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Santa Claus Biography


Real Name:  Kristopher Kring  
Nicknames:  Father Christmas, Saint Nick, Sinterklaas, Père Noël  
Hometown:  The North Pole  
Birthday:  December 25  
Height:  6'2  
Weight:  700 lbs 


Biography:  Will fill this out as soon as I find my write-up 
Other Feds:  Former feds: PWE, UWL, xW, XCW  
Other Fed Titles:  PWE World Heavyweight Championship, xW Next Gen Champion, XCW World Tag Champion (w/The Easter Bunny), UWL Junior Heavyweight Champion (Santa lost 500 pounds in two weeks via "Christmas Magic")  
Other Fed Awards:   


  • HO HO HO
  • I'm making a list and checking it twice!
  • You've been very naughty.
  • Who wants some lemon snowcones? I swear they're made mostly from lemon.

Superstar Quote

""Once ' The Fallen Angel', now 'The Ominous Angel'.""

- Lew Smith

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