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Scotty Addams Biography


Real Name:  Scott Michael Addams  
Nicknames:  The Hottest Commodity, Never Say Die  
Hometown:  Peoria, IL billed from Chicago, IL  
Birthday:  6/5/85  
Height:  5'11  
Weight:  220 lbs 


Biography:  Needless to say he's been on the independent stage to the main stage and back again. He's earned his reputation along with the 'never say die' attitude that he carries with him to the ring that makes him one of the toughest competitors in that ring. Currently, he rides with his friends Frank Washington, Drew Stevenson, and Frankie Cocheese as the Jokers Wild, currently one of the strongest and most veered for stables in the business. 
Other Feds:  MSW, Boardwalk, LEGACY  
Other Fed Titles:   
Other Fed Awards:   

Superstar Quote

"I don't have a heart of gold and I don't intend on growing one."

- Kathryn Velmont Thomas

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