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Yeshua Pandemonium Biography


Real Name:  Miguel Sanchez  
Nicknames:  Yeshua Pandemonium, Yeshua, The Demon Ringmaster  
Hometown:  Ciudad Acuña, Mexico  
Birthday:  Unknown  
Height:  5 ft 8 in  
Weight:  174 lbs 


Biography:  Miguel grew up in a poor, devoutly Catholic family. As the youngest of three brothers, Miguel was pressured from an early age to enter the priesthood, particularly by his paternal Grandmother who was convinced having a priest in the family would be to everyone’s benefit. The naturally shy and reserved Miguel seemed an obvious choice to pursue a non-secular career, particularly considering his scholastic aptitude and his position as the family’s youngest son.

Miguel, for his part, was more than open to the option, especially when, in his early teens he became aware of his growing attraction to both sexes. Given his conservative Catholic upbringing it was no surprise Miguel became progressively more uncomfortable with his sexual orientation, eventually deciding the seminary and a celibate lifestyle was the most attractive career choice if he wanted to lead any kind of life his family would approve of.

Upon graduating seminary Miguel was sent to a remote community in Peru, to complete his training under the tutelage of Father Nikolai, a nearly retired priest who had run the community’s small church for decades. While the distance from his overbearing family was appealing, Miguel found the isolation of the small village almost as difficult to deal with as the villagers themselves. He quickly came to feel as if he were lost in a strange land.

One morning, Miguel was dragged out of his bed by the local police after they found the body of Father Nikolai. The distraught Miguel was incarcerated in one of Peru’s infamous prisons which had for a long time been known as a place of brutality and torture. The inmates were fed only once every three days and there was a report about an incident of cannibalism in which five prisoners, reportedly driven by hunger had killed and eaten a cellmate. Miguel was kept in a prison cell 8 metres by six metres with sixty other inmates, sleeping in three or four shifts because there was not enough room for all to lie down at the same time.

Upon his release he was deported back to Mexico where because of what he had suffered had shattered his mind and he was incarcerated within an asylum for the criminally insane. He suffered from blackouts whilst in the asylum and woke up with some kind of mask on his pillow. The other inmates seemed to be scared or in awe of him so it was not long that he was running the asylum. Whilst there he started to watch Lucha Libre on the television; while watching wrestling certainly provided ample motivation for him to integrate, they also provided him with an escape from the difficulties of being locked away.

Wrestling shows and the colourful characters that populated their shows became a welcome refuge into which he often retreated when the trials of mundane life within the asylum became too much for him. After he left the asylum he managed to get into the United States of America and set up home in New York. Miguel saw some of the local independent wrestlers in a local gym, and started training. This is when he renamed himself and adopted a version of the mask that he had when in the asylum. He still has blackouts but he has embraced the violence and became who you see today.
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