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Real Name:  Kathryn Velmont Thomas  
Nicknames:  KVT, The Benedict Bitch  
Hometown:  Manhatten, NY  
Birthday:  22/05/1986  
Height:  5"4  
Weight:  146 lbs 


Biography:  Kathryn VT is a manipulative cocaine addict, who prides herself on destroying the lives of others. Kathryn is part of the wealthy modern-day New York society, the wealth of her family came from her father's extensive career in the wrestling industry and her mother's short lived Country Music career. Her father had countless championships but Kathryn's mother divorced him once he retired (mainly because of the lack of income and took EVERYTHING in the divorce)

This is where Kathryn learnt most of her skills in the realms of manipulation, deception and scheming, from her mother. But also being the daughter of a wrestling hall of famer, she was intended for the business and not only trained as a wrestler but she made a great manager, pushing everyone she dealt with to the top. When her mother re-married another man within the business, Kathryn was happy but not when she heard that she was to have a new step brother. Especially when she found out who, Steven Smith aka The British Bomber.

Although her mother may have taught her lessons in life, Kathryn's father had taught her lessons in wrestling. He taught her that if a woman can wrestle just as well as a man, then she should be giving the same chances as the men. But as everyone knows and Kathryn learnt very early on that this wasn't always the case. Kathryn's father taught her that she would have to fight harder then any man if she wanted to truly succeed in the profession.

With that being said, he taught her how to use her weight and height to her advantage, hiring only the best luchadores straight out of Mexico to teach her the ways of Lucha Libre (translation 'Free Wrestling’) more known for it's characterized rapid sequences of holds and moves, as well as spectacular high-flying maneuvers that have been becoming more and more popular in main stream American wrestling. To help further enhance her agility and flexibility, Kathryn studied gymnastics, yoga, tai chi and many forms of dance including, ballet, contemporary jazz and pole dancing.

As perfect as she may seem to the outside world, Kathryn is not without her skeletons. At 17, Kathryn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Taytum Cordelia. TC’s father would later become Kathryn’s step brother. Now 10 years old, TC is Kathryn’s only weakness. TC never showed much of an interest in the world of wrestling so Kathryn has never forced it upon her.