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Real Name:  Kouta Matsudo  
Nicknames:  Ultimate Warrior  
Hometown:  Shinohata, Japan  
Birthday:  10/06/1978  
Height:  5'8  
Weight:  147 lbs 


Biography:  Kodo Dragon, real name Kouta Matsudo, is a veteran wrestler of ten years hailing from Shinohata, Japan. Kodo is infamous for his hate on American, causing trouble in every promotion he’s every worked for. His hate for Americans and America is almost a passion. He would do anything and everything to attack it and put it down he’d attack you for just looking at an American flag because he easily jumps to conclusions and doesn’t think before he acts. His ego and cockiness is what lands him in the most trouble. Kodo won’t even think he’s done anything wrong until you’ve made him bleed, and by then he’ll be blinded by the fact you made him bleed. Kodo also suffers from anger issues. If you pump him up enough he’ll explode and target every American in sight. When filled with rage, Kodo has the tendency to do stupid and dangerous actions towards himself and others.

He grew up in Japan, in a small northern village, as the son of the tribe leader. He was destined for greatness but choose to hand his future political career to his younger brother. As was tradition the first son is trained as a solider. This was Kodo’s passion. After his early teenage military career he returned to his village to train with a wise man in the art of the Samurai. Kodo is one of 47, recognised Samurais in existence. During his training he also competed in Judo earning achievements at regional and national level. Once he was the Ultimate Warrior, members of the village encouraged Kodo to compete, he had a 5-2 MMA record when he was picked up by an American scout.

Kodo quickly found that America was nothing like his own country and he struggled to understand the culture and the people. Likewise because of Kodo’s manners he wasn't accepted. While stuck in his American MMA contract his father died. The mob running Kodo’s fight camp didn't let him leave to visit his dying father. Kodo eventually became paranoid that everyone in America was against him and quickly learnt to hate. A long twisted tale eventually lead to Kodo shooting his mob boss freeing him to go home. He arrived without any money and embarrassed. He didn't want to return to his widowed mother and his brother, the new leader of his village. Instead he found a job in south Japan working for an MMA camp, where he trained Pro-Wrestlers as well. Kodo found himself successful at wrestling and started to help out at a few indy shows. The promotion he was working for was brought out by an American company who wanted to bring all the talent over to the USA. At First Kodo declined but was eventually encouraged to move back. In 2006 at the age of 28 he fought his first professional wrestling match in America, even since he was fought for a number of different promotions hating everything and everyone.