the head he throws Lew over the top rope facing the ramp. Dick turns around and walks across the ring to the ropes facing the announcing table, yelling at Wingate about how great “Dick” is. The crowd begins to cheer loudly as the camera cuts to Lew Smith who is still holding on to the top rope.

Blackfront: Lew Smith skinning the cat! He’s back in the ring and Dick Fury has no clue!

Fury turns around is met with a swift kick to the knee by Lew which buckles it. Smith then kicks again this time to the ribs of Dick Fury.

Smith reels back and comes in with another kick to the ribs, but this time it’s caught by Dick who smiles at Lew while shaking his head.

Blackfront: Dick Fury smirking at Lew Smith…

Lew pops up off his free foot, turning his body, and catches Dick on the side of the head with an enziguri. Fury drops Lew’s leg and faceplants onto the canvas as the crowd pops for Lew Smith. He hooks Dick’s leg for a quick cover.

Ace: 1….2….no! Dick is able to pump out of that one!

Wingate: That one was clever.

Ace: Thanks.

Blackfront: Please, don’t encourage him.

Lew crawls up to his feet using the ropes, he turns around just as Dick is getting to his knees and sends an echoing kick to the kidney that has the entire Wrestlezone go “Ooo”.

Blackfront: Thunderous kick by Lew Smith, I bet they heard that all the way at the Magic Kingdom.

Lew runs backwards into the ropes and darts towards Dick, he comes in swift and grabs Dicks head while turning.

Blackfront: Swinging neckbreaker from Lew Smith!

Wingate: Very smooth.

Dick lays on the canvas holding his neck. Lew gets a sudden second wind and pulls Dick up by his chin and is met with a vicious low blow by Dick Fury.

Blackfront: Crushing low blow by Dick Fury.

Ace: Dick crushed his crotch!

Fury reaches up grabbing Smith by the head and drops to his knees with a quick jawbreaker that sends Smith back down on the canvas. Dick walks over to Smith who crawls into a corner and begins to put boots down on him.

Blackfront: Dick Fury asking Lew Smith how does he like it as our referee begins to pull him out of the corner…and Dick Fury just spit down at Lew Smith.

Dick moves the ref out of his way as he reaches down for Lew Smith.

Blackfront: Cradle pin! Cradle pin by Lew Smith! 1…2….3!

Wingate: Yes!

The referee pops up and begins waving his hands before the third hand makes contact with the mat.

Ace: No! Dick has the ropes!

The crowd let's out a groan as both athletes make their way to their feet, Smith grabbing a second wind swings for punch, Fury ducks under and grabs around Lew Smith’s waist and tries to lift Smith for German Suplex.

Blackfront: Smith blocking the German Suplex with that leg lace.

Fury headbutts the back of Smith’s head which free’s his leg, finally he pulls him up and over hitting with a thundering German. Keeping his hands locked Fury swivels his legs rolling them both up to their feet again before hitting a second german this time in a bridge position.

Ace: 1...2…! Kick out by Lew Smith! Dick was so close to finishing it off.

Wingate: If only he won when it mattered...you know, like when a certain belt was up for grabs last week.

Blackfront: Someone sounds a little bitter they weren’t part of that tournament?

Wingate: I’ll let Mikey Unlikely deal with Sean Jackson and Sektor, then pick up the pieces after.

Dick pops up and argues with the referee before turning his attention over to Lew Smith who has scurried up to his feet, Smith goes for a kick but again it’s caught by Dick. This time Fury is fast enough to turn into the knee and drop down with an inside elbow drop.

Blackfront: Beautifully executed elbow drop, and Dick now standing up and transitioning to a figure four…

As Dick turns his back Lew pulls up his free foot and kicks Fury away from him and scoots away. Fury turns around and charges forward with a swinging fist but it’s blocked by Lew Smith who returns one of his own to the gut of Dick Fury. Lew fires another doubling Dick over, spinning on his knees he turns his back to Dick and grabs him by the head.

Blackfront: Snapmare by Lew Smith, he pops to his feet...bouncing off the ropes...SHINING WIZARD! Huge Shining Wizard by Lew Smith!

Wingate: Surprised he didn’t decapitate him.

Ace: the head of Dick almost popped!

Lew Smith pops up and lets out a shout that gets the crowd going again. He marches towards the turnbuckle and grabs the top rope, flicking his hair back he climbs slowly up the turnbuckles until he is perched on the top.

