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Sean Jackson Biography


Real Name:  Sean Jackson  
Nicknames:  The Mental Rapist  
Hometown:  Dallas, Texas  
Birthday:  06/15/1976  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  220 lbs 


Biography:  First attempted to break into the wrestling business in 1999, but it ended in failure. After meeting a young lady named Pamela Duke, his career took a very slow turn for the better.

In 2009, his career really took off and a meteoric rise ensued. A serious knee injury would ultimately put him on the shelf in May of 2010. But in October of 2012, Sean was able to fight his way back and in 2013, would win his first World Heavyweight Championship.

In January of 2014, Sean would begin negotiations with Wrestle UTA and within weeks, became a member of James Wingate's roster. 
Other Feds:  Sin City Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  The REAL NeWA World Heavyweight Champion. Current SCW Internet Champion. Former SCW World Heavyweight Champion. Former ACW World Heavyweight Champion. Former WWA World Heavyweight Champion. Former BACW Heavyweight Champion. Former Empire State Champ  
Other Fed Awards:   


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"Now WTFC becomes the GOLD standard of the UTA"

- Mikey Unlikely

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