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Zhalia Fears Biography


Real Name:  Zhalia Fears  
Nicknames:  Kimera, Ghost, Ghost Flame  
Hometown:  Parts Unknown, England, United Kingdom  
Birthday:  07/13/1989  
Height:  5'8  
Weight:  142 lbs 


Biography:  Three years ago Zhalia Fears checked herself into the Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital in Crowthorne. Five months into her stay she checked herself back out, and was allowed to leave having shown she was not a threat to herself or society. Many wonder why she did this in the first place. It has been on more than one occasional as well.

Zhalia was what one would call the quintessential student of a socially popular family. Prior to her stay at the institution she was at Cambridge working toward her Doctorate after finally receiving her Masters in Applied Engineering. Her brother was an all-star athlete and popular wrestler in the independents and thanks to this her family spent a lot of time abroad.

It was just over three years ago that her family was in flight on their private plane to another venue, while she studied for her exams back home. Among heavy turbulence from the storms they lost control, crashing into the ground. Katherine and Drew Fears were announced dead on the scene, while her brother was placed in intensive care and fell into a deep coma. His current state is unresponsive much like Zhalia's own personality.'s editorial staff have reached out to the Broadmoor institute for further information and hope to have it available soon.

Other Feds:  7W, NBW  
Other Fed Titles:   
Other Fed Awards:   


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