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Real Name:  Rhys Townsend  
Hometown:  Llanelli, Wales  
Birthday:  07/18/1993  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  275 lbs 


Biography:  Rhys Townsend is a young professional wrestler hailing from the town of Llanelli, on the south west coast of Wales.

Unlike many other professional wrestlers, Townsend did not spend years grinding away on the independant circuit, before he got his big break - before he had even wrestled his first match at the local bingo hall, he found himself with a High Octane Wrestling contract. Entering that federation at the young age of 18, after a little bit of a stumble at the start of his career, he found his break in HOW's annual LBI tournament, advancing to the final. He found himself in a Number One Contenders match, despite losing in the LBI final, which led to him winning his first World Championship within six months of entering into the business. From there, he went on to cement himself as a main eventer in HOW, winning five World Championships and engaging in many heated rivalries, most notably with Mike Best. He also formed Ground Zero with John Sektor and Evan Ward, and gave HOW one of it's longest lasting stables, with the group picking up three Tag Team Championships along the way, as they pushed their professional wrestling is a sport mantra. He also pulled double duty, and became the first person in HOW history to compete for two Championships in one night, winning them both. His win/loss record was among the best in the federation, and his week-to-week consistency was among the best, though his PPV record left something to be desired.

Having eventually won his 5th World Championship, he found himself wanting to see if he really was as good as HOW had led him to believe, and so he started talking to James Wingate about joining UTA. After a few months of talks, he eventually signed, and as he enters his fifth year in the business, he is excited about testing himself on the worldwide stage that is the UTA.