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Ron Hall Biography


Real Name:  Ron Hall  
Nicknames:  The Southern Rebel  
Hometown:  Heart of the Appalachian Mountains  
Birthday:  6/18  
Height:  5'11  
Weight:  225 lbs 


Biography:  Third generation wrestler, trained by his father. Has traveled the world in search of the best competition. Decorated champion the world over. Veteran of multiple UTA runs. Has been "inactive" (retired) for the last 5 years. What does the future hold for this UTA legend? How has time changed him? 
Other Feds:  SIW (Southern Imaginary Wrestling), BIW (Borderline Imaginary Wrestling),NEIW (North East Imaginary Wrestling), GLIW (Great Lakes Imaginary Wrestling), IWA (Imaginary Wrestling Alliance), CWO (Championship Wrestling Organization), IWGP (Internet Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles:  SIW Tag team and Heavyweight Champion, NEIW Tag Team Light Heavyweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight Champion, GLIW Tag Team Champion, IWA Mountain, Southern, Television and World Champion (2X), CWO Heavyweight Champion, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion (3  
Other Fed Awards:  SIW Wrestler of the Year, Most Popular, Most Improved, Tag Team of the year, Match of the year (2x). BIW Inspirational and Feud of the year, NEIW Wrestler, Most Popular, Feud and Match of the year. IWA Most Popular (2 x), Most Improved, Wrestler of the y  


  • I am the Southern Rebel, lose to me on your best day, beat me when hell freezes over!

Superstar Quote

"You can believe that!"

- Conrad Teller

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