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Samuel Owens Biography


Real Name:  Samuel Owens  
Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA  
Birthday:  August 10th, 1977  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  225 lbs 


Biography:  After an up-and-down beginning to his career in HOW back in 2002, "Silent Witness" as he was known in Chicago, captured the LSD Championship to begin an affiliation which makes him synonymous with that title to this day. He won a record-breaking 5th LSD Championship in 2012, followed by a HOW World Championship a full ten years after his debut. Along with a number of other accolades in HOW, "Silent Witness" is also a member of the HOW Hall of Fame - an honor he is very proud of.

After a 13 year association with the Chicago-based federation, the "Silent Witness" moniker has been shed as Samuel Owens enters a brand new chapter of his career in UTA. 
Other Feds:  HOW  
Other Fed Titles:  HOW World Champion, HOW LSD Champion (x5), HOW Tag Team Champion (x3)  
Other Fed Awards:  HOW Hall of Fame (2011 Class)  

Superstar Quote

"I'm so over... I'm above."

- La Flama Blanca

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