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Roscoe Shame Biography


Real Name:  Roscoe Shame  
Hometown:  Kalamazoo, Michigan  
Birthday:  11/17/1986  
Height:  6'6"  
Weight:  265 lbs 


Biography:  The story of Roscoe Shame has been well chronicled in the wrestling industry ever since his days with the Sanctioned Violence Organization. The quick rundown goes like this:

Former high school football star who could play major college football, but had no desire to go to school. Instead he spent the next few years working odd jobs, never staying in one place for too long. Finally bored with his life he moved to Las Vegas and joined the aforementioned sVo with no wrestling experience whatsoever. He was approached by a man named Jeremiah Sloan who quickly became Roscoe's friend and mentor. Together they achieved great heights in sVo including the World Championship.

However being in Las Vegas took it's toll on Roscoe as he dabbled with alcohol. When sVo folded Roscoe went into a tailspin, his once promising career flushed down with the whiskey and bourbon that he drank every day in large quantities. He had a brief stint in the IWF, but he was in no condition to wrestle.

After that he fell back to the bottle and eventually found himself in a jail cell for assault. He was just released a couple of months ago and moved back to the small town of Kalamazoo, Michigan. With his life in shambles, Roscoe has realized he has to change his ways and make things right with all the people he hurt. On top of that, he has turned back to wrestling since he has no job and no money. 
Other Feds:  sVo  
Other Fed Titles:  sVo World Champion, Las Vegas Champion, International Champion, Tag Team Champion  
Other Fed Awards:   

Superstar Quote

"I am that once in a generation federation subjugation!"


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