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The Spectre Biography


Real Name:  The Spectre  
Nicknames:  Sadistic Nut, Purple Haired Freak  
Hometown:  Deepest Corners of Your Mind  
Birthday:  unknown  
Height:  6'8"  
Weight:  299 lbs 


Biography:  The Spectre first appeared in a professional wrestling ring in June 1996 , where he wrestled in the IWA( Internet Wrestling Association) ran by Brian Strid. He had a very successful stint there from August 1996 until the fed's closing in December 1997. He had the second best win/loss record, behind that only of Mister Fantastic. During the course of his tenure in the IWA, The Spectre became the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, IWA Tag Team Champion, and IWA TV Champion. He also won Finisher of the YEar and Match of the year honors in 1997. The IWA was where Spectre's earliest roots as a member of a stable got their start. Along with his tag Team Partner Redrum, the two formed The very successful stable named The Dominion, which also comprised of Mister Fantastic and Sabou Ubas. Later, The Dominion merged with another stable to become The Spawn.

Upon the closing of IWA, The Spectre had a brief stint in the ICWF in 1998 before it closed its door 3 months later. Almost two years past before Spectre was approached by Eddie Peterson, owner of the UTA, to join his fed. Over the course of the next SIX YEARS, Spectre enjoyed a very successful (albiet off an on due to the UTA closing numerous times) run, racking up numerous runs at the then-termed "World Heavyweight" Championship. In 2003, while still an active competitor, Spectre was bestowed the honor of being the first EVER wrestler inducted into the UTA Hall of Fame, along with his stablemate Mister Fantastic, who had joined Spectre's side in the UTA as The Spawn.

In between stints in the UTA, Spectre also had a successful run in the VWA(Vicious Wrestling Alliance)/nWoM wrestling organization ran by Scott Vicious. Spectre become their Heavyweight Champion on TWO occasions as well as a TWO-TIME Intercontinental Champion.

As teh end of 2005 rolled around, finally tired of upper management's poor business decisions and closing their doors once again, Spectre sought employment elsewhere and found the WeWA, which later became BACW(Bad Ass Championship Wrestling), ran by Mister Batee. It was here where Spectre had his most success as he racked up a total of NINE World Heavyweight title wins, along with brief title runs as both US and Tag Team Champion. He holds the distinction of being the only wrestler to have won BACW's prestigious Grinder Match two years in a row.
But all good things must come to an end. After more than 7 years with BACW, a falling out with Mister Batee occurred and Spectre left the company. At this time, Spectre was content with hanging up his boots and riding off into the sunset. But the re-emergence of the UTA under the guidance of a familiar last name (Wingate), coupled with the fact an old enemy from BACW had sat down inside UTA's walls, Spectre couldn't resist the urge to come back to his old stomping grounds, if nothing else to continue the feud with one of his most hated enemies.

Where will this lead Spectre now? To more success? Or will he be content with helping put over younger guys in the business who are hungry to learn, grow, and be successful as The Spectre had been? 
Other Feds:  IWA, UTA(2000-2006, 6 stints), VWA/nWoM(2002-2003), BACW(2006-2013), UTa (2014-present_  
Other Fed Titles:  IWA Heavyweigth Champion (3X), IWA Tag Team Champion(2X), IWA TV Champion(2X), VWA Heavyweight Champion(2X) VWA International Champion(2X), BACW Heavyweight Champion(9X), BACW US Title (1X), BACW Tag Team Title(1X)  
Other Fed Awards:  IWA- 1997 Finisher of the Year(Guillotine Neckbreaker), IWA- 1997 Match of the Year, BACW- 2007 & 2008 Grinder Match Winner  



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"How would you like a piece of Nose Bleed Pie?"

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