Blackfront: Lew Smith standing on the top turnbuckle! High risk maneuver!

Smith leaps off and motions through a frog splash.

Blackfront: Frogsplash from Lew Smith!

Ace: Dick gets his knees up! Lew Smith just got a stomach full of Dick!

A huff of disappointment is heard from Wingate as Smith rolls on the canvas holding his gut. Fury takes a few short breaths from his back before rolling to his stomach and using his arms to push himself up. Dick walks over to Lew who is up in a table position, Fury takes a few steps forward and kicks Lew right in the ribs he damaged.

Blackfront: The Self Proclaimed Greatest of All Time going to work on those hurt ribs of Lew Smith.

Wingate: Self proclaimed is 100% correct.

Dick grabs Lew by the hair and pulls him up before coming down with this free hand with a slap across the face that gets the crowd booing. Fury finally pulls Lew to his feet as he does he shoots a knee to the stomach of Lew Smith. Dick drops to his knees and moves for a fireman’s carry, he then stands up with Lew on his shoulders.

Blackfront: Gutbuster from Dick Fury!

Ace: Look at him gloat around the ring, I think a woman just threw her panties at him!

Wingate: Pretty sure that was a tampon.

As Fury gloats around the ring he stops at the ropes facing the announcing table and decides to point at his cousin yelling several inaudible statements.

Blackfront: Well..that was colorful...

Wingate: Excuse me.

The ruffling of a headset is heard before Wingate is ringside yelling back at Dick who decides to engage his cousin further. As both are arguing back and forth Lew Smith begins crawling towards Fury’s direction, the crowd building momentum behind him.

Ace: Tell them to shut up, they are helping Lew Smith!

Blackfront: By cheering him on?

Ace: Yes. It should be banned.

Smith gets right behind Fury and hooks his leg from behind and pulls back, Dick’s arms rush to try to grab the top rope but it’s too late, Smith has a School Boy rolled up. Wingate reaches between the ropes grabbing any bit of tights he can.

Blackfront: School Boy pin by Lew Smith and Charles Wingate is holding the tights of Dick Fury, the referee doesn’t see it!

The referee calls for the bell as Wingate let’s go of the tights and makes his way quickly up the ramp as though nothing happened.

Ace: Wingate just screwed Dick!

Blackfront:  Either way, it’s a big win for Lew Smith here in Orlando!

We cut to a shot of Lew Smith on the turnbuckles pumping up the fans.

Blackfront: I bet when he get’s backstage he’s going to enjoy an ice cold Mountian Dew, brought to you by Pepsi. More in ring action coming up!

As we head backstage, Paul Stewart is standing with David Hightower in front of a backdrop.

Stewart: Folks, I'm joined by David Hightower who earlier tonight returned to the UTA to defeat Dylan Daniels in a very decisive manner.

Hightower just stares forward, a mean scowl across his face.

Stewart: David, how does it feel to be back in the UTA?

Paul moves the microphone in front of Hightower, who doesn't say anything. After a few uncomfortable moments, Paul brings the microphone back to his own mouth.

Stewart: You beat Dylan Daniels in a fully one sided match. Were you sending a message to the back?

Once again, silence. Paul just shakes his head with disappointment.

Voice: There you are! God Damn Son!

The camera pans back just a bit as we see Madman Szalinski come into the scene. Wearing jeans, an official Madman t-shirt, and a jacket that matches his black mask, Madman steps beside David and pats him on the back.

Stewart: Madman! What are you doing here!

Madman smiles.

Szalinski: Brother, this ain't about me. This about this man right here at my side.

Madman slaps David's chest.

Szalinski: You see, now that I've stepped into a managerial role I've been searching for the biggest, the meanest, the downright top of the food chain to represent.

Stewart: You're talking about David Hightower.

Szalinski: Of course I am. I took a trip down to Arkansas a few months back to the most remote, backwoods junkyard you ever seen Pauly. That's where I told David that with me by his side, he was going to absolutely destroy everyone that got in his way.

Stewart: Starting with Dylan Daniels tonight?

Madman just laughs.

Szalinski: Daniels was just a warm up for my man here. Breakfast if you may. He's got a big appetite and once Sektor, Jackson, and Unlikely finish crying about who should be champion it's going to be dinner time for the Toughest Dog in the Yard.

Madman calms down quickly, and looks straight into the camera.

