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Wulfric Biography


Real Name:  Frank Wulfric Howell  
Nicknames:  Big Bad Wolf  
Hometown:  --  
Birthday:  1959  
Height:  5'9"  
Weight:  245 lbs 


Biography:  Frank Wulfric Howell is unremarkable in every way. Middle-aged, married and struggling to make ends meet. Tries to keep smiling and just get on with things.

But under the surface, Wülfric is clawing to get out. The product of a lifetime of pent up emotion and inaction, Wülfric is Frank’s outlet. His alter ego. His drug. 
Other Feds:  --  
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Superstar Quote

"Dynasty wants the Pay Per View subscriptions, the Pay Per View dollars… and so does the UTA. Sorry, you are going to have to pay for it, folks."

- La Flama Blanca

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