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Skylar Montgomery Biography


Real Name:  Suicidal Skylar Montgomery  
Nicknames:  SkyMont, The SkyMonster  
Hometown:  The Backyard; London, England  
Birthday:  October 2nd 1990  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  190 lbs 


Biography:  Suicidal Skylar Montgomery is a garbage wrestler and a garbage person in general. He trained himself in how to wrestle on a mattress in his backyard, broke into the wrestling industry and has been stinking up rings with his dirty tactics, foul play and cheap shots ever since.

Recently he has taken to carrying around an assortment of fluorescent glass light tubes, which he intends to not only use as a weapon but as a catalyst to propel him into the position of being the world's most renowned hardcore, suicidal, cult icon. 
Other Feds:  JUST Wrestling, PRIME Wrestling, RAGE Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  n/a  
Other Fed Awards:  Longest losing streak in JUST Wrestling history, Quickest win in JUST Wrestling history  

Superstar Quote

"Life is like a box of chocolates... especially if someone shits in your box."

- Shawn FX

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