Szalinski: Trademarked 2016 by Cheap White Foam, Inc.

He goes back to being overly excited.

Szalinski: Until then, keep feeding them to David. Each and every person who gets in his way will fall. And that... is truth brother.

Paul turns back toward the camera.

Stewart: Well you heard it here first folks. Madman Szalinski has joined David Hightower with their eyes on the biggest prize in the United Toughness Alliance. You have to wonder, will there be anyone that can stop Hightower and Szalinski?

Madman just smiles, shaking his head no as he continues to pat David Hightower on the back.

Stewart: Back to you guys at ringside.

As we return ringside the bell sounds one time. Jeremy Roberts stands in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen it is time for your main event of the evening. This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the UTA Women's Championship.

The camera pans over to the vacant Women's Championship on a table next to the commentator's table.

Roberts: It is an over the top rope battle royal where when you are thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the floor, you are eliminated.

Suddenly the lights go out in the arena and turn a shade of blood red as Out of My Way by Seether begins to play over the loudspeakers.

Roberts: Making her way first from Wilmington, North Carolina.

Brandy Sutton walks out and stands closing her eyes clenching her fists. The fans cheer at seeing Sutton for the first time since March of 2015.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton is here! She's here!

Ace: Who?


Soaking in the environment Brandy looks up and throws a punch in the air before starting to walk to the ring.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton apart of the Proving Grounds experiment, proved to be a skilled MMA fighter with a great technical background.

Ace: Blah, blah, blah. A poor man's Alex Beckman.

Blackfront: I'd sure like to see you tell that to her face.

Brandy jumps up on the apron and does a diving roll over the top rope into the ring. As her music fades, Brandy slouches down in the corner almost like she's ready to pounce.

Roberts: Coming to the ring next from San Diego, California....

You Can Look (But You Can't Touch) By Kim Sozzi begins to play as UTA newcomer, Kelly, steps out onto the stage.

She unzips her half hoodie before heading down the ramp.


Blackfront: One of the new women signed to lead the new women's division here in the UTA, Kelly is looking to make her mark.

Ace: I think I just made a mark in my pants!

Her music begins to fade as Kelly heads up the steps to enter the ring. A couple of green puffs of smoke shoot up on the stage prior to Paparazzi by Jim Johnston beginning to play.

Roberts: Coming out next... from Seoul, South Korea... she is... IIIVVYYYY!!!!

Ivy heads out to the stage. More green smoke shoots up before she begins down the ramp.

Blackfront: The first Korean superstar in UTA history, Ivy wants to make more history tonight by capturing the UTA Women's Championship.

She does the splits on the edge of the apron before entering the ring.

Roberts: Our fourth entrant into tonight's main event...

The opening sounds of Nicki Minaj's Feeling Myself begin to play.

Roberts: From Chicago, Illinois.

♫ Feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself
I'm feelin' my, feelin' myself
I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' my, feelin' my, feelin' myself
I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' my, feelin' myself
I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' my ♫

Gemini steps out onto the stage for the first time. She poses as Jeremy Roberts continues.


She begins down the ramp, a certain swag in her strut as she avoids being touched by the fans near the barricade.

Blackfront: Gemini almost putting Marie Van Claudio away on the last show in one on one action.

Gemini walks across the edge of the apron before slowly bending down to enter the ring between the first and second rope, giving the camera a lens full. Her music starts to die down.

Roberts: Next...

Love Made Me by Vixen plays as the fans are cheering

Marie Van Claudio walks out of the back and into the arena as she sees the fans looking at her and clapping.

She begins to walk down the ramp with everyone clapping.

Roberts: Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Marie gets right in the ring and looks at everyone looking at her as Marie walks right in the ring before looking at the referee

Blackfront: Much like her opponents, Marie Van Claudio has her eyes set on the Women's Championship.

Marie looks at the referee and before getting on the bottom rope and bounces on it before getting off.


She moves her head left and right as her theme music begins to fade.

Trouble by Imagine Dragons starts playing as Amy Harrison comes out to a chorus of cheers.

Amy walks down the aisle determined.

Roberts: Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Amy jumps onto the ring apron, and tells everyone that she's the best, before getting in the ring.


Amy then limbers up in the ring to get herself ready.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison and Marie Van Claudio could be a deciding force in this match if they team up.

Ace: Except in the end it's every person for themselves.

Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora begins to play. Multi-color lasers begin to circulate the arena and then suddenly stop. Then a spotlight appears as an upside-down cross with Jade draped on it lifts from the stage elevator. She has a smirk on her face as she detaches herself from it and begins to walk down to the ring.

Blackfront: Another name we never thought we'd see back in the UTA tonight as Jade Justice makes her in ring return.

Ace: It's craziness!

She taunts the fans by blowing kisses.

Roberts: Hailing from Terciera Island, Portugal.

She then slides under the bottom rope to get into the ring.


Blackfront: Seven of our eight superstars are now in the ring, who will be the final entrant into tonight's main event?

Every section of light in the arena suddenly shuts off with a loud sounding ‘click’. Handheld phones and devices start to illuminate the arena in the darkness as two purple spotlights shine down over the ring as Pretty Little Psycho by Porcelain Black starts playing.

Blackfront: It can't be can it?

Ace: I hope not.

The purple spotlights trail down the entrance ramp up to the stage where smoke is puffing out. A LOUD screech interrupts the music for a moment just before the lyrics kick in once more but that is all the fans need to hear as the curtains burst open and Zhalia Fears shoots through the smoke to the center of the stage.

With a grin she gives a single arc wave to her fans.

Roberts: Currently on leave from the Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne, UK....

She crooks her head at the ring and then makes a dash toward it.

Roberts: Standing at five foot eight, and weighing in at one hundred and forty-two pounds...

Her face as pale as a ghost she reaches up and grips the bottom rope, before rolling in underneath. She walks alongside the ropes looking out at the fans for a few moments. Catching sight of the camera nearest she smirks at it and says Keep watching Zhaliphires!. With a smile she then slides across the ring to the closest corner, leaning backward onto it bobbing along with the tempo

Roberts: She is... 'KIMERA'... ZHALIA FEARS!

Zhalia continues to bob back and forth as the lyrics draw near the end and start to fade on out.

Blackfront: What a lineup folks. You have the UTA newcomers: Ivy, Kelly, and Gemini. Then you have the returning Amy Harrison, Marie Van Claudio, Brandy Sutton, Jade Justice, and Zhalia Fears.

Ace: I'm not going to lie, I'm impressed.

The women prepare for the match, watching each other. Harrison and Claudio can be seen talking to each other as Zhalia Fears leans in to join their conversation. Jade Justice points at both Kelly then Ivy before pointing over at the other three as if giving orders. Gemini and Brandy Sutton just watch and wait.

Blackfront: Temporary alliances seem to be forming as we get ready to start this match. Remember folks, as Jeremy Roberts said to win you must eliminate the other women in the match by throwing them over the top rope with both of their feet hitting the ground.

Ace: I think we know how these types of matches work Jason.

As the bell sounds both Kelly and Ivy charge Marie Van Claudio and Zhalia Fears while Jade Justice goes after Amy Harrison.

Blackfront: Here we go. Action out of the gate as these women do battle for the newly formed UTA Women's Championship.

Brandy Sutton moves in, shoving Gemini into a corner before she begins to send closed fist into her midsection.

Kelly grabs Marie Van Claudio by the hair, using it to send her over and to the canvas as Claudio shrieks.

Blackfront: Ivy with a chop to the chest of Zhalia Fears followed by another.

She spins around and slams an elbow into Zhalia's face.

Blackfront: Elbow smash catching Fears in the mouth.

Ace: Maybe she'll knock some attractiveness into her!

Brandy grabs Gemini's arm, pulling her out of the corner and sending her across the ring. As Gemini returns, Sutton catches her with a leg coming up and into her stomach, before turning and hooking Gemini's arm following through into an arm drag.

Blackfront: Jade Justice and Amy Harrison now exchanging blows. Justice blocks a right and returns with her own.. and another.

She pushes Amy back into the ropes and uses them to send Harrison with momentum across the ring.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison off of the ropes and on the return now.. Jade Justice catches her with a stiff arm to the windpipe.

Amy goes down hard, grabbing her throat in pain. Kelly stomps Marie Van Claudio before turning to the booing fans and posing near the ropes. Jade Justice quickly charges her from behind, leaning down enough to grab her legs, before tipping Kelly up and over the ropes to the floor out side.

Roberts: Kelly... has been eliminated.

We get a shot of Kelly sitting on the floor in disbelief as she holds her head.

Blackfront: Jade Justice an opportunist, using Kelly before dumping her out of the ring and this match for the first elimination.

