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Yoshii Biography


Real Name:  Yoshii Kobayashi  
Nicknames:  Yoshii  
Hometown:  Tokyo, Japan  
Birthday:  February 29, 1979  
Height:  6 ft 4 in  
Weight:  539 lbs 


Biography:  Yoshii dominated the sumo circuit all over Asia and is a sumo superstar. He came over years ago to try pro wrestling in DEATH ROW WRESTLING. He left for more money to sumo wrestle again. However, he now wants to dedicate himself to pro wrestling and become a legend in America. 
Other Feds:  DEATH ROW  
Other Fed Titles:  N/A  
Other Fed Awards:  N/A  


  • 吉井!

Superstar Quote

"To come out and say that I AM HEADLINING would be extremely conceited and self centered. We all know how Mikey feels about self centered people…"

- Mikey Unlikely

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