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Real Name:  Lisil Jackson  
Nicknames:  The Jamaican Inspiration, The Jamaican Ninja Warrior  
Hometown:  Kingston Jamaica  
Birthday:  10/10/86  
Height:  6'5  
Weight:  253 lbs 


Biography:  Lisil Jackson grew up in the rough city of Kingston Jamaica. He got into combat sports at a young age. When he grew up he wanted to get into professional sports but couldn't because of the restrictions in the country. He was a depressed man who turned to drugs and alcohol as his way of coping. He recovered wanting to be a better man. He decided to become an inspiration to Jamaica spreading a word of hope. Some people call him a prophet, some people call him a man of inspiration, some even call him a reason for living... The man known as Lisil Jackson comes to the UTA to spread a word of hope and inspiration.