Ace: You have to admit, it's smart thinking on the behalf of Jade.

She heads over and reaches down, grabbing Marie by her hair prior to pulling her up. Elsewhere, Brandy Sutton jolts forward and hits Ivy with a clothesline as Zhalia is trying to push her way to her feet.

Blackfront: Brandy Sutton now focusing on the newcomer, Ivy.

Ace: There is just something about a woman in green that gets my gears going Jason!

Sutton quickly turns around and drops an elbow to Ivy. Behind them Jade sends Marie Van Claudio into the corner.

Blackfront: Jade Justice now sending Marie into the turnbuckles.

She heads over and grabs the top rope with both hands, using it to hold herself up as she extends her leg up and into the throat of MVC.

Blackfront: Jade Justice choking Marie Van Claudio with that foot. Completely legal in this type of match.

Ace: As well as nice to look at. Jade Justice has the most perfect legs.

Justice lets go of Claudio who drops to her knees, holding her throat. To the side of them, Brandy Sutton is trying to lift Ivy over the top rope.

Blackfront: Ivy close to be.. no.. she IS eliminated as Brandy Sutton gets her over the top rope.

Roberts: Ivy has been eliminated.

Brandy turns and runs toward Jade Justice, who side steps her while turning and grabbing the back of her head to use her own force against her. Sutton is sent over the top rope, crashing hard to the floor as the fans boo.

Roberts: Brandy Sutton has been eliminated.

Blackfront: Jade Justice now with two eliminations taking out who can only be considered as her biggest threat in this match so far.

Ace: Can you believe it Jason?

Blackfront: What's that?

Ace: Not only is Jade Justice back in the UTA, but she could be our Women's Champion at the end of the night!

Blackfront: No, I would have never pictured this in a million years.

Both Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison are still down on the canvas holding their throats as Gemini has rolled to the edge of the ring where she lays. Zhalia Fears has made her way back up behind Jade Justice who is taunting the crowd.

Blackfront: Jade Justice turns around now, seeing that Zhalia is on her feet.

Justice and Fears start circling the ring, sizing each other up. They soon launch into a collar tie-up and start jostling for position. Fears wins-out, pulling Jade into a headlock, but Justice squirms loose and grabs one of Zhalia’s arms and applying a hammerlock.

Blackfront: Jade Justice continuing her domination here tonight.

Jade wrenches tightly, but Fears puts her free arm over her shoulder, around Justice’s head, and Judo throws her to the canvas.

Blackfront: Fears taking Justice down for the first time since the bell rang.

Ace: Well this is interesting.

Blackfront: Fears, a multi time former champion, could be on the road to once again carry gold.

Jade quickly springs back to her feet. She stands face-to-face with Zhalia, who smiles and invites another tie-up. Jade obliges and out-techniques Zhalia this time, finding an angle to snag a free arm and whip Fears across the ring.

Blackfront: Or not. Fears off of the ropes and on the return now.

Jade ducks, looking for a back body drop, but Zhalia bunny hops over her, hits the next set of ropes, and stops herself.

Ace: Fast paced action here Jason.

Blackfront: It sure is.

Zhalia charges at Jade and rolls through Justice’s arm drag. Both of them get up.

Blackfront: Jade now jumps over Zhalia’s attempted legs weep, grabbing her arm and wrenching.

Zhalia’s too light on her feet and flips backwards, completely releasing the pressure, then taking Jade’s head over her shoulder and hitting a snapmare.

Blackfront: Back and forward action here folks. This is your main event.

Jade jumps straight back up, leaving the two women practically nose to nose. They back-off a little as applause ripples around the arena.

Blackfront: The fans showing appreciation to the athleticism of these two ladies.

While Jade Justice and Zhalia Fears were facing each other, Gemini had made it back to her feet. She runs from behind of Fears, slamming a forearm into her upper back and sending her to the canvas as Gemini follows through and connects right away with Justice.

Blackfront: Jade Justice now the recipient of a clothesline thanks to Gemini who is back in this.

Both Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison begin to get to their feet as Gemini stomps between Jade Justice and Zhalia Fears.

Blackfront: Claudio and Harrison coming to now as we are down to the final five. One of these women will walk out a champion.

Ace: Jesus Jason, how many times do you need to remind us this is a championship match? We get it.

Harrison and Claudio look at each other and both nod before charging behind Gemini. Both women grab an arm and turn her toward the ropes before sending her into and over the top. The fans cheer.

Roberts: Gemini has been eliminated!

Ace: And then there were four.

Blackfront: An interesting combination at that as Amy Harrison and Marie Van Claudio have deep ties and most certainly will be working together.

Claudio and Harrison grab Jade Justice by the arms and lift her up. The fans cheer as they turn her toward the ropes and send her into them and over.

Blackfront: THERE GOES JADE JUS- NO! She landed on the apron.

Holding the ropes, Justice makes sure her feet do not go down as Amy and Marie turn back to Zhalia who is getting to her feet.

Blackfront: Zhalia Fears back to her feet now. Harrison and Claudio charge her.

The grab each other's hand and go to clothesline Fears, who ducks. However she runs right into Jade Justice who takes her down with her own clothesline. Amy and Marie turn around in time to see Justice running toward them. They bend down, catch her, lifting her up and over, sending her down to the canvas.

Blackfront: Double back body drop by Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison.

Ace: That's all fine and dandy, but what if they are the last two standing? Where does friendship stop and a winner emerge?

Zhalia uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Jade rolls over and pushes up as well.

Blackfront: All four women back on their feet as we continue.

Jade Justice steps back and motions toward all three of her opponents.

Blackfront: Justice refusing to back down.

She makes the first move, coming forward and slamming a right into Marie's head before an elbow of her's catches Zhalia Fears. Jade turns around and swings at Amy Harrison who ducks and slides behind her. She wraps her arms around Jade's waist.

Blackfront: Amy Harrison lifts... belly-to-back suplex taking Jade Justice down!

Amy rolls over and begins to get up. However, before she can fully rise, Zhalia Fears brings a swift kick catching her in the chest.

Blackfront: Fears following up with another kick now.

Ace: The only way to win is incapacitate everyone else and get them over the top rope. Zhalia is trying to do that now.

Marie Van Claudio runs toward the corner, beginning to climb it.

Blackfront: What is Marie doing?

Ace: Being an idiot if you ask me. The last place you need to go when it's a match like this, is any place where you can fall out of the ring.

Marie leaps through the air with a flip, grabbing Zhalia's head as she comes down into a stunner.


The fans cheer. Amy lifts Jade Justice to her feet and calls for Marie.

Blackfront: Marie and Amy working together again here as they press Jade Justice into the ropes.

Jade grabs the top rope and holds on as Marie and Amy attempt to lift her over.

Blackfront: Justice trying to fight back now.

She reaches back and grabs Amy with one hand, trying to pull her over. Marie Van Claudio puts all of her strength into pushing, getting Jade up and over the top rope. However, in the process Jade is able to pull Amy with her. Both women crash down onto the apron and then floor.

Roberts: Jade Justice and Amy Harrison have been eliminated!

Blackfront: I did not see that coming! Jade Justice able to take Amy Harrison out with her as Zhalia Fears and Marie Van Claudio are the last two remaining women in this match.

Ace: With how she has been in this match, I thought for sure that Jade Justice would be in the final two!

Blackfront: Once again it's proven that anything can happen here in the UTA.

Outside of the ring, Jade Justice and Amy Harrison battle each other as they head up the ramp.

Blackfront: Zhalia Fears now getting back to her feet slowly.

Fears wastes no time as she comes forward with a forearm smash that sends Claudio backwards.

Blackfront: Forearm by Zhalia Fears who is not moving as fast after that Montreal Spinout a bit ago.

Marie drops and rolls back before she comes back with her own forearm smash.

Blackfront: Claudio with her own forearm. Zhalia not down though as she gets back to her feet. Rushing Marie Van Claudio who catches her with an arm drag.

Zhalia rolls over and gets to her feet, rushing Marie again.

Blackfront: Here comes Zhalia Fears again. Claudio catches her... drop toe hold.

MVC quickly rolls over and reaches up to clasp her hands around Zhalia's chin from behind before leaning backward.

Blackfront: Into a chin lock.

Ace: That does no good though. Submissions don't count in this match.

Realizing the same thing, MVC lets go of Zhalia and gets to her feet, pulling Fears up with her.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio grabbing the arm of Zhalia Fears now... sending her into the ropes.

Zhalia hits the ropes and returns.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio slides behind Zhalia Fears grabbing hold of her from behind.

She lifts her up, and drops her to the canvas sideways. Marie Van Claudio quickly slides over grabbing Zhalia's head from above while both are on the canvas. She holds Zhalia's neck as she pushes down, keeping her from moving.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio doing what she can to put Zhalia Fears away, but will it be enough?

Ace: I'm not sure if she can overpower Zhalia in the long run though.

Zhalia kicks her feet, trying to get free. She begins to roll up on her side as Claudio holds on.

Blackfront: Zhalia Fears trying to get free. Marie Van Claudio losing her grip a bit as Zhalia struggles.

Zhalia is able to roll over and get free enough to shove Marie Van Claudio's face into the canvas while pulling her arm behind her back. Claudio kicks her feet around to get into a sitting position.

Blackfront: Mat wrestling here by Zhalia Fears and Marie Van Claudio.

Claudio reaches back, grabbing the head of Zhalia, and pushes up, taking both of them to their feet. She rolls under Zhalia's arm, taking control as she pulls the arm out into a bar.

Blackfront: Claudio continuing to keep steady here.

Zhalia grabs at Claudio's hand trying to get her to let go. Claudio twist her arm up more, causing Zhalia to hunch down.

Blackfront: Fears has to figure out a way to get free and get into control of this match if she expects to win.

Zhalia raises her free arm up, placing her elbow into the shoulder of Marie Van Claudio, before bringing it down between both of their arms, breaking the hold enough to roll under and pull Marie Van Claudio's arm up.

Blackfront: Reversal by Zhalia.

Claudio gets to one knee as Zhalia uses both hands to hold onto her wrist. Marie Van Claudio tries to pull her arm free but can't as she begins to get to her feet.

Blackfront: Marie Van Claudio trying to get free here.

As she gets up, she spins under Zhalia's arm. As she twist up, Marie Van Claudio leaps up with her right leg, which Zhalia ducks under. Claudio lands on the canvas and turns as Zhalia grabs her head and yanks sideways and over, tossing her to the canvas.

Blackfront: Side headlock toss by Zhalia..

Claudio hits the canvas and quickly throws her leg up over Zhalia's neck. Zhalia rolls out of it and both women quickly get back to their feet and the fans clap.

Blackfront: Fast paced match here as they are back to their feet. Marie Van Claudio grabbing the head of Zhalia, takes her over with her own headlock takeover.

Ace: Get her!

Zhalia throws her leg over Marie Van Claudio's neck now, who pushes it up immediately and then kip ups to a standing position as Zhalia rolls over and and gets to her knees. Claudio walks over and stares down at her opponent who stands up, pushing her away as she does. Zhalia moves back to the ropes, leaning on them for a moment.

Blackfront: Marie rushes Fears.

Zhalia pulls the top rope down but Marie is able to stop herself before going over.

Blackfront: Close call for Marie Van Claudio there.

Fears lets go of the rope, comes forward swinging at Marie. MVC scoots back as Fears over-corrects, and twist all the way around. Marie quickly moves forward, grabbing Zhalia from behind and dumping her up and over the top rope. The bell begins to sound.

Roberts: Zhalia Fears has been eliminated... your winner and NEEEEW... UTA WOMEN'S CHAMPION.... MARIE... VAN.... CLLLAAUUUDDDIIIOOO!!!!

Blackfront: She's done it ladies and gentlemen. Marie Van Claudio has become the UTA Women's Champion.

Zhalia stands out of the ring leaning on the edge of the ring, her head down. Finally she rolls back into the ring. As she does, the referee walks toward MVC with the title. Zhalia stops him for a moment, pulling the belt away.

Blackfront: Zhalia Fears here, taking the title from the referee as Marie Van Claudio watches.

Zhalia looks down at the belt in her hands and then up at Marie Van Claudio who is unsure what to make of the situation.

Blackfront: Fears was set on winning tonight, but unable to pull it off.

She grips the belt a bit more before handing it over to Marie Van Claudio. MVC takes the championship as Zhalia grabs her free hand and holds it up.

Blackfront: Fears being a good sport as she helps Marie Van Claudio celebrate here tonight. Congratulations Marie. This is a big win.

Zhalia begins to clap as she turns and backs away, heading toward the ropes to allow Marie a chance to take it in. MVC heads to the corner, climbing it before holding the belt high in the air as the fans cheer.

Blackfront: What a match folks, what a show!

Marie continues to pose with the belt as the copyright comes up and we fade to black